Samjan Legends

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  1. Djinn are said to be capricious spirits known for playing tricks on travelers through the desert. It is they who are responsible for false images of oases and the strange lights one might see at night. They're similar in form to Samjan, but slightly shorter and with blue skin. They wield a spear that is said to be able to pierce the soul and prevent it from reaching Pani's river and are often garbed in simple robes. They may grant wishes, but they'll always twist the request into something awful. Supposedly your people once worshiped them, but that was in a time even before the Hiacian Empire.
  3. Ghouls is a term used to refer to a specific type of vengeful dead. They rise from unconsecrated graveyards, granted strange powers by the forces that raise them. They retreat into the desert, often taking the forms of animals like hyenas or lions. They attempt to lure unwary travelers into the dunes so that they may slay and eat them, and may occasionally ambush the unwary.
  5. A buraq is a type of mythical horse with the head of a man and strange powers. It's said that in an instant it may reach any point within its line of sight, as far as the distant horizon. It will allow those of particular virtue to ride it, but none have been seen since the Thousand Year Emperor rode upon one's back to deliver a message to his general that an enemy host was coming through the pass, leading to a massive victory for the Hiacian against the Rhynian Empire. Personally, you doubt this story's authenticity. There are a million and one stories about the miracles performed by the Thousand Year Emperor.
  7. There is a legend among your people of a Royal Guard who was accused of killing the Shah, though the accusations were false. He was banished, and a massive bounty placed on his head. Instead of trying to escape into the desert, the jungle, or the North he concealed his identity and snuck back into town. He spent years hiding who he was, infiltrating the new Shah's household.
  9. He bided his time, waiting for the moment when he would reveal himself as the innocent man he was. He was a chef, a laborer, a butler, and a janitor. Never did anyone discover his identity and never did he reveal his face. Finally his opportunity for redemption presented itself when the same men who assassinated the previous Shah came for the current as well. The Royal Guard leaped in front of his young sovereign and took an arrow in the chest. Then, wounded, he proceeded to fight and kill the majority of the conspirators. Unfortunately, his wounds were grievous and he was like to expire before healers could make it into the throne room. The Shah, in his infinite mercy, absolved the man of any crime and allowed the guard who saved his life to die an honorable man.
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