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Matsuri X Roberu

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Jun 7th, 2020
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  1. As the sun fell outside the Hololive studio, Matsuri Natsuiro bowed to her co-workers. Their offline collab had gone well. Fubuki had been hesitant at first, not wanting to stir up the ire of their おたく followers, but Matsuri had swayed her and according to management, the response had been great.
  2. Her vision tilted slightly from the alcohol as she straightened her back from her bow and she caught Rikka smiling at her. It wasn't the first time he'd met her eyes that day, but she was glad that it would be the last as she turned away and headed down the hall with Fubuki.
  3. "待って!" Rikka called after them.
  4. "は?" Matsuri made the solitary sound as she turned to look at him. He backed down.
  5. "あ..なんでもない," he muttered quietly.
  6. Matsuri and Fubuki walked further down the hall and when they reached the door, Fubuki slid it open with a soft よいしょ. When they were out of earshot, Fubuki said under her breath "Matsuri-chan, you need to be more considerate of Rikkas feelings. It's clear that he likes you."
  7. "I don't care how he feels; Hoshikawa is the one for me." Matsuri said with conviction. They reached the elevator and Fubuki pressed one of the buttons with a soft よいしょ.
  8. "Matte!" This time it was Roberu who called out to them from a distance, waving his arm. "Matsuri-san, A-chan says she needs to talk to you."
  9. "Eh? A-chan?" Matsuri said under her breath.
  10. "やばっ!" Fubuki said as the elevator opened. "あばよ" She stepped into the elevator with a soft よいしょ and pressed one of the buttons with a soft よいしょ. Fubuki let out a soft よいしょ as the elevator doors closed, and Matsuri was alone.
  11. Through the stupor of alcohol, Matsuri grew nervous. "What does she want?" She asked Roberu as she backtracked down the hall, towards him.
  12. "I'm not sure. She said she's waiting for you in her office."
  13. Her office was a few doors down, but when she slid the door open, it was dark inside. "Eh?"
  14. A hand went over her mouth and Matsuri found herself being enveloped from behind.
  15. "Shh," Roberu whispered into her ear as he lifted her off the ground and walked forward a few steps. "Calm down."
  16. She wriggled free from his arms and backed further into the room. "Stop! Fubuki! Rikka!"
  17. "Hush! I'm not going to do anything to you, I just wanted to talk."
  18. Despite herself, Matsuri tried to think clearly. Roberu had never seemed to be a bad person, so it was possible this was just a misunderstanding. "About what? If Rikka put you up to this, tell him I'm not interested."
  19. Roberu took a step closer through the darkness. "No. And don't say his name again. This is about me. And you."
  20. "んー何? 何を言っている?" Matsuri stuttered, convincing herself it was from the frightening situation. The darkness hid her red face from being visible.
  21. "Matsuri-senpai, you never noticed me. All you ever talk about is Hoshikawa this, Hoshikawa that. You don't see that there are other people around you that care about you more than she does."
  22. "I don't need other people to care about me. I only want Hoshikawa," she snapped stubbornly. "Am I free to go?"
  23. "No. I'm going to make you understand what it feels like to have someone who loves you." Roberu took a step forward, a surprising amount of passion in his voice. "I take pride in what I do. You could call me The Pride of Holostars."
  24. Matsuri swallowed hard. She couldn't tell if she was mocking Helga Gurlukovich, her friend that went by the name Suisei, or if he was being sincere. "I-I'm not interested in men." She lied.
  25. "We both know that's not true," he said. Another step brought him close enough that she could feel his breath blowing hairs across her head. "150cm and 40kg," he said in a whisper, bringing his face closer. "IMAGINE."
  26. She tried to push him away, but he caught her arms and held her in place. "話して!" she cried out, struggling in his grasp. "話して!"
  27. "Hoshikawa doesn't love you," Roberu said sternly. "She doesn't love you, Matsuri-senpai!"
  28. "違う!"
  29. "She doesn't love you, but I do!"
  30. Matsuri stopped her struggling for a heartbeat and looked up into his eyes. He wasn't smiling, he returned the serious look on her face. "No. No you don't."
  31. "I do! Why don't you think I do?"
  32. "だって," she began, feeling her throat constrict. "Because nobody can. I'm annoying and I'm clingy. I eat too much and I care too much about what other people think."
  33. "But those are the parts of you that I love," Roberu said, loosening her grip. He instead rested his hands on her shoulders. She couldn't look up, couldn't meet his eyes. "I'm not lying to you. Please, give me a chance. Let me prove my feelings to you, Matsuri-senpai."
  34. "R-Roberu-kun."
  35. "M-matsuri-senpai..."
  36. "R-roberu-kun...!"
  37. "M-Matsuri-senpai...!"
  38. He reached out his arms and held her to his large barrel-chest. They fucked and Roberu walked all around the Hololive studio, looking for things to fuck her on. When he came, he yelled YYYYEEEEEEAAAAAAAH, and the sound echoed throughout the studios. When Matsuri woke up the next morning, she found she had been turned into a straight girl. She donated all of her Hoshikawa merch to Kanata to sell - because she was always begging her for things - and moved in with Roberu. Rikka killed himself two weeks later, and a month later Hoshikawa was 異世界'd but NIJISANJI was incompetent and didn't know how to handle the situation so they just ignored it and all of her fans only have narratives to go on.
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