Kassaz - A nice day (WIP)

Mar 28th, 2015
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  4. >The sun shines brightly and directly into your eyes.
  5. >Your eyelids fall to the luminous onslaught and you get up to amend this.
  6. >After you close the blinds, you turn around to see your sweetheart still asleep.
  7. >Neither of you have any obligations today, so you decide to get back in bed and spoon her.
  8. >Ponies already made good cuddlers, but of course it will always be better with her.
  9. >They were always so warm, but she was practically on fire since getting pregnant.
  10. >Her wide midsection held the product of your love for each other and it felt so good to look at every day.
  11. >It was also the warmest spot between you two. You hope she wouldn't mind your warming your cold fingers there.
  12. >You're not trying to wake her, but you can't help but run your fingers along her back before tracing them to rest on the side of her womb.
  13. >So far, so good. She's still snoozing quietly.
  14. >You press yourself a little more tightly against her.
  15. >With the differences in body size and shape, your hips rest at the base of her tail. You've always liked that.
  16. >Her head's under your chin and you start to close your eyes and rest again.
  17. >Your foal has other plans.
  18. >Your hands must have been colder than you thought, since your foal was trying with all of its little might to kick them away.
  19. >Your lover groans and cranes her neck to see what's going on, rubbing the sleep out of her eyes with her forehoof.
  20. >Well, you managed to warm your hands. The foal doesn't seem as irritated with you so long as you give it some rubbing.
  21. >You kiss her on the cheek and tell her to go back to sleep. The foal's calming down.
  22. >You're very glad the foal does.
  23. >She hadn't really woken up to begin with and soon you can't even tell that she had woken up at all.
  24. >Everything worked out well enough.
  25. >Now it's your turn to go to sleep and wonder how you got so lucky.
  27. >You wake up for the second time that day to find your lover still sound asleep in your arms.
  28. >For a short while, you watch your arm rise and fall with her belly as she breathes.
  29. >It feels great to just continue being there with her under the covers.
  30. >Still, you're beginning to feel hunger set in, so you know she will too.
  31. >You gently slide out of the bed and put on some pajamas to walk around in.
  32. >Stretching as you walk around, you get to the fridge and start cooking breakfast for your family.
  33. >Biscuits, hasbrowns, and omelots are what's for breakfast.
  34. >Get fucked cereal.
  35. >It sizzles, fizzles, and pops while sending its scent throughout the house.
  36. >Once it's done, with the stove off and the table set, you go to wake your gravid little pony.
  37. >You sit on her side at the foot of the bed and gently let her know that breakfast is ready.
  38. >She just groans and swats your hand away.
  39. >Well, you don't want it to get cold.
  40. >You grin as you lean in and peel the covers off quickly enough to prevent her from stopping you.
  41. >She groans and rubs her eyes, demanding to know what's so important that you should wake her like that.
  42. >Her little face is srunched at you and it's so adorable.
  43. >You keep that grin on your face and tell her you made breakfast.
  44. >She's visibly less scrunched with that news, but still looks a little upset.
  45. >Her belly's impeded her movement for the last few weeks and she can't get out of the bed without your help right now.
  46. >You've never minded helping her with these things. You like her dependence on you.
  47. >It feels great to help your sweetheart when she needs it.
  48. >You pour her some orange juice and you some coffee before sitting down and enjoying a family meal.
  49. >She dumps an entire bottle of hot sauce on her food before eating.
  50. >This has been a nice morning. You should really think of something to do with the rest of the day.
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