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  1. [divbox=#8B4513][hr=#0f1a30][/hr][center][fimg=200,200][/fimg]
  2. [font=arial][color=#0f1a30][b]Weapon Licensing Unit[/b][/color][/font]
  3. [hr=#0f1a30][/hr][/center][/divbox][legend=#8B4513| Section I - Personal Information |]#FFFFF[b](1.1) First Name:[/b] Buffato
  4. [b](1.2) Last Name:[/b] Rivera
  5. [b](1.3) Gender:[/b] Male
  7. [b](1.4) Date of Birth:[/b] 5/1/1996
  8. [b](1.5) Age:[/b] 22
  9. [b](1.6) Nationality:[/b] American.
  11. [b](1.7) Residential Address:[/b] OAKRIDGE APARTMENT 31
  12. [b](1.8) Contact Number:[/b] 5936953
  14. [b](1.9) Next of Kin:[/b] Julia Rivera
  15. [b](1.10) Next of Kin's Address:[/b] Clover Court
  16. [b](1.11) Next of Kin's Contact Number:[/b] 549356[/legend]
  18. [legend=#8B4513| Section II - Attachment of Documents |]#FFFFF[b](2.1) Photocopy of government-issued identification card:[/b]
  19. [i](( Attach a screenshot of your '/licenses' in-game in the spoiler below along with /time, DO NOT edit the SS. ))[/i]
  20. [spoiler=(2.1.1) Attachment][img][/img][/spoiler]
  21. [b](2.2) (Optional) Photocopy of government-issued badge:[/b]
  22. [i](( Attach a screenshot of your '/showbadge' in-game in the spoiler below along with /time, DO NOT edit the SS.  ))[/i]
  23. [spoiler=(2.2.1) Attachment][img]-[/img][/spoiler][/legend]
  25. [legend=#8B4513| Section III - Permit Information |]#FFFFF[b](3.1) Firearm Permit Type:[/b] Class B
  27. [b](3.2) Why do you wish to obtain a Conceal Carry Permit? (Minimum of 200 words):[/b]
  28. I wish to obtain a Conceal Carry Permit for a number of reasons, first and foremost we currently lived in a State that is getting worse by the day. I personally don't think a day has gone by without me seeing someone shooting at another civilian. It honestly makes me uneasy when I'm doing anything in the County, from going out to buy some groceries to even when I was at work. I was employed at a garage that was opened for a short time in Blueberry, in the short amount of time I worked there. An individual arrived and pretended he needed work done on his car, he later pulled a gun and kidnapped my co-worker. He also stole everything I had before knocking me unconscious. Since this event, I've never felt comfortable leaving my own house and I even struggle to sleep at times. Getting my hands on a Conceal Carry Permit will just let me know, mentally, that I am somewhat more safe.
  30. So, adding onto that - I'm not the type of individual to USE a firearm when it's not necessary. I personally think I would dread shooting at an individual, even if it was self defense but so much has happened after the last couple of weeks and to be frank, it has drove me to applying for this permit.
  31. [b](3.3) How do you plan to use your Conceal Carry Permit? (Minimum of 200 words):[/b]
  32. I mainly plan to use my firearms permit to legally purchase firearms from the local ammunitions and use them to protect myself and the people close to me. As you know from reading the above statement, my head has been everywhere recently because of the recent events I have witnessed or brought into. I can't even walk down the street anymore without feeling like I'm about to get held up by someone and honestly it's dreadful, I was born and raised here but this is just driving me away from the county. I personally don't want to leave just yet so I'm going to try and take some extra security measures and see if impacts my way of life that much, maybe it'll get better. I also plan to use my permit and legally firearm to protect my property. Having that thought in the back of my head that I can try and counter an unavoidable situation would just let me relax a bit more and actually enjoy the County again. I never thought I'd go this far as to writing up an application so I can carry a GUN on me, I was against guns for quite some time but there's nothing else a man like me can do. When you struggle to sleep, when you can't walk around your home town and feel somewhat safe, there's something not right there. I personally think, knowing I have this firearm which could potentially save my life, I would be able to freely walk around the streets again and actually live my life instead of hiding away.[/legend]
  34. [legend=#8B4513| Section IV - Permit Qualification |]#FFFFF[b]Select all that are true in the spoiler below, you may tick more than one box per question. - You must score at least 16 out of 20 to pass this section.[/b]
  36. [spoiler=Permit Qualification Questionnaire][b](4.1)[/b] While using your firearm, you notice that it is occasionally slam-firing (more than one shot despite only pulling the trigger once) – Before diagnosing the weapon, you should do which of the following?
  37. [indent=5]A) Unload the gun and ensure it is safe. [✓]
  38. B) Aim at the ground and fire a test shot.
  39. C) Locate a member of the SACSO and get them to diagnose it instead.
  40. D) All of the above.[/indent]
  42. [b](4.2)[/b] You are practicing at a shooting range and accidentally injure yourself with a misfired shot. What should you do after the occurrence of this event?
  43. [indent=5]A) Secure the weapon to ensure it is no longer dangerous.
  44. B) Call or get someone to call for an ambulance.
  45. C) Notify the SACSO Weapon Licensing Unit regarding the accident.
  46. D) All of the above. [✓][/indent]
  48. [b](4.3)[/b] You have your firearm safely stored in your holster while out in public when someone comes up and snatches the firearm from you, and then runs off. What should you do?
  49. [indent=5]A) Chase the thief and tackle them, taking the firearm back.
  50. B) Call 911 immediately and notify them of the situation. [✓]
  51. C) Notify the SACSO Weapon Licensing Unit that your registered firearm was stolen. [✓]
  52. D) Do nothing and simply purchase a replacement firearm.[/indent]
  54. [b](4.4)[/b] You are at the shooting range and preparing to practice with your handgun, but you fear the gun may have been loaded with the wrong ammo. What should you do?
  55. [indent=5]A) Fire a test shot at one of the targets.
  56. B) Unload the gun immediately, changing the ammo if necessary. [✓]
  57. C) Ask someone else to fire a test shot for you, and keep well out of the way.
  58. D) None of the above.[/indent]
  60. [b](4.5)[/b] How often should you clean your firearm?
  61. [indent=5]A) Every 3-4 months.
  62. B) When you notice a decrease in the firearm’s performance.
  63. C) When one or more parts of the firearm stop functioning correctly.
  64. D) All of the above. [✓][/indent]
  66. [b](4.6)[/b] What might happen if you limp-wrist (holding too low down on the grip) with your handgun?
  67. [indent=5]A) The gun may malfunction.
  68. B) Your accuracy will be greatly reduced.
  69. C) You may injure yourself or others.
  70. D) All of the above. [✓][/indent]
  72. [b](4.7)[/b]You go out for some drinks with some friends after work, and you later realize you’ve been carrying your licensed firearm for the duration of the night. What should you do?
  73. [indent=5]A) Notify the SACSO Weapon Licensing Unit and get further instructions. [✓]
  74. B) Hand the firearm to a trusted friend so the incident does not occur again.
  75. C) Keep the firearm in storage while you deal with the issue.
  76. D) Do nothing. You did not hurt anyone.[/indent]
  78. [b](4.8)[/b] Your doctor has prescribed you a new course of medicine and you are unsure if you are safe to operate a firearm while taking it. What should you do?
  79. [indent=5]A) Take only half of the usual dose.
  80. B) Take more time to load, aim, and fire your weapon.
  81. C) Practice after taking your medicine to see the impact.
  82. D) Speak to your doctor or the SACSO Emergency Services Unit to find out more. [✓][/indent]
  84. [b](4.9)[/b] You are on your way to the firing range when a small argument with another driver leaves you upset. What is the most appropriate thing to do in this situation?
  85. [indent=5]A) Continue to the shooting range and continue as planned.
  86. B) Take a short break to calm down before handling your firearm. [✓]
  87. C) Go for a drink at a local bar instead of to the shooting range.
  88. D) You are annoyed – continue to think about the incident that occurred.[/indent]
  90. [b](4.10)[/b] You have just bought your first licensed firearm and plan to store it at your house. What precautions must be taken?
  91. [indent=5]A) The ammo and firearm should be stored separately. [✓]
  92. B) The firearm and all subsequent parts should be stored in a secure, safe place. [✓]
  93. C) You must notify all house guests that there is a firearm stored in the house.
  94. D) The firearm should be kept out of sight and reach of children. [✓][/indent]
  96. [b](4.11)[/b] One day, your friend asks you to look after their licensed weapon for 'a few days' – They do not provide any documentation alongside the firearm. What should you do?
  97. [indent=5]A) As you have your license, take the firearm, and store it in your house.
  98. B) Refuse. The situation could put you at risk on legal grounds. [✓]
  99. C) Refuse, and notify the SACSO Weapon Licensing Unit of the situation. [✓]
  100. D) None of the above.[/indent]
  102. [b](4.12)[/b] You fear a friend may be using their license for illegal purposes. What should you do?
  103. [indent=5]A) Immediately notify the SACSO. [✓]
  104. B) Immediately notify the SACSO Weapon Licensing Unit. [✓]
  105. C) Talk to your friend and talk them out of it if your fear is true.
  106. D) Do nothing. It is none of your business.[/indent]
  108. [b](4.13)[/b] Which of the following will help you improve your handgun skills?
  109. [indent=5]A) Practicing the grip, the draw, and sighted dry fire with snap caps.
  110. B) Practicing at the range once every month or as often as possible.
  111. C) Using the same bullet weight and power as your carry loads.
  112. D) All of the above. [✓][/indent]
  114. [b](4.14)[/b]When the shooting starts, you should do which of the following?
  115. [indent=5]A) Get into a weaver stance.
  116. B) Go for a headshot.
  117. C) Fire as fast as possible in the direction of the assailant.
  118. D) Seek cover. [✓][/indent]
  120. [b](4.15)[/b] What are some firearm rules that the San Andreas County Sheriff's Office outline?
  121. [indent=5]A) Shotguns and Rifles may only be used for hunting in forestall areas. [✓]
  122. B) Firearms are never to be used for anything apart from hunting.
  123. C) You are able to shoot anyone who poses a threat to you or someone who scares you.
  124. D) You may conceal carry automatic rifles within a duffle bag.[/indent]
  126. [b](4.16)[/b] If you shoot someone, which of the following might you expect?
  127. [indent=5]A) To withhold any statements without your attorney present.
  128. B) To undergo a criminal investigation. [✓]
  129. C) To be the defendant in a ruinous civil suit.
  130. D) All of the above.[/indent]
  132. [b](4.17)[/b] Which of the following situations are OK for handgun carry?
  133. [indent=5]A) When just under the blood alcohol level legal to drive.
  134. B) When taking over the counter or prescription drugs that impair.
  135. C) When fatigued, emotionally upset, or distracted.
  136. D) None of the above. [✓][/indent]
  138. [b](4.18)[/b] In which of the following situations is a person prohibited from carry?
  139. [indent=5]A) A felon or a person convicted of a violent crime.
  140. B) Federal buildings, capitol area, courthouses, school buildings and activities.
  141. C) Private business establishments that post "guns banned" signs.
  142. D) All of the above. [✓][/indent]
  144. [b](4.19)[/b] Which of the following are Basic Firearm Handling Rules:
  145. [indent=5]A) Treat all firearms as if they are loaded. [✓]
  146. B) Always keep your finger on the trigger
  147. C) You should never tell a Sheriff is you are carrying a firearm.
  148. D) You should always hip fire, without aiming down the sights.[/indent]
  150. [b](4.20)[/b] A weapon should be considered loaded at all times. Which safety rules should you always follow?
  151. [indent=5]A) Keep the muzzle pointed in a safe direction.
  152. B) Keep your finger out of the trigger guard.
  153. C) Check to verify the loaded or unloaded condition of the firearm.
  154. D) All of the above. [✓][/indent][/spoiler][/legend]
  156. [legend=#8B4513| Section V - Scenarios |]#FFFFF[b](5.1)[/b] [i]You are sitting in your trailer watching TV and you hear gunshots outside your house, a minute later you hear aggressive knocking on the door, what will you do?[/i] (75 words minimum)
  157. I second I hear the gunshots outside of my trailer, I would lower down the TV and grab my phone. I'd dial 911 and inform the local authorities about the on-going situation. I would also keep my firearm close to me in-case I would need it. I would try and peek outside without being noticed to try and get some situation awareness in-case the shooters try to come my way, I would somewhat have an idea of what they're armed with etc. I would also like to know what they're armed with in-case the authorities call me and ask. If someone noticed me peeking outside and began banging on my door, I would probably ready my firearm. I would ask the individuals to announce who they are before calling 911 again and notifying them with further information.
  158. [b](5.2)[/b] [i]You bought a new house in Bone County and you managed to sell your old trailer in Red County, however you still have your licensed firearms inside your trailer, what will be the right way to transfer the firearms from your trailer to your new house in Bone County?[/i] (50 words minimum)
  159. I would head to my local Ammunation and purchase a weapon container that can fit most of my weapons inside of it. I would head back to my trailer and begin to fully unload all of the firearms that I'm transferring. I would place the firearms into the container before locking the container up. I would carry the container out to my car and put it into the trunk, not visible to the outside view. I'd transfer it to my new new house in Bone County and store them back into my house.
  160. [b](5.3)[/b] [i]You and your friend went hunting in the forest, your friend does not have any firearm permit and asks you to shoot the rifle after he spotted a deer, what will you do?[/i] (75 words minimum)
  161. Firstly, I would ask him about a permit since I probably wouldn't know if he had one or not. If he didn't, I would have to explain to him why I can't let him use the firearm since he is unlicensed and it is against the law. I would also explain to him that I would be at fault if I let him use MY gun. I would tell him more information about how to get a license and the process if he wanted to know then continue with my hunting. If he continued to nag me about the shooting the gun, I would just pack up and leave.
  162. [b](5.4)[/b] [i]You returned home from work and you noticed that your house has been broken into and your shotgun is missing from the wooden closet, suddenly you hear a door open from upstairs, your sidearm is on you, what will you do?[/i] (100 words minimum)[/legend]
  163. As I arrive home, I would enter the house and hear the door. I would take a quick glance at the wooden closet, noticing that my shotgun is gone. I would try and quietly exit the house, not alarming the burglar. I would try and hide outside of the house and contact the local authorities and inform them about the current situation. I wouldn't try and take the burglar on since he is armed with a shotgun. If I saw him leaving the house before the authorities arrived, I would dial 911 again and inform them that he left. I would not try to intervene the burglar at all since that isn't my job and frankly, I don't want to be shot with a shotgun or any other weapon that he might have.
  164. [legend=#8B4513| Section VI - Declaration of Liability |]#FFFFF[quote]It is the responsibility of the San Andreas County Sheriff's Office to include a background check of all applicants for a firearm permit. This check could involve interviews with family members, neighbors, or co-workers, past and present. This check will include a check of your mental and physical well being both now and in the past. The law allows us to check complete criminal history, which includes local, state, and federal checks. Your signature below allows us to search any and all sources which contain information that would allow complete and accurate background investigation.
  166. I also certify that all information on my firearm permit, and on this background information sheet, is true and accurate, knowing that any falsified information could disqualify me from obtaining the permit.
  168. I also certify that the San Andreas County Sheriff's Office has the right to revoke my Personal Firearm Permit for any circumstance, with legal authority. If I fail to abide by state laws, or any regulations and protocols that are set out by the San Andreas County Sheriff's Office, I hereby consent to the revocation of my Personal Firearm Permit.
  170. (( I also certify that the San Andreas County Sheriff's Office has the right to revoke my Personal Firearm Permit with a valid Out of Character reason. ))
  172. I hereby release the San Andreas County Sheriff's Office and its employees from any and all liability arising from the above search for information. I have read and understood the statements under this declaration and authorize the Sheriff's to conduct an extensive background investigation.[/quote]
  173. [b]Signature:[/b]
  174. [b]Date:[/b][/legend]
  176. [legend=#8B4513| ((Section VII - Out of Character Information)) |]#FFFFF[b](7.1) RCRP Master Account Name:[/b] darkdraggy
  177. [b](7.2) RCRP Forum Name:[/b] darkdraggy
  179. [b](7.3) Account Names:[/b]
  180. [list][*]Ronald Woolard
  181. [*]Buffato Rivera
  182. [*]Vequain Bryant
  183. [*]BillyJoe McDronnet[/list]
  184. [b](7.4) Level 3+ Character (/stats):[/b]
  186. [spoiler=(7.4.1) Attachment][img][/img][/spoiler]
  187. [size=85]* Note that you must have atleast one other character that is level 3 before you apply.[/size]
  189. [b](7.5) Have you ever applied for a firearm permit before?:[/b] Yes / [b]No[/b]
  191. [b](7.5.1) If yes, what happened to your previous firearm permit?:[/b] N/A
  193. [b](7.6) Do you agree to the firearm permit protocols laid out in [url=]this[/url] thread:[/b]
  195. [b]Yes[/b] / No
  197. [b](7.7) Do you agree that the Weapon Licensing Unit Command Team, SACSO Command Staff, and SACSO Executive Staff reserve the revoke your firearm permit at any time, for any reason, whether it is IC or OOC?:[/b]
  199. [b]Yes[/b] / No[/legend]
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