I need your help to get to NASA

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  1. Here’s the situation: I can go to NASA, but my parents will beat my ass if I withdraw from my bank account. The reasons for this are complicated, but it boils down to the fact that my parents are retroactively making me pay for part of my college expenditures (mostly food and gas) and they’re only accepting cash because they’re known lunatics. Outside of my bank account with around 1k in it that they are watching like a hawk and not letting me withdraw from, I have $100 to my name; going to NASA is going to cost me at least $300 but I’d like to play it safe and have at least $400 in case something happens. I can (though I would prefer not to) sell some of my games to my local game store to cover some of $300 I need, but considering I don’t have my full collection with me at college the most I could get from what I have in the time before NASA is $100. That leaves me $200 ($300) short.
  3. I need your help to get me there.
  5. Now I’ve always hated donations, but what I’m asking for isn’t donations. What I am proposing is a series of loans by several people with 20% interest due back to lenders by the end of September 2016.
  7. I’m not going to claim to be the most fiscally responsible person because I’m not. I’ve spent a good portion of my paychecks from my job on stupid shit (an XBONE Elite controller that broke in a month, video games, etc.) but to add to the 1k in my bank account that my parents are likely going to siphon dry, I work over the summer and am going to make 3k between my jobs as a pizza delivery driver and warehouse associate.
  9. Rough Costs:
  10. NASA hotel  $240
  11. Extra stay at my dorm before NASA   $80
  12. Food    $80
  14. So sometime before college lets out (as in within 2 weeks’ time), I will be doing a lengthy marathon of all the games I can (speedgames, casual games, request games, whatever games) to raise awareness and funds.
  16. Let me make this crystal clear: none of the $300 I will be raising is going to a charity. It will all be going to my PayPal to be spent for NASA, a for-fun marathon that will not be taking donations. If you decide, you will be helping to pay for my vacation. In return, in a few months’ time you will be getting 120% of the money you put in back.
  18. My PayPal is
  20. Thank you for reading this.
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