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Aug 13th, 2017
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  1. The mental tax of being around Normies.
  3. I am not sure if I am the only one to have experienced this unfortunately only-too-common occurrence, actually I am very much certain that we all to a degree (those who are initiated that is) come across this problem in our day to day lives.
  4. If you are not living in a basement/bunker shitposting about RaHoWa all day long and consuming naught but hotpockets and beer then you probably at some point in your day have to venture forth into the outside world... A world full of danger, miserable people and other such creepy crawly filthy sorts you don't wish to be in your country to begin with. But this isn't a rant to blabber on about beaners or natter on about niggers, nay... This is in fact an effort-post dedicated to the curious yet depressing sort of creature known as the Normie.
  6. The Normie is a simple being, wanting little more than a comfortable bed, a place to work and food to eat... As long as a television blares light into their eyes and the merry singsong of Jewish propaganda rings into their ears they seem to be most content.
  8. You are likely to find Normies in places such as office buildings, gyms, coffee shops and other public or work related areas. Conversations with the Normie is almost always bland and uninteresting, for example, a Normie could strike up conversation about the recent football game or maybe even about their new car/gf/dog and that would be enough to keep fellow Normies satisfied, but when it comes to politics or anything remotely to the National Socialist interests they seem to recoil, even if the talking point was thought to be entirely Normie friendly. Keeping our countries clean environmentally (and also ethnically but don't tell them that yet) seems to bore then, talk of current events in the world does not engage them and instead leaves them appearing dull and glassy eyed as they stare at you as if one has multiple heads, even displaying slight interest in what was thought to be an agreeable interest in the Normie will bore them... They have not the mental clarity or wit to strike any half intelligent conversation.
  9. They are what one would describe as lemmings when it comes to the voting booth, and politics is such a taboo that they shall do everything they can to veer from it. The answer to why the Normie reacts in such a way is fairly simple...
  11. They are conditioned to act in this manner. Simply put, to the Normie, anything loosely related to politics is considered uncomfortable and they shall almost instinctively try to veer from having to ever talk about real world events, no matter how pressing an issue.
  13. So how are we as a movement supposed to attract people to our way of thinking? To debate them when they are all but ignorant in politics because they choose to be and thinking that they shall listen is perhaps a stretch too far. But unlike the Libshit, the Normie might just listen to reason.
  15. I find that the best way to at least begin the redpill process in Normies is to make them aware on white genocide... That does not mean begin with screaming memes at them, but if the conversation allows it, one can easily bring up facts and they might even read those facts... Personally I have come across people who unironically say that facts are racist... I am afraid some Normies cannot learn and will indulge in their degeneracy until the day they die.
  17. Some however can be worked with, some will develop a curiosity once they are aware that something isn't quite right, “Hey, why can Tyrone get away with shit because he's black?” or “Black people can be racist but not white people? That's unfair!”. Simple questions like this will plant a seed in their mind, but in order for the seed to grow it must be carefully nurtured and watered with plenty of redpills. You cannot rush this and expect them to be suddenly all 14/88 gas the kikes race war now. But with time they shall realize that the only way to fight the so called “powers that be” is to realize that the powers are be are actually (((those people))).
  19. Pointing out hypocrisies in the media is also a good strategy, especially in current year where CNN and most other kiked media platforms are killing themselves and sprawling around in a pool of their own piss. The kikes couldn't keep their mouths shut so we shall shut it for them! It is easy to point out the utterly ridiculous lies and doublethink in the media. But once again, we are dealing with the Normie so expect common retorts such as “I can't believe you spend time researching this shit” and “lol conspiracy theorist”. Normies are so self absorbed and conditioned to their comfortable lives they will try to mentally block any and all truths that make them uncomfortable.
  21. The Left uses this feel-good comfy garbage to their advantage as they offer an unintelligent, unenlightened but comfortable set of opinions and even their extremists are for the most part safe when it comes to screaming their opinions because they aren't challenging the politically correct state pussy-state.
  23. Whereas we on the Right and especially Ethnic Nationalist and National Socialist forms of thinking offer only struggle, but within this struggle comes enlightenment, brotherhood and most importantly a purpose in life.
  25. It is this purpose in life that makes us sharp and aware and it is the lack of thereof that keeps Normies simply good Goyim willing to work that wagecuck job to splash all the earnings on their wife that will only cuck them later on... Do not take pity on the lowest of the low for they are willingly going through that shit.
  27. Being around Normies is mentally taxing for anyone redpilled because they constantly see the degeneracy and lack of morals that is destroying their once great country... Once you take the redpill you can never go back, you never see a nationalist turn into a communist unless they have no backbone, but you will often see men grow backbones and turn from communists into nationalists, they were politically active but just read the wrong books is all.
  29. That's why I personally believe that when it comes to redpilling people or even just debating, it is easier to bring a communist into our form of thinking than a Normie.
  31. So yes, sometimes we must deal with Normies and be forced to get along in their company, but never forget that there are many Men lurking in the shadows, aware of what is going on and if called they will be willing to answer.
  32. We just need to call them out.
  34. Get networking! A few true friends you can trust fighting under the same banner is a gift more cherished than the purest of gold.
  35. I would take three or four true national socialists over a thousand Normies any day.
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