The Road Home

Jan 26th, 2014
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  1. ~The Road Home
  2. Tags: Shota, Monstergirl-Centaur
  4. “…well… fuck…”
  6. The centauress folded her arms, somewhere between confounded, exasperated and just plain pissed off. The busty blonde was a very proud woman, a point that should be emphasised and underlined many times over. She took in her surroundings, blue eyes scanning the mess of brambles and thorns that she had gotten herself lost within. The canopy overhead practically blotted out the sun, leaving only the faintest sunshaft to light her surrounds.
  8. If it weren’t for the passenger saddled on her, she would have simply collapsed there and then for a rest. For the time being, pride had won out. She let out an audible sigh then adjusted the brown leather tunic she wore.
  10. “You’re lost aren’t you?” asked the human boy on her back.
  12. “I’m not lost,” she was perhaps a little too defencive in that statement.
  14. “You so are,” teased the boy, straightening his fur coat.
  16. “Stop squirming, human!” barked the centaur, “it’s bad enough that you’re riding bareback…”
  18. “I could ride side saddle if you’d prefer…” the boy had his tongue firmly stuck out.
  20. The centaur turned, glaring at him. She made eye contact with those dull green eyes, hidden under a mat of raven black hair.
  22. “You do that, I buck you off and leave you here,” The centaur snapped.
  24. “Aww, you’re no fun Shyana,” the boy pretended to pout, folding his arms in a mockery of her.
  26. Shyana shook her head, “you can go fuck yourself whenever you want Taran, I’m not stopping you.”
  28. “Nah, would rather you,” the boy reached around and pinched Shyana’s left breast.
  30. “Do that again, I dare you!” snapped Shyana.
  32. “What, like this!?” Taran splayed his hand, cupping as much of the breast as he could in his hand, which all things considered wasn’t much. While the pair were travelling, people would joke that her expansive bust was bigger than the kid’s head, an exaggeration that oddly wasn’t far from the truth.
  34. Shyana’s face reddened, “Get off, I’m warning you!”
  36. The boy started fondling, “you’re warning me? You’re the one that’s blushing!” he reached around with the other hand and went to work on the other breast. Shyana tried to resist, but at the same time if she was too vigorous she’s elbow the kid off, and that was a fall he’d cracked ribs on before.
  38. “Blushing!? The fact you’re a kid’s about the only reason I’m not putting hoof to fucking face!”
  40. “Oh come on, secluded forest, completely lost, haven’t seen another member of your species for about a month…”
  42. Shyana’s countenance broke right there and then, something between a sob a growl escaped her lips, “I swear to gods above and below, I’ll stomp the ever-loving shit out of you!”
  44. “Even if I do this?” Taran slid his hand as quickly up her tunic as he could, fingertips feeling for her nipple. Upon finding the mark, he tugged ever so gently to coax it, harden it. When he found himself successful, he cupped the breast once more and resumed fondling.
  46. “Get your hands out from under-” He cut her off by doing the same with the other hand, much to Shyana’s chagrin.
  48. “Why should I, you seem to be liking it.”
  50. Shyana closed her eyes, trying everything she could to distract herself from what was happening. On one hand, her innate pride wanted him kicked into the dirt. On the other hand, she belonged to a race whose libido is only beaten by satyrs, which conveyed an unfortunate (although not wholly undeserved) reputation.
  52. Shyana tried to distract herself, while trying to wrest Taran away from his groping, Think inane thoughts, I’m eighteen hands at the flank, my shoes are solid steel and cost eighteen gold pieces a hit, my horse half is white, my tail blonde, my tunic is brown, really tight though because of how massive my tits are and what he’s doing feels really fucking… - NO; FUCK, INANE THOUGHTS, INANE THOUGHTS!
  54. She shook her head and moved more vigorously to get him off, my bow is an elven compound bow, incredibly hard to get, my half-skirt’s green, riding a little low on my flank but I’ll fix it when I’m no so gods damned wet - WHEN I GET SHIT-FACE OFF, yes when I get shit face off, but oh sweet mother of-
  56. All the attempts to distract herself simply weren’t working. All composure shattered with a heavy shuddering sigh. He was right, but moreso than he realised. Forget race, she hadn’t bedded another living creature in some time. Some stalwarts can stay celibate right up to a lifetime. She was not one of those people.
  58. “Oh just… fuck me, can’t believe I’m doing this… just this one Taran, just keep doing that!”Her voice breathy, trying to catch up with her racing heart.
  60. “Tunic’s tight,” he whined.
  62. “And-?”
  64. “Wrists getting sore… would be easier if it weren’t in the way…”
  66. Shyana looked around, “But what if someone…” some part of her mind was still trying to delay the inevitable.
  68. “And it would be different to how we are now because…?”
  70. “Just do whatever you need to do!” Shyana tried to spit, tried to bark and be confrontational, but she was shuddering too much.
  72. He pulled his arms up, lifting up the tunic. Shyana however found being awkwardly half-dressed uncomfortable, so she gave him a helping hand, pulling the entire tunic off completely.
  74. “Hands… tits… please…” she tried to give instructions as she grabbed him by the wrists and placed his hands back onto her massive, heaving breasts.
  76. Taran pushed his luck, squirming up to her bare back, pressing up against her as much as he could. He craned his neck as much as he could, just managing to reach a comfortable point on her neck and started kissing.
  78. “Jesus kid, could have told me you were good at that one earlier!” Shyana shuddered as the kisses sent shivers down her spine, “Fuck, only way it could be hotter is if a girl was doing the other side…”
  80. “I’ll hold you to that,” Taran grinned.
  82. “Keep fucking kissing, no stopping!” yelled Shyana as she yanked the boy’s face back into her neck, “Didn’t say you could stop!”
  84. Taran squirmed, if only he had a third hand to get his cock free. He appeased it temporarily by pressing it into her back and gyrating slightly.
  86. “Ow, ow, sensitive. Fuck, was that a splinter?” Shyana knocked his hands away and examined her nipple.
  88. “Didn’t get in you did it?”
  90. “No, thankfully. Fuck it, get off”
  92. “Wha-”
  94. “Get off!”
  96. Taran, somewhat disappointed, complied with the centaur’s wishes. He resigned himself to another night of blue balls and jerking off when she wasn’t looking.
  98. “I’m sorry I-”
  100. Shyana turned to him and knelt down, Taran was clearly stunned by her naked form, something she found kind of cute.
  102. “Give me your hand… Right there on the surface, damn…” She plucked the splinter free with minimal effort.
  104. “I’m sorry I-”
  106. “Stop talking, put your mouth to better use…”
  108. Shyana tugged the boy in, causing him to fall face first in between her breasts.
  110. He quickly pushed himself back and took a breath, “What are you trying to do, kill me!?”
  112. “If I wanted to do that, I’d just smack you with them,” Shyana smirked, “As I said, mouth, to better use!”
  114. She grabbed her nipple and angled it for his mouth, as if indicating. The boy wordlessly complied, at first giving it a couple of awkward licks before sealing his lips around the pink tip and suckled. He rolled his tongue down the length of the nipple between each gentle suck. He clutched onto the breast proper with one hand so that he didn’t accidentally lose it.
  116. Shyana let out of short cry, that she tried to suppress as well as she could. She grabbed his hand and pulled it to her other breast, coaxing him to continue the fondling he did so well at before. She let his do this for a time, doing everything she could to stabilise her shuddering breaths. She longed for more though, and rapidly it wasn’t enough to let him suckle. She wanted return the favour, ‘suckle’ him for his ‘milk’, drink it, bathe in it, she didn’t care.
  118. She wanted this boy who’d proven so far to be decent with his lips, to ply it in more places, run his tongue between her legs, to drink from her thighs and then she wanted him inside her. Just the thought alone was getting her more and more excited.
  120. “Come, lets take a look at you…” Shyana reached down, tugging the knot that held his pants up. When she loosened it, she pull it down and ran her fingers down the boy’s cock, fingertips playing gentle patterns down the throbbing shaft, and then back up to the head. She felt Taran’s sharp breath as she fondled him, running her fingers across his balls and wrapping what she could around the boy’s manhood. It was cute in its own way, the way he reacted when she touched him and how she could fit the whole member in her fist, tip resting between forefinger and thumb. She could feel his pulse though the shaft and she could feel the tiny watery drops of pre-cum dribble down his tip. She grew ravenous, her to the cock like moth to the flame. She was gentle, massaging it rather than jerking, petting rather than the yanking she’d seen him subject himself to.
  122. “You know I watch you play with yourself some nights…” she whispered in his ear, “Till now, it helped me get through the loneliness…”
  124. He stopped suckling, “and now?”
  126. Shyana hated the fact that he stopped, the nipple feeling cold once exposed to the air. The difference was jarring enough to put her off letting him latch back on. “Fantasy only goes so far…”
  128. She pushed him gently, coercing him down to lie on the ground.
  130. “What are you…” he tried to ask.
  132. But Shyana worked quickly, she had already put her lips to the tip of his cock and gave it a gentle lick.
  134. “I’m just repaying the favour…” she placed her lips on his foreskin and pulled back slightly, getting her tongue under it and swirling it around the outside of the head. A smile crossed her face when she heard him gasp.
  136. It was then she want to work, gently working up and down, hand on the shaft to caress it, tongue on the tip and lips working everything in between.
  138. “Oh gods…” she heard him moan.
  140. “Now…” she continued working him manhood with her hand while she spoke, “When you’re about to blow it, I want you to hold as long as you can. I like working for my lunch…”
  142. “Uhh… okay…” He had no idea what she meant.
  144. She went back down, the very first motion took the cock right down into her throat, her lips meeting the base. When found a more natural rhythm, she worked faster and more confidently, relying more on her tongue and lips to do the job and moving her hand out of the way completely.
  146. She could hear from his moans and cries that he was nearing, which didn’t take much effort on her part. She felt him tense, which only prompted her to work harder, taking the boy’s cock as deep in her throat as she could. He tensed harder, which she took to mean ‘any moment now’. She reared back, lips on the head, licking it until he came. He did what she asked as best she could, to the point of her being impressed. When he came, she savoured it, running as much of it over her tongue as she could. She loved the taste of cum, she loved how warm it was, the sticky, yet slimy texture.
  148. When she was certain she had sucked out every last drop, which was indicated by a few unwilling twitches on his part, she dragged herself up to his face.
  150. He looked at her and chuckled “That was amazing…”
  152. She smiled and opened her mouth, showing him the cum that she was playing with, criss-crossing back and forth with her tongue. Then, with an even broader smile, swallowed the whole lot down.
  154. “You know, I should have seen it sooner that you can be a steady source of that…”
  156. “If you say so…” he smiled, liking the light that Shyana was starting to see him in.
  158. “Come! We’re not done!”
  160. “O…Okay…” stammered the boy as she heaved him straight up to his feet.
  162. “Come on,” Shyana ripped her skirt off and ushered the boy around to her flank. She lifted her tail, opening her pussy to indicate the flowing juices.
  164. “About repaying favours…” said the boy as he put his face to her pussy and started eating her out.
  166. “Oh gods, oh gods…” She stammered, her hands moved without any conscious thought to her breasts, Shyana fondled herself as the the boy’s tongue accidentally stroked her clit.
  168. “Down there, that soft lumpy bit, right there…” murmured Shyana.
  170. Taran pulled back and swallowed, “you taste kind of like strawberry…”
  172. “Whatever, just keep going!” snapped Shyana, when a girl was this close it was a mistake to stop and talk about it.
  174. It didn’t take long, all the excitement pent up caused her loins to stir and shudder under Taran’s warm breath. He felt her tense up, her legs give slightly and her body shiver, but he didn’t quite understand what had happened until Shyana nudged him away.
  176. “Okay… just gotta explain what I want you to do…”
  178. “What is it?” he asked earnestly.
  180. “Again, how well hung is a male centaur…”
  182. “Uhh, large enough I generally don’t think about it?”
  184. “Think about that, my body accommodates that. How do you think you’re going to go from here?” asked Shyana.
  186. “Umm…” He examined her for a moment, “Would it feel good with… well… mine? I’m a mite smaller than a centaur…”
  188. “Yes, I’d feel it, and yes it’d be good,” she reassured, her g-spot was shallow enough that a human lover would be more than sufficient, but that’s not what she had in mind, “But I don’t want you to do that just yet…”
  190. The boy paused and looked down at his member, which was still recovering. He then looked at his fingers… then his whole arm. He quickly took off his shirt, he thought he finally understood.
  192. “What, like this?”
  194. He put his fingers to her shivering pussy and pushed them through gently. She was still slick and wet, making entry a non-issue. Taran curled his fingers into a fist and pushed it deeper and deeper, and sank his arm inside her. He finally stopped when his shoulder was about to also enter. He then started to work the arm, in, out, and so on.
  196. Shyana found herself moaning almost immediately, the volume of which was increasing the faster Taran thrust his arm. When he pulled out slightly and bent his elbow to have an easier time at it, Shyana had to cup her hands over her mouth to prevent herself from screaming. His elbow was rubbing against her g-spot and was causing her all manner of moaning related shortness of breath.
  198. “Oh gods, faster!” Shyana wasn’t just playing with her breasts, she was massaging them so hard that under normal circumstances she would have found it painful, “Don’t half-arse it boy, faster!”
  200. Taran grimaced, the speed she was asking for wasn’t going to happen all that easily, so what he did instead was something he learned in fighting of all things. When he withdrew the arm, he twisted it, palm facing upwards. When he thrust it, he slowly twisted it a full 180, palm facing down.
  202. The added motion was too much. Even through all her attempts to stop herself, Shyana found herself letting out a passionate cry, and kept moaning. The moaning got louder and stronger, her legs wobbling and threatening to buckle from under her. Shyana was rocking back and forth, trying to get his arm as deep inside her as she could.
  204. Taran felt it getting harder to move, eventually her muscles had clamped so tightly around his arm that he was losing circulation. While the muscles tightened, Shyana was out of breath, giving a slight whimper and trying not to make any sound, as if holding everything back.
  206. Taran tried to thrust again, but the resistance was getting too much. With a frustrated cry, he forced his arm out as hard as he could. That one thrust was all it took, her pussy seemed to flood as she let out a steady crescendo of screams as her muscled loosened up completely to let him in. She rocked harder and faster, enough to nearly knock him off his feet, but he stood his ground and moved against her, his elbow once again rubbing against her g-spot.
  208. Just as quickly as it started, Shyana collapsed into quivering mass on the ground, heaving for every tiny bit of breath she could.
  210. “Gods above…” she murmured. She scrambled back around to face the boy and took his arm. She started to lick her own pussy juice off of it, once again savouring the taste as best she could.
  212. “I kind of do taste like strawberry don’t I?” she mused.
  214. Taran chuckled, “So… what now…” he indicated that he had recovered, his cock standing to attention.
  216. Shyana smiled, “Oh I want more of that tasty cum…”
  218. She lied down as best as she could and gave him a cheeky smile.
  220. “Do whatever you want with my, you earned that much…”
  222. Taran thought for a time and a brilliant idea came to his mind. He urged her to roll over to her back and straddled the trunk of her body. He laid he manhood between her breasts and squished them into his cock. They felt warmer than he expected, and smoother to boot. He tentatively tested the waters, gyrating slightly to make sure it was a good idea, and when he settled into ti, he started thrusting. She leant forward to better accommodate him.
  224. Shyana gave him a sultry grin, “That’s it pretty-boy, give me your seed, spray it all on my face…”
  226. She licked her lips in anticipation, as she felt him tense as he neared. Took much shorter a time than before, must have been all the excitement. When he finally came, the tip gushed in streams, most of it finding Shyana’s face, some of it getting in her fair, some of it leaking back over her tits.
  228. When he stopped Shyana leant over and sucked any remaining drops free from him. When she was satisfied, she looked up and gave a cheeky grin as she wiped some cum off her cheek and slowly, seductively, sucked the finger clean as if savouring a delicacy.
  230. “Well, now we have something to do on those long, boring nights…” Shyana murmured, “Better question is boy, think you can keep up with me?”
  232. Taran shrugged, “Maybe. But I’m still holding you to what you said before.”
  234. “To what?”
  236. Taran smiled, “A girl of course…”
  238. Shyana smirked, “I did say that didn’t I… alright… next item when we get back, threesome with hot girl. I’m hoping for a busty brunette, you?”
  240. “Dainty redhead?”
  242. “Mmm…” Shyana wiped a stream of cum from her breast and licked her finger clean, “Imagine, a dainty redhead, licking this cum off for me, before I lick her out.”
  244. Taran looked down, silently wishing his cock would harden again to take advantage of that nice thought.
  246. “Don’t worry, reward for helping me find my way out is a blowjob. Deal?”
  248. “Deal!”
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