flaminskull is really good at MM2

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  1. <flaminskull> Kzez
  2. <flaminskull> wana do a MM2 race? 8 Rm's no zips normal mode.
  3. <neo_sporin> flamin are you feeling better about megaman again?
  4. <flaminskull> Yes
  5. <flaminskull> I did a MM2 no zips 8RM's run in 17 minutes
  6. <flaminskull> norma;
  7. <flaminskull> normal*
  8. <flaminskull> Neo, it was JUST elec man.
  9. <flaminskull> everyone else was easy
  10. <+Guga_> 3:23:19] <flaminskull> I did a MM2 no zips 8RM's run in 17 minutes
  11. <+Guga_> Serious?
  12. <flaminskull> yea im serious
  13. <flaminskull> I probably cant do It again tho :\
  14. <flaminskull> It was luck
  15. <flaminskull> just like me beating the WR for fastest completion time of SMB 3- 1-1
  16. <+Guga_> [23:24:27] <@milkshakebot> Top times for mm2 / 8 robot masters (normal) no zips:  (#1 rggibson 18:11) (#2 nudua 18:25) (#3 barnowl 18:53) (#4 primal85 18:58) (#5 joka 19:14)
  17. <+Guga_> For sure?
  18. <flaminskull> Oh
  19. <flaminskull> i didnt do it in a race
  20. <flaminskull> i did it for fun
  21. <Daikyi> yeah, but he's saying the top time is 18 minutes
  22. <Ishmon> yo o/
  23. <flaminskull> Well, it was about 17:57
  24. <flaminskull> so almost 18 minutes
  25. <+Guga_> 17:57
  26. <+Guga_> with no stream
  27. <+Guga_> sure
  28. <neo_sporin> 18 minutes
  29. <flaminskull> about
  30. <flaminskull> no really, Guga
  31. <neo_sporin> my T&C was 17 minutes as in 17:00:37
  32. <flaminskull> my internet was down
  33. <neo_sporin> no stream=no count
  34. <flaminskull> I didnt say it counts
  35. <flaminskull> I just wanted to race someone and see if I could maybe win
  36. <Daikyi> with no internet.
  37. <neo_sporin> what was your route?
  38. <Nudua> haha 17mins
  39. <+Guga_> rofl
  40. <Nudua> are u seth glass?
  41. <+chum> the important thing is that it counts for you :-)
  42. <flaminskull> Route?
  43. <flaminskull> like, order?
  44. <neo_sporin> yea
  45. <+chum> if you know it's the truth, then it doesn't matter what anybody else says.
  46. <flaminskull> Metal, Bubble, Flash, Quick, Wood, Air, Crash, Heat
  47. <Nudua> that is a bad route
  48. <flaminskull> Not for me
  49. <Nudua> and u didnt get sub18 with it
  50. <flaminskull> I USED to start with flash
  51. <flaminskull> then changed
  52. <neo_sporin> 18 minutes with no 2 on bubble and no flash on metal
  53. <SinRequiem> Looks like some bullshit to me
  54. <Nudua> no item1 for crash and air lol
  55. <bankaipwn> flamin, just stream a decent run (low 18) and prove the haters wrong
  56. <bankaipwn> otherwise, all we have is your word
  57. <flaminskull> titl try
  58. <flaminskull> Il*
  59. <SinRequiem> I got a 15min Maverick route with Chill Penguin, Spark Mandrill then i usually go random #PogChamp
  60. <flaminskull> it was plain luxk
  61. <flaminskull> luck*
  62. <neo_sporin> i read that is "all we have is your wood" and felt awkward
  63. <Midboss> nudua with that route is that time even possible with a tas?
  64. <SinRequiem> No
  65. <Midboss> i dun think it is
  66. <SinRequiem> lol
  67. <Nudua> i highly doubt it
  68. <SinRequiem> Its not possible
  69. <Nudua> really bad route
  70. <flaminskull> Whatever
  71. <flaminskull> I dont care what people say
  72. <Midboss> feel free to stream and prove us wrong
  73. <neo_sporin> i bet what it is is 18:59 in his head is 18
  74. <flaminskull> thats what I got, and it dosent matter what anyone says
  75. <neo_sporin> so he rounded down to 17:57
  76. <neo_sporin> which turned into 17
  77. <flaminskull> no
  78. <flaminskull> Rounded it to 18
  79. <Midboss> dude 18:59 is pretty isane on that route
  80. <Simmons135> its sda timing obviously
  81. <Nudua> show us a fucking video then, instead of claiming bs, also heat last is lame because it saves the text time
  82. <neo_sporin> you know you start the timer before the first level, not after right?
  83. <flaminskull> yea
  84. <neo_sporin> wait, heat last is lame because it saves text time?
  85. <kzez> lame or not it is a legit race strat Nudua
  86. <flaminskull> I start it at the TitleScreen
  87. <neo_sporin> im confused...
  88. <Midboss> lol do you do that shit kzez?
  89. <flaminskull> Il go for a stream... BUT
  90. <flaminskull> since im under pressure
  91. <flaminskull> i won't do so well :\
  92. <+Guga_> lmfao
  93. <SinRequiem> Lmao
  94. <flaminskull> -.-\
  95. <Simmons135> this guy
  96. <kzez> no i don't but i only really do zips
  97. <SinRequiem> Gatlike
  98. <flaminskull> i have only ever streamed twice
  99. <+Guga_> = i lied
  100. <+doicm> we don't believe you unless you have proof
  101. <neo_sporin> he just went schroedinger on his time
  102. <kzez> but in no zip races i may try it
  103. <neo_sporin> he both has and has not that time
  104. <neo_sporin> until we look at it
  105. <+doicm> `player flaminskull
  106. <WorkroBot> Here is the SRL profile for flaminskull. Have a nice day!!/flaminskull/
  107. <neo_sporin> and realize he has not that time
  108. <Midboss> but then you do crash without item 1 right
  109. <Midboss> screw that
  110. <neo_sporin> wait
  111. <neo_sporin> his previous best 8 master in a race was 47 minutes
  112. <Daikyi> ..
  113. <+Guga_> rofl
  114. <kzez> yea but how long is the get item text?
  115. <neo_sporin> and that was 2 days ago
  116. <SinRequiem> So
  117. <+Guga_> Yes
  118. <flaminskull> neo
  119. <Kliglyargrt> lol
  120. <SinRequiem> His Previous 8 Robot Masters
  121. <Bosby> 47!!!
  122. <+Guga_> He got awesome in 1 day
  123. <SinRequiem> was 47mins
  124. <SinRequiem> lol
  125. <Bosby> 4747474747474747
  126. <SinRequiem> 47minssss
  127. <+Guga_> God Gamerz Out There
  128. <Midboss> damn if i could learn games like you do
  129. <flaminskull> that was my FIRST ever MM2 speedrun
  130. <SinRequiem> Not even a 42
  131. <Midboss> id have WRs all day
  132. <SinRequiem> :(
  133. <viperofdeath>  lol, all those foreits
  134. <Bosby> your first run was a few days ago
  135. <SinRequiem> The 47 was yesterday?
  136. <SinRequiem> lol
  137. <neo_sporin> ok guys lay off, we've proofcalled him long enough, let us lighten up a bit
  138. <Bosby> and you got a 17:57
  139. <Laml> don't diss the forfeits
  140. <Laml> forfeits4lyfe
  141. <neo_sporin> 2 days ago
  142. <+doicm> never give up
  143. <Midboss> lol laml
  144. <Laml> forfeits are a life style
  145. <SinRequiem> I beat your time by 4mins going afk
  146. <SinRequiem> No lie
  147. <SinRequiem> lol
  148. <SinRequiem> O::::
  149. <kzez> even i have 1 forfeit :(
  150. <Daikyi> anyone ssb race?
  151. <+doicm> and this is how proofcalling works
  152. <+Guga_> kzez you are too strong
  153. <neo_sporin> nudua
  154. <Laml> 2/3 of my races are forfeits
  155. <Laml> that's dedication
  156. <ratfunk> yo kzez
  157. <neo_sporin> lets have a mm2 8 robot master race
  158. <neo_sporin> feet only
  159. <kzez> hey ratfunk
  160. <Midboss> id do that shit neo
  161. <Midboss> its on
  162. <Dotman> i have no forfeits... yet Kappa
  163. <Nudua> lol
  164. <SinRequiem> I should play MM2 more
  165. <SinRequiem> That's a really good game
  166. <Laml> neo_sporin, I'd do one-handed while playing the bike theme from pokemon G/S/C on piano
  167. <SinRequiem> And MM6
  168. <Midboss> unless you do zips
  169. <SinRequiem> This motivates me even I can get a sub 18 time in 8 Robot Masters.
  170. <neo_sporin> im so confused how a foot race on mm2 would be possible
  171. <neo_sporin> because seriously bosses would suck balls
  172. <neo_sporin> and air would be awful
  173. <neo_sporin> and crash
  174. <neo_sporin> and like...everything ever
  175. <Laml> air sounds alright
  176. <neo_sporin> quick man?
  177. <Laml> quick man not so much
  178. <neo_sporin> quickman with feet only?
  179. <flaminskull> is 1:50 for metalman, no zips a good timE?
  180. <Laml> that's why I say, one-handed
  181. <+Guga_> ?????????
  182. <neo_sporin> yea, 1 handed seems more possible
  183. <Laml> and to spice it up let's play piano with the other hand
  184. <Laml> these are the manly categories
  185. <neo_sporin> how about this, only left hand, must play a/b with your face
  186. <flaminskull> Guga
  187. <+Guga_> What.
  188. <Dotman> all this MM2 hype because of some random guy Kappa
  189. <Laml> nah neo
  190. <flaminskull> is 1:50 for metalman, no zips a good time? (with megabuster only)
  191. <flaminskull> is it?
  192. <+Guga_> idk i don't play mm2
  193. <neo_sporin> we dont know because metalman first is dumb
  194. <flaminskull> neo
  195. <Laml> it sounds really good I guess, but I'm not too into mm2 and ^
  196. <neo_sporin> flash before metal saves to much time to bother doing metal first
  197. <flaminskull> I did flashman first, and I did worse
  198. <flaminskull> why flash then metal?
  199. <Paratroopa> time stopper + item 3
  200. <neo_sporin> i dont know how thats possible, with metal first you have to wait for those falling stomper things
  201. <flaminskull> whats so good about Item 3 or Flash's power?
  202. <Paratroopa> flash stopper stops the spiky things
  203. <flaminskull> what, 1:50?
  204. <neo_sporin> because you die if you get hit by them all
  205. <+chum> it's pretty funny you're asking these questions and claim 17 minutes...
  206. <Nudua> go watch seth's no-zip run , he's one of the few ppl who actually gets sub18 no-zip without heat last
  207. <neo_sporin> or you have to wait
  208. <+Guga_> lmfao
  209. <flaminskull> is 1:50 a good time, tho? Tell me, plz D:
  210. <+chum> that's really basic knowledge
  211. <Paratroopa> wait, 17 minutes doing what
  212. <SinRequiem> Ban this guy then ban Miets pls
  213. <flaminskull> mm2 no zip normal 8 RM's
  214. <+Guga_> Paratroopa: [23:26:36] <flaminskull> Well, it was about 17:57
  215. <TomSinister> yeah flamin, its great
  216. <Paratroopa> and you didn't know what time stopper does?
  217. <Paratroopa> there's no way
  218. <TomSinister> good job buddy :)
  219. <flaminskull> scarchasm?
  220. <TomSinister> nope
  221. <flaminskull> sarcasm*
  222. <flaminskull> :D
  223. <flaminskull> Para, I did
  224. <@Twig> mito - why ban miets
  225. <flaminskull> I just dont stop the spike things
  226. <flaminskull> Anyway
  227. <flaminskull> tomorrow
  228. <neo_sporin> so you take the hit?
  229. <neo_sporin> or do you wait?
  230. <flaminskull> I will try to re-do my record
  231. <flaminskull> and stream it
  232. <neo_sporin> at the spikes do you take the damage or do you wait for them to rise again?
  233. <flaminskull> I wait, and go fast through the rest
  234. <flaminskull> of the lvl
  235. <SinRequiem> Waiting that's the speedrun strat
  236. <SinRequiem> O:
  237. <Paratroopa> well you would have to wait if you didn't use time stopper
  238. <flaminskull> anyway
  239. <flaminskull> Bye
  240. <Midboss> ok at this point hes gotta be trolling
  241. <SinRequiem> Honestly i was thinking of running MM2 in the future can i learn form you?
  242. <SinRequiem> PLEASE NO DON'T LEAVE
  243. <Midboss> there is just no way this guy is legit
  244. <SinRequiem> from*
  245. <Paratroopa> it's very unlikely
  246. <flaminskull> I am
  247. <neo_sporin> he might be
  248. <SinRequiem> Wait
  249. <flaminskull> And i have to go
  250. <Nudua> he's retarded
  251. <SinRequiem> Can i hit you up on facebook or somethin
  252. <@Twig> .stream flaminskull
  253. <Paratroopa> even I know to use time stopper in metal man's stage, and I can't hit anywhere near sub 18
  254. <@RaceBot>
  255. <SinRequiem> Twitter
  256. <SinRequiem> I want to learn
  257. <flaminskull> MM2 is my 3rd fav game
  258. <Midboss> nudua this is past retarded
  259. <Midboss> its gotta be trolling
  260. <Nudua> yeah
  261. <+chum> i only got 20 minutes - with zips D:
  262. <flaminskull> il prove you wrong tomorrow
  263. <flaminskull> BYE
  264. <Laml> #hype
  265. <+Guga_> lol
  266. <SinRequiem> Load up dat TAS
  267. <SinRequiem> Baby
  268. <+chum> that guy is just gonna start fresh with a new nick or something because he knows he made a fool out of himself
  269. <Midboss> ^
  270. <Stauken> I can't help but feel like he's related to another big talker I am not gonna name
  271. <+Guga_> epic
  272. <Stauken> who also talks shit about megaman records
  273. <Stauken> and calls ppl lazy
  274. <Stauken> lol
  275. <neo_sporin> fucking nudua amiright?
  276. <Stauken> lol
  277. <Nudua> fu neo
  278. <Midboss> nudua is actually good tho
  279. <kzez> not anymore midboss :p
  280. <neo_sporin> not at sliding
  281. <kzez> <3
  282. <Midboss> haha was*
  283. <neo_sporin> its why he plays mm2 and not 3
  284. <Stauken> dude nudua fucking sucks didn't you see that just now?
  285. <Nudua> lol kzez
  286. <Stauken> nudua uses flashman to do things faster
  287. <Stauken> that's apparently crap strats
  288. <Stauken> lol
  289. <Midboss> thats practically cheating
  290. <neo_sporin> slow strats are fast
  291. <neo_sporin> thus, waiting for metalman spikes is fast
  292. <crushgirljos> One of his videos on his twitch page is "I suck at Megaman."
  293. <Stauken> <3 nudua
  294. <Stauken> i needed that kinda laugh tho
  295. <Nudua> ^^
  296. <@Twig> he couldnt beat elecman's stage
  297. <@Twig> in mm1
  298. <Midboss> shits hard twig
  299. <Stauken> shit IS hard
  300. <@Twig> ive beaten mm1
  301. <@Twig> im aware
  302. <neo_sporin> my shit is soft
  303. <Kliglyargrt> no his videos say "isuck an megaman"
  304. <SinRequiem> Honestly
  305. <Paratroopa> to be fair elec man's stage is literally impossible
  306. <Paratroopa> you're like climbing ladders and things are shooting at you and it's like fuck
  307. <Stauken> elecmans stage is a breeze once you know the right tricks
  308. <LinksDarkHalf> Hey Paratroopa
  309. <SinRequiem> I had more trouble with Ice mayne
  310. <+Guga_> he gets a 47 2 days ago on the same category
  311. <+Guga_> and gets wr
  312. <Paratroopa> yo
  313. <Ishmon> twig fight me irl
  314. <Dugongue> kay sweet
  315. <Midboss> doesnt everyone do that guga?
  316. <Stauken> what sucks ass is that jump in right after the first vanishing blocks room in wily wars
  317. <Ishmon> tetris attack that is
  318. <Midboss> hes the new srl prodigy
  319. <Stauken> and you won't ever die there
  320. <CosmicAbuse> Can't he have WR while being bad ? Kappa
  321. <Stauken> just lose buckets of time because its fucking way harder
  322. <SinRequiem> He shoulda lied about a believable time
  323. <SinRequiem> Like i woulda believed a 27 or somethin i dunno
  324. <SinRequiem> Not an 17 lol
  325. <Stauken> maybe he figured out tasstrats in RTA
  326. <Stauken> shit who knows
  327. <+Guga_> tass
  328. <Stauken> theres a tas that ends bombman stage for mm1 in like 7 seconds
  329. <Stauken> tas-strats, guga plz
  330. <@Twig> im watching his mm2 run
  331. <Stauken> :P
  332. <@Twig> from the 46 robos
  333. <Laml> why
  334. <CosmicAbuse> It seems that there's a lot of wrong people who claim WR :/
  335. <SinRequiem> MM1 TAS is cool lol
  336. <@Twig> he doesnt even flash stopper in woodman
  337. <Paratroopa> maybe the guy is playing on pal settings but fucked it up so it's all fast
  338. <@Twig> to skip dogs
  339. <Nudua> the tas bomb man thing is like 1:100k or so
  340. <Stauken> nudua do you actually know how the hell that worked?
  341. <neo_sporin> nudua  2 hours until new T&C 2 record, hype it up
  342. <Stauken> nudua cause I just looked at it, said 'dafuq', had an aneurysm, and moved on
  343. <Stauken> like fuck trying to understand that lol
  344. <Battery> thanks
  345. <Nudua> its detailed on the submission, its complicated as hell
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