A walk in the woods

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  1. No one really goes to the forest behind the village. The kids are kept away by stories of monsters and skeletons who feed on disobedient children, and the adults are kept away by the number of people who have disappeared inside. The only visitors the forest gets are those who are both old enough to be curious and young enough to not know better. Generally the sort of people who find their way into the forest are either trying to prove themselves on a dare or occasionally a recluse for lovers who's parents frowned upon them meeting.
  3. Whatever reason you had for coming here in the first place gradually seems poorer and poorer as time goes on. For one its late in the fall and its so cold you cant feel your toes anymore. Secondly its the middle of the night, with makes the after mentioned numb toe problem that much worse as well as the goal of getting home that much harder. Your nerves are getting worse as you trudge through the forest. You're not sure if its because of how spooky the forest can look at night, not that you're scared or anything, or the very slow sinking feeling that you aren't sure which way you're going.
  5. For what has likely been the past 40 minutes the only sounds you've heard are the crunching of your boots on the ground. For a moment you think you hear the sound of a second pair of footsteps. You freeze and wait to listen...but the forest is silent again. Well okay so maybe you're starting to get a little bit afraid, but you're probably just hearing things. You've been out here too long. You continue your walk for a few minutes before you hear the footsteps again, just a tad closer this time. A cold sweat runs down your face as you consider the possibility. On the one hand maybe its someone else who got lost in the woods? But then again, they probably would have said something at this point. Just as it occurs to you to maybe try calling out you hear hear a howl. Its incredibly load and terribly close. More than just a little afraid now. You break into a dead sprint, praying to whatever gods happen to be listening that its some animal that will get tired when it figures out it doesn't have an easy meal.
  7. These hopes are crushed when you feel a large weight slamming in to your back .A very large weight at that. An oddly human shaped weight. A....squishy weight? Okay now things are getting a bit weird, but before you can spend any more time wondering what the hell just tackled you you're flipped rather roughly over onto your back and get a full view of whatever is probably going to eat you.
  9. What you find is undoubtedly the largest woman you have ever meet. If she was standing, seeing as she is currently squatting with you between her legs, you would guess she would be between seven and a half to eight feet tall. Well you say women, but that's before taking into account the pitch black skin, perky dog ears, paws, and a rather uncomfortable set of teeth. You can only barely resist making a red riding hood joke her, thinking its best to not make her angry. The blood swiftly flowing to your lowly body also helps inform you that she doesn't appear to be wearing much of anything at all, and she as a chest to match her size. In fact, despite looking like some beastwoman straight out of a cautionary tale told to children nearly every part of her seems oddly alluring. Her skin is unnaturally smooth and catches the moonlight in a fascinating way and every part of her frame, from the curve of her hips the her slender stomach to her bust seems flawless. Oh god this certainly doesn't help your racing heart at all.
  11. After a few moments the thing finally catches it's breath from its little sprint and talks.
  13. "Hey anon!"
  15. Well this only raises more questions, but seeing as how it can talk you decide to start with the obvious ones.
  17. "H-how do you know my name" You struggle to get the words out as she has the majority of her weight on your chest right now. Try as you might you can't help but notice her skin is alot softer than her appearance would imply
  19. "Well of course i know your name, your my husband after all"
  21. Wait a minute, what?
  23. "Wait a minute what?"
  25. Her face breaks into one of the toothiest smirks you have ever seen. "Aw whats wrong, you never got the birds and the bees? Well that's fine, only makes this part all the more interesting"
  27. "No no no, I get that part" You object, a hint of panic creeping into your voice, which only makes her grin wider "its the me part I don't get, we've never met before"
  29. "Oh don't sweat the small stuff"
  31. "HOW IS THAT THE SMALL STUFF" Whatever doubtlessly well thought out objections you had next where interrupted when the woman on top of you accomplished the startling feat of gripping your shirt in one hand, your pants in the other and removing both with a single tug of the arms. You'd expect it to be cold in only your underwear but she's surprisingly warm.
  33. The panic gripping in your chest slowly devolves into plain awkward embarrassment as you realize how painfully silent it is. It doesn't help that she's not moving just sitting there staring at your crotch. You wonder whether you should be running or preparing the story of how you lost your virginity to a demon dog in the woods to your friends. Your plans are interrupted when her ears perk up and she finally moves, wordlessly placing a single claw under the hem of your underpants and pulling them down. You begin to protest, and then protest even louder as you see that mouth full of sharp teeth moving towards your dick. Your protests end entirely when the one engulfs the other.
  35. Its hot. Its ungodly hot. You feel like it should be painful but it isn't, the air is cold and dry and the contrast between the warm and smooth inside of her mouth sends your nerves into shock for a second. Every muscle in your body tenses and you arch your back pushing yourself farther into her mouth. This only causes her to grin. She holds for a moment with you struggling to catch your breath before she begins to move. Her lips pressed up against your stomach she slowly pulls back, until only your head is let pressed between her lips. She holds this position for the briefest of moments, giving the appearance of kissing you on the tip, before firmly pushing her way back to the base again. The alternating pushing and pulling as she moves up and down, as well as the heat of her mouth and the cool of the air contrast and mix into an indescribable sensation. One by one your tensed muscles relax until you're slumped on your back hoping this never ends.
  37. You hear an abrupt popping sound as your dick is freed from her mouth. "See now that wasn't so bad was it?" You'd probably give her some snarky response if you weren't afraid you'd moan the moment you opened your mouth. She reposition's herself, climbing so that she's squatting with your dick aimed firmly towards her pussy(Get it? because she's a dog?) You feel a single drop of warm liquid trailing down your shaft and look up to see an unmistakable blush marking her face.
  39. This is bad. "H-hey just give me a second to catch my breath okay?"
  41. "Oh come on you wuss we haven't even gotten to the good part" You can hear the grin in her voice without even looking at this point.
  43. "That's not the problem, I ha-" For the second time in what has had to be under an hour you catch yourself mid sentence devolving into a gasp of pleasure.
  45. "Sorry what was that?" Her grin has been growing with nearly every event that took place tonight, you wonder how her jaw isn't tired yet. She hasn't moved yet but your situation hasn't improved. The heat that built within you when she was using her mouth is building now. You can feel it mounting and pushing itself upwards. You attempt to make some vague warning but you swiftly realize she is quite aware of the state your in. In a display of unnatural control she clenches herself incredibly tightly around your base. "Oh come on, don't tell me you're already gonna blow your load dude." You attempt to tell her its mostly her fault after her little tease session but it mostly comes out as a moan. She just snickers at this. "That's fine, I know I can be a bit much to handle." Shes puffing her chest up as she boasts. She stays silent for a bit, panting now and waiting for you to catch your breath.
  47. "Ready for more?" she finally asks.
  49. You elect merely to glare at her, more aroused than you care to admit and yet unwilling to give her the satisfaction of admitting that fact.
  51. The familiar wolfish grin reappears on her face, joined by what you can only assume a blush looks like on a pitch black face. "Well if you say it like that how can I say no" You have just enough time to brace yourself before she begins to furiously bounce herself up and down your dick. The heat and wetness is similar to her mouth, however instead of a tongue coiling around your shaft the entire inside of her walls compress and release as she moves up and down it's an entirely different sensation yet just as incredible. Every few moments she'll pause abruptly around your base and clench it, leaving you practically thrashing as you are denied release. Her entire body jiggles in time with her movements, and you can see compact muscles flexing beneath her skin. You can only dimly recognize the fact that her tail gives a shake every time a moan manages to sneak past your lips.
  53. This process continues for what feels like hours but is probably much shorter in reality. Some part of your pleasure ridden mind recognizes that the span between her squeeze's is getting shorter and shorter, a sign you take to mean that she's getting as close to the edge as you are. She wraps her arms around you and pulls you off your back squeezing you against herself. You assume shes just trying to get closer to you but mostly just succeeds in putting your head in her chest. Her entire body tenses up and with one final thrust she lets out another booming howl. Her insides squeeze up and down in a seemingly involuntary pattern which finally drives you over the edge. Your head goes blank as the climax that had been building for god knows how long now finally releases.
  55. You both collapse next to each other and you somehow avoid being trapped underneath her weight. You sit there panting and consider running but your mind makes the decision for you as you realize you are far to tired for another sprint. You drift to sleep.
  57. ----------------------------
  59. The sound of a single bird chirping is the first thing to rouse you. You yawn and stretch, or rather you try to. The yawn is stopped by the scream of soreness from your chest, and the stretch by the large pair of furry arms locking you in place. The wolf girl seems to have forgot to let go of you in her sleep. This troubles you at first before you remember how cold it is outside and how warm her body is. The fact that her chest is pressed firmly against her back and moves just slightly with every breath also helps. After a few moments you hear her stirring  and she finally wakes as well.
  61. "Good morning husband" She says well snuggling closer to you. That word makes your heart do flips in your stomach.
  63. "Good morning..." Your train of thought comes to a halt as you realize you don't actually know her name.
  65. She seems to pick up on your pause, as well as the source of it "It's rina." You raise your eyebrows at this. "Yeah I know its a bit girly but I didn't pick it."
  67. "Well then Rina, what exactly do you plan on doing now?"
  69. "Well since we're married and all" You decide against correcting her" we're supposed to live together now."
  71. "I'm afraid the town would have a bit of a fit. And by that I mean they would try and kill you and likely me as well."
  73. She ponders this problem for a moment, ears twitching in irritation before finally coming to a solution "Well ill just have to beat them all up then!" She stands and flexes for a moment, but returns when she sees you shivering.
  75. "I'm afraid that isn't going to work either, all my friends live there."
  77. "Well then you're just going to have to come visit me here!"
  79. It's your turn to start thinking. You doubt, no you know, she's not the sort of person to take no for an answer. Letting her run wild in the town would be disastrous. The alternative on the other hand...It's not like the night had been unpleasant, and she doesn't seem that malicious when you get a look at her in the daylight.
  81. And from that day the forest had it's first regular visitor.
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