Oct 22nd, 2020
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  2. Dungeons and dragons: the dragons
  3. Draconic Mentality (+0
  4. The Dragonsleep (+200, yep sleepy
  5. pride +200 it's natural for Dragon
  6. obese +200 so I'm chubby, I'm always chubby
  7. adventure magnet +200 of course
  8. Storm of Behir (+200): annoying
  9. Destroyed heart +300 mother box has lots of OOC and magic stuff to help with this
  10. Dragon War (+300): out of context abilities
  11. Rage of the Dragon +600 Fortunately I have experience with removing myself in situations where I'm going to have destructive impulses Also mother box Should help since they can calm me down
  12. Scenario: King of the Monsters Easier than it sounds
  13. Stellar-1800 one of the best options here
  14. Ascendant we are in Dungeons & Dragons territory
  15. adult free it's free
  16. Dragon Intellect (Free): don't need this but it's nice
  17. natural armor free useful
  18. Draconis Fundamentum Free
  19. senses free fun fact dragons are a prey animal
  20. Breath weaponX2: disintegrate field breath, gravity breath, purchase free for Stellar chosen discount -100 some useful stuff here
  21. Rapid recovery -200 To breathe more disintegration
  22. Flight plus upgrade -100 flight free with stellar Dragon
  23. Sorcery Free with Dragon it's a thing.
  24. Wizardry Chosen as free
  25. spell resistance free
  26. frightful presence free
  27. Cross fertility -50 probably going to need this
  28. inherent memory -50 useful
  29. Adult free
  30. the strength of ages -300 chosen discount
  31. aspect of the divine-100 discount for ascendant
  32. Manufactured Worship-200
  33. Dragon domain:Arcana ,Travel ,Destruction ,Healing ,Dragons-300 discount for ascendant
  34. layer extra 600 DP for this section
  35. territory free a turf Several hundred light years in diameter
  36. gold coins free every Dragon has them
  37. gemstones free the extra hard bits are arranged just right for me to lay on
  38. treasure room -50 yes must fit all the treasure taken from stipend
  39. wall art -50 I love these things taken from stipend
  40. Palatial Estate-100 it's a big place for a big Dragon taken from stipend
  41. Walled:Iron -100 that's all lot of taken from stipend
  42. Wall upgrades:Razor blades -100 Taken from stipend this is a very imposing building
  43. Fleshy amenities freeSince I've got worshipers hanging out to protect it
  44. egg incubators -100 taken from stipend were going to need them eventually
  45. Cult of the Dragon -100 taken from stipend Now go convert the rest of my followers!
  46. companions -200
  47. Monique
  48. time -1800 taken from stipend
  49. spell resistance free
  50. frightful presence free
  51. breath weapon free
  52. Cross fertility -50
  53. inherent memory -50
  54. The Dragon Of All Colours And None: time, force, prismatic. White. Red-300
  55. adventurer
  56. Sorcery free for Dragon
  57. Psionics free
  58. senses free
  59. classy: sorcerer free for adventurer
  60. Brainstealer Dragon -200
  61. layer extra 600 DP for this section
  62. territory free
  63. gold coins free
  64. gemstones free
  65. great library -50
  66. relics -50
  67. Walled:Mithral -150
  68. Lead Lined- 50
  69. Tornado’s Eye -200
  70. Deep Time free Time Dragon
  72. mother box
  73. Stellar -1800 taken from stipend
  74. spell resistance free
  75. frightful presence free
  76. Sage
  77. adult free
  78. natural armor free
  79. Dragon Intellect (Free):
  80. Sorcery Free with Dragon it's a thing.
  81. wizardry -100
  82. Runic-100
  83. Draconis Fundamentum Free
  84. senses free
  85. Riddle master free for stage
  86. Loredrake-100 discount for Sage
  87. mystical innovator -200 discount for stage
  88. Spellhoarder chosen as free
  89. territory free
  90. gold coins free
  91. gemstones free
  92. bastion of unborn souls -600 taken from stipend
  93. the plan: use outside context abilities to beat this older Dragon before he just swallows me, build up the rock in orbit I'm making my layer on, court my wife again,Have MB planeshift me somewhere awful to take my rages out on, run my kingdom just normal Dragon things
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