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Sequoia Session 8

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  1. [19:34:05 ][@Doxy] Alright! Last time, you were eating tacos and talking to Watcher Lenny. You rest up a bit and get your land-legs back, and then it's time to ACT. What doin', team?
  2. [19:36:36 ]* Dann- directs a question at Lenny.
  3. [19:36:52 ][Dann-] "Where was the fight with the Bellossom?"
  4. [19:38:06 ]* Lucian goes to the library or whatever archive the Watcher's keep with regards to local Pokemon movement and catalogs of local flora, cross-referencing them with the plant data sent from the labs. Once he's isolated the general location of the plant and has information on where it tends to grow, he informs the team and gets ready to set out in search of it.
  5. [19:38:24 ][zoofdude] "It occured in the forest by Hollyhock, over by the Big Toe."
  6. [19:38:30 ][Lucian] I think you said it's used by the bootleggers for some strains of their alcohol?
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  8. [19:40:25 ][Dann-] "Can you show us where that is when we head out? I think it would be good place to start our search." Dann pauses to consider any other questions. "Was there any post-mortem information acquired from the Bellossom?"
  9. [19:40:29 ][zoofdude] "The Big Toe's a pretty well knock rock formation outside of town that, looks like, well, a toe."
  10. [19:41:34 ][zoofdude] "Well, shucks, I'm no doctor, so not much I could say on that personally - the folks at the Pokecenter or back at your home lab might have more to offer."
  11. [19:41:47 ][Adrienne] "Are there any local experts on the plants in those vernal pools?"
  12. [19:42:28 ][Dann-] "Good point. Did any of us ask Blintz about any autopsy reports from the Bellossom?"
  13. [19:42:54 ][Lucian] "I asked her for data concerning
  14. [19:42:55 ]* Tupac has quit (Ping timeout: 240 seconds)
  15. [19:43:43 ][Lucian] the plant matter found in the Quagsire's stomach as well as whatever her reports had to say about Bellossom attack."
  16. [19:44:04 ][zoofdude] "Well, yes, bad news is she's the missin' person at the moment.  Ol' Grandma Lou."
  17. [19:45:25 ][Lucian] "Grandma Lou?"
  18. [19:46:43 ]* Adrienne sighs. "Oh well. We can work around that, probably."
  19. [19:46:52 ][zoofdude] It takes Lenny a second to realize you don't know who she is.  "Hrm, guess folks from out of town, specially those your age, might not know of her that well.  She actually used to travel with your boss, back in their youth.  She's a bit of a public figure around these parts due to her public activism and blogging."
  20. [19:47:32 ][zoofdude] "She's been missin' for the better half of a week and its got a lot of the backwater population on the fritz."
  21. [19:47:48 ][Lucian] "Should we be worried or does she have a habit of disappearing at a moment's notice?"
  22. [19:47:56 ][Dann-] "That's unnerving. Maybe our investigation can turn up some clues about her whereabouts too. Are there any of these vernal pools near Big Toe?"
  23. [19:49:16 ][zoofdude] "In this case? Probably more worried.  We were going to ask ya'll and Professor Grit's aides to help with the search at some point in your stay here."
  24. [19:50:02 ][zoofdude] "Oh course there are, they aren't exactly uncommon out here."
  25. [19:50:15 ]* Lucian hums, "Why don't we do that now?"
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  27. [19:50:56 ][Adrienne] "I had that idea. Won't hurt to help since we're here anyways, and she'll probably be able to help."
  28. [19:50:58 ][Lucian] "We need to investigate the area anyway and I don't think we'll make as much headway without something to guide our search as it stands. Finding her would tie in neatly with our objectives would it now?"
  29. [19:51:10 ][Lucian] would it not*
  30. [19:51:32 ][Dann-] "Indeed. Shall we head to the Big Toe then?"
  31. [19:51:57 ][Dann-] "Unless there are more details to give us surrounding her disappearance."
  32. [19:52:30 ][Lucian] "Yes, where was she last seen, her typical haunts, people who might have spoken to her last, etc."
  33. [19:55:17 ][zoofdude] "Well, she doesn't actually live in Hollyhock - she lives in one of the more rural towns out in the reserve.  Missed a breakfast apointment with one of her neighbors and they soon realized she wasn't home, and plenty saw her the night before. Like I said, about a week ago."
  34. [19:55:55 ][zoofdude] "I could show ya on a map or give ya directions, but its a more involved hike than ya'll probably expecting."
  35. [19:56:07 ][zoofdude] "Things aren't as nice and compact out here as they are in other cities in the Region."
  36. [19:56:50 ]* Lucian shrugs, "Can't say I'm excited to push through wilderness but this /is/ part of my job now and we're going to be doing much the same once we track down those vernal pools."
  37. [19:57:15 ][Lucian] "You might as well tell us so we can plan for the occasion."
  38. [19:57:26 ][zoofdude] "As for the Big Toe, its on the way back to Hollyhock and my tower anyway.  So when you all are ready we could head that way."
  39. [19:59:22 ][Dann-] "I say we head out. We can discuss the route to Grandma Lou's place on the way."
  40. [20:00:39 ][zoofdude] "Okilly Dokilly - I'll be ready when ya'll are, and we appreciate the help with all this!"  Lenny leaves the tent to get his ducks in a row while you guys wrap up lunch.
  41. [20:02:02 ]* Dann- takes his Pokemon out one by one to make sure they've all had a bit to eat from the taco bar.
  42. [20:02:42 ][@Doxy] Professor Grit approaches you after you've had a chance to talk to Lenny. "Had a chance to talk to the watcher then, eh? Bit of an odd ducklett, that one, don't ya think? In any case, if you lot are heading to back to town, I reckon you wouldn't mind doing me a favor, isn't that right?"
  43. [20:03:22 ][Adrienne] "What's the favor?"
  44. [20:03:24 ]* Dann- cocks an eyebrow and grins slighty, "What did you have in mind?"
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  46. [20:04:51 ][@Doxy] "I don't think it ought to be out of your way much, eh? I'd just appreciate it if you delivered this package to Marion van der Klein, if you could? He's the Hollyhock City Gym Leader, dontchaknow, he ought to be pretty busy to find, even if he is busy with the Raltselfest business, eh?"
  47. [20:04:56 ][Lucian] "It could be arranged, supposing your request is something within our means."
  48. [20:05:25 ][@Doxy] He produces a small cardboard box, shut tightly with tape.
  49. [20:05:52 ][Lucian] "Well, we have our own mission at the moment but I don't see why we couldn't try to get it delivered while we're in town."
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  52. [20:06:10 ][Lucian] "Supposing we aren't able to get a hold of him, should we send the package back to you?"
  53. [20:06:55 ][Adrienne] "Sure. Delivering a package isn't really hard."
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  55. [20:07:26 ][@Doxy] "Thank you, young lady," he says, handing the package to Adrienne and ignoring Lucian's question.
  56. [20:07:29 ]* Meta is now known as Percival
  57. [20:09:03 ]* Meta (~Metaknigh@6F7D14F2.17CAE2B3.55236D7B.IP) has joined #SleeplessInSequoia
  58. [20:09:28 ]* Lucian rolls his eyes, "Is that all?"
  59. [20:10:59 ]* Adrienne stows the package away and finishes her meal. "I'm not about to get pulled into a prank war, right?"
  60. [20:12:12 ][@Doxy] Professor Grit takes Lucian's plate of tacos out of his hands, looking at Adrienne. "No, it's just... ah, we'll know what to do with it. He'll be handing the package back to you, so wait for him to be ready to do that, alright?"
  61. [20:12:35 ]* Percival has quit (Ping timeout: 240 seconds)
  62. [20:12:38 ][Lucian] "Gosh, this doesn't seem like a set-up for something at all."
  63. [20:14:49 ][Meta] "I can only hope the package is something good. Especially not something that puts them in an awful mood."
  64. [20:15:00 ]* Meta is now known as Percival
  65. [20:15:23 ]* Adrienne shrugs. "It does sound suspicious, but we'll see when we get there I guess."
  66. [20:15:30 ][@Doxy] "I didn't realize Professor Benedict had taken to employing whiners, tsk. You're sure making a lot of a simple favor that likely own't take you out of your way, after I've received you here in my camp."
  67. [20:17:07 ]* Dann- walks over after checking on his Pokemon. "All right, let's get going."
  68. [20:17:24 ]* Lucian cocks his head and grins, "And I didn't take you for an old man who doesn't take well to questions being asked but that's neither nor there."
  69. [20:17:28 ][Lucian] neither here*
  70. [20:19:30 ][@Doxy] Dr. Grits snatches the package back out Adrienne's hands. "If it's too much for you to handle gracefully, by all means simply decline. You're welcome to be leaving now."
  71. [20:20:53 ]* Lucian looks at Adrienne and shrugs, "Your call."
  72. [20:21:01 ]* Dann- looks back and forth between his comrades and the Professor. "Uh, did I miss something?"
  73. [20:21:56 ][@Doxy] "I do believe I've made it. Better leave now."
  74. [20:22:12 ]* Adrienne blinks at the reversal. "Found out Lucian likes antagonizing people, I guess."
  75. [20:22:52 ]* superblazed is now known as Tupac
  76. [20:23:38 ][Lucian] "I asked what we should do if we couldn't get a hold of the Gym Leader. He was put off by me not immediately accepting."
  77. [20:24:14 ][Lucian] "And I guess I gave him a little more lip than he pleased."
  78. [20:24:59 ][Lucian] "Anyway, I should get going. I'm not going to apologize for wanting to ask a few questions."
  79. [20:25:15 ][Dann-] "Um, all right." Dann scratches his head and turns to Prof. Grit. "Well, thank you for the refreshments Professor. It was a welcome break after the trip."
  80. [20:26:06 ][Percival] "Thanks for the lunch sir, we probably should head on our way to investigate now. It was nice seeing you."
  81. [20:26:42 ][Adrienne] "Yeah, we should get going."
  82. [20:26:44 ][@Doxy] "Good to see his new hires are not entirely devoid of manners. My pleasure. Now, I have research to attend to."
  83. [20:26:57 ][@Doxy] Grit heads out of the main tent, heading towards one of the smaller tents in the camp.
  84. [20:28:31 ]* Dann- waits until he is sure Grit is out of earshot before turning to Lucian. "Well, I'll admit, I missed the start of that, but if a couple questions got him that riled up, I think you may have been right to ask them. Seems a might suspicious."
  85. [20:29:06 ][Dann-] *mite
  86. [20:31:13 ][@Doxy] ANYWAY... what doin', gang?
  87. [20:31:50 ][Dann-] "Let's catch up with Lenny and head to the Big Toe, I guess? We can start our search there, or continue on to the town if we don't find much."
  88. [20:32:01 ][Lucian] "Lead the way."
  89. [20:32:25 ]* Dann- searches for Lenny and informs him that the party is ready to depart.
  90. [20:33:40 ][zoofdude] Lenny's waiting on the outskirts of camp, looking over some of the bigger machines that are laying around outside.  When you guys show up he starts leading you along toward Hollyhock and the Big Toe.  He also exchanges contact information with you and starts describing how you'd get to Grandma Lou's
  91. [20:33:52 ][zoofdude] Its worth noting he tells directions in the woods by a series of landmarks
  92. [20:35:33 ][@Doxy] BIG TOE and GRAMMA LOU'S have been added to your Quest Map!
  93. [20:37:12 ][Lucian] "So, poke around Big Toe before we head out toward Grandma Lou's or should I head back into town inbetween those two tasks?"
  94. [20:38:18 ][Percival] "I don't see why we shouldn't poke around town between those two points."
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  96. [20:39:12 ][zoofdude] "Well, I wouldn't recommend just gunnin' right for Grandma Lou's, that's a several day trip."
  97. [20:39:28 ][zoofdude] "You might wanna stop by Hollyhock to catch your bearings first."
  98. [20:40:07 ][Dann-] "Several days? How long has she been missing?
  99. [20:40:18 ][Lucian] "He said a week."
  100. [20:40:19 ][Adrienne] "Half a week."
  101. [20:40:23 ][zoofdude] Eventually you come across a Watcher Tower, where Lenny pauses.  "Well, this is the end of the line for me, but if you continue out thataway," he points East, "You'll come across the Big Toe, and Hollyhock is even further East of that."
  102. [20:42:07 ][Lucian] "Alright. Thanks for showing us around sir, we appreciate it."
  103. [20:43:03 ][zoofdude] "No problemo, feel free to call if you have any updates or questions!" He waves and heads to his tower.
  104. [20:43:07 ][Dann-] "Yeah, thanks. We'll let you know if we find any clues."
  105. [20:43:44 ][Lucian] "Got it!"
  106. [20:43:44 ]* Dann- stops by the tower's healing center for a bit to patch his Pokemon up (and himself).
  107. [20:44:05 ]* Kaichi (~BusterBee@Rizon-3F3AA704.hsd1.ca.comcast.net) has joined #SleeplessInSequoia
  108. [20:45:46 ][Dann-] He then rejoins the party as they head to the Big Toe.
  109. [20:45:50 ][@Doxy] Alright, you take a moment to rest up at the Watcher Tower's facilities, and then it's off to the BIG TOE!
  110. [20:46:47 ][@Doxy] The farther along you walk, the thicker and thicker the forest around you seems to become, the woods becoming tall and dark as the tall canopy blots out the sun.
  111. [20:47:27 ][@Doxy] You all feel a chill creep over you, despite the warm weather, and you have the feeling you're being watched.
  112. [20:47:43 ]* Lucian looks at the others, "Fairies?"
  113. [20:48:05 ][Dann-] "Seems likely."
  114. [20:48:18 ]* Dann- shudders slightly at the chill.
  115. [20:48:59 ][@Doxy] Roll Perception pls~
  116. [20:50:03 ][Adrienne] "The area's known for fairies, so probably," Adrienne replies, feeling ready to release one of her pokemon.
  117. [20:50:04 ][Adrienne] 2d6 perception
  118. [20:50:21 ]* CritSenpai (~CritSenpa@Rizon-2D2B5C14.phlapa.fios.verizon.net) has joined #SleeplessInSequoia
  119. [20:50:23 ][Lucian] 3d6+1
  120. [20:50:24 ][CritSenpai] 3d6+1: 11 [3d6=5,1,4]
  121. [20:50:30 ][Percival] 3d6
  122. [20:50:30 ][CritSenpai] 3d6: 5 [3d6=2,2,1]
  123. [20:50:39 ][Adrienne] 2d6
  124. [20:50:39 ][CritSenpai] 2d6: 4 [2d6=1,3]
  125. [20:50:45 ][Dann-] 2d6 Perception
  126. [20:50:45 ][CritSenpai] Perception: 7 [2d6=2,5]
  127. [20:52:42 ]* Lucian blinks, "Guys, I think I hear something..."
  128. [20:53:28 ][Adrienne] "I don't hear anything."
  129. [20:53:44 ][Lucian] "It's somewhere off the road. It sounds like it needs help. It's...probably a fairy but, I need to make sure."
  130. [20:54:00 ][Lucian] "Do you guys mind taking a little detour?"
  131. [20:54:40 ][Adrienne] "Nah, I don't mind."
  132. [20:55:24 ]* Lucian grins at her apologetically, "Thanks. But in case I'm right, you guys might want to have your Pokemon out."
  133. [20:55:25 ][Dann-] "If there's a chance someone's actually in trouble, I don't see much choice."
  134. [20:55:28 ][Lucian] "I'll lead the way."
  135. [20:55:41 ][Percival] "Hmm, I suppose not. I'm not too terribly afraid of fairies myself but, it might be best to avoid."
  136. [20:57:28 ][@Doxy] Lucian leads the way into the woods! You haveo to make your way past some rather thick, thorny bramble, but you come out into a small clearing. In the middle of the clearing, you see... a small, orange and black Pokemon, that is mewling weakly and pathetically, trying to crawl. You see a dark red smear on its side, and some more dark red fluid on the ground.
  137. [20:59:31 ][Adrienne] "Looks like your kind of thing," Adrienne tells Lucian, tryign to identify the hurt pokemon on the ground.
  138. [20:59:40 ]* Lucian sucks in a breath and forgets his caution at the sight, scrambling for the first aid kit at his side and releasing Merric to help him with whatever operation he might need. "Dann, I need a fire going. Can you help me heat up some water?"
  139. [21:00:01 ][Lucian] 3d6+1 Perception; 4d6+2 AP Medicine
  140. [21:00:01 ][CritSenpai] Perception: 7 [3d6=3,2,1]; AP Medicine: 14 [4d6=4,3,2,3]
  141. [21:00:15 ]* Dann- pops out Kai and Sinon. "Anyone got a pot or a bucket?"
  142. [21:01:17 ][@Doxy] Lucian, roll acrobatics!
  143. [21:01:31 ][Lucian] 2d6+1
  144. [21:01:31 ][CritSenpai] 2d6+1: 11 [2d6=5,5]
  145. [21:02:16 ][@Doxy] As you begin to head over to the Dedenne, you suddenly feel the ground under you give out! You manage to scramble and grab the edge of the pit, leaving you dangling.
  146. [21:02:59 ]* Dann- dives for the edge of the hole extending a hand to Lucian (unless we're just in initiative now).
  147. [21:03:32 ][@Doxy] (nope)
  148. [21:03:42 ][@Doxy] everyone, roll perception~
  149. [21:03:49 ]* Lucian spits out an expletive as he loses his footing, his hands darting out to grasp the edge of the pit just in time.
  150. [21:03:54 ][Lucian] 3d6+1 Perception
  151. [21:03:54 ][CritSenpai] Perception: 17 [3d6=5,6,5]
  152. [21:04:00 ][Percival] "A pot? No, I have a jar if that would help some."
  153. [21:04:11 ][Dann-] 2d6 Perception
  154. [21:04:11 ][CritSenpai] Perception: 9 [2d6=5,4]
  155. [21:04:11 ][Percival] 3d6
  156. [21:04:12 ][CritSenpai] 3d6: 11 [3d6=4,2,5]
  157. [21:04:17 ]* Adrienne releases Rami just in case, and then fetches a pot from her pack. She sets it down and makes her way over to Dann and Lucian, just in case they need help.
  158. [21:04:17 ][Adrienne] 2d6
  159. [21:04:17 ][CritSenpai] 2d6: 10 [2d6=6,4]
  160. [21:05:48 ][@Doxy] Lucian, you get a very good luck at Dann as he helps you up! Wow, he's got great skin! Unfortunately you can't see much out from the pit.
  161. [21:06:01 ]* Percival releases Maimaigon and tries to make his way towards the rest of the gaggle of others.
  162. [21:06:24 ][Lucian] Is the Dedenne still there?
  163. [21:06:46 ][@Doxy] As you all approach the pit and help pull Lucian up, the Dedenne suddenly hops up, and tosses a Thunder Wave at Dann!
  164. [21:07:03 ][@Doxy] 1d20 thunda waivo
  165. [21:07:03 ][CritSenpai] thunda waivo: 13 [1d20=13]
  166. [21:07:20 ][@Doxy] el paralyzed
  167. [21:07:46 ][Dann-] Shortly after yanking Lucian onto solid ground, Dann's legs give out and he lets out a grunt as he hits the ground twitching.
  168. [21:08:32 ][@Doxy] It darts away a safe distance, and then sticks its tongue out at the lot of you, making mocking faces!
  169. [21:09:11 ][Lucian] Was the blood just berries or something?
  170. [21:09:17 ][@Doxy] >:P
  171. [21:09:26 ][@Doxy] Yes, Lucian
  172. [21:10:23 ]* Lucian makes a face back at the Dedenne but is honestly relieved that nobody was actually hurt, and bends down to attend to Dann's paralysis.
  173. [21:11:03 ]* Adrienne flips the Dedenne the bird, annoyed.
  174. [21:11:06 ]* Dann- attempts to give Lucian a twitching grin.
  175. [21:12:38 ]* Lucian looks down at Dann and frowns, "My hero," before massaging some of Dann's muscles to work the paralyzed nerves back to functioning order.
  176. [21:13:06 ][Lucian] Thanks though."
  177. [21:13:34 ]* Adrienne just puts her pot away and decides to let Rami stay out. Unless she's asleep. Is she asleep?
  178. [21:14:09 ][@Doxy] Rami's not asleep, and is in fact curled up around your ankle. Like a snakey ankle weight.
  179. [21:14:24 ][@Doxy] Rami begins to shake their rattle suddenly though!
  180. [21:14:32 ][Percival] "Are you alright? That's quite the shock you got there!"
  181. [21:15:08 ][Adrienne] "...? What's wrong, Rami?" Adrienne checks in the Dedenne's direction first, before any other ones.
  182. [21:15:26 ]* Dann- winces at his aching muscles. "Just tried to imagine what you'd do." He tries to aim his head in Percival's direction with a grin. "I think I'll make it."
  183. [21:15:48 ][Lucian] Once he's confident that Dann's back to normal, Lucian looks back in the direction of the trouble-making rodent and the hole it apparently dug.
  184. [21:16:06 ]* Lucian blinks, "Can...Dedenne dig holes this elaborate...?"
  185. [21:16:18 ][@Doxy] Adrienne, you finally check behind you - directly the opposite direction of the Dedenne - to see a Mime Jr. and a Spritzee have been going through your bags!
  186. [21:17:23 ][Lucian] "It's a set-up! It's got friends!"
  187. [21:17:35 ][@Doxy] They grab an enriched water out of your bag, and a Red Shard out of Dann's bag, and begin to BOOK IT once they've been spotted!
  188. [21:18:30 ][Lucian] Bubblebeam's got a range of 4, can Merric tag one of them before it gets out of a range?
  189. [21:18:33 ][Adrienne] "Hey! Give that back!" Adrienne attempts to give chase, forgetting about Rami on her leg.
  190. [21:19:28 ][@Doxy] sure Lucian
  191. [21:19:40 ][Lucian] 1d20 AC 2 beamu
  192. [21:19:40 ][CritSenpai] AC 2 beamu: 15 [1d20=15]
  193. [21:19:45 ][Dann-] "Kai, stop those troublemakers!"
  194. [21:19:54 ][Dann-] Can Kai Ember too then?
  195. [21:20:10 ][Lucian] 3d8+23 Water/Special vs Spritzee
  196. [21:20:10 ][CritSenpai] Water/Special vs Spritzee: 33 [3d8=4,5,1]
  197. [21:20:36 ][Percival] "What are they even going to do with a shard? Are they just doing this for fun?"
  198. [21:21:14 ][@Doxy] roll it, Dann
  199. [21:21:15 ][Dann-] 1d20 If Kai is allowed to ember
  200. [21:21:15 ][CritSenpai] If Kai is allowed to ember: 20 [1d20=20]
  201. [21:21:58 ][@Doxy] Which one are you hitting?
  202. [21:22:12 ][Dann-] Spritzee
  203. [21:23:24 ][Dann-] 4d6+16+14 RIGHTEOUS COUNTERATTACK Fire/Special against Spritzee
  204. [21:23:24 ][CritSenpai] RIGHTEOUS COUNTERATTACK Fire/Special against Spritzee: 43 [4d6=4,1,2,6]
  205. [21:23:49 ][Dann-] er, more like righteous anti-theft attack I suppose
  206. [21:24:13 ][@Doxy] Well, the Spritzee is burned!
  207. [21:24:37 ][@Doxy] It's quite weak now, and drops the bottle of water in its claws
  208. [21:24:51 ][@Doxy] The Mime Jr. continue scrambling off, diving into a thicket
  209. [21:25:20 ]* Dann- attempts to get back on his feet, or at least into a sitting position. "Geez, Kai, you didn't have to murder the poor guy."
  210. [21:26:15 ]* Lucian darts forward but pauses, "Should we pursue? Your call, Dann. It's your shard it ran away with."
  211. [21:26:24 ]* Adrienne stops chasing once her bottle of water is dropped, and then gently removes Rami rom her leg.
  212. [21:27:50 ][Percival] "It's your call.. and your stuff that was stolen afterall."
  213. [21:28:03 ][@Doxy] As you lift your bags again,  you see that they're... quite a bit heavier.
  214. [21:28:54 ][Dann-] "Eh, I already got a fire stone, I'm not sure I'll need a red shard again soon enough for it to be worth it." Dann finally stands up. "Besides, I half expect there to be more traps."
  215. [21:29:57 ]* Adrienne checks her bags once she's back from getting back her stuff and removing the snake from her legs. She's carrying Rami around her neck. Why are the bags heavier?
  216. [21:30:16 ][Dann-] "Anyone want to catch that little thief so he doesn't have to quietly burn till he's unconscious?"
  217. [21:30:41 ][Dann-] "...or she."
  218. [21:30:46 ][zoofdude] The Spritzee is screaming in agony and rolling around in the dirt, forget running.
  219. [21:31:13 ][Dann-] "...or loudly burn."
  220. [21:31:40 ][Percival] "Are they alright? They seem to be having quite a terrible time there."
  221. [21:33:44 ][Lucian] 1d20 Pokeball Accuracy; 1d20 Capture
  222. [21:33:44 ][CritSenpai] Pokeball Accuracy: 9 [1d20=9]; Capture: 18 [1d20=18]
  223. [21:34:13 ][@Doxy] Catcho!
  224. [21:34:31 ][zoofdude] Adrienne, your bag is full of...painted pebbles.
  225. [21:34:32 ]* Dann- lets out of a sigh of relief as the screaming abruptly stops.
  226. [21:36:10 ][Lucian] "What's wrong Adrienne?"
  227. [21:36:13 ][Adrienne] "The heck is this?" Adrienne just looked them over and starts tossing them out. "I already hate this place."
  228. [21:37:11 ][Percival] "They filled your bag with rocks? Why? I thought they only came to steal."
  229. [21:37:42 ][Dann-] "Perhaps they didn't think it was theft but trade."
  230. [21:37:51 ][Adrienne] "Beats me. Hey Dann. You like rocks, right?"
  231. [21:37:56 ][Dann-] "Albeit, a trade without asking."
  232. [21:38:04 ][Dann-] "Naturally."
  233. [21:38:06 ][zoofdude] Dann, these are MASTERCRAFT pebbles
  234. [21:38:10 ][zoofdude] you can tell, you're a geologist
  235. [21:38:25 ]* Dann- inspects the contents of his own bag as well.
  236. [21:38:36 ]* Percival looks at his bag.
  237. [21:38:44 ][Dann-] He also takes one from Adrienne and examines it thoroughly.
  238. [21:39:00 ][zoofdude] Percival's bag is also filled with mastercraft pebbles.
  239. [21:39:22 ]* Lucian looks into his bag and first aid kit, wondering if they've run off with any of his supplies.
  240. [21:39:29 ][Dann-] "These pebbles are of the HIGHEST quality. I haven't seen pebbles this well-wrought in ages!"
  241. [21:39:35 ][Adrienne] "... Seriously?"
  242. [21:40:03 ][zoofdude] They basically put rocks in all your bags while snatching your stuff.
  243. [21:40:27 ][Dann-] "Based on the quality of these pebbles, I'd say we robbed them!"
  244. [21:40:29 ][zoofdude] Nothing else was missing other than the shard, however.
  245. [21:40:41 ][Lucian] "So, where do I turn these pebbles in for functioning human currency?"
  246. [21:40:46 ][Adrienne] "If you want, you can have these rocks. Once we're rock free, we should just get out of here."
  247. [21:40:52 ][@Doxy] As you look around the bags, you  notice a few other items are missing as well - perhaps they'd made multiple trips by the time you caught them? Nothing of particular value though - an odd sock here, perhaps your house keys.
  248. [21:41:02 ]* Dann- offers the perfect pebble back to Adrienne with a smirk. "Sure you don't want just one?"
  249. [21:41:48 ][Dann-] Does Dann have an actual answer to that?
  250. [21:42:04 ][Percival] "...I'm glad they didn't take much more than that. I guess we should press onwards?"
  251. [21:42:08 ]* Lucian hums, "You know what, I think I'll keep a few. I'm planning on giving Lawrence this fluffball, maybe he can use these rocks as some kind of bargaining chip with it."
  252. [21:42:09 ]* Adrienne takes the one pebble and puts it into a side pocket, then dumps the last of them out. "We've got the last ninety-nine percent of Big Toe to search," she grumbles.
  253. [21:42:20 ][Lucian] Lucian will keep about 30 of them
  254. [21:42:36 ][Dann-] Assuming it doesn't make travel impossible, Dann will haul the rest around in his bag.
  255. [21:42:49 ][Dann-] If nothing else, it will make it hard for future thieves to find the objects of real value in his bag.
  256. [21:42:56 ][@Doxy] A good plan
  257. [21:43:25 ][castfromhp] All in all, you and Lucian have about 100 masterpiece pebbles between you then!
  258. [21:44:08 ][@Doxy] Alright, moving on? :3
  259. [21:44:17 ][Dann-] "You won't regret it." Dann chimes to Adrienne, before shouldering his considerably more burdensome pack.
  260. [21:45:34 ][Dann-] And yes, let's move on
  261. [21:45:54 ][Adrienne] Yeah let's move on.
  262. [21:46:38 ][@Doxy] You head farther on the road, coming into another clearing in the forest - this one is much larger, and right in the middle is a large foot-like rock structure with a prominent big toe.
  263. [21:47:17 ][@Doxy] The clearing is full of tiny wildflowers of various types, and it smells quite nice here~
  264. [21:48:23 ]* Lucian lets Merric out again so the cavern dwelling rock can frolic with the flowers.
  265. [21:49:32 ][@Doxy] It's pretty intrigued by the flowers, but begins sneezing after a few seconds of being buried in a flower bed.
  266. [21:49:54 ][Lucian] On second thought, he lets out Roy as well and has the shrew search the area with its tremorsensing abilities, eager to find anything underneath their eye.
  267. [21:50:05 ]* Adrienne takes a little time to enjoy the clearing, before letting out Arthur and Mina to enjoy the scenery.
  268. [21:50:17 ][@Doxy] Looking around, you see quite a few Pokemon here! A few Oddish are milling about, smiling happily, and even one large Gloom.
  269. [21:50:41 ][@Doxy] A single Flabebe seems to be flutterin around between groups of flowers, checking up on them.
  270. [21:50:48 ]* Lucian bends down to dig the Corsola out of the flower bed, brushing the the holes he figures are its nostrils clear of pollen. "Maybe that was a bad idea."
  271. [21:51:42 ][@Doxy] There's also a Bellsprout on top of one of the 'toes' on the rock formation... it seems to be... dancing to music only it can hear.
  272. [21:52:58 ]* Adrienne pays particular attention to Mina. Arthur was no stranger to this kind of thing, but Mina was. Also, Adrienne tries to recall the name of the various flowers scattered around since she knew a bit about plants.
  273. [21:52:59 ]* Dann- lets Glyce out, thinking this location a good example of interesting places to visit in the world (at least from a sheltered Dratini's perspective).
  274. [21:53:07 ][Dann-] Kai is also still out, following behind Dann.
  275. [21:53:13 ][Adrienne] 4d6+2 general education
  276. [21:53:13 ][CritSenpai] general education: 7 [4d6=1,1,2,1]
  277. [21:53:50 ]* Percival lets out Fumu, thinking that she might enjoy the company of other fairies in the area.
  278. [21:53:53 ][Lucian] Finding a place to set his things down, Lucian begins sketching the sights while he lets his Pokemon out to frolic and investigate.
  279. [21:54:09 ][Lucian] 3d6+1 Perception, any lasting damage from the rampage?
  280. [21:54:09 ][CritSenpai] Perception, any lasting damage from the rampage?: 10 [3d6=2,5,2]
  281. [21:54:18 ][@Doxy] Adrienne is pretty sure the ones with the petals are like, daisies or something? Who knows
  282. [21:54:55 ]* Dann- carries Glyce around on his shoulders and directs Kai to sniff around for anything unusual.
  283. [21:55:18 ][Dann-] He smiles bemusedly at the dancing Bellsprout.
  284. [21:56:34 ][@Doxy] Fumu flutters around, enjoying her newly found power of flight! She gathers a small bouquet of flowers, bringing it back to you. :>
  285. [21:56:55 ][@Doxy] Glyce and Mina both look pretty confused, this being so different from their usual habitat.
  286. [21:57:19 ][@Doxy] Lucian - you don't really see anything obvious. The attack was a long time ago, after all.
  287. [21:57:53 ][Dann-] Are there any vernal pools around?
  288. [21:58:32 ]* Percival pets her on the head. "Aw, that's sweet of you to do. It's good to know you're having fun."
  289. [21:59:17 ][castfromhp] Not in the -immediate- area, no. You can probably find one nearby, but given that it's late summer, you'll probably have to spread out and search a bit.
  290. [21:59:19 ][Lucian] 3d6+2 Poke Edu: Is that large gloom much larger than is typical for the species?
  291. [21:59:19 ][CritSenpai] Poke Edu: Is that large gloom much larger than is typical for the species?: 13 [3d6=4,2,5]
  292. [22:00:01 ][@Doxy] No, just on the higher end of the typical bell curve.
  293. [22:01:02 ]* Lucian hums while he takes notes, putting away that line of investigation for the time being. "What should we be looking for?"
  294. [22:01:43 ][@Doxy] Percival, as the others are observing the fields, you feel something rubbing up against your leg.
  295. [22:01:57 ]* Adrienne nudges Mina towards Arthur, hopefully he'd play with her and she'd understand. "There are vernal pools around here, we should look for them and check out the flora. The Quagsire ate stuff from them."
  296. [22:02:14 ][Percival] "Hm? Hello?"
  297. [22:02:15 ][Adrienne] "I hear they're a bit dry this time of year, but it wouldn't hurt to check anyways."
  298. [22:02:36 ][Dann-] "Yeah, do we have any sense of what the plants we're searching for looks like?"
  299. [22:03:06 ][Dann-] "We could also try to see if any of the Pokemon here are acting particularly oddly. I would expect unusual aggression to be the most similar symptom, but who knows?"
  300. [22:03:16 ][@Doxy] You see a happy-looking Oddish rubbing itself against your left affectionately, Percival~
  301. [22:04:40 ][Lucian] "Well, the problem with that Dann is that we don't /know/ how Pokemon around Hollyhock tend to behave."
  302. [22:04:54 ][Lucian] "I do think we should check the vernal pools however."
  303. [22:05:09 ][Adrienne] "Miss Blintz sent us references for the herbs and plants from the vernal pool. Did you get them?"
  304. [22:06:00 ][Dann-] "Well we could at least start with any knowledge about typical behavior for a species."
  305. [22:06:09 ][Dann-] "Let's search for pools first, shall we?"
  306. [22:06:38 ][Adrienne] "I figure we can search the pools first, and when we get to town we can ask the locals about the local Pokemon population."
  307. [22:06:41 ]* Dann- sets off with Glyce and Kai to search for a pool, pulling out his phone to check the reference images.
  308. [22:07:20 ][castfromhp] Dann, roll perception or survival.
  309. [22:08:57 ][Dann-] 3d6+1 Survival+AP
  310. [22:08:57 ][CritSenpai] Survival+AP: 7 [3d6=1,4,1]
  311. [22:09:18 ][Percival] "Hi there little one! Oh right, we have work don't we?" Percival scratches his head "Hm, I wonder if this one's seen the pool"
  312. [22:09:29 ][Adrienne] Once Dann sets off, Adrienne does the same after making sure Percival knew what was going on. Naturally, she brings Arthur and Mina with her, carrying the latter since she was the slowest.
  313. [22:09:37 ][Lucian] "I know a bit about the pools but you're going to need to lead us to them."
  314. [22:10:32 ][castfromhp] Also, as you check your phone, you find that Blintz has sent you all another email - an address for one of the Pokemon centers in Hollyhock where she's made arrangements so you can drop off any plant or captured Pokemon samples to be sent back to the lab for analysis.
  315. [22:10:55 ][castfromhp] Adrienne, also perception or survival.
  316. [22:11:29 ][Adrienne] 4d6+2 Survival
  317. [22:11:29 ][CritSenpai] Survival: 18 [4d6=5,4,5,2]
  318. [22:12:24 ][castfromhp] Dann, you're not having much luck so far. Going by the photo references, you know that vernal pools leave behind a pretty distinct ringed pattern in the plant life when they're dried up, and you manage to find the remnants of a small pool. You can't see any of the plants that Blintz identified for you there, but maybe there's still something in the soil?
  319. [22:12:51 ]* Dann- sets down his pack and withdraws his shovel!
  320. [22:13:47 ][Dann-] He then begins excavating, carefully, despite his usual inclinations, looking for anything relevant.
  321. [22:13:51 ]* Lucian sends Roy and Merric out, the former to help Dann by detecting anything of note beneath the ground, and the latter to wade into the pools with him.
  322. [22:14:22 ][Dann-] If Roy detects anything, Dann begins his digging there.
  323. [22:15:13 ][castfromhp] Adrienne, your search takes you further out from the Big Toe as you find a shallow slope leading into a basin which your wilderness knowledge tells you would be more likely to have a filled pool. Along the way, you do spy a small herb bush that matches one of Blintz's photos.
  324. [22:15:59 ][castfromhp] The path forward is thick with thorny bushes and trees though, even moreso than the rest of the forest you've seen so far.
  325. [22:16:36 ]* Percival looks around the area for the pools that were sent. "How strange, something like this could be such a problem..."
  326. [22:17:30 ][@Doxy] Percival, the Oddish begins following you around, skipping happily~ When it sees that you're investigating the area around the pool, it nudges your leg, as if trying to get your attention.
  327. [22:18:03 ][castfromhp] Lucian, there isn't a pool there. :P it's dried up. As Dann starts digging, he notices the ground here is made of some -quite- hard clay, and it's only with Roy's help that he's able to soften it up and dig some up.
  328. [22:18:56 ][Lucian] Lucian goes with Adrienne, leaving Roy behind to help Dann
  329. [22:19:45 ][Adrienne] "Hmm..." Adrienne takes scope of the entire surrounding area, and then makes a mark in a few  nearby trees as a guide. Then, she picks some of the bush as samples and sends a text to the other three. [Found something promising, I'm gonna check it out.]
  330. [22:20:07 ]* Dann- continues his tandem excavation.
  331. [22:20:32 ][Percival] "Hm? Is there something you want to show?"
  332. [22:20:42 ][Lucian] [Hold up, let head your way. Dann can hold down the fort with Roy, I'll see what I can do to help you]
  333. [22:20:46 ][Lucian] let me*
  334. [22:20:47 ]* Percival watches the Oddish.
  335. [22:20:50 ][castfromhp] Roll me survival or general education as you mark the trees and proceed, Adrienne.
  336. [22:21:03 ][Lucian] Can I roll too?
  337. [22:21:26 ][castfromhp] Sure.
  338. [22:21:49 ][Lucian] 3d6+1
  339. [22:21:49 ][CritSenpai] 3d6+1: 12 [3d6=5,3,3]
  340. [22:22:06 ][Adrienne] 4d6+3. AP Survival.
  341. [22:22:06 ][CritSenpai] AP Survival.: 17 [4d6=5,1,3,5]
  342. [22:22:44 ][Adrienne] [Left marks, you should be able to find them. The path is pretty thorny so it'll be slow going.]
  343. [22:23:22 ][@Doxy] The Oddish begins trecking out, actually leading you towards where Adrienne is at the moment.
  344. [22:24:02 ][@Doxy] Also, Percival, roll Poke Edu or Perception`
  345. [22:24:24 ][Percival] 4d6 Poke Edu
  346. [22:24:24 ][CritSenpai] Poke Edu: 13 [4d6=5,1,4,3]
  347. [22:24:29 ][castfromhp] Lucian, you manage to identify some of the upcoming plants as the itchy-scratchy don't-touch-this kind. Adrienne, in addition to noticing that, you realize that those and some of the thorny plants here aren't from this area at all, and they're certainly growing a lot denser than you would expect them to be here anyway.
  348. [22:24:54 ][castfromhp] With some work and careful, slow moving though, you can press on through your barbed and prickly obstacles.
  349. [22:27:29 ]* Lucian pushes through carefully until he's caught up with Adrienne, "You said you found a few things. I've got a few containers I usually keep my bandages in, I can stash them away until we get a better chance to look into them in town."
  350. [22:27:42 ][@Doxy] Percival, you notice that the leaf shape of the Oddish doesn't match the leaf shape of the Bellossom at all! The ridges of this Oddish's leaves are straight and smooth, while the pictures of the Bellossom you saw were serrated. It could simply be due to evolution, but you have a hunch it's important somehow.
  351. [22:29:08 ]* Adrienne would stop to take samples and pictures of the non-native thorny plants, just in case it turned out to be a good clue. She didn't have the knowledge needed, but Miss Blintz probably did. She feels grateful she wore sturdy outdoorsy clothes. "I took a few samples of stuff too," she points out to Lucian the herb bush, and the non-native thorny plants.
  352. [22:29:40 ][Adrienne] "Wouldn't hurt for you to take some extra, just in case." She returns to trying to make progress through the thorny plants.
  353. [22:31:43 ][castfromhp] You push past the plants for a while, carefully avoiding the stingy bits, until you finally find a somewhat clearer region of the woods. There's a fine mist hanging in the air here, and looking deeper in the woods, it seems to get heavier further in.
  354. [22:31:47 ][castfromhp] Roll me perception.
  355. [22:32:12 ][Lucian] 3d6+2 AP
  356. [22:32:12 ][CritSenpai] AP: 11 [3d6=2,6,1]
  357. [22:32:52 ][Adrienne] 2d6
  358. [22:32:52 ][CritSenpai] 2d6: 5 [2d6=2,3]
  359. [22:34:02 ][Percival] "Hmm, that is a bit strange, maybe it's because of the strange flora here?"
  360. [22:34:09 ]* Percival continues following.
  361. [22:34:13 ]* Lucian whispers harshly, "I hear somebody laughing. Be on your guard."
  362. [22:34:38 ][Lucian] "We don't want a repeat of earlier while we're split up like this. I'll lead us closer, you text the others and tell them we might need back up."
  363. [22:36:48 ]* Adrienne makes a strange face. "This place smells pretty terrible." She texts the others. [I found something even more interesting. Lucian and I are going to check it out. We might need backup soon.] Then she adds the directions to get there from the Big Toe, as well as telling them about the marks she made.
  364. [22:37:17 ][Lucian] Unless Adrienne has any objections, Lucian tries to draw them in closer to where he thinks the sound is coming from, Loptyr's ball at the ready in case they need to fight their way out of it.
  365. [22:38:19 ][@Doxy] Percival, the Oddish leads you towards a damp pool that still seems to have quite a bit of water. It jumps in, and starts splashing around.
  366. [22:38:36 ]* Adrienne doesn't have an objection, she keeps an even pace with him.
  367. [22:40:23 ][castfromhp] Adrienne, Lucian, you start to see the telltale ring pattern of a vernal pool as you walk further in, even as the mist grows thicker and thicker and makes it difficult to see what's ahead. The ambient buzz of Pokemon that's normally pervasive in these woods has also quieted some. Give me another perception check.
  368. [22:40:42 ][Lucian] 3d6+1 Perception
  369. [22:40:42 ][CritSenpai] Perception: 11 [3d6=2,2,6]
  370. [22:40:46 ][Adrienne] 2d6
  371. [22:40:46 ][CritSenpai] 2d6: 6 [2d6=3,3]
  372. [22:41:25 ]* Percival examines the pool in which the oddish is found and the various samples that were sent. "Just in case those leaves are more than just an oddity on Oddish."
  373. [22:42:37 ][@Doxy] As you approach, Percival, you also notice that the ground is getting mistier and mistier as you approach the water.
  374. [22:45:16 ]* Lucian breathes in and out to calm himself down, closing his eyes to shut off visual stimuli and repeats what he told to Lawrence on the boat, muttered under his breath like a mantra. "Fae typically resorted to mind games. Don't be fooled by their games. The only strange power at work here is your imagination..."
  375. [22:45:53 ][Lucian] "...Adrienne. I'm going to lead us to the noise by sound. I'm going to need you to be my eyes for me, got that?"
  376. [22:46:17 ][Dann-] 2d6 Perception
  377. [22:46:17 ][CritSenpai] Perception: 11 [2d6=5,6]
  378. [22:46:31 ][Lucian] "Just make sure I don't fall or step in any holes. I'm going to get us as closer as I can."
  379. [22:46:36 ][Lucian] as close*
  380. [22:46:53 ][Adrienne] "I'll keep an eye out," she replies. "But no guarantees. This smell is really bothering me."
  381. [22:47:12 ][Percival] "What on earth is this? More tricks? I must investigate regardless, it's still rather... strange."
  382. [22:49:52 ]* Adrienne decides to describe it in case Lucian could help. "Smells really sweet, kind of like candy and bread. Bakery-like, but also... artificial. Have any ideas?"
  383. [22:52:05 ]* Lucian laughs, though it comes out more nervous than he'd hoped. "Welcome to the wide world of Pokemon. I'm sure there are half a dozen creatures that could be behind the smell. Otherwise, I haven't got any bright ideas."
  384. [22:52:07 ][Lucian] 3d6+1 PokeEdu
  385. [22:52:07 ][CritSenpai] PokeEdu: 9 [3d6=1,6,1]
  386. [22:52:12 ][castfromhp] Adrienne, you lead Lucian closer to the pool, making slow but steady progress. As you get closer, you're practically swimming in fog, and you almost walk right into a big thorny and itchy bush - another of the non-native plants. And it certainly doesn't grow this big normally either!
  387. [22:52:25 ][Lucian] PokeEdu: mons that coukd be behind sweet scents like this in particular
  388. [22:53:46 ][castfromhp] Lucian, a lot of Pokemon have sweet scents like this, but most of the usual offenders would have more floral or fruity smells. You suppose Swirlix or Slurpuff could smell like this, but you haven't seen any on the way here.
  389. [22:54:57 ][Lucian] "Could be a Swirlix but I haven't seen any out this way. But unfortunately that only tells us that this may or may not be some kind of Fairy."
  390. [22:56:54 ]* Dann- sends a text to Lucian: [This area I've been digging is causing some weird sensations. I got out of it and then got Roy and Glyce out too.]
  391. [22:56:55 ]* Lucian stops abruptly, holding a hand up where he knows Adrienne to call a halt. "The sound has stopped."
  392. [22:56:55 ]* Adrienne grabs Lucian before he walks right into the wall of thorns. "Careful about the thorns," she warns him. Experimentally, she prods one of the vines with the sharp end of the machete she was using.
  393. [22:56:59 ][Dann-] [Are you guys ok?]
  394. [22:57:23 ][Lucian] "This might have been a trap but...we need to make sure."
  395. [22:58:19 ]* superblazed (~weed@Rizon-1A5D5BED.hsd1.pa.comcast.net) has joined #SleeplessInSequoia
  396. [22:58:33 ][Dann-] 2d6 Perception
  397. [22:58:33 ][CritSenpai] Perception: 7 [2d6=1,6]
  398. [22:58:36 ]* Lucian feeling for his Pokeballs, Lucian grips Ishtore's ball and lets the spider loose in the thorns. "There might be something here, Ishtore. Find it, do not engage. Fight it only if it attacks you first, and make your way back to me when you can."
  399. [23:00:29 ][castfromhp] No real reaction from the vines. It's just odd to see this plant here, nevermind one this big. It would normally take a good bit of gardening care to grow it this big, but the main thing you notice is just how darn inconvenient its placement is. You manage to get closer to the side of the pool though, where you see a Surskit floating lacksadaisically on the surface and a very twitchy looking Yanma perched on a lily.
  400. [23:00:35 ][Dann-] 2d6 GenEdu
  401. [23:00:35 ][CritSenpai] GenEdu: 9 [2d6=4,5]
  402. [23:00:53 ]* Tupac has quit (Ping timeout: 240 seconds)
  403. [23:01:09 ]* Adrienne sends Dann a text back. [Sorry for being late. We're fine, Dann. I think you should come over here just in case.]
  404. [23:02:52 ][castfromhp] Ishtore pops out and almost immediately hops back onto you, Lucian. After a moment of scuttling over your body onto your head, he gingerly hops to a nearby bush and looks around warily.
  405. [23:03:46 ]* Lucian shudders when he feels the bug skuttle all over him.
  406. [23:04:29 ]* Percival tries to get closer to the pool.
  407. [23:04:38 ][Adrienne] "Hm... Wonder if Dann's Vulpix can burn down these thorns without causing too much collateral damage."
  408. [23:05:14 ][castfromhp] There's a crackle of electricity as Ishtore fires off a wave of electricity into the air, then scuttles back onto you and into your shirt, as if retreating from something.
  409. [23:05:55 ]* Lucian willingly lets the bug crawl back onto his palm and backs up defensively, holding the line for both his Pokemon and Adrienne.
  410. [23:05:57 ]* Dann- replies: [I'm...not so sure I can come over there yet. Something really strange is going on here and I want to figure it out.]
  411. [23:06:22 ][Dann-] [I think I'm hearing music. It seems to be the same tempo that this Bellsprout is dancing to as well.]
  412. [23:06:45 ][Dann-] [But it only happens when I'm standing in a specific place.]
  413. [23:07:27 ][castfromhp] Ishtore pops out of your sleeve as you back up and fires a silky strand toward the bush, coating part of it in a sticky web.
  414. [23:07:48 ][Lucian] "Something's coming Adrienne...!"
  415. [23:08:02 ][Dann-] 2d6 Focus
  416. [23:08:02 ][CritSenpai] Focus: 6 [2d6=4,2]
  417. [23:08:40 ]* Adrienne looks at the bush and then takes a step back, prepared to toss out one of her pokemon. "Seriously? I was goign to ask what's got your bug so freaked out."
  418. [23:09:55 ][Lucian] "He's either playing a trick on me or there's something that's got him freaked out enough that he's acting like this."
  419. [23:11:56 ][castfromhp] You both take a good, long look at the bush, but there doesn't seem to be anything out of the ordinary aside from the swirling mist around the area. Ishtore is still freaking out though and seems to be trying to tug at you as if to say to get away.
  420. [23:12:21 ]* Adrienne looks away and then quickly belts out a message to Dann. [k do your thing but head's up lucy's bug is freaked out atm so something is going on]
  421. [23:13:10 ][castfromhp] Meanwhile, it doesn't seem like the Surskit and Yanma have taken notice of you. The latter has started flying around erratically over the pool, even occasionally bumping into the Surskit, which hasn't at all taken notice of this disturbance.
  422. [23:13:28 ]* Lucian skritches the bug's head to calm it down, "Sorry buddy, but this is what we came here to do. Just stick by me and I'll keep you safe, got that?"
  423. [23:14:05 ]* Adrienne decides to just take matters into her own hand, sending Rami out. "Rami, check out that bush. If there's something dangerous in there, you know what to do."
  424. [23:16:15 ][castfromhp] Rami crawls over cautiously at first, given your warning, then seems confused. She turns around to give you an odd look, then slithers all over the bush, seemingly not even noticing the thorns lightly pricking at her. The snake crawls up to the top of the bush and starts pushing together some leaves, as if fluffing up a bed, then settles down in it with a contented look.
  425. [23:16:26 ]* Dann- replies to Adrienne again: [OK. I officially have no idea what's going on, but I am freaked out. Coming to you guys.]
  426. [23:16:29 ][zoofdude] Lucian and Adrienne, by the way, you can see Percival approaching a pool of water near you.
  427. [23:16:34 ][Dann-] [Marks on the trees, right?]
  428. [23:17:26 ][castfromhp] Ishtore is making scared spider noises at Rami and waving his little mandibles as if in warning.
  429. [23:18:03 ][Adrienne] [yeah, okay. I don't know what the hell either. And yeah, I marked a few trees.]
  430. [23:18:31 ]* Adrienne gives Lucian a dubious look. "I'm fucking confused."
  431. [23:18:38 ][Lucian] "Be carefuly Adrienne, I don't think this is a Snorlax we want to poke without the full team behind us."
  432. [23:18:43 ]* Adrienne also waves at Percival.
  433. [23:19:22 ]* Percival waves back. "I think I'm alright it's a bit... dry but, I think I should be fine."
  434. [23:20:30 ][castfromhp] Lucian, Adrienne: Percival is standing in the pool now, btw. You heard a splash while Rami was settling in.
  435. [23:22:03 ][Dann-] A big section of undergrowth behind everyone suddenly falls away, revealing Stefan, who had just carved his way in. Dann quickly moves in behind him, carrying Roy and Kai under his arms.
  436. [23:22:31 ]* Dann- gently sets Roy and Kai down. "Sorry, I was a little worried to let him walk on his own after what happened to us."
  437. [23:23:04 ][Adrienne] "What's dry, Percy? You're standing in the pool."
  438. [23:23:04 ][Adrienne] "What happened to you, Dann?"
  439. [23:23:21 ][Dann-] "Uh, hoo boy, I'll try to explain."
  440. [23:23:27 ]* Lucian nods acknowledging their arrival and holds his hand out and calls for Ishtore to take the initiative, "Now that everyone's here, Ishtore! We're blowing the the brush!"
  441. [23:23:54 ][Dann-] "Or I could explain after! Kai can help get that out of the way. What's going on?"
  442. [23:24:20 ][Lucian] through the*
  443. [23:24:38 ][Lucian] 1d20 Hidden Power Fire
  444. [23:24:38 ][CritSenpai] Hidden Power Fire: 18 [1d20=18]
  445. [23:24:50 ][castfromhp] Ishtore wastes no time in blasting the bush with a volley of electricity! Rami gives an annoyed look as she quickly slithers off her resting spot to avoid becoming collateral damage and gives you all a confused look.
  446. [23:25:04 ][castfromhp] Then he scuttles over and sets the bush on fire.
  447. [23:25:09 ][castfromhp] Lots of fire.
  448. [23:25:22 ][Lucian] 2d6+22 Fire/Special
  449. [23:25:22 ][CritSenpai] Fire/Special: 28 [2d6=2,4]
  450. [23:25:59 ][Adrienne] "Sorry, Rami. Business to do, I'll find a good place for you to nap later, deal?"
  451. [23:26:06 ][castfromhp] The fire is...spreading rather quickly from that bush. Despite the dampness of the area here, there's a -lot- of really dense plant life really close together.
  452. [23:26:12 ][Percival] "I'm not sure, it's just... immensely dry feeling despite the water. Maybe something else? I'm not sure it just felt rather real."
  453. [23:26:27 ][Dann-] "Uh, were we looking to start a forest fire?"
  454. [23:26:43 ][Lucian] "No, just drive whatever was hiding out."
  455. [23:26:56 ]* Dann- calls out Sinon and prepare to use her as a makeshift fire hose.
  456. [23:27:02 ]* Lucian looks around at the fire, "But I should probably do something about this now."
  457. [23:28:18 ]* Lucian has Merric help put it out with a follow up Bubble burst.
  458. [23:28:29 ]* Dann- uses Sinon to control the spread of the fire so that the only the bush is incinerated.
  459. [23:28:35 ][Dann-] *that only
  460. [23:30:30 ][Percival] "Wait is there just fire everywhere oh god, what even happened to the water? It's not water anymore. I should get out of it."
  461. [23:31:13 ]* Percival tries to get out. "What happened? There's a ton of smoke everywhere!?"
  462. [23:31:20 ][castfromhp] Have your Pokemon that are helping put out the fire roll Focus.
  463. [23:31:28 ]* Adrienne quickly scoops up Rami and begins backing up, looking unnerved.
  464. [23:31:35 ][Lucian] 3d6+2 Corsola Focus
  465. [23:31:35 ][CritSenpai] Corsola Focus: 13 [3d6=6,3,2]
  466. [23:31:50 ]* Lucian looks at Percival and shrugs, "W-woopsie doodle."
  467. [23:32:25 ][Adrienne] "What the hell is going on? You guys see it too, right?"
  468. [23:33:07 ][Dann-] 2d6 Sinon Focus
  469. [23:33:07 ][CritSenpai] Sinon Focus: 7 [2d6=6,1]
  470. [23:33:14 ]* Lucian looks down at Ishtore while the other Pokemon help out out the fire, "You didn't trick me there, did you?"
  471. [23:33:28 ][Lucian] 2d6 Intooishun
  472. [23:33:28 ][CritSenpai] Intooishun: 8 [2d6=2,6]
  473. [23:33:59 ][Dann-] "See what??"
  474. [23:34:10 ][castfromhp] Rami is so not cool with all this fire going on and curls up around whichever arm you have further from the bush.
  475. [23:34:13 ][Percival] "You don't see? The pool there is lava? Fumu please get rid of that raging thing!"
  476. [23:34:18 ][Percival] 3d6+2 Fumu Focus
  477. [23:34:18 ][CritSenpai] Fumu Focus: 17 [3d6=5,6,4]
  478. [23:34:55 ][Adrienne] "Hands," she hisses. "They're coming after me!"
  479. [23:35:42 ][castfromhp] Merric is putting up a valiant effort at trying to put out the flaming bush, but Sinon is spraying water in totally the wrong places, with a panicked look. Including all over Dann!
  480. [23:35:54 ][zoofdude] <zoofdude> !tick
  481. [23:35:54 ][zoofdude] <CritSenpai> Tick tock tick tock!  Metronome! You used Dragon Breath!
  482. [23:35:56 ][castfromhp] Dann, you're getting repeated bursts of water at your hair. Again, and again.
  483. [23:36:13 ]* Lucian scratches his chin, "You know, I'm beginning to think you three are seeing very different things from what I'm seeing."
  484. [23:36:15 ][zoofdude] Fumu looks to the pool, and then waggles a finger before belching out dragon fire.  Percy, the lava is now on fire.
  485. [23:36:20 ][zoofdude] Yes.
  486. [23:36:34 ][Dann-] "We don't see any hands! Sinon, stop it!" Dann turns to his samurai bug. "Stefan, what do you see? What's real here??"
  487. [23:37:28 ][Lucian] "...everybody, close your eyes. Don't question, just do it!"
  488. [23:37:44 ][castfromhp] Stefan is getting the fuck away from the burning bush and just points a claw at it repeatedly.
  489. [23:38:11 ][Percival] "Oh god no, that didn't help at all! It's even worse!"
  490. [23:38:21 ]* Adrienne closes her eyes.
  491. [23:38:31 ][Lucian] "Breathe in, and breathe out. You guys panicking is just making things worse."
  492. [23:39:01 ][Lucian] "I think we all need to calm down. That lava hasn't burned you yet so maybe you should just calm down while it's just settling there."
  493. [23:39:06 ]* Dann- attempts to grab Sinon and force her to stop aiming at his hair. "Stefan, tell me where to aim. Where's the fire?"
  494. [23:39:44 ][Dann-] "Sinon, I know you're trying to help, but let me do the aiming, ok?"
  495. [23:39:45 ][castfromhp] Stefan points again at the flaming bush and at a couple bushes to the side where the fire's started to spread.
  496. [23:40:08 ]* Dann- attempts to aim Sinon at those locations, in spite of Sinon's desperate desire to further soak his head.
  497. [23:40:35 ]* Adrienne closes Rami's eyes too, while she's at it, and attempts to do as Lucian says. She also continues to back away from the hands. You know, just in case.
  498. [23:40:58 ][Dann-] "Sinon, close your eyes and calm down. Fire when I tell you to."
  499. [23:41:04 ][Lucian] "The only thing at work here is your imaginations. So just, I dunno, let it go."
  500. [23:41:08 ][zoofdude] Fumu looks distressed at Percival's reaction and tries to comfort him, hugging onto a leg.
  501. [23:41:17 ]* Dann- holds one hand over the frantic fish's eyes for good measure.
  502. [23:41:23 ][Lucian] "Or rather, maybe not let it go, if that's what's causing these issues..."
  503. [23:41:31 ][Lucian] "Maybe you should be reigning it in instead."
  504. [23:42:23 ][Percival] "Maybe? Possibly, there's just not lava? Shouldn't I have died if I stood in it. I'm not dead... I think. I wouldn't have a body still."
  505. [23:42:43 ][castfromhp] With a more coordinated effort now, Merric and Sinon manage to put out the fire, but not before it's burned through a good bit of the "wall" of thorny bushes that was surrounding the vernal pool.
  506. [23:43:07 ]* superblazed has quit (Ping timeout: 240 seconds)
  507. [23:43:19 ][Dann-] Is there an exposed path to the pool now?
  508. [23:43:25 ]* superblazed (~weed@Rizon-1A5D5BED.hsd1.pa.comcast.net) has joined #SleeplessInSequoia
  509. [23:43:29 ][castfromhp] In all this time, by the way, that Surskit and Yanma still haven't noticed a thing and are still bumping into each other in the middle of the pool.
  510. [23:43:31 ][castfromhp] There is.
  511. [23:44:01 ][Dann-] "Ok, everyone shut your eyes like Lucian said. I have an idea to sort this out."
  512. [23:44:12 ]* Dann- recalls Sinon and Kai.
  513. [23:44:28 ][Lucian] With most of the fires put out and his allies probably, maybe okay for the time being, Lucian gets closer to the now reduced thorn wall to dig through whatever it was that freaked Ishtore out so much.
  514. [23:45:07 ][Dann-] "Can we all calmly try to explain what we've been seeing? I'm not sure any of it is real."
  515. [23:46:36 ][Lucian] "I was hearing voices earlier but after I shut them out and convinced myself they wouldn't get to me, they all stopped."
  516. [23:46:51 ][Lucian] "And yes I realize that does make me sound insane."
  517. [23:46:57 ][Lucian] "But it's a matter of context."
  518. [23:47:22 ][Dann-] "After what I experienced earlier, I don't think you're insane at all. Adrienne, what were you saying about hands?"
  519. [23:48:10 ]* Adrienne is quite a few steps away from the rest of the party once she stops and is sure everything's fine. "That's it, there were hands coming out of the smoke and going after me and Rami."
  520. [23:48:20 ]* Percival closes his eyes for a while.
  521. [23:48:22 ][castfromhp] As you look around in the remains of the burned bush, you notice the soil here is soft and loamy, quite unlike what you'd expect based on the hard clay Dann found earlier in the dried pool. The surrounding ground is more what you'd expect though.
  522. [23:49:01 ][Dann-] "Stefan, one saw of your claws for yes, two saws for no. Are there hands coming out of the smoke or anywhere other than on the arms of the four people here?"
  523. [23:49:45 ][castfromhp] Two saws.
  524. [23:49:48 ]* Lucian hums and clicks his tongue, calling for Roy to leave Dann's side and help him dig through the loamy soil.
  525. [23:50:18 ][Dann-] "Stefan, same thing again. Is there lava or fire anywhere in the immediate vicinity?
  526. [23:50:55 ]* Adrienne joins the others. "I did say 'were,' now that the fire's gone they're gone too."
  527. [23:50:58 ][castfromhp] With a bit of digging Roy quickly hits hard clay again when he gets past where the roots were for the bush. There seems to be a small "bowl" of loamy soil around this bush, as if someone had dug out the clay and planted the bush with its own soil.
  528. [23:51:07 ][castfromhp] Stefan gives another two saws.
  529. [23:51:28 ][Dann-] "Well we could amend the question. Were there ever disembodied hands coming out of the smoke Stefan?"
  530. [23:52:03 ][castfromhp] Two saws again from the samurai bug.
  531. [23:52:22 ]* Lucian digs up some of the soil and takes a sample of it, placed in a separate container from the sample taken from the bush earlier.
  532. [23:52:35 ][Lucian] "...someone's been planting these bushes."
  533. [23:52:39 ][Dann-] "I trust what Stefan's seeing. Is there anything anyone else wants to ask about?"
  534. [23:53:30 ][Percival] "Clearly no lava in a forest right? It would've burnt up already if that was the case. It's not dry or anything else is it?"
  535. [23:53:44 ][Lucian] "...this mist, the the hallucinogenic effects, it's not just a freak biological circumstance. Somebody has been creating problems in the ecosystem..."
  536. [23:54:07 ][Adrienne] "I'm good," she says. "Probably." She looks over at Rami to see if she's okay.
  537. [23:54:09 ][Dann-] "Do you mean is the air really dry Percival? I don't think it is. Stefan?"
  538. [23:54:51 ][castfromhp] Stefan saws twice again.
  539. [23:54:53 ][Percival] "Yeah, I thought it was earlier when getting near that pool, maybe it isn't?"
  540. [23:54:54 ]* Dann- responds to Lucian's revelation, "Who or what on earth could do this?"
  541. [23:55:25 ][Lucian] "I don't know Dann, but I think it's our job to find out."
  542. [23:55:30 ][Dann-] To everyone else, "I think we can open our eyes now. If you see something weird, we can ask Stefan again."
  543. [23:55:43 ]* Dann- gives the bladed-bug an appreciative head-bow.
  544. [23:56:11 ]* Adrienne shrugs. "I don't know, but we need more information. Right now we're pretty much completely in the dark."
  545. [23:56:18 ][Dann-] "You got a sample from the soil then? Should we get some of this water too?"
  546. [23:56:48 ]* Dann- looks over at the two Pokemon lounging around near the pool. "Their behavior certainly seems a little off."
  547. [23:56:49 ]* Lucian runs a hand through his hair, momentarily taken aback by this revelation. "Y-yeah, do that. We need to get back to town and send our findings back up to the lab."
  548. [23:56:53 ][castfromhp] Stefan bows in return.
  549. [23:57:29 ]* Lucian snaps a few shots of the carved out 'bowl' in the at various angles and what remains of the bush.
  550. [23:57:47 ][Lucian] "Return your Pokemon. All of them. I don't know if this stuff has any lasting effects but I don't want to take any chances."
  551. [23:57:53 ][Lucian] "I'll lead us all out of here."
  552. [23:57:59 ]* Dann- moves in to try to get a water sample.
  553. [23:58:14 ][Dann-] He also holds up a hand when Lucian suggests leaving.
  554. [23:58:24 ][Adrienne] "Sure," she returns Rami to her ball.
  555. [23:58:35 ][Dann-] "If we wanted to figure out if the pool has any lasting effects, I think we have two prime candidates for testing right there." He says, pointing at the pool.
  556. [23:59:11 ]* Lucian returns his Pokemon as well and collects everybody by linking hands together until they're out of the pool.
  557. [23:59:17 ]* Percival returns Fumu. "Alright, I'd just prefer nothing too terrible to happen."
  558. [23:59:22 ][Lucian] "Should we catch them?"
  559. [00:00:06 ][Dann-] "For their sake and for the investigation, I think we should."
  560. [00:01:18 ][Lucian] "Ishtore, Thunder Wave the skurskit."
  561. [00:01:21 ]* Dann- retrieves his rope and ties it around his waste. "The way they're acting, it might not take much. I'm going to try to wade out to the Surskit and pick it up. Can one of you yank me out if I start behaving strangely?"
  562. [00:01:35 ][castfromhp] The Yanma has gone back to being twitchy, zipping back and forth and turning around erratically. The Surskit is as oblivious as ever, even as it gets zapped.
  563. [00:01:48 ][Lucian] 1d20 Pokeball; 1d20 Capture
  564. [00:01:48 ][CritSenpai] Pokeball: 4 [1d20=4]; Capture: 3 [1d20=3]
  565. [00:01:57 ][Percival] "The ones inside the pool? Probably would be a good idea, that Oddish I was following didn't really match up with what the Bellosum we saw were looking like."
  566. [00:02:00 ][Lucian] Well that's a miss anyway so no lost ball
  567. [00:02:04 ][Dann-] "That's a good idea too though." Dann pops Glyce back out. "Zap the flying bug Glyce."
  568. [00:02:05 ][Lucian] broken*
  569. [00:02:07 ][Dann-] Thunder Wave
  570. [00:02:14 ][castfromhp] Plunk! You miss entirely, and the ball sinks into the pool.
  571. [00:02:23 ][Dann-] Can I wade out to the Surskit?
  572. [00:02:23 ][Lucian] Actually, will a Pokeball work at all on them I wonder
  573. [00:02:29 ][Dann-] Hmmmmm
  574. [00:02:31 ][Lucian] 1d20 Pokeball; 1d20 Capture One More
  575. [00:02:31 ][CritSenpai] Pokeball: 13 [1d20=13]; Capture One More: 5 [1d20=5]
  576. [00:02:39 ][castfromhp] You can wade out to them sure.
  577. [00:02:55 ][Dann-] I more meant, if I'm already doing that (with the rope failsafe), has anything bad happened yet?
  578. [00:03:01 ][Dann-] And Glyce Thunder Waved the Yanma
  579. [00:03:06 ][Dann-] Can it still fly?
  580. [00:03:32 ][castfromhp] The Yanma falls onto a lily and twitches.
  581. [00:04:11 ][castfromhp] Lucian, the ball hits and the Surskit doesn't even seem to struggle, getting easily captured. The ball still falls into the pool though, so someone has to go grab it.
  582. [00:04:41 ][Lucian] Figuring its still safest for him, Lucian leads the others safely out of the pool before returning to collect his two Pokeballs.
  583. [00:04:44 ]* Dann- wades out and feels around for the two pokeballs Lucian threw. He then moves over to the Yanma and bops it with a ball.
  584. [00:04:49 ][Percival] "...Is there one even in the pool?"
  585. [00:05:49 ][castfromhp] The Yanma doesn't struggle either and is easily balled.
  586. [00:06:15 ]* Dann- looks at the ball in his hand with concern. He waits out in the water so Lucian can use the rope as a lifeline as well, if he wants to.
  587. [00:07:33 ]* Lucian seems out of it at the moment, focused more on getting his things and getting everybody on the team safely out of the place, ignoring the rope focused as he is on the tasks immediately before him.
  588. [00:07:50 ]* Tupac (~weed@Rizon-1A5D5BED.hsd1.pa.comcast.net) has joined #SleeplessInSequoia
  589. [00:09:11 ]* Dann- pockets the balled Yanma and calls out to Stefan, "Stefan? One saw if I just waded out here and captured a Yanma. Two saws if I'm doing something else, like dancing."
  590. [00:09:45 ][castfromhp] Stefan patiently saws his claw once.
  591. [00:10:21 ]* Dann- holds his breath in fear of a second saw, and then sighs in relief. He follows the rope back to everyone else and links arms like Lucian had planned.
  592. [00:10:47 ]* superblazed has quit (Ping timeout: 240 seconds)
  593. [00:10:57 ][Lucian] "No splitting up until we're safely in town. Adrienne, can you find our way back to the road?"
  594. [00:11:32 ][castfromhp] Just for the sake of clarification, what all samples did you take from the area around this pool? The two Pokemon, the loamy soil, the plants, and the water?
  595. [00:12:41 ][Lucian] Yeah, the various plants of interest we came across, the water, soil, and Pokemon
  596. [00:12:57 ][Lucian] If we had tools to extract some of the mist I'd do that but we'll have to settle for the pool water
  597. [00:13:19 ][zoofdude] On your way back to the toe proper, you still see the dancing Bellsprout doing its thang, and also Watcher Lenny heading your way.  "Howdy!  Saw smoke in the distance, seems you guys are still alright still."
  598. [00:13:21 ][Dann-] Definitely the bush itself
  599. [00:13:42 ][Dann-] Also, can I explain what happened on my end before we leave?
  600. [00:14:03 ][zoofdude] Sure
  601. [00:14:55 ]* Dann- waves to Lenny. "Yeah, I'm afraid that was our doing. But we put it out."
  602. [00:15:53 ][Dann-] Turning to his party, "Can I fill you all in on what happened on my end back here? It involves that guy." He points at the dancing Bellsprout. "I'm curious to hear what happened to you before I got there as well."
  603. [00:16:27 ][Dann-] If it seems like everyone is sticking around, Dann sits down, out of exhaustion.
  604. [00:16:57 ][Percival] "Sure you can do that. It might be a good idea for a small break before we go on ahead, that was really strange back there."
  605. [00:16:58 ][Lucian] "There was mist, I heard voices, I blocked them out using advice I gave Lawrence, and eventually I realized I was the only one not hallucinating."
  606. [00:17:54 ][Dann-] "I was digging in the dried pool with Roy over there," Dann gestures to the area he was in, "when all of a sudden, I felt like I'd be thrown in a pool. I could breath and everything, but it was like I was in some kind of liquid. Roy and Glyce were totally out of it too."
  607. [00:18:38 ][Dann-] "I managed to wander out of the pool, but they were still stuck and wouldn't respond to me. So I recalled Glyce, sent him back out, and had him knock Roy out of the pool with a twister." He grimaces apologetically at Lucian. "I think he's fine though."
  608. [00:19:06 ][Dann-] "I gave Roy a rope and walked back in to the pit and started hearing music. It was the exact same tempo that the Bellsprout was dancing to as well."
  609. [00:19:21 ]* Lucian shakes his head, "It's find. As long as Roy got out of that safely, I don't care what you had to do to get it."
  610. [00:19:25 ][Lucian] fine*
  611. [00:20:10 ][Dann-] "After a bit, a girl dressed in hempen clothing came walking out of the woods and offered me her hands. I asked her who she was, but before I could do much else, I woke up on the ground outside the pit again. Roy had apparently yanked me back out."
  612. [00:20:27 ][Dann-] "After that, I was pretty freaked out, so I went looking for all of you."
  613. [00:21:16 ][Dann-] "Oh, and Roy said I had just looked like I was dancing in the pit. Like the Bellsprout."
  614. [00:21:30 ][Lucian] "He /told you/?"
  615. [00:21:58 ][Dann-] "Well I asked him if I'd just been standing there. And he shook his head and did a little dance. So I may have drawn conclusions." He gives Lucian a sheepish grin.
  616. [00:22:50 ]* Lucian shrugs, "Well, if that's that, I'd like to get to Hollyhock and put this behind us for the time being."
  617. [00:22:52 ][Dann-] "Anyway, I'm grateful to him for helping me out."
  618. [00:22:56 ][zoofdude] Lenny's rubbing his chin, "Well this isn't okilly dokilly at all, hrm.  You all experienced hallucinations out here then?  Down by the pools?"
  619. [00:23:07 ]* Lucian pinches his nose, "I don't like the implications of what I found."
  620. [00:23:31 ]* Dann- nods solemnly to Lenny.
  621. [00:23:46 ][Lucian] "Worse, the plant we believe is causing these hallucinations was planted there, through no small effort, and allowed to disperse itself amongst the wild Pokemon population."
  622. [00:23:57 ][Lucian] "You wouldn't happen to know anything about that would you?"
  623. [00:24:51 ][castfromhp] (quick thing here to clarify)
  624. [00:25:08 ][zoofdude] "Mmmm...I wouldn't jump to too many conclusions about that," Lenny reaches into his jacket and pulls out a gas mask.  "I'll do a little investigation on my own, but ya'll should head to Hollyhock to rest up."
  625. [00:25:53 ][castfromhp] (y'all recognized some of the big thorny plants there as non-native, but you've seen them elsewhere in the region or at least heard of them and they aren't hallucinogenic)
  626. [00:26:00 ][Percival] "I think you might've heard what I saw, I was following that Oddish... not sure if it was real, into that pool and it seemed to have heated up and turned to lava from what I felt. Yeah I'm liking the idea of going back to make sure that stops happening."
  627. [00:26:05 ][castfromhp] (just prickly and itchy)
  628. [00:26:34 ][@Doxy] The Oddish hops on your foot! >:O
  629. [00:27:48 ][Lucian] "I'll write up a report once we stop for lodgings in Hollyhock, send our findings to Benedict Labs as neatly as I can."
  630. [00:29:04 ][Dann-] "I'll write up something about my experience here. Oh, that reminds me!" Dann looks at the area he was digging in. "I think we should get a bit of that soil, just in case. But it might be kinda tough..."
  631. [00:29:17 ][Dann-] "Oh!" He withdraws his shovel. Is there any dirt still on it from earlier?
  632. [00:29:34 ][zoofdude] I assumed you already got a soil sample of that spot, so sure!
  633. [00:29:36 ][zoofdude] "Alrighty, hopefully the rest of your hike goes better than this," he laughs as he puts the mask on and marches on down.
  634. [00:29:43 ][castfromhp] The hard clay wouldn't be too hard to collect, either from the dried pool Dann found first, or the filled pool you all went to later.
  635. [00:29:50 ][castfromhp] So we can say you got both.
  636. [00:29:57 ][Dann-] Well I was suggesting having both in case they were different~
  637. [00:32:24 ][Lucian] "I already have a soil sample from the burn site, in case you were wondering."
  638. [00:32:57 ][Dann-] "Well, there's a chance they're different. The soil beneath the bush was a bit of a different consistency, after all."
  639. [00:35:06 ]* Percival reaches down towards it. "Oh! I guess they were real!"
  640. [00:36:14 ][@Doxy] The oddish rubs up against your hand affectionately~
  641. [00:36:16 ][Adrienne] "You should ask around town about the hallucination you saw, Dann," Adrienne advises. "You might get something out of it."
  642. [00:37:49 ][Dann-] "That's a good point. Ugh, I've no skill for drawing, but I should try to jot something down about that girl. Her actions implied a conscious intent. That worries me, and it's definitely worth looking into."
  643. [00:38:45 ]* Dann- sighs. "It could just be a meaningless whim of my imagination. But I will ask around about it."
  644. [00:38:52 ][Lucian] "What did she say exactly?"
  645. [00:39:01 ][Lucian] "All you said before was that she spoke to you."
  646. [00:39:20 ][Dann-] "She never said anything, but she offered me her hands, as if to grab my arms. When I tried to ask her something, I woke up and realized it had been an illusion."
  647. [00:39:50 ][Dann-] "Not much to go off of, I know, but I at least felt like she was trying to do something deliberate."
  648. [00:40:33 ][Lucian] "Adrienne's right. You should ask around with the locals. If nothing else, we can write it off as an isolated incident caused by the hallucinations."
  649. [00:40:35 ][Dann-] "...we could always try to recreate the situation, if it still happens in that little area."
  650. [00:40:49 ]* Lucian answers quickly, "No."
  651. [00:40:51 ]* Dann- says, gesturing towards the area.
  652. [00:41:04 ][Dann-] "Probably not the best time for a second test."
  653. [00:41:09 ]* Dann- agrees.
  654. [00:41:27 ][Percival] "Hm, you interesting in following little fella? I imagine there's more interesting landscape outside as well."
  655. [00:42:03 ][Adrienne] "Deliberately trying to reinduce hallucinations sounds like a pretty bad idea."
  656. [00:42:17 ][Lucian] "If you want, I'll buy you some dream smoke."
  657. [00:42:48 ][Lucian] "But we're not willingly going into that mist again until we have a better idea of what it is and what it does."
  658. [00:42:54 ]* Dann- sighs. "I only meant for the sake of figuring out if it means anything. It's not exactly something I'd be thrilled to recreate, but we might learn something from it."
  659. [00:43:06 ][Dann-] "But yes, I agree that no is not the time."
  660. [00:43:09 ][Dann-] *now
  661. [00:43:23 ][@Doxy] The Oddish nods at Percival, smiling happily.
  662. [00:43:44 ][Lucian] "We can decide on whether it's worth it /after/ we've determined that there hasn't been any lasting damage."
  663. [00:44:44 ]* Dann- nods and stands up. "Also agreed." He pulls out the yanma's pokeball. "I'm even more worried about what it might have done to this guy. Or that Surskit."
  664. [00:44:49 ][Adrienne] "Maybe Dann's thick enough that there's no lasting damage," she quips.
  665. [00:46:07 ]* Percival taps the Oddish with a Pokeball. "This would be the best manner of carrying you, I'll be sure to let you out to see as well."
  666. [00:46:08 ]* Dann- grins at Adrienne. "I'm sure that's true. Hell, it took quite a lot of time spent digging before I even noticed. Thank goodness it wasn't one of you smart folks."
  667. [00:46:52 ][Dann-] "I'd hate for your big brains to get damaged."
  668. [00:47:30 ][@Doxy] Zoooop
  669. [00:48:18 ][@Doxy] The Oddish is drawn into the Poke Ball, which clicks instantly.
  670. [00:48:24 ][@Doxy] ~You caught a Pokemon jingle~
  671. [00:48:53 ]* Adrienne rolls her eyes and scoffs good-naturedly at Dann. "Let's get to Hollyhock so we can wind down from hallucinating."
  672. [00:49:47 ]* Lucian breathes in and pinches the bridge of his nose, "I...I just-ah, whatever." He smiles, though it's a bit strained at the sides, "I think I'm more concerned about Dann waking up in another dream session to find out he's married to this dream girl in his illusions and never want to wake up."
  673. [00:50:49 ][Dann-] "Hey, I didn't say she was type, did I?"
  674. [00:51:55 ][Dann-] Seeing that his attempts at humor are not too effective in the wake of the party's recent encounter, Dann opts to move on. "Should we head on over to Hollyhock?"
  675. [00:52:06 ]* Percival stores the ball. "Yeah, we should be getting back, I just wanted to finish up some business. We should be fine to go to Hollyhick."
  676. [00:52:11 ][Percival] "Hollyhock rather."
  677. [00:53:03 ][Lucian] "Let's get going. Let's find the gym leader and not deliver that asshole's package."
  678. [00:54:12 ][Dann-] "Actually, as a Fairy-type user, the gym leader might be able to give some good advice on this whole awful day."
  679. [00:54:23 ][Adrienne] "... Huh, I didn't think of that."
  680. [00:56:15 ][Dann-] "If nothing else, maybe he'll credit us on his next novel." Dann tries (and fails) to say with a straight face.
  681. [00:57:06 ][Adrienne] "Speaking of which, I do want to check out Raltselfest."
  682. [00:57:11 ]* Lucian doesn't have anything else to say and heads down the road by himself, hoping the others will get going as well.
  683. [00:57:52 ][Adrienne] "It sounds kinda fun." Adrienne gets going too.
  684. [00:58:25 ]* Percival heads towards Hollyhock.
  685. [00:58:27 ][Dann-] "Certainly more fun than this place. Let's head out."
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