Lika Hoocha

Mar 22nd, 2021
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  1. Your bed is drenched with your sweat.
  2. You twist and turn, but the pain will not stop. What was once your left foot is now a bandaged stump, that will not stop hurting. It's already the second night that this wound will not let you sleep.
  3. Behind your room door, you see a light go up. A few moments later the door opens and the cause of all this pain approaches the side of your bed.
  4. "How are you feeling?" the question leaves the girl's mouth. You turn towards her and glare directly into her eyes.
  5. "There you go with that look of contempt again...then again, it's better than when you cowered in fear" the girl faintly smiles.
  6. "I know you hate me for what I did, but it was only to prevent your escape attempts".
  7. "You didn't want me to run, so you bit off my fucking foot?" you yell.
  8. "I know from your perspective, I took away an important part of you, but if you look objectively, it doesn't really matter"
  9. "W-what? How the hell does losing my fucking foot not matter?" you retort, unable to believe what she just said.
  10. "Once you've lived such a long life, something like a single human limb don't hold much significance. I've lived for over 9000 years, I have seen many of my friends live and die, leaving me behind, I know that the same is true about you, our time together will pass in a blink of an eye. Your missing foot, your anger towards me, all of that will disappear with time. So until the time comes, when it's your turn to go... I'll try to enjoy our time together as much as possible." The girl smiles.
  11. "You're insane, I'll never forgive you" you shout with bloodshot eyes
  12. "Oh come on, you can't stay mad at me, I'm cute" the girl hugs your head and whispers:
  13. "Right now, to you it seems like I took what was dear to you, but to me that was just a meal, no different from bath pizza.... You might think that your feelings won't change, but they will... with time. I'm all you have now and sooner or later you will come to love me."
  14. The girl- Gura gets up and starts walking towards the door. Just before exiting, she turns around and says: "Don't try to run away again, or I'll have to take your other foot, like hoocha" she giggles.
  15. "Well then, I know our time together will be short, but I'm looking forward to it." she said while exiting the room.
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