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Punch-a-Chunk Rules

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Apr 13th, 2019
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  1. Core Rules:
  3. Dig up the entire chunk down to bedrock.
  4. Dig one layer at a time.
  5. Only build tools using resources from within the chunk.
  6. No placing blocks besides ladders, saplings, and wood / signs in the case of water / lava.
  7. Always be digging (or at least making progress in some way).
  8. If you can make a tool that would make mining faster, you have to use it.
  9. No placing blocks in the wall of your chunk to seal up caverns, except in the case of water / lava.
  10. You only get one bucket.
  13. Additional rules and clarifications:
  15. Misc:
  16. Players will start with 3 wool, 3 muttons, and an infinite water source.
  17. If you need to rebuild your bed, you need to go hunting sheep for more wool. You can't keep any meat from those sheep.
  18. No pushing animals into your chunk.
  19. Both players have to sleep at the same time.
  20. PVP is absolutely allowed, if you luck into the right circumstances. But only from within your hole, no griefing on the surface.
  21. You can extenguish fires from outside your chunk.
  23. Tools:
  24. As soon as you need a tool (you find dirt, mobs show up, etc.) you have to make the best version of that tool possible.
  25. Once you get ore enough to make a tool, you must go smelt it. (You have to wait for smelting to finish)
  26. Wood < Stone < Iron < Gold < Diamond
  27. You're allowed to save a 1 durability tool in order to combine it with another. It has to get down to 1 first.
  28. You don't have to combine tools if you don't want to.
  29. No player can carry more than 7 copies of a single tool.
  30. You can make an anvil if you have enough iron.
  32. Water / Lava Rules:
  33. You can place planks to break up an infinite water source, but you can't reuse that wood afterwards. You have to throw it away.
  34. You can place signs / wood blocks to block water from flowing into your chunk.
  35. You can place signs to block lava from flowing into your chunk.
  36. You can use water from a source outside your chunk in order to turn lava into obsidian.
  38. Endgame:
  39. After y=5 is completed, the "1 layer at a time" rule ends.
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