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Dinv Error

Amya Mar 24th, 2019 55 Never
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  1. Reinstalled plugin aard_inventory (88c86ea252fc1918556df9fe)
  2. Run-time error
  3. Plugin: aard_inventory (called from world: Amya)
  4. Function/Sub: OnPluginBroadcast called by Plugin aard_inventory
  5. Reason: Executing plugin aard_inventory sub OnPluginBroadcast
  6. ...\Desktop\Copies of Aardwolf\Mushclient 1980\lua\wait.lua:178: [string "Plugin: aard_inventory"]:19849: assertion failed!
  7. stack traceback:
  8.         [builtin#36]: at 0x6e3cacf0
  9.         ...\Desktop\Copies of Aardwolf\Mushclient 1980\lua\wait.lua:178: in function 'make'
  10.         [string "Plugin: aard_inventory"]:653: in function 'atActive'
  11.         [string "Plugin: aard_inventory"]:442: in function <[string "Plugin: aard_inventory"]:425>
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