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  1. Skoldergård:
  2. - Wake up in bed
  3. - Mum is downstairs
  4. - Talk about how to interact with bots
  5. - Mum says father is waiting at the mountain entry to go hunting
  7. Go hunting
  8. - Dialogue between dad and player
  9. - Kill bird
  10. - Head on home and go to bed
  12. Go to bed
  13. *screaming and loud noises*
  14. - Wake up in middle of night
  15. - Rush outside to see fire everywhere
  17. Skoldergård, Kappengen:
  19. cmd goto intro
  21. #begin
  22. cmd tp [[black]]
  23. cmd announce Pecan Sea, Kappengen
  24. delay 4s
  25. msg &aStranger: &fYou have brought great shame to our family, Sven.
  26. delay 2s
  27. msg &aStranger: &fYou are not fit to rule Skoldergård.
  28. cmd tp [[boat]]
  29. delay 2s
  30. msg &aSven: &fMe wife is about to birth me Son, have ye no patience, Geskar?
  31. delay 1s
  32. msg &aGeskar: &fYou were never married, you coward.
  33. delay 4s
  34. msg &aSven: &fYer doing great, Lauren. Just a few more minutes and we be home.
  35. delay 2s
  36. msg &a*Lauren screams in pain*
  37. delay 3s
  38. msg &aGeskar: %fWhat kind of a noble man impregnates a woman before marriage?
  39. delay 2s
  40. msg &aSven: %fBrother, shut yer mouth before I throw ye overboard. Thor knows ye can't swim.
  41. delay 2s
  42. msg &a*Geskar turns his head agitatedly*
  43. delay 4s
  44. msg &aStranger: &fChief, we be nearly there...
  45. delay 2s
  46. msg &aSven: %fHold on baby, we'll get ye home and everythin' will be fine.
  47. delay 2s
  48. msg &a*Lauren screams in pain*
  49. delay 2s
  50. cmd tp [[black]]
  51. delay 1s
  52. cmd announce 19 years later...
  53. delay 4s
  54. cmd tp [[out of black]]
  56. cmd announce Skoldergård, Kappengen
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