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Aug 22nd, 2016
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  1. ['._.', ['/o\\', 'dyadic disapproval train', 'version control system', 'Yeah, I really dont like how hes reacting.', 'oh really', 'If you copy-paste how will it handle the encoding', '', 'You are correct, its 10,000 views.', 'You should talk in The Nineteenth Byte and The Nineteenth Byte only. Forever.', '<a>crossed out 44 is still 44</a>', 'This feels fake.', '<code>jklm</code> on AZERTY', 'That just seems so hot to me', 'That one is going to suffer a particularly hideous fate', 'Whats modulo in APL?', 'Totally worth it', 'Nice', 'or to anyone but people who are new to the internet, really :P', 'We can probably do ok with 3 mods', 'How allowed is it to not meet specs? Because it definitely wont be able to compute 125! in under a minute (Id be surprised if any computer had enough memory to compute it at all)', 'Also Jelly isnt <i>that</i> slow', 'I dont get it...', ':P', 'why', 'and I know people who really hate mono', 'Because Python is weird.', 'Hey all!', '^ we should do that.', 'but theres shorter', '<strike>rofl</strike> sorry for your lack of names.', '<a><span>under_score</span></a>', 'Good luck to anyone still working on their answers for the VIC cipher challenges', 'Pyadic! Or Pyacidic.', 'Ꝙ_ Ꝙ', 'yah, you suffocate', '@AlexA. You dont like zen/farting/both?', 'Its <code>BICYCLE</code> made from the ಠ character like Calvin wanted.', 'Well it sounded like he has heard leggo my eggo more than most people. I was wondering why, so I figured his name had something to do with it.', '\u200f', 'Oh, just the semester :P This was my second semester, so hopefully there will be many more :)', 'Battling stack machines, anyone? <a></a>', 'Marky did not find that to be true.', 'I borked my cheese bad...', 'Im not sure that resolves it though', ':-)', 'Haha, now that you mention it, yes, I see Zucker which I learned was sugar in German.', 'TELL HIM', 'I <i>could</i> also post this one:', 'How are you typing if youre not entering ASCII characters?', 'If you delete a previously walked path, then youre just making sure he cant backtrack over it to make his journey longer.', 'Fun fact: If one of your posts gets flagged (and youre 10k), it still gives you the same popup to decline, validate, or ignore. I dont know if it actually lets you do it though, because I didnt try.', 'But whenever I have to translate puns most of the fun gets lost... But I usually notice too late, that those pun do not work in english.', 'Im pretty sure randomras still golfable since we use similar algorithms, but mine is a mess of ands and ors atm', 'but thanks?', 'Wheres alexs thing when you need it', '@AlexA. haha', 'Just a thought', 'do you mean <code>|x^3| = 2</code>? otherwise, why dont you just look at all three solutions?', 'o-o', 'yeah but that wasnt the only purpose of my approach ;)', 'I still get 120 fps with a config so there', 'bah, I committed some bugs', 'really?', ':P', 'Hes not using it anyways :/', 'I suspect that would be fine; Pyth is on both TIO and Herokuapp (which has extra docs and stuff) so', 'Infiltrated?', 'though if you do. the trailing comma should be ignored', 'wat. why does <a>this question have so many downvotes</a>', 'thank god too, since Im not done 19 yet', 'Oh, I see', 'wat?', 'The Language Learning proposal is about to go into private beta too', 'Yeah, but I noticed it before reading the comments', '5 bucks + hacked = Nope!', 'In order to make all of the commands work with generators as well as lists, some hacks had to be done', 'I feel kinda weird for copying an answer verbatim from another challenge...', 'Lol', 'Somewhere towards rare.', 'People have looked at Your Mom 619 times? Once was enough for me :)', 'Java has always been pretty fast', 'An idea for Boggle or some other CnR challenges...the allowed outputs are sequences from OEIS', ' consecutive', 'WELL within bruteforce range then', 'It is at the first look. I had no idea at first. <br > But when I experimented a little bit with the binary representation of the first example, I quickly saw the necessary pattern.</div>', 'Yeah', 'well it has no +1', 'Oh, and by the way, feeling of a newcomer again : dont care too much about the number of question. Your community is great, dont force them in a way they dont want :)', 'That seems incredibly fitting for PPCG somehow.', 'I think Ill do that then :)', 'Sure is.', 'could you copy-paste its code', 'When mario jumps, he only goes one right', 'apparently', 'I dont think this is HTTPS everywhere related, because I just disabled that and the same thing is happening. - You must login to post - retry / cancel', '@Downgoat lol', '@Downgoat it doesnt even work yet lmao', '@Downgoat honestly, when you say cheddar I think of that disgusting spray cheese.', '@Downgoat who needs conditionals right?', 'Im lazy', '<i>Theyve noticed</i>', '@AlexA. Not to eat, silly bird.', 'my question is of high quality I can assure you', '^', '<code>true.</code>', '<pre>var reps = [\r\n [Helka Homba, Calvins Hobbies],\r\n [Helka, Calvin],\r\n [fItaJ.png, qkXJy.png],\r\n [Aqua Tart, quartata],\r\n [Don Musolini, Luis Mendo],\r\n [DonMusolini, LuisMendo]\r\n [AandN, Adnan],\r\n [A and N, Adnan],\r\n [Code Review, the evil code reviewers]\r\n];</pre>', 'im sad now', '\\o/', 'thats okay', 'Also, incoming challenge:', 'Most of it is unprintable squares', 'What would be useful to me is a graphical tool where I can have a palette of different cell types.', 'WTFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFF', 'I vote for strawberries.', 'ITS NOT VERY EFFECTIVE', '<b>Chat Mini-Challenge</b> (I havent seen Helka doing this lately, so Im taking over): Decrypt this simple cipher:', 'zwzgpj zfvy zhespcf wp dly odzoztl qfw wnzxx texp ye’dh slet’x estyv ty rzqj zfhz fwoy’e rpe estdqczx lyjze spcr fjtuf deh lyy lepw wjzfsz ht’x qpp wtyr rzeel xlvpjzf fyopcd elyo ypg pc rzyylrt gpjz ffay pgpcr zyylwp ejzfo zhyypg pcrzy yl cfylc zfyoly o opdpcej zf ypgpcr zyylx lvpjz fncjy pg pcr zyyld ljrzzomj pypg pcrzy ylepww lwtp lyo sfce jzf', 'Arent Java/Javascript by different people/groups though?', 'Maybe I should <b>switch</b> off my computer just in <b>case</b> I want to get something done tonight...', 'rats I dont see fill rect', 'but WTF', '@TxCrftg how so? I personally dont have a preference, my text editor just chose 2 spaces', 'That inserts dollars', 'Told ya.', 'That sounds like chaos', 'To each their own :P', 'I wish I had an online interpreter now so I could point you to it and show you an animation.', 'the former, aye. the latter, nay', 'Ive seen it, but the reverence went over my head.', 'get command injection/remote code execution', 'lame', '^', 'ah ok :P', 'The heights of the points are the given values of the series and the horizontal positions are the indices of the elements.', '<code>Helka homba</code> would mean <code>Hello</code>.', '<a><span>flawr-pawr</span></a>', 'Hello! Im alive!', 'YOU RIP MY HEART OUT, EVERY TIME', 'self-deleted at least (in re sandbox)', 'although to be fair that one isnt too bad. its probably possible to reuse some code between the tasks', 'my thought was (level/(codelength+20)*1000)', 'apparently...', '._.', 'Do you prefer to speak French? (?)', 'nvm', 'er) will be discarded) *', '....[sigh] ninjad.', 'I like nethack...', '\x08I give up. I dont get any of these.', 'Only 61 bytes', 'But xkcd lies', 'I like the name Pytek just in and of itself, but I can see why a name change might be desirable.', 'And singing. I played bass in a band for a while.', 'If you want to post another I can delete the other one for you if you want', '', 'Oh, I see. You want to use Lions as the tiebreaker', 'but its the find the vertices and check every one manually method', 'I have to sleep soon', 'French is fairly easy for a native English speaker and conversely English is fairly simple for a native French speaker', 'Thats a black hole', '<a></a>', '@TxCrftg, you need to rotate the stack in order to be TC', '@TxCrftg thats not the same', 'A little admission - Im as competitive as you orlp, and its hard for me to make submissions which are in general <i>much</i> worse than yours', 'Maybe youve filled up a 9x9 square and have to do math.', 'The question that it was marked as a duplicate of is similar, but doesnt take the initial sequence numbers as input', 'It says Dont Sin', '<a><span>doorknob-is-wrong</span></a>', '<b>Bounty is off found one on internet</b>', 'Good night!', 'I <i>think</i> its fixed now.', 'which is <code>a.empty? ? ?: : ??</code>', 'my name', 'The IO and controller should be pretty simple.', 'One day when I finish Golfish... <i>mumbles</i>', 'probably malicious', 'If they gave me a car, I wouldnt be very picky about it. Bring on the Metro.', 'Sage is huge.', 'My apl interpreter.', '(•ᴥ•) - ( )', 'okay, is about to become a thing', 'Haha Guidelines: You must come up with your own new algorithm.', 'how long was your university career if I may ask?', 'Seems easy enough, since all answers in that question will be simplex']]
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