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  1. Simple rules:
  2. #0 - <b><color=#8e00ff>No Hacking</color></b> - <i><color=green>Hackers will be immediately and permanently banned with no chance to appeal.</color></i>
  3. #1 - <b><color=#8e00ff>No cheating</color></b> - <i><color=green>Cheating or exploiting game mechanics in unintended ways is not allowed at any time.</color></i>
  4. #2 - <b><color=#8e00ff>No teaming</color></b> - <i><color=green>Allowed teams: MTF/Scientist/Guards may team. SCPs/Chaos may team. D-bois may team with anyone, unless it needlessly holds up the round.</color></i>
  5. #3 - <b><color=#8e00ff>No EarRape / Loud Screeching</color></b> - <i><color=green>Any overly loud sounds, noises, or screeching. Music/Soundboards of proper volume and content is allowed.</color></i>
  6. #4 - <b><color=#8e00ff>No Derogatory Language</color></b> - <i><color=green>Do not use any offensive slurs; this includes any that are against any race/sex/creed/religion/disability. This includes any parody of a disability. Repeat offenses will result in perma ban.</color></i>
  7. #5 - <b><color=#8e00ff>No Camping</color></b> - <i><color=green>Purposely holding up the round for advantage is forbidden, keep hiding down to two minutes; if you are an SCP do not force a human to hide within a room w/o plans of using 079 to open the door.</color></i>
  8. #6 - <b><color=#8e00ff>No Sexually Explicit or Gorey Songs/Memes/Soundboards over Mic</color></b> - <i><color=green>No audio that goes into graphic detail about sex or gore. Repeat offenses may result in perma ban.</color></i>
  9. #7 - <b><color=#8e00ff>No Harassment of Players</color></b> - <i><color=green>Purposely harmful intent directed toward another player or toxicity will not be tolerated. This includes being toxic behind someone's back. Repeat offenses may result in perma ban.</color></i>
  10. #8 - <b><color=#8e00ff>No Faction/Team Killing</color></b> - <i><color=green>Do not purposely kill faction mates against their wishes or charges of your faction regardless of method. Anyone caught doing this will be slain and their victim respawned if possible.</color></i>
  11. #9 - <b><color=#8e00ff>No Ghosting</color></b> - <i><color=green>Assisting living players in killing other players by using spectator and any communication method.
  12. </color></i>
  13. #10 - <b><color=#8e00ff>No Impersonation of Staff</color></b> - <i><color=green>No player may at any time pretend to be a staff member, be it pretending to be a specific staff member, or simply saying "I'm an admin", etc.
  14. </color></i>
  16. <color=#8e00ff><link=""> Join our Discord!</link> </color>
  18. <size=1>We use custom plugins to modify your gameplay
  19. Voice logs from the server are saved for a short period of time for analysis by speech-to-text software, and logs containing audio of undesirable words/phrases may be saved for an indefinite period of time as evidence for a ban.
  20. </size>
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