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  1. qaeba0332738848c1ba224c4ab14c1b45d91e850f9aa3820892b8873fca1b613  buxsik2912_AU3_EXE_1cr26.exe < azorult c2 is
  2. ecdeebd6ef77718320bc8d8706ebff2725b39c48d4c7094e9d9f43541f535797  coockie.exe <- azorult c2 is
  3. 4c0641e616a6b1d979110650808f4394b6315d5d747f860bc00b9e433c82816b  evg2912.exe <- arkei stealer c2 is
  4. e430c0038ac3444644799984df9e77e874d8030e0a20d6c3233f3a028f7fb4a7  MainModule.dll <- modded quasar
  5. 87737efdfe4f2934e16af0cc65c8437ebeac7f12a2dbae3757e7bb1cd1bd3493  zalit600.exe <- azorult c2 is
  6. b91e6714c789815b04e943d37d41d48c51152aae8d1ad27180e82b7dcd2c85a6  TitanFoxApplication.exe <- loader
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