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  1. [IdleSuppression.IS_IdleAnimationStateMachine]
  2. +ValidWeaponCats="rifle"
  3. +ValidWeaponCats="cannon"
  4. +ValidWeaponCats="baton"
  5. +ValidWeaponCats="saw"
  6. +ValidWeaponCats="smg"
  7. +ValidWeaponCats="sparkrifle"
  8. +ValidWeaponCats="pistol"
  9. +ValidWeaponCats="shotgun"
  10. +ValidWeaponCats="sniper_rifle"
  11. +ValidWeaponCats="vektor_rifle"
  12. +ValidWeaponCats="bullpup"
  13. +ValidWeaponCats="sidearm"
  14. +ValidWeaponCats="psionicReaper" ; Advent Warlock mod has weapons with this category
  16. +PossibleAbilityNames="StandardShot" ; Just about every unit with a gun has this ability
  17. +PossibleAbilityNames="StandardShot_NoEnd" ; Turrets use this ability
  18. +PossibleAbilityNames="LightEmUp" ; Not sure if used anywhere, but some old mods might be replacing the Standard Shot ability with Light Em Up
  19. +PossibleAbilityNames="SniperStandardFire" ; Standard Shot but for sniper rifles
  20. +PossibleAbilityNames="StrafingShot" ; I believe a mod had a class where after it moved
  21. +PossibleAbilityNames="PistolStandardShot" ; Pistols
  22. +PossibleAbilityNames="Blaster" ; Sectopod turret
  24. +BlacklistWeapons="AdvPsiWitchM2_WPN" ; Ok so I'm blacklisting the Avatar weapons because, for whatever reason, they're fucky when it comes to their firing effect.
  25. +BlacklistWeapons="AdvPsiWitchM3_WPN"
  27. +IdleSuppressChance = 40.0f ; Chance to trigger idle suppression instead of peeking
  28. +FireAgainChance = 20.0f ; Chance to fire again after your first shot
  29. +MaximumSuccessiveShots = 2 ; How many shots can be taken without taking a break
  30. +MinTimeCoverPeek = 5.5f ; Minimum time needed for cover units to peek after idling
  31. +MaxTimeCoverPeek = 10.5f ; Maximum time needed for cover units to peek after idling
  32. +MinTimeNoCoverPeek = 3.5f ; Minimum time needed for non-cover units to peek after idling
  33. +MaxTimeNoCoverPeek = 5.5f ; Maximum time needed for non-cover units to peek after idling
  34. +TriggerOnOverwatchOnly = false ; Trigger idle suppression ONLY on overwatch
  35. +AllowScreenShake = false ; If allowed, Screen Shake animations (like the cannon firing) will be allowed during Idle Suppression
  36. +DisableDecals = true ; If you put this to false, decals will be enable and may cause performance build up as time goes on
  37. +FireAtTheLost = true ; If set to false, units will not target The Lost in Idle Suppression
  38. +PlayReloadAnimation = true ; If set to true, unit has a chance to play a reload animation instead of idle suppressing
  40. +IS_RegularSpeed=1.3f ; The speed multiplier of the animations when idle suppressing
  41. +MaxSuppressingUnits=4 ; The amount of units that can idle suppress at the same time (0 is infinite)
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