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  1. Commander Stone
  3. This interview is solely based on those who wished to go for a Commander lore character in the Shock Troopers. Command in Shock is limited to four at a time with one XO, so Commander is obviously a rank that we don't take too lightly. While some will be lore questions, most of which will be gauging how you act as a Commander as it is a BIG leadership position to bear. You may crack under pressure.
  6. Question 1: You're faced with a situation in which you have two CSMs lined up for WO. Every Commander is unsure of which one to pick, however the constant is that there are two very different things that separate them.
  8. -For the first contender, he's not the most well-liked in the battalion. He always borders on starting drama however he knows how to be a true leader when the time comes and met his requirements with inpeckable time. He's very machine-like and efficient.
  9. -For the second contender, everyone in the battalion loves him and is rooting for him. However, the Commanders have noticed that he lacks a bit of backbone. He lets a lot of people walk all over him but has a lot of interpersonal relationships in the battalion. He's very light-hearted and empathetic.
  11. Only ONE person can get this position. Do risk the battalion losing some morale by picking option one, or do you risk a flimsy officer corps with someone who may not even know what he's doing with option two?
  14. Question 2: A very good trooper cracked a bit under peer pressure last night. He's an SGM, you've known him since he was recruited and you two have been very close. Whilst you were in bed, it was reported that he baton abused someone in front of a Regimental Commander as a joke. The RCMD himself reported this to you. This good trooper always meets his requirements, follows all of the rules to a T and is very respectful to both you and every other officer. However, this slip-up cannot be taken lightly...
  16. Do you risk giving him harsh PT and a strike for what he's done, potentially lowering his morale and pushing him to resign or do you do nothing, noting it all as an isolated incident?
  19. Question 3: It is the Dark Ages of Shock. Everyone has gone on LOA and the maximum numbers have reached below 30 total battalion members. Recruitments are scarce and you're hurting for numbers. Someone notices this and speaks with a Sergeant about trying out for the battalion, promising him to help Shock retain its former glory. You know this person -- he's very well-known and could no doubt be crucial to bringing in new numbers. However, just one issue -- he also has nine arrests that happened within the last six months. As a Commander, you have the ability to waive him for a tryout.
  21. Do you break protocol and allow him a chance at redemption, while also having the benefit of new recruits everyday -- or do you turn him away as he's too much of a liability and could ruin the battalion's reputation if he gets arrested?
  24. Question 4: One of your lieutenants has made quite a name for himself on the server, in the worst possible way. He does his absolute best to follow and enforce every rule by the letter and because he does so extremely strictly and impeckably, he has garnered a reputation as the Shock Trooper that always ruins the fun for everyone. He's become the joke of the entire server and it's beginning to effect your battalion's reputation -- and his morale.
  26. What's more important to you? And what do you do?
  29. Question 5: A staff member who is currently on his Jedi whitelist was hosting an event that absolutely spiraled out of control. It ended up with the entire server (and a few of your troopers) getting caught in multiple accounts of RDM. This Jedi has already been punished by being suspended from staff and essentially been made to where he can never be a Game Master again. This alone has already effected him emotionally, and was one of the only drives for him to be part of the community. However the issue is that he's also part of Shock on his clone, violating Shock Code of Conduct Rule #3 by helming this disaster.
  31. Do you punish him with a strike or potentially boot him out of the battalion because rules are rules?
  32. OR do you allow him to remain in Shock, untouched, as the consequences in staff were enough?
  34. -
  36. This portion will test your knowledge of the chain of command. The scenarios below are ones that troopers have come to you for and you must direct them to the correct group unless the complaint is false.
  37. The answers to these questions will be one of these five:
  38. NCO
  39. SNCO
  40. Junior Officer
  41. Senior Officer
  42. Commander
  44. "Commander Stone, Second Lieutenant Flo made us all do gregor laps for taking too long to write an AR.  He was pressuring all of us when it was only Private Pup that was struggling. Can he do that?"
  45. Answer: Go to a Senior Officer.
  46. (Also acceptable, deal with it yourself as a Commander)
  48. "Commander Stone, sir: Sorry to bother you but I'm having difficulty trying to get this person's SteamID! They disconnected too fast so I could never get it."
  49. Answer: Talk to a Sergeant.
  51. "Stone. I've been doing tryouts for hours and someone finally showed up! But I need to be shadowed... could you get on and shadow me?"
  52. Answer: Talk to an SNCO.
  54. "Stone, I was falsely arrested for RDM by Colonel Mutt! All I did was kill a CT who started shooting at a Senator I was escorting?!"
  55. Answer: The report is false.
  57. "Sir, Private Biglad and Private BigChungus just joined and they were arrested for RDM already. What can I do? I'm only a Sergeant..."
  58. Answer: Talk to an Officer.
  60. -
  62. This portion will be test your knowledge on the lore character you're applying for. Pretty straight-forward and simple. You can get two strikes in this.
  64. What were Commander Stone's CC numbers?
  65. A. It's not stated anywhere.
  66. B. 4477
  67. C. 5869 *
  68. D. 1010
  70. Who were the two members of the Senate that Stone was escorting?
  71. A. Padme Amidala & Onaconda Farr
  72. B. Jar Jar Binks & Padme Amidala
  73. C. Senator Kharrus & Jar Jar Binks *
  74. D. Sheev Palpatine & Mas Amedda
  76. What was the name of the subunit of Coruscant Guard that Stone served under?
  77. A: Diplomatic Services, Diplomatic Escort Group, or Diplomatic Service
  79. What was the name of the planet that the unit crashlanded on?
  80. A. Florrum *
  81. B. Scipio
  82. C. Rusoga
  83. D. Umbara
  85. What made Commander Stone unique to other clones?
  86. A. He had a scar on his left eye
  87. B. His helmet has Jaig Eyes
  88. C. He had red markings on his armor
  89. D. He had a tattoo of the numbers "58" on the left side of his head *
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