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  1. >Antifa and the Left and MSM act like shitheads for YEARS.*
  2. >Nothing happens to them because the government quietly agrees with them.*
  3. >The Alt-Right is born, combining old conservative ideals with a lack of the racist, hyper-traditionalist baggage that outmoded the old Right.
  4. >The Alt-Right finally gets fed up, begins protesting this Leftist status quo.
  5. >The remains of the old, hard Right sees this and jumps onto the Alt-Right's coattails, trying to hijack their thought leadership.*
  6. >The Left sees the Alt-Right and loses their fucking shit, devolving into violence and calling for all kinds of horrible shit.*
  7. >The Alt-Right becomes more angry, and starts to allow the old Right monkey on their back to push them to greater extremes.*
  8. >The Alt-Right refuses to lay down and fights back.
  9. >The Liberal establishment institutions all but declare war on employment, free speech, and the Internet in order to hurt the Alt-Right.*
  10. > Charlottesville escalates due to the riot not being quelled by cops (given orders to stand down and directing opposing crowds INTO one another) and someone running people down.
  11. > The Alt-Right and Right condemns the violence.
  12. > The left condemns ALL of the right as Nazis.*
  13. > The MSM condemns ALL of the right as Nazis, does not address Left violence (and had not in the past either).*
  14. > Even when asked to condemn political violence on all sides (by Cernovich) they LAUGHED.*
  17. Anything with a * is the problem.
  20. GamerGate had similar fake claims of abuse and harassment from third-party trolls pinned to them. If at ANY point they had said "Some people used our name to harass people- we condemn it." The MSM would have torn it apart by claiming GG was ALL harassment. They still do now- but if GG had said it, it would have been distorted to mean "some people in GG harass."
  22. Now, those on the right are having to condemn violence on "both sides". Why?
  23. Far as I can tell, the violence was from 3 groups:
  24. - The left, attacking.
  25. - The actual Neo-Nazis, attacking.
  26. - The actual Right, who had peacefully assembled and were defending themselves.
  27. Those who attended peacefully and protected themselves did not- and should not- apologize for things they did not do.
  28. They did not run people over.
  29. They did not bring a Nazi flag.
  30. They did not use a can of hairspray and turned it into a flamethrower.
  31. They did not start the violence.
  33. If calling anyone white & right wing a Nazi will make things worse, then what about taking on the sins of some assholes who they want nothing to do with?
  35. You never apologized for winning or who you were- don't apologize for other people's actions.
  36. Condemn- and make it damn clear those who escalated the fight were no more on the side of the right than Antifa or the MSM.
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