Senna/Nick DBR Tier S and Signature Skill Notes

Blue_XIII Aug 15th, 2018 (edited) 24 Never
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  1. - Sage Expand is 4.14x Str/End and 1.2x hit/dodge factoring BP. Sage Focus is trash as shit by comparison. It's like 3x Force/Res(factoring BP,) with str/end cuts.
  3. - Burning Shot is 3x all stats, 1.25x BP, 90 seconds damageless, after 90 seconds it shuts off and gives you 20% burn.
  5. - Limit Break is 2x Base and not 2x RPP like older versions. No safety window. Utterly random KO timer. Can KO you instantly or go on for ages.
  7. - Every level of gates gives 5% more wounds at each level, and also increasing health drain. You drain .1 health for each gate, so Gate 5 is .5 health drain a tick. Gate 1 is 1.75x BP, 1.75x Strength. Gate 2 Heals. gay (Negro y Azul) Gate 3 is 2.25x Str/BP, 1.75x Speed. Gate 5 is 2.5x Str/BP and 2x Speed. Gate 6 is 3x BP/Str and 2.5x Speed. Gate 7 is 4x BP/Str, 3x Speed.
  9. - Mystic is the exact damn same as 2014, same as Majin.
  11. - You set someone's Kaioken mastery and they cannot go above that. Kaioken has health drain and gives wounds. It gives BP and nothing else. It seems very poor.
  13. - Sharingan gives Sense and auto-anger. Tomoe 1 is 1.3x off/def, 1.5x BP. Tomoe 2 is 1.2x Speed, 1.6x Off/Def, 1.5x BP. Tomoe 3 is 1.75x off/def, 1.2x speed, and appears to give +50% anger on top of the auto-anger. Mangekyo Sharingan is 2.5x BP, 2.5x off/def, 2x Speed, 1.75x str/force. Susano'o Requires Mangekyo Sharingan to be active, and gives Str/End/Res while gutting defense. Susano'o does not evolve, but has Luna's pretty icon and particle effects.
  15. - Stands have random stats and scale infinitely. 1.4 Stats to two stats at the first level. No BP, add, anger, anything.
  17. - Ansatsuken is the version with Ansatsuken stance and not the passive stat increases. It is also pretty fucking bad.
  19. - Weapon Soul is a slotted buff and not a special buff. Tier 1 is 1.25x Str, 1.5x BP, 1.25x Off, 1x Def.
  21. - Kamui is 1.25x all stats besides Force/Res and 1.5x BP at Tier 1. Spiral is 1.5x BP at tier 1. Early Kamui has noticeable health drain. It goes down each level. Kamui Tier 2 is 1.35x.
  23. (Admin) Negro y Azul(the gay) EDITED SexyMod to 3 on Negro y Azul(the gay) from 2.
  24. You learn to perfectly synchronize with your Kamui, lending you incredible energy!
  26. Kamui Tier 3 stats. 1.25x Speed. 1.75x BP. Assuming there's something I didn't tier up, tbh. edit: you need to edit the users lifefiber variable too and this shit goes full blown broken baby fucking retard holy shit it's so broken
  28. - Spiral Limitless is 5x BP no passives. It's really, really, really awful. It's about as good as...Sharingan Tomoe 3. lol. Earlier levels are even more pitiful, to the point of not being worth mentioning.
  30. - Trance Form is a free 3x BP expires and goes on cooldown but what? lol
  32. - King of Braves Spikes up from 1.25x BP and 1.1x in the relevant stats to 2.05x BP and 1.25x relevant stats at. That's T1 to T2. T2 to T3 is 2.75x BP and 1.375x relevant stats + 1.1x non-relevant ones, can also use braveheart and broken phantom and protect shade.
  34. - Spirit Energy at it's max is 1.75x stats on 1.2x stats on 1.5/1.5/1.45x stats.
  36. - Weapon Soul gives Dual and Tri-Wield which give massive, slotless speed boosts. 1.5x and 2.5x respectively. don't know numbers yet waiting on nick because tiering it up requires you to edit 3 vars lol
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