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Strider tech

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  1.    Zipping
  2. 1) Walk next to a wall. Ideally, you are embedded into it as far as possible (you'll get a sense for it by looking at Strider's fist).
  3. 2) Release input. Push towards wall, then push start 1 frame later. This effectively pushes the direction for 1 frame before you pause the game.
  4. 3) Hold down-away and unpause. Release input.
  5. 4) Repeat steps 2-3 until you are in a crouching animation in the wall.
  6. 5) Tap towards wall briefly and you will zip up.
  7. - This is the same method for zipping through doors, but no need for step 5.
  9.    Australia hangers jump: Hold right as you're going down the tube, then towards the bottom of the tube hold left and mash jump.
  11.    Australia claws despawn: you need to jump to the left as seen in a video to despawn these claws. If you just slide off, 2 extra claws will appear. This also allows you to spawn the health after the tube which follows.
  13.    Australia glitched boss room: As you're falling down after the zip, mash A with no d-pad input. This strangely walljumps you into the correct position. 6 frame window.
  15.    Australia boss entry: Be sure to turn to the right when you're leaving the boss entry room, to avoid Strider walking all the way to the left.
  17.    Red Dragon zip (easy)
  18. 1) Go up the tube, and walk to its left.
  19. 2) Jump back onto the tube, and travel down it as far from as far left on the tube as possible.
  20. 3) As soon as you land after the tube, start doing zip motions rather than walking to the wall first. Then zip as normal.
  21. - The idea here is to avoid moving the camera right, to avoid spawning Matic after the zip. If you can see brown wall at the right of your screen, the camera is too far right.
  22. - You can do a slightly harder/faster variation of this by being as far left as possible when you go up the tube for the first time, then going back down immediately.
  24.    Red Dragon zip (hard, saves >5 sec)
  25. See jeffsledge's tutorial here. 1 frame window. http://i.imgur.com/5zOw4nY.jpg
  27.    Misc
  28. - You can use both A & B to advance text.
  29. - The window for the spike jump in Australia is ~6 frames when walking, and ~3 frames when sliding (it varies because Strider).
  30. - Dying to the Australia boss saves ~1.5-2 seconds, by both ending the boss death explosion early, and by preventing you from getting stuck in place at the beginning of Red Dragon.
  31. - The bombs & their explosions of the Australia boss deal 2 damage if launched left, and 10 damage if launched right.
  32. - Optimal sword slashing is once every 10 frames. If you mash as fast as possible, you will likely attack slower than if you mashed rhythmically.
  34. ----
  36.    Kazakh walljump (saves ~15 seconds with the zip below)
  37. 1) Jump on the ramp. Personally I have more luck jumping higher to the top of it, but others have more luck jumping at the bottom.
  38. 2) When you hit the platform, you will pause briefly. Hold right during this, and IMMEDIATELY after the pause ends, push left and walljump.
  39. If you feel like the walljump is good but you're still not making it up, try going further left after your walljump before you push right.
  40. Note: There is not much one can do to explain this jump. You really just have to attempt it until you get a feel for it.
  42.    Kazakh zip
  43. 1) Before doing the zip, you may want to set up the camera, as this zip is only possible from ~50% of camera positions. The closest one that works 100% of the time is the one seen in this picture: http://i.imgur.com/XwvgWh5.jpg
  44. If your TV crops off some of the edges of the game, you will need to use Strider's health instead of the circled spot.
  45. 2) Zip normally, and then push left when Strider is in the position seen in the screenshot. It is a 1 frame window.
  46. Note: If you mash up or down after you push left on the correct frame, it may make camera angles work that otherwise would not.
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