MGE Side III Hotel

Sep 11th, 2020 (edited)
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  1. NGU!! Gupo❤ Jyupo❤... Nbleah❤
  2. Ah... Ahaa❤ Onii-san’s hands grabbed my horns... forcing my head to move, making be gag❤
  3. Then when you let it out, you held me tightly, so I could hold it deep in my mouth... I could feel it hit the back of my throat...❤
  4. Onii-san also does these kinds of mean things eh...❤ You’re such an amazing, amazing man...❤
  6. Nfufu...❤ Onii-san...❤ This huge building shaped like a big open seashell and lit up all over is the “Hotel Dé Ryúa”, Onee-sama is the general manager~.
  7. It’s the biggest casino, biggest hotel, and has the biggest stage❤
  8. Every song maiden in Dé Ryúa yearns to be brought to this hotel...❤ And it looks like I’m being taken in❤
  10. This hotel was made by renovating Diana and the Order’s headquarters from that old story, it’s really big~
  11. The inside is even more amazing than this❤ The lower level is an extravagant casino that even compares to the famous casino city “Goldy End”!
  12. Onee-sama said the neon lights from Saida that dazzlingly light up the floor are there to make it feel gaudy on purpose~♪
  13. Onii-san, when you look at these lights, don’t you feel like you want to do something naughty?
  14. Like dragging me into the shadows, and violating me...❤
  16. Yeah, a lot of the employees here are Satyros huh~.
  17. I’ll only tell this to onii-san, but the Satyros use their magic to make a mist of a wine called “Olde Dé Ryúa” float around the casino.
  18. So whenever anyone plays here, they always feel dizzy like they’re drunk, all the men get bold, and all the women start acting lewd❤ It’s a secret❤
  20. Nfufu~❤ The employees are actually waiting for guys to do something naughty❤ Dealers are often attacked by men who have lost at the casino and want revenge, and they end up a couple that way...❤
  21. Oh, we got service drinks from the casino staff~❤ You should drink up too onii-chan~❤ Mmm~❤
  22. ...I dunno, the taste of semen is better❤ Nfufu~, I still have the smell of semen in my mouth❤
  24. ...I think Onee-sama’s stage performance is about to start.
  25. I’ve got butterflies in my stomach right now❤ Nfufu, onii-san’s gotten hard too...❤
  26. There’s a stage in the middle of the atrium, with poles that go from the top of the building to the bottom, right?
  27. The Nereid dancers go up and down like that, and dance the most extreme and lascivious dance in Dé Ryúa❤ The only ones that get to dance there are song maidens with incredible dancing skills and lewdness recognized by Onee-sama❤ The girls on that center stage are prizes at the casino...❤
  29. Ah, Onee-sama dropped down from above...❤
  30. Since this is an atrium, you can see Onee-sama’s performance from the upper level hotel rooms and restaurants too❤ This hotel, it’s all swept up in a whirlpool of Onee-sama... Haa... Onee-sama❤ Somehow, she seems even more lustrous than usual, how wonderful...❤
  31. The Song of Love she sings while pole dancing is amazing...❤ As I already explained to you onii-san... When Onee-sama turned that wonderful ass around like that, all the men that saw it began grabbing their lover’s or an unmarried monster’s ass from behind and... Huh? Onii-san?
  33. Nhiii❤
  35. Au... Ahh...❤ From behiiind❤ Haa❤ Fuu❤
  36. P-put it iiin...❤ Onii-san’s penis❤❤
  37. Nhi❤ Hii...❤
  38. Pound me harder, harder, there❤ Do it more❤ Hya❤ Hya❤ Hyaaa❤❤❤
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