Half-Moon in Equestria 22

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  1. Heading back to town , you make your way to the marketplace.
  2. Shaking hands/hooves with almost everypony you pass, you finaly manage to make it to Applejacks stand.
  3. "Mornin Anon" Her cheerfull voice calls out "Hows it goin trainin those two?"
  4. "Good morning Applejack, Its been Interesting, to say the least." You reply, taking a seat beside her. "They both have definite potential, and they are learning fast, even without Element education"
  5. "What kinda elements you talkin about? Cuz Twilights is the Element of Magic."
  6. You give a quizical look, before asking "What do you mean by Element of Magic?"
  7. "Ya see in Equestria there is a weapon called the Elements of Harmony. There are 6 elements, each wielded by somepony who represents that element. When all the Elements are together, they have enough power to stop even a god"
  8. You nod "So Twilight is the Element of Magic, do you know any of the other elements?"
  9. "Ah shure as heck do, considerin Im one of em." Your eyes widen a bit, then she continues "Im the Element of Honesty, Pinkie is the Element of Laughter, Rarity is the Element of Generosity, Rainbow Dash is the Element of loyalty, and Fluttershy is the Element of Kindness."
  10. "Thats pretty cool Applejack, and it does help explain a lot of things since I got here. Now I suppose I should get to the reason I stopped by, besides the great company of course. I was wondering if I could convince you to let me have some apples? I cant pay you right now, but I will pay you back first chance I get."
  11. Passing you a basket filled with apples, she says "Don't worry bout it none Sugarcube, after what you did its the least I can do fer ya"
  12. Setting the basket down, you wrap Applejack in a one armed hug, before saying "Thanks Applejack, but I do plan on paying you back for this". Picking up the basket, you make your way to your next stop, Sugarcube Corner.
  13. Before you can get inside, you are ambushed by a pink blur.
  14. "Good morning Pinkie"
  15. "Good morning Anon I saved you a bunch of cupcakes from yesterdays party since you didn't get to have any because you were busy dancing with everypony and then you collapsed because Twilight sais you had Amoebic or Anamic or something like that."
  16. "Thank you very  much Pinkie, that was very nice of you to do."
  17. Bouncing inside, Pinkie pokes her head out for a second saing "Wait here a minute, while I get something for you to carry them with".
  18. That comment gets you to thinking. Its gonna be harder to deal with everyday life with only one arm. Too bad you cant move things with magic like Twilight and the other unicorns can. Your alchemy can only go so far in that respect. Maybe a wagon would help, or maybe...
  19. Your train of thought is interupted as Pinkie bursts out of Sugarcube Corner, carrying a box with straps like a backpack.
  20. "Here ya go Anon, I figured you wouldnt be able to carry the box normally, so i put straps on it so you can carry it on your back."
  21. Putting down the basket, you manuever the box onto your back, and say "Thanks a bunch Pinkie, this is a great idea." She gives you a big Pinkie Pie grin, before shooting off back into the store.
  22. "Bye Pinkie" You say, Picking up your basket, and making your way back out to the field. On your way, you stop, and set down the basket. Drawing a Circle, you set half the apples in it, and transmute them into an array of fruit. They all look the same, but each has a different color. A red one, a blue one, a yellow one, a black one, a pale blue one, and a pure white one. Placing the fruit back in the basket, you pick it up, scuff out the circle, and make your way to the island in the field. As you approach, you notice somethig horribly wrong. The island looks like a small scale Alchemy fight went down on it.
  23. Shaking your head, you trudge towards the island. As you cross the bridge, you see both Twilight and Trixie facing off, drawing circles in the dirt as fast as they can. Sighing, you set down the basket, re don the sparker rings, and launch a wave of flames between them.
  24. "Can't I leave you two alone for an HOUR without you two being at eachothers throats?! Know what, you two go home, I will clean up here. Class will continue in two days. I expect you two can be civil to eachother in the mean time?"
  25. "Yes Teacher" they both respond, looking rather dejected, before vanishing in their respective teleportations.
  26. Smiling, you erase the circle on your palm, and replace it with a basic manipulation circle. The next hour and a half are spent fixing the mess the two made, although you must admit, they made some damn good progress today.
  27. Your thoughts are interupted by the sound of wings approaching, and fast. Looking up, you see a cyan and rainbow blur shooting your way.
  28. "Hey Anonymous, What happened out here? Twilight looked rather sad, and she said you got angry at her and Trixie" She says, as she lands beside you.
  29. "You had lunch yet?" you ask, making your way back to the basket of fruit. She shakes her head, so you grab the basket and bring it to the desks, which have managed to remain intact, much to your surprise. Setting the basket down, you maneuver the box off your back, and open it. Inside is a cake made of cupcakes, two tiers high.
  30. "Dig in" You say, gesturing to the food "Just be carefull with the fruit that aren't apples. They can be a bit surprising to those who are unprepared"
  31. "Is that a challenge?" She asks, grabbing the yellow fruit.
  32. "No, unless you want to have a challenge to see who can hold it in the longest?"
  33. She gets a big grin, before saying "Sure"
  34. Picking up the red Flame fruit, you count down "3...2...1...go"
  35. On go, you both shove the fruit in your mouth, chew and swallow. The color creeps over you, turning you red, and a yellow color crawls over her, turning her slightly greenish, as she holds back the Bolt fruit.
  36. After just thirty seconds, you have to release, spouting a burst of flames straight up. Rainbow gives you a triumphant look, before releasing hers, a large bolt of lightning straight up.
  37. "You win this round Dash" You say, a smile on your face, before pulling out a cupcake and taking a bite.
  38. "Darn right I do, But what kind of fruit was that? Never had anything like that before." She says, grabbing a cupcake and taking a bite.
  39. "Those are Elemental fruit, specificaly you had a Bolt fruit, and I had a Flame fruit. The different fruits have different effects, but overall they are just fun to eat."
  40. "Back on topic, what happened out here?" Rainbow asks, going for her second cupcake.
  41. "Well, as you should know, I have begun the process of training them in alchemy. They both have been progressing at an amazing rate, even without proper basic education for it. Of course, they both lack basic restraint necessary for proper alchemists."
  42. "Well, Im not realy surprised as to Trixie not having restraint, but Twilight..."
  43. "I think its because I mixed the two of them together, they bring out the worst in eachother, but they also encourage rapid growth." Standing up, you close the box, and set it on your back. Picking up the basket, you tell Dash "Im going to be gone for the next day or so, so tell everyone not to worry when I dont come back."
  44. Rainbow nods, before taking off at high speed "Take care Anon, I'd hate to see what Twi would do to you if something happened"
  45. "Oh, I can Imagine" You mutter to yourself, stepping off the island, and into the forest.
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