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Dadonequus Discord Part 323

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  1. >You walked over to the cottage. Celestia's words still fresh in your head.
  2. "Ok...Chrysalis..Chrysa-lissss...erm. Dammit. I can already see how this is going to go down.Thorax is going to go down there and reform the changelings. Their all dumb as shit, and then...OH FUCK! It's not even just that. I remember, some of them wanted to try to leave with X-captain. How could I have been so blind? Some of them don't even want to be down there anyway. Only reason they stayed was because.....oh geez"
  3. >Chrysalis gave them a ridiculously scary ultimatum. And with the way the excaptain morphed. Well, no other changelings would want to try to rebel unless there was a way to certain freedom.
  4. "Christ. Chrysalis, Really?...ugh, c'mon."
  5. >Part of you wished you didn't realize this. Because it just made Celestia even more right. Chrysalis was a monster if it really did turn out that all of her children could go through the same process as Thorax did. And if Scrappy was indication, that may very well be the case.
  6. >And yet, even if she was a monster. She was still your friend.
  7. >She saved an entire world with you.
  8. >But...only for the sake of escaping it.
  9. >No matter how you tried to get yourself out of it, this inevitability. You just keep realizing how right Celestia really is.
  10. >The only truth is that Chrysalis is your friend
  11. >But so are many others who count on you, love you, and need your protection.
  12. >Like Scoots did...and you failed.
  13. >Unless Thorax could manage it. You really had no choice but to tell Chrysalis off. She was like the friend that ruined everything for everyone else but didn't mean to.
  14. >Except she means to.
  15. >Maybe, if you just avoid her. You'd stop caring, and you wouldn't care when it happens.
  16. >Not the best solution. But it was clear.
  17. >Chrysalis needed to be stopped. Or at least.
  18. >Maybe...if all the changelings change their way. She will too...
  19. >That's some grand delusions you got there Anon.
  21. >in truth you wanted it to still go your way
  22. >But it wouldn't
  23. >You knew it wouldn't
  24. >and it pissed you off.
  25. >As you approached the cottage, you looked at the family statues.
  26. >...You looked at Nymous.
  27. >You walked up to it with growing anger and tears, and slammed your hoof right into it's face.
  28. >you did no damage, so you punched it again
  29. >and again
  30. >and again
  31. >and still it stood.
  32. >you wanted to scream at it
  33. >At her
  34. >It started to rain, you didn't even notice the clouds gather
  35. >And still you stood
  36. "...you stupid bitch. Why? Why do you have to do this? I wanted to save everyone dammit. You know I did! Everyone. I saved Starlight, I saved the world, I mean fuck, without me Scrappy and Thorax probably would have been fucked too....but no, not you. You didn't want it."
  37. >You looked at the statue with angry dark eyes.
  38. "If you were really my friend. In any sense, you would have realized by now that you couldn't be evil if you wanted to maintain it. But nope, noooope. You just keep on going. Every day, until you get what you want."
  39. >you were breathing deeply, whipping your wet mane to the side as lightning struck in the air.
  40. >You stared at it silently as tears began to form in your eyes.
  41. "There's nothing I can do.....This is it. Chrysalis, if you can't reform. Then thats it. You'll have to be my enemy. Because I know, I know how you are. And I can't let you hurt any of my friends either. I could never forgive myself if I let myself be so blind as to let you do as you please."
  42. >You turn away from the statue and walk over to the door as you wipe your eyes and face.
  43. "That's just how it is"
  45. >"It is, isn't it Anon, mah boy"
  46. >That voice...
  47. >you turn around to see Discord, holding an umbrella that had it's upper part upside down.
  48. "...Discord...You...saw all that?"
  49. >"I did, I've also had a chance to read those letters. Both yours and mine. Sorry, couldn't resist peeking."
  50. >You didn't know how to feel about that. You didn't care about him reading your letter since you already knew about it anyway. It was just the moment itself that was awkward.
  51. >"I did, I also heard most of what you did. Kind of hard not to when you left that nifty little gadget in your ear on for me to hear."
  52. >The codec...fuck. You didn't realize it was on. You forgot all about it, you assumed it had vanished.
  53. "So what do you think? Y'know. Do you think she can be reformed?"
  54. >"Probably not. But we'll find out tomorrow, I'm sure it'll be a hoot" Discord says with a shrug
  55. "Yeah....wait..WAIT!"
  56. >Did he just say...
  57. "Tomorrow?! As in, it happens tomorrow?! SHE DIDN'T SAY IT WAS HAPPENING TOMORROW!"
  58. >"Ahh, I suppose that's why there was a separate letters for the both of us" Discord spins his umbrella around and drinks the water that spilled down from it, it looked kind of grimy. "Ahh, refreshing. But yes, my letter tells me it's happening tomorrow. Yours doesn't. But Princess Celestia didn't lie. It is indeed happening within the week...which is tomorrow. My my, it's almost as if she didn't want you to interfere tomorrow by doing it all while you were at school. How sneaky of her."
  59. >But you were silent. You could reason that she tricked you. But what was the trick?
  60. >....no...rather it was.
  61. "....No, I think she doesn't want me to be there when it happens. I think she feels that Chrysalis won't.......fucking...dammit."
  62. >...It's hopeless.
  64. "She doesn't want me to see it happen. When Chrysalis decides to be stubborn...."
  65. >So then....
  66. "Discord, what's going to happen afterwards?"
  67. >"Couldn't tell you. Anon..." Discord walks over to you and holds the umbrella over you as he looks down at you with a worried expression "As much as I hate agreeing with Celestia. It's true, Chryssy hasn't been good for you since she moved in with us. even if she is friends with you, she has been playing you the entire time. Trying to make it where she can stall for time and get what she needs to eventually make her escape. Something, I wouldn't let happen of course, but hey...always a possibility. Really, none of this would be happening at all if you just didn't let her stay"
  68. >.....
  69. >You look up at Discord with an accusing expression
  70. "You're the one who let her stay with us"
  71. >"Now now Anon, let's not point hooves. That's not what's important right now. What is important is the fact that after she is gone. You'll be able to move on with your life. You'll be able to appreciate the friends you have even more than you do now. Which doesn't seem to be a lot by the way. Just saying. And, oohh yes. We could focus on pulling a proper little prank on Twilight as well. I do think she's due for one from the ole Chaos duo..." Discord gives you a slightly motivated chuckle "Don't you think?"
  72. "I guess....So...she's just going to be put in Tartarus, just like that?"
  73. >"Most likely. Can't imagine Celestia missing her chance to sealing away somepony as reviled as she is. And, just to let you know. I'm not going to stop her either. As for the whole "Nymous" Experience. It'll obviously be easy to explain it away as Chrysalis tricking her way into our little family."
  74. "I kind of figured it'd go like that anyway. Also, I don't expect you to save her in anyway. She didn't want to listen to me. So it's her own fault"
  75. >Discord sighed "Ahh, you're trying not to care. I know how that feels"
  77. "I know you do. And, that's how it's going to have to be. Because today? Today I learned what happens when your priorities are all messed up. Mr.Rich didn't deserve what I did back at the restaurant. And I was only lucky that Celestia set me straight enough to fix it without him noticing. Thorax genuinely cares about me despite me thinking he's an idiot. And....And I guess I'm being selfish too. Ugh.."
  78. >Scrappy entered your mind.
  79. "Scrappy would be a lot better off with Applebloom than with Chrysalis. I mean, we didn't even kill Thorax. Sooner or later she would have found that out and...well, your barrier doesn't extend at all outside the house. Right?"
  80. >Discord nods
  81. "Yeah, if she found out. She probably would have made him go on a mission he'd never come back from. I should have thought about that when we let Thorax live in the first place. I guess I didn't really care....and if it had happened. I don't think Applebloom would ever forgive me."
  82. >"Friendship is quite the conundrum, isn't it?" Discord says as he stares up, using his free paw to bring a pipe to his mouth and blow bubbles into the rain.
  83. "Yeah, it kind of put things into perspective as well. I guess, all I can really say. For all of this is. I'll miss the good times we had. And I'd be the first one to accept her when and if she actually wants to change."
  84. >you sigh, and look back at the door to the cottage.
  85. "I...kind of not want to think about it anymore. I heard Mrs.Rich sent out a bunch of maids to look for Mr.Rich. Was Fluttershy worried too?"
  86. >"Not too much. Little Tiara is quite the gem. She explained to our dear dear friend that the reason her mother was upset was more on the fact that she was afraid they, they being you two, would have done something...distasteful"
  87. >Distasteful?
  88. "Like what?"
  90. >Discord shrugs "No idea, but I'm sure that could be turned into a nasty little human joke. Am I right?"
  91. >You chuckle, just a little . Thinking of it as a bit of a lewd context.
  92. "That's pretty wrong. But, a little funny if that somehow was the reason she was freaking out. Due to how extreme it sounds."
  93. >Discord smirks "I suppose. But let's not get into it. You need a little cheering up my friend. So let's go inside, greet Fluttershy, and bask in her ever goodness. The time for badness will come later"
  94. >You sigh...trying to empty your feelings as much as possible.
  95. "Alright...Let's go"
  97. >Discord took you inside as he tossed the umbrella into the rain. He put on a big smile as he presented you to the waiting yellow horse "Ohhhhh Fluttershy~!" He says in a merry sing songy way. "Look who just arrrived."
  98. >"Anon!" Fluttershy walked over to you with a happy smile..until she noticed how soaked you were. You hadn't even noticed you were wet from before Discord had put the umbrella over you. Sheesh, least he could have done was dried you off.
  99. >"Anon, you wait there, alright? Ohhh, poor thing. You must be so cold" Fluttershy went upstairs to grab a towel and a blanket.
  100. >You raised your hoof and gave it a shake as water started to ring out from left to right. Looking down, there was already a puddle.
  101. >Fluttershy came back down and wrapped you in the towel and began to gently rub it into your sides, onto your back, and massage the towel on your head and mane to get you dried. It admittingly felt great. Especially since, you felt so loved by her. Considering where you were at emotionally. You needed this.
  102. >"Anon, what ever were you doing out in the rain?" Fluttershy asked as she finishes up and begins to bundle you up in the blanket.
  103. "I thought you'd be worried that I was gone for so long, so I hurried here after getting back to Ponyville."
  104. >"Back to Ponyville?" Fluttershy was confused, then looked towards Discord "Oh Discord, you were right. So um..Anon, how was your trip?"
  105. >she didn't seem to worried you were gone.
  106. "You weren't worried or anything, Aunt Fluttershy?"
  107. >"A little. But your father said you were alright and that you most likely were out with Mr.Rich on a special trip. That's what it was, wasn't it? whatever did you both do?" Fluttershy asked.
  108. >You shrugged
  109. "Oh, you know. He took out on a dinner trip. Or...Lunch trip. A food trip"
  110. >you chuckle nervously
  111. "Me and Mr.Rich are pretty close. Especially since...well..y'know"
  113. >"Oh yes" Fluttershy giggled "I know. You and Diamond Tiara are such a cute couple. She loves you oh so so much. Why, I already think of her as my niece. She's told me so many things too. Like how you just melt like butter when she kisses you"
  114. >What?! if anything. Diamond is the one who melts!
  115. "I mean, that really should be the other way around."
  116. >"Oh really?" Fluttershy gives you a gentle boop on the nose "or are you just being a little shy colt? I bet your sister would be able to tell me if it's true or not and..actually." Fluttershy looked up at Discord "Discord, why don't you bring Nymous here? We can enjoy the sound of the rain together and have some dinner."
  117. >"HRN?! Oh...errrr" Discord takes a step back as he looks to the right, looking away from Fluttershy's eyes in a dishonest fashion "Well, you see, I would do that. But Nymous had such a tiring day it seemed that she went to bed early"
  118. >"But, it's not even really night time yet...." Fluttershy was again confused.
  119. >You gulped, and gave Discord some support
  120. "Yeah but...woo!"
  121. >You stretched and yawn
  122. "Considering this was gonna be graded and all. We both sort of stressed out that we might fail, and then who knows what would have happened"
  123. >"Oh...I suppose that makes sense. Are you tired, Anon?" Fluttershy asked
  124. >....well, it was more like you wanted to get tomorrow over with.
  125. >But, you didn't want to worry Fluttershy either.
  126. "I'm a little tired. But I don't mind cuddling with the best aunt ever!"
  127. >You scurried up to her, she sat down and held you close as she cuddled your blanketed form "Oh Anon, I hope you never grow up"
  128. >You didn't mind growing up however. As long as you could still get cuddle times.
  130. >You and Discord, knowing what was to come. Spent the next few hours in Fluttershy's cottage. There were cuddles and snuggles. Fluttershy wanted to get a little in depth about your relationship with Diamond. Which you kept simple. She asked your future plans. Which you made sure to keep cute. And she asked what activities you and Mr.Rich partook in, which you kept as truthful but vague as possible.
  131. >After Dinner, With a hug and kiss to Fluttershy. Discord took you home and plopped you on your bed as he tapped his talons on your nightstand.
  132. >"Hrn, tomorrow is going to be interesting Anon. So, are you prepared to deal with the results of tomorrow's festivities?" Discord asks as he turns to face you with a dark glare.
  133. "No, but whatever. Right? everyone else wanted this and Chrysalis wouldn't listen. So who cares..."
  134. >You just wanted to stop caring. It didn't matter anymore.
  135. >Discord chuckled and wormed his way onto your bed and wrapped around you once and began to pat your head. "Oh my dear not son, son. You keep trying to deny it, but you do care. And as much as I'd like to tell you it'd be ok." Discord poofed to the end of the room as his mouth span from a smile to a frown. "We have to let nature run it's course. Besides, you're right. Everypony does want this. She's committed atrocities and destroyed entire civilizations without any remorse."
  136. >You'd comment on how he also did that. But he could easily retort that he at least listened to Fluttershy and reformed.
  137. "I know. I get it. I just wish she'd listen. I just wish she'd stop being stubborn. If I had just...I dunno. Something, anything. I mean, Yes. I obsessed over it. But I was so close! I was so damn close, Discord. But she kept finding a way to deny my reasoning. Which is stupid! she has nothing to gain by staying evil."
  139. >"Maybe so, and excuse me if this makes total sense. But you have EVERYTHING to lose by still obsessing over it. Anon, I miss our time together. I'm sure Twilight Two would be happier to know you cut the bug queen out of your diet. And let's not forget Fluttershy, Diamond Tiara......everypony else...Me again"
  140. >You sigh, thats what everyone goes on about. That's what Celestia says.
  141. >But you can handle it. This is your last day after all. You were allowed to obsess one more day. You were over it.
  142. "Discord, look. tomorrow, it's not even going to matter. Ok? Do you know how it feels not being able to save a friend who obviously doesn't want to be saved. But understands you and even acts in such a way that you can be natural around them without there being too much of an issue?"
  143. >"Anon, call me crazy but I think I understand you pretty well. And then there's the fact that Diet Twilight Zero also knows your secret and seems pretty ok with it. All chryssy wants it to conquer Equestria. Which would mean Fluttershy gets hurt. Which would mean we'd have a new doorstop. So to speak. Why do you care THIS much? She's abused you, made a fool of you, she's taken advantage of you. All admirable traits except for the fact that she's doing it in a way that would ruin MY fun. So tell me Anon. What's your secret to your stubbornness"
  144. >.....
  145. "Because she's almost like a human in a sense. Ponies are ok. You're ok. But who else am I going to talk to about movies from my world? Who else is going to have a chat with me on my level, curse words and all. Who else is going to not be stupid moralistic about things. I mean there's you. But, you're so random that there's no point. It's not fulfilling. With her it is. I don't want to lose that."
  147. >Discord..he seemed pretty hurt by those words. "So that's how it is then? I'm not good enough to enjoy your "Human" things and your cynical views of ideas and events? Anon, I really thought Celestia got through to you. But obviously you care more about somepony who would destroy us all should she have the chance over those who care about you. And F.Y.I Anon, I care about you."
  148. >Wait..that's not how you meant it.
  149. "Discord, Come on. Don't be like that, It's just a different dynami-"
  150. >But he disappeared with a violent expression. A burnt mark left on the ground from his firey teleport.
  151. >...GODDAMMIT!
  153. >You throw your pillow at the burnt mark in rage
  154. "GET BACK HERE YOU FUCK!...YOU!...you..."
  155. >You groan and wrap yourself in your blankets.
  156. "whatever. Fuck this shit....."
  157. >You turn to your side, anger flickering in your eyes.
  158. "That's exactly what I meant. Everyone gets so upset over every little thing. It's fucking retarded. Always blaming me. Always criticizing what I'm doing."
  159. >You closed your eyes and tried to sleep
  160. >But, you couldn't.
  161. >Because somehow, you hurt his feelings.
  162. >You hurt Discord, of all fucking people, feelings.
  163. "...guh, I better go apologize...I guess."
  164. >You got up and went to the floor door. Except when you got there...
  165. "....uhhh, really? He took away the door?"
  166. >You gently tapped the ground a bit, but it wouldn't budge. it was just a normal floor.
  167. "What a baby..."
  169. >You turned around to head back to bed, when you noticed another oddity.
  170. >The portal door was slightly ajar.
  171. >You walk over to it, as a hideous thought entered your head.
  172. >Was Chrysalis eavesdropping?
  173. "..goddammit. Please don't tell me she heard."
  174. >If she did. Then, what could she do? What would she do?
  175. >You didn't even have a charge to use to stop her should she do....something.
  176. >Or maybe, maybe you just had left it open yourself.
  177. >Don't panic Anon. If she was inside, You would have noticed. Discord would have fucking noticed.
  178. "Yeah, I just have to be more careful."
  179. >You begin to close the door. But stop when you notice the light coming from the other side seems to be a reddish color.
  180. "That's weird..."
  181. >You look at the dial. It was set to Ponyville.
  182. >And it wasn't sunset, that had already passed.
  183. >So you slowly open the door instead.
  184. >and what you see beyond the door is...
  185. "...What..in the fuck?!"
  186. >Ponyville was on fire.
  187. "No..No no no...That's not right. It can't be!"
  188. >You slam the door closed and take a breath, and slowly open it again.
  189. >Still on fire, and you could see ponies running and screaming. some on fire themselves.
  190. >There's no fucking way. No one was that violent....
  191. >Nobody except a changeling queen with knowledge of human cruelty.
  192. >But even then, how did she do it so fast and...
  193. >Wait...if ponies are...WAIT
  196. >You run through the door and take a look around.
  197. >and what you see is more horrifying than you thought.
  198. >,,,And it wasn't Chrysalis...
  199. >The town was in flames, ponies either being hunted by ever smiling ponies, while others being put in cages.
  200. >Smiling ponies marching down the main streets holding up banners of an equal sign.
  201. >An equal sign?
  202. >...no fucking way.
  203. "No...no no no."
  204. >"There's another one..He has a cutie mark" You hear one of the smiling ponies say in a drab way
  205. >all of them, they were attacking with deadpan emotion. But with deadly ruthlessness.
  207. >and they have spotted you. You didn't have time to think. You ran as fast as you could away from them and dove into a random building.
  208. >Like any cartoon character giving chase, they seemed to have lost you when you ran inside. You looked out the window as they began to split up and look around.
  209. >Between another marching set of troops. You see Starlight Glimmer behind them. An evil smirk curled on her face as she began to look at the cages full of ponies and rip their cutie marks right from them."Don't worry everypony, what is happening now is just a unfortunate circumstance of progress and peace. You all will thank me for it later"
  210. >You duck your head down. And find a shelf to hide behind as you try to make sense as to what the fuck is going on.
  211. "..Holy fuck. Starlight turned evil. But wait? why would she turn evil all of a sudden? Where did she get a cult so fast? Why..why is suddenly?"
  212. >.......Luna....wow, the cunt just couldn't leave you alone.
  213. "....Really Luna? Seriously? A dream with ponies burning alive? Being hunted? and an evil Glimmer? Wow.."
  214. >You start to clap sarcastically
  215. "Real winner this time. what exactly am I supposed to-WOAH!"
  216. >You hop backwards as the very pony you were calling out gets sent through the wall of the building. Landing conveniently right beside you.
  217. >No way.
  218. >Luna began to slowly stand. Despite being sent through a wall. She only seemed mildly hurt as she brushed some wood off her right wing. Limping just a bit "I can't believe this nightmare is giving me this much trouble."
  219. "Luna?...Is that you?"
  220. >"Anon? Anon..there you are!" Luna sighed in relief, as if she wasn't controlling this manufactured nightmare.
  221. >She was controlling it right? You felt lucid enough.
  222. "Yeah, here I am...uhhh...you mind telling me what's up with this dream? Did you try to set up some horrible nightmare and mess up so bad that it's kicking your butt? Are you even alright?"
  224. >"A light injury to my wing. But it will be instantly healed upon leaving the dream world." Luna looked back at her right wing, some of the feathers were off and the wing itself seemed a little marred. But it wasn't anything serious.
  225. "Ok, now what about my other question?"
  226. >You point to the window
  227. "Because I don't see how making Starlight evil is supposed to teach me diddly. And what's with the ridiculous violence? There's ponies screaming and dying out there. It's horrible...."
  228. >"Anon...I have nothing to do with this. This nightmare is one of your doing. I've been trying to defeat this ghastly illusion since I first entered it. But this dreamscape. I don't understand how anypony could dream up such horrid visions. The apparitions here are much more powerful than in any typical nightmare."
  229. >Wut?
  230. "...Are you saying I made this whole place up?"
  231. >Luna nodded "Indeed, from my guess. It seems to have been built upon your guilt and stubborn rage. Anon, what has been going on in your thoughts to generate such a terrible place? I've been in many a nightmare. Even my own. and this place is much more terrifying than anything I've seen put together."
  232. "How am I supposed to know?! I just blinked and BAM! I'm asleep apparently. Look, whatever is going on. Just, y'know, wake me up! Because I don't want to be lucid for this. It's terrible!"
  233. >"I cannot"
  234. >..no..what?!
  235. "What do you mean "I cannot". Just, shake me or something. Zap me with magic, SOMETHING!"
  236. >"This is a strong nightmare bathed in a chaos beyond my control. For me to be able to defeat it, you must come to understand what is causing it. But fear not, it is my duty as the princess of the night to protect her subjects from the dreams that would do them harm.In other words Anon. I shall be your protector until we can defeat this nightmare together."
  237. >But...you didn't know what to do.
  238. >Or what was even causing this. So how could you understand it?
  240. "But what's causing the nightmare? I mean, Starlight is outside with some kind of army just maiming ponies and capturing others. What could that mean? I don't think I was afraid of her going back to her old ways after awhile. And..."
  241. >You stopped yourself from mentioning your eavesdropping.
  242. "No no...I'm sure that something about this dream version that should make sense"
  243. >"Hrn, You're ability to perceive dreams as they are is impressive Anon. Nopony is usually able to see it as mere figments."
  244. "Yeah, I'm good at that. So, since I understand they are all figments. And this is an illusion. And all that. That should make it all go away, right? This isn't some sort of Freddy Krueger type thing, is it?"
  245. >Luna frowned as she slowly tapped at the ground with her right foreleg "Well Anon, I have no idea what a "Krueger" is. But unfortunately, this kind of nightmare has created a form of tantabus within your mind. There's no waking up unless you allow yourself to be engulfed in it's darkness. Or are able to clear it at it's source."
  246. >....Tantabus?...like...wait. You remembered that episode.
  247. "Woah woah woah! Hold on. One, why is this situation suddenly even worse. And two, how can I make a tantabus whatever? I thought you were the only one who could do that."
  248. >"To answer your first question. I had time to rest in this spot, and can feel a strange overwhelming darkness from within this dream. And two, I thought I was. The Tantabus can only be created through magic and emotions. Emotions of fear,doubt,hate, self-loathing, rage, sorrow, and hopelessness. These must be feelings you must have been feeling, including the overwhelming feeling of something you couldn't escape from. As for the magic, I do not know where it came from. Perhaps it's from the chaotic traces of magic from your chaotic horn." Luna seemed to be more troubled as she spoke more and more about it.
  250. >You think you realized why. And whatever you did, whatever caused this. It could never compare to how bad she must have felt from being Nightmare Moon.
  251. "Lun-..Princess Luna. I..uhmm.."
  252. >you didn't know what to say to her. You didn't know why you were having this dream. But Starlight had to be the key for some reason. You just had to find a way to approach her.
  253. >"Anon?" Luna looks down at you, curious as to what you have to say.
  254. "Nothing. But I think the answer is in Starlight. We just have to figure out how to approach her. Can you fight off any of those dream nightmare...whatever..ponies?"
  255. >"I can, but as your tantabus grows more powerful. So do the illusions. Do you have any idea where it may be?"
  256. "I do...Come on."
  257. >You sneak around to the house's entrance and look outside.
  258. >It was a painful sight. You could see ponies being dragged from their homes.
  259. >But was even more curious.was when you looked up...
  260. "Oh god...Changelings too? Great...this just keeps getting better. Why are they here?"
  261. >"I do not know, but what is the plan Anon? Do you know which one of these apparitions may be the Tantabus?"
  262. >You look over to the far end of the street, watching Starlight rip more cutie marks from the ponies. Who were running from their homes after they were set on fire.
  263. "She has to be it. I don't know why. But it's gotta be her."
  264. >"I understand. We are going to sneak up on her. Then allow me to give you some advice. Should one apparition find us. They all will know."
  265. >....fuck
  266. "Ok...good to know. We only need to beat the crud out of that Starlight anyway and we should be good."
  267. >You look up again, and you could see Lyra being torn away from BonBon in the distance.
  268. >You had to remember...it was a dream
  269. >It was a dream
  271. >You and Luna start sneaking about, building through building, through windows and doors. Trying to be as stealthy as possible.
  272. "So...Are you sure there's nothing else you can tell me about what's going on?"
  273. >You whisper
  274. >"No, other than the fact that the dreams of a human are more malevolent than I had previously thought. I've never seen such horrifying imagery taken form as the land I love so much"
  275. "Yeah..well...Don't go poking around in my head then when I'm having thoughts about a guy named Satan"
  276. >"Satan?"
  277. "Don't ask"
  278. >You moved in from the backdoor of another building to find yourself in a ransacked and abandoned store.
  279. >A familiar store you had visited for the first time just recently.
  280. >You were so close to Starlight, but...something felt chilling about being inside Barnyard Bargains.
  281. "....I have a bad feeling about this.."
  282. >Luna had lowered herself to hide from view, poking her head up to look out the window. "Do not fret Anon, I think I could blast away a few of the Tantabus's guards. But it will be up to you to face it down."
  283. "Yeah..."
  284. >You say, looking around, something felt off.
  285. "Maybe I could use something as a weapon?"
  286. >You look around, looking through the shelves and such until you reach a separated aisle. When you look around the other end.
  287. >You feel an intense rush of fright and utter shock upon turning the corner.
  288. >It's just a dream
  289. >It's just a dream
  290. >It's just a dream
  291. >You started to tear up
  292. >It's...just...a....
  293. >There before you. Was Spoiled and Filthy Rich, embracing eachother in death guarding Diamond. who had fallen behind them.
  294. "It's....just....ngh"
  295. >What fresh hell was this?
  296. >Why?! how could you imagine something like this?
  297. >You didn't..you forgot.
  298. >You didn't feel like it was a dream anymore.
  299. >You failed
  300. >You failed to protect them.
  301. >You were frozen, just staring as tears ran down your eyes.
  302. >You were so used to everything being so child friendly. That this, you couldn't take it.
  304. >"Anon!..."
  305. >Luna grabbed you and turned you away, hugging you gently as you weeped into her chest.
  306. "L-Luna...I..."
  307. >"Shhh, Anon...it's merely a nightmare. Shhh..."
  308. >She was comforting you the best she could. Bit upon viewing such a sight herself. She couldn't believe the atrocities that existed within your own mind.
  309. >But she could see it was tormenting you like no other.
  310. "I let them...I let them.."
  311. >"Anon, do not lose yourself. It's what it wants. Whatever the Tantabus wants, it is trying to get you to give up. You mustn't let it win!"
  312. "I...I..."
  313. >"Well Well, Looks like the little coward has shown himself"
  314. >...oh shit...
  315. >You look up, crying as Luna drops a barrier around the both of you.
  316. >starlight was standing there, a grim expression on her face as she was surrounded by her guards.
  317. "Starlight....Starlight..why would you do this?"
  318. >"Why would you? I warned you Anon..I warned you about her. But you let her have her way. She destroyed nearly everything."
  319. >W-what?
  320. >"Stay back you cur!" Luna growled at her "We know you are the Tantabus! Give up now! Or face my wrath!"
  321. >"I have no idea what you're talking about "You're Highness". But I can already see you're as guilty as he is. You and your sister. Everypony..That's why I'm forming my own army. No matter what, it's her or us!"
  322. >....Wait
  323. >...Starlight..this was Starlight after her reformation.
  324. >If this was her afterwards....
  325. >The changelings in the sky.
  326. >An army...
  327. >Oh god..you made a mistake.
  328. "Starlight...you mean Chrysalis. You mean, Chrysalis escaped?"
  329. >Starlight scoffed "You mean Chrysalis decimated nearly everything. All because of you! Anon, give yourself up. Or else! Face your crimes after we stop her. Or face them now. It doesn't really matter."
  330. "Starlight...I'm..I'm so-"
  331. >"Sorry? hmph..you should have thought of that before . It's too late now! Alright everypony. prepare to converge!"
  332. >..She wasn't the Tantabus.
  333. >Chrysalis was...
  334. >And you had a feeling on where she might be..
  336. >You wiped your tears, but you still couldn't focus.
  337. >Diamond looked so real.
  338. >Starlight looks so real.
  339. "Starlight..I should have listened. But she was still my friend. What did you want from me?"
  340. >"What do you think?! ANON! HOW COULD YOU ASK THAT EVEN NOW!...I told you to be careful. I thought you wouldn't let her get the better of you." Starlight looked down, she frowned, feeling hurt you'd ask that question. "If you could reform her. Then, I suppose it would have been alright. But she was never close to it, and you lost sight of it...you let everypony down..."
  341. >She growled at you in anger
  343. >You cringed in pain. Your chest was hurting.
  344. >Part of you felt that maybe you deserved this.
  345. >You started to back down again.
  346. >What if in the real world, this was already happening?
  347. >"Anon..as I also admit to you having handled the situation extremely poorly. It has not all been for naught. If what Thorax believes in is true. Then Queen Chrysalis's hive have been suffering in ignorance due to her lust for power. And we would have never known that much without your persistence to try to reform her. But the time has passed for you carry on that burden anymore. This future you created for yourself does not have to come to be. You need not lose yourself in this." Luna said, hugging you close as she continued to hold up the barrier.
  348. >"Utter nonsense. Everypony! Destroy that barrier!" Starlight called out
  349. >The ponies gathered around Starlight began to smash and pound at Luna's barrier. Luna doing her best to hold it up against the horde..
  350. "Luna...Just forget about me. I deserve this."
  352. >"Anon, don't say such things! If you let yourself fall you'll never be the same.You'll never recover from this. Your mind will be so far gone that nopony would even have a hope of bringing it back. This doesn't need to be the end. Despite the bad actions you have made, you have also made good ones. Remember that Anon, you have friends and family who care about you. Would you be so selfish as to let them suffer?" Luna called out to you as she struggled to hold up the barrier.
  353. >Would it matter?
  354. >Diamond could do better than you
  355. >Discord? He had Fluttershy
  356. >Fluttershy? She had her friends
  357. >BonBon and Lyra? They had each other
  358. >Starlight...she was doing alright now.
  359. >Scrappy would be ok with Applebloom
  360. >The CMC would get on with their lives.
  361. >Chrysalis...
  362. >Oh god...
  363. >You really couldn't let he go..could you?
  364. >You were trying so hard that you put her above everyone else. And even after realizing it. You ALWAYS rationalized yet another set of thoughts to put her back on top.
  365. >And..for what?
  366. >No matter how things ended. You'd have to go against her.
  367. >You knew this, you realized this.
  368. >But you failed to truly understand the consequences of letting her have what she wants.
  369. >What if you couldn't do anything.
  370. >What if this really was the end result?
  371. >Why couldn't you stop yourself from entering the same circle of thinking!
  372. "Luna...Princess Luna. C-can I ask you a question?"
  373. >Luna grunted as she did her best to hold her barrier up. But it was starting to crack. "Anon..I don't think now is the best time!"
  374. "Please! It'll help me..please..."
  375. >"Ngh..Very well! But what is it Anon?!"
  376. "...you've been inside all my friends and families dreams. So you'd know best better than anypony else. How much do they care about me?"
  377. >Luna went silent for a moment, as if she was putting some of her focus aside to think on those words
  378. >Then, she answered
  380. >"Anon, your friends and family love you more than you know. Young Diamond Tiara dreams of you every night. Fluttershy adores you, she acknowledges your flaws and does not fault you for it. Even Discord thinks of you fondly often. Before I came into your nightmare, he was having a nightmare of his own. He feared of losing you. That you were no longer his "Chaos buddy" "
  381. >......Discord
  382. >....
  383. ".....Starlight isn't the Tantabus. I think Chrysalis is. We need to get out of here"
  384. >"But to where Anon?" Luna asked, her barrier nearly shattered
  385. >Where else, but a place where she could rule. It wouldn't make sense in the real world. But in the dreamscape. she'd be nearby at a place of power.
  386. "Twilight's Castle, can you get us there?"
  387. >"...Are you prepared to face what lies ahead?"
  388. "I don't know, but if we hang around here. We'll be done"
  389. >"Good enough"
  390. >Luna used a good portion of her power to blow up her own barrier, causing it to smash into the attacking force and blow them out of the shop.
  391. >You and Luna then used that chance to escape as you both rushed over to the castle.
  392. >The Changelings above began attacking by lobbing green blasts of magic down.
  393. >But you and Luna ignored it. As long as you focused.
  394. >As you approached the castle. You did have one fear though.
  395. >..no never mind, the doors..even in a nightmare. Were unlocked.
  396. >You both smash through them and then close them . Luna using her magic to seal it in a barrier. "I do not know how long this will hold. But what makes you think the Tantabus is in here?"
  397. >You looked down the hallway that would lead to the cutie map room. But the hallway itself was twisted, broken, the walls were torn away to reveal black space.
  399. "...Just a hunch. "
  400. >"Anon...so you are going to face the Tantabus?" Luna asked you
  401. "Yeah...and let me guess. I have to do it alone from here, right?"
  402. >"unfortunately yes. Should the apparitions interfere. We would be overwhelmed and outnumbered. That is why I shall do my best here"
  403. "Thank you Princess Luna. And thank you for coming to save me. I don't think I could have gotten this far without you"
  404. >"We care about you Anon, as we do all who follow the path of good and harmony. I wish you good luck."
  405. "Thank you..."
  406. >You turned around, and walked towards the door.
  407. >When you opened it, you expected to see the hive on the other side. And Chrysalis on the other side with a little throne beside her.
  408. >But instead, it was a hall of mirrors.
  409. "...The hell?"
  410. >Was she on the other side?
  411. >You started to walk into the blackened hall. Yet despite the darkness, you could see each reflection of yourself in the mirror.
  412. >you made sure to keep your eyes peeled. For all you knew, one of those reflections could have been a changeling. You could have been attacked at any time.
  413. "What's with the mirrors? This is....what?"
  414. >You noticed as you walked further. The reflections stopped moving along with you. Only staring at you as you pass by.
  415. >It gave off an unsettling aura.
  416. ".....ok...T-that's creepy..."
  417. >As you continued to look at the ever staring reflections of yourself. You smash headfirst into some sort of wall ahead of you.
  418. "N-Ngh!..a-are you serious?! even in a dream I'll.....woah"
  419. >Ahead of you, was a grand mirror with black edges around it. A horrible black mist coming out from the sides.
  420. >When you stare directly into it. You see a dark and shadowy version of yourself staring right back.
  421. >...oh fucking hell...
  422. "...Are you serious...You're the Tantabus? Me?"
  424. >The dark version of you steps through the mirror with an evil grin. "That's right. Well, close to it. You created me because you couldn't get your shit together. Me? I already know what I want. Ponies are stupid, and deserve to be crushed under my hoof. And you? Just give up and let me have your body. You'll still exist, sort of. And you'll learn a thing or two about putting your hoof down and getting shit done."
  425. >Who the fuck did this thing think it was?!
  426. "Grrr! You listen here you little shit! This is my mind, my body, my rules! What the fuck do you even represent anyway?"
  427. >"Well, isn't that what you're trying to figure out? You probably never ever will. So..."
  428. >The Tantabus grabs it's horn and places it on it's head. "Time for somepony with some ambition to take over."
  429. "Two can play at this game!"
  430. >You go to grab your horn....but it wasn't there.
  431. >The Tantabus starts laughing at you "HAHAHAHAHA! Did you really think I'd let you have that kind of power? I control EVERYTHING in this nightmarescape." The Tantabus rears back his head and blasts you with a strong blast of magic Throwing you back into the ever expanse of darkness. The hallways itself had become a large empty space after encountering the grand mirror.
  432. "Gyagh!"
  433. >You bounce back, sliding off the top of your head before falling onto your stomach.
  434. >"Give it up Anon, this isn't an anime. This isn't a cartoon. If anything, this is your wake. For your conscious anyway." The Tantabus scoffed
  435. >But you got up. you coughed a little from the initial hit, but you felt you could still stand.
  436. "Fuck off, you piece of shit! This is my body, and you're going-"
  437. >But you're stopped again as you take another blast.
  438. >"Good god, you talk a lot. Y'know that? Look, you can't beat me because you can't figure out what created me. You're fucked. So give up now or I'm just going to torture you for the rest of the night. How about that?"
  439. >But you couldn't. Luna's words ran through your mind as you stood up once again.
  441. >Your friends cared more about you than you realized.
  442. >You were so far up your own ass that you didn't realize or care about what they truly thought.
  443. >But even after the way you acted, the ones who were in the know about Chrysalis still cared.
  444. >Discord was scared of losing you.
  445. >This Tantabus. You figured out what he was.
  446. >There was only really one thing he could be.
  447. >He was your indecision. Your inability to compromise.
  448. >Your lack of will to just tell Chrysalis that it's the good way or the highway.
  449. "So...let me ask you something. How do you feel about Chrysalis?"
  450. >"Oh, that's a cute question. Well, I guess you deserve to know before I blast you into next week. I'm just going to take her offer. Because really? Ponies are shit. Who cares about their shitty problems when I can be knee deep in pony pussy." the Tantabus snickered.
  451. "That's what I thought. You're just the weakness in my heart. You're the very thing that has prevented me from doing what was right the entire time. Or really, it was me fooling myself to try to keep things going without having to make a hard decision myself."
  453. >It raised it's eyebrow at you "Your point? It's not going to matter now"
  454. "You're wrong. Because...this is my body. and MY mind! You listen here you piece of shit...I think I'm starting to realize it. I didn't know....no, that's not true. I didn't care about how much other ponies cared about me. I just wanted to do what I wanted to do because I felt it was right. And I didn't want anypony to tell me otherwise. It's the human condition. Or...just my fault. I didn't want to listen because I felt I knew everything. I guess my friends really were right. I was being high and mighty. I also realize that Chrysalis cares about me too.And I care about her. That's not going to change...maybe. But what has to change is her grand plan. I have to stop enabling her. She made everything a game because she knew I'd keep playing until I won. She was never really playing the game to win. Just to bide time. So I know, that as her friend, as everyone's friend. I sometimes have to bite that bullet and make the decision that isn't the best for me. But best for everyone else. Best for the world. It's a hard decision for sure. But everyone has to make that decision sometimes. It'll be hard for Chrysalis too. And, I know it'll hurt if she decides not to. It'll be ok though. It'll be ok to be sad because I'll have my friends to support me. And I'll figure out the rest."
  455. >"Ngh...Y-you got to be kidding me...H-how did you realize all of that so quickly?!" The Tantabus started to crack as bursts of light started to pierce through him.
  456. "Because of my friends. Because of Princess Luna and Celestia. It's already been drilled into my head multiple times already. I just needed someone to give me the push to get it all together. And nothing fucking scarier than some little shit trying to get inside my head, literally. Really puts shit into perspective"
  457. >"....Are you saying the threat of losing your existence pushed you into figuring things out quicker?" He narrowed his eyes at you
  459. >You shrugged
  460. "I dunno..sorta? Yeah, mostly. The other was the shit I saw before getting here. You over did it with the corpses dude. Really shitty move by the way. If this was all real. I would have blasted you with a shotgun"
  461. >"Man..whatever, Fuck you!" The Tantabus yelled out in frustrated rage before exploding into nothingness.
  462. "...."
  463. >You sigh upon his defeat.
  464. ".....I really hope. I really really hope. I got it this time. That fucker...no..me. I, really gotta do this. I can't let Thorax try for me. I have to talk to Chrysalis myself. And if she refuses. Then that's it. I have to stand my ground and show her she can't control me. And that will be that."
  465. >For everything after. You'd just have to hope fate would have mercy on her.
  466. >As for the nightmarescape. You noticed it started clear up as the dark space around you began to light up with lights as if you were in space.
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