Anonymous Ukraine hacked correspondence of Kolomoyskiy

IvanGeshko Apr 28th, 2014 50,572 Never
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  1.         We, Anonymous Ukraine, hacked correspondence of the famous oligarch, gangster and racketeer Igor Kolomoyskiy. In this correspondence he addresses in a familiar way to the prosecutor of Lviv and hints at a powerful plot of the security agencies and power structures and breakdown of the elections in May.
  2.         Among persons involved in the plot – Military Representative to NATO General Petrenko to which former Minister of Defence addresses explicitly with an interesting proposal.
  3.         Following Tenyuh's "advice" we became familiar with correspondence of widely famous persons apparently planning a military coup in the country with the US consent.
  8.         The traitors in Kiev devour themselves but why should people suffer for? They impertinently make them duped and exploit wishing to please American masters.
  9.         This is the time to have done with the sovereigns in Kiev and to discourage them from tormenting Ukraine for the sake of their political ambitions satisfaction!
  12.                                                         We Are Anonymous Ukraine.
  13.                                                           We Are The Legion.
  14.                                                           We Do Not Forgive.
  15.                                                           We Do Not Forget.
  16.                                                              Expect Us.
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