Astral Projection

Aug 8th, 2012
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  1. After experimenting with energy manipulation for several years and adapting my own way to project while in a meditative state I decided to write a tutorial on how I personally do it. after some discussions with medicine men and women I found that this is an adaption of a native american technique from multiple tribes on Astral Projection, or Dreamwalking. One method involves meditating then throwing ones mental self off of a cliff to induce a dreamwalk, this is a method done by the Cheyenne tribe.
  3. Authors Note: This is not a full immersion of the senses into the Astral Realm, this is observing it with a "split consciousness" technique. you will be aware of both the physical and the astral. With time and practice you can learn to fully immerse your senses, but do not expect it on your first success. Also note that not many get it on their first try, and it takes time and practice to learn to separate the astral body from the physical one.
  5. this is a short guide on how to Meditatively Project to the astral:
  8. First start with a trance state, one example is listed here: http://pastebin.com/Zy5hrhPr (void meditation guide). This is not the only way to get to a trance or a light trance state, but it is my personal preferred method. You may use whatever meditation method you want.
  10. When you are in a trance and your mind is completely blank this is called gnosis. Gnosis is an important tool in the occult, as it allows for self-induced altered mental states. Once you have reached gnosis, you will want to explore and find your inner self. The inner self is your minds representation of who you are, it may look exactly like you, it may look like something completely different, and it can change. You should not force this step, let it come naturally to you.
  12. The more you work with your inner self, the more you can physically feel your astral body separate from the physical body. This takes practice, and it is recommended to practice with feeling yourself separate before jumping right into projection practice. most who jump right in without this step fail consistently until this practice is achieved.
  14. Once you see your inner self, you will want to create a mindscape. this is the representation of your mind to you. its a great place to visualize yourself meditating at as well, as it allows for a relaxing meditation in a place you are comfortable in. My mindscape is a cave with an open mouth, and a furnace inside of it, for example.
  16. Once your mindscape is created, an effective method of grounding is designating one part of it your mind, in my mindscape, the back of the cave is where my "mind" resides. in contrast, you will want to designate one location as the astral, the front opening of the cave is mine. this can be any number of things, doors, portals, whatever you like. the main reason for doing this is making your mindscape a psudo inbetween space for the astral, the visualization of it being one step away helps with separating from the body.
  18. The next step is rather easy, designate a location you would like to travel to in the astral in your mind, and step through your portal. with enough practice in meditation and separation you should be able to step right through.
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