Anon - The flavor of gold

May 15th, 2014
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  1. >You sweat and feel a bit of anxiety and panic
  2. >The mare across the table is giving you some rather heavy bedroom eyes with her gorgeous black eyes
  3. >You’re out with Golden Corral, and she’s been flirting with you the whole evening
  4. >Her hoof is caressing your inner thigh slowly and sensually
  5. >”G-goldie, umm could you perhaps...”
  6. >Golden Corral just gives you a little grin and you feel her hoof moving towards your cro-
  7. >And it makes contact, you yelp and jump a bit in your seat
  8. >Golden Coral seems satisfied with that and retracts her hoof, but her eyes are still in heavy bedroom mode
  9. “So Anon, please go on, I just love hearing how handy you are with those hands of yours~”
  10. >You bet she’s imagining something that would make a hardcore porn star blush like an innocent nun
  11. >The problem is, you can never be too sure about Goldie, she’s played some even more daring stuff off as a joke, and on the other hand you get the feeling she would not be against the idea of...doing things...
  12. >You clear your throat and keep talking
  13. >”A-as I was saying...”
  14. >You pull on the collar of your shirt to let some hot air out, wow it’s hot in here
  15. >”I helped Hexferry with fixing her porch. It went well, except I kinda hit my left hand with the hammer a few times...”
  16. >You smile awkwardly and rub the back of your neck with your right hand
  17. “So you hurt your left hand?”
  18. >Golden Corrals hoof suddenly makes contact with your left hand that was resting on the table
  20. >She gives the back of your hand a long dragging touch with her hoof, sending tiny pleasant shivers of electricity all over your body
  21. >You gulp once again, you seem to be doing that a lot this evening
  22. >Golden Corral does not let go of your hand, but keeps caressing it gently with her hoof
  23. “Need me to make it feel all better~?”
  24. >There is an aroused blush on Golden Corrals face as she says this and looks at you like she’s calling you into the bedroom to have fun with her
  25. >You could bet that that blush is also a part of her flirt, instead of anything greater
  26. >And dear god is it working well, you’ve been rock hard for the last 30 minutes of so and your mind is starting to loose the strength to resist
  27. >And then you realize your face ahs inched closer to Goldies over the table, and so has hers
  28. >You stare into her sparkling clear black eyes with those striking yellow irises
  29. “Do you feel like kissing me Anon?”
  30. >Your hands twitch as you try to find the resolve in you to respond to her
  31. >Golden Corrals lips part and you could swear she’s puckering them a bit
  32. >She’s looking at you
  33. >You gulp
  34. >”G-golden Corral... y-y-you’re not just playing around?”
  35. >Instead of replying Golden Corral pushes her face more closer to yours and then
  36. >She plants a small kiss on your lips
  37. >You stare at Golden Corral in shock as she pulls back and licks her lips, making them moist and look even more beckoning than before
  38. “You taste good~”
  40. >You gulp
  41. >”Y-you too...”
  42. >Golden Corral suddenly nuzzles her head against yours and her mouth finds itself near your ear and she gives you a small gentle whisper, making her hot breath make your body feel things you did not feel were possible to be felt from someone gently blowing hot air into your ear
  43. “How about we go to my place and you can have a better taste~”
  44. >You quickly raise your hand and beckon for a waiter
  45. >”Waiter! Check please! Fast!”
  46. >Goldie seems delighted at your hurry as you fumble with your wallet to pay the bill
  47. >As you fumble to get your wallet back into your pocket Goldie gets up and starts walking
  48. >But not before letting her tail brush your face and chin
  49. >You freeze up from how nice it feels and Goldie once again flashes her bedroom eyes at you
  50. “Let’s hurry...”
  51. >Goldie lets out a small giggle as your mouth falls open and she starts to walk towards the exit
  52. >As you stare at her buttocks swaying seductively as she walks you suddenly remember that you need to get up as well and follow her
  53. >You almost knock over your hair as you hurry after her
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