Ima powerhouse you fools

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  1. -Byond Key:MarioBro1967
  3. -IGN: Romoto
  5. -Discord Name:Froze’sFuckingPissed
  7. -What unique/s do you want: Great Divider
  9. -Why do you need this unique to improve RP: It’s abuot time I develop me a trump card against those Saiyans a unique sword skill so to say, Aint letting Isamu out slash me boi
  11. -Do you have any outside activities such as school/work that stops you from being on during times of the day: I have to work a whole lot so I can tend to be AFK on and off during the day or things can come up, it’s mostly school.
  15. -Now I would like you to write me a roleplay involving this rank:
  17. The fight with Akuma was quite the….strange encounter, He had gone off in a fit of rage towards the other warriors for their merciful beliefs towards their enemies who would harm or threaten them, then after his near even fight with Isamu he had come to a conclusion, he was going to have to deal with these opponents himself but his breath style sword arts were not doing the trick entirely, he needed to develop a new technique. It would be one that would devastate any opponent that he would surely face in the future. After obtaining his unshakable resolve he departs into the wilderness in order to train, he wasn’t going to stay on the lookout forever.
  19.     Days had turned into weeks as Romoto had struggled to figure out how exactly he could complete his technique, he had some fundamentals down regarding how he could apply breathing arts and Ki control into this grandesque attack. So as the variety of trials had continued, the list of failed attempts have only risen more and more and many slash marks were left across the thick forest landscape. So as a few more days passed, Romoto had finally garnered a thought on  a new technique. He would quickly spread his legs and closed his eyes and gathered oxygen into his lungs infusing ki with that inhaled air he began to strengthen his entire body and took out his sword and held it in an upwards position as he began to gather energy into his blade  and arms to strengthen them rather than the rest of his body, the blade began to let off a strange light as Ki surged through the blade. He would then pull the blade back and swung down with his full force, so as the blade drove into the ground, the VERY EARTH before him would split as a massive shockwave from the slash would tear the Earth as it drove fowards and suddenly the attack ran into a nearby cave causing the whole cave to suddenly just collapse.
  21.     Romoto would look over to the pile of rubble the boulder was in before a cocky smirk was pressed onto his face. “This seems like it would do the trick.” he told himself, this new technique was probably the thing that Romoto was searching for all this time, he needed a powerhouse move like Yamcha and Goku with the Kamehameha and obviously this technique was the stepping stone for many future victories. As he walked back to Yahoi a single thought was on his mind.
  23. “ come up with a name.”
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