The Great Exchange

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  1. -The Great Exchange-
  3. [Chorus]
  4. For our sake, You became our sin
  5. Took the wrath of God, now we live again
  6. In Your eyes, we reflect Your life
  7. Through the great exchange with Jesus Christ
  9. [Verse 1]
  10. All that I bring is desolation
  11. All that I bring is my broken, bloody soul
  12. All that I bring is insurrection
  13. All that I bring is an empty, pitch-black hole
  14. Yet You take it freely
  16. [Verse 2]
  17. You give to me Your holy image
  18. You give to me restoration for my soul
  19. You give to me the race You’ve finished
  20. You give to me Yourself to make me whole
  21. And You give it freely
  23. [Chorus]
  25. [Verse 3]
  26. On the cross I see my rebellion
  27. And from the cross, I take down Your perfect life
  28. I’m stripped of my rags of transgression
  29. You dress me in Your brilliant robes of white
  30. And You love me freely
  32. [Chorus]
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