FEF: LTG: Aya Hikasa

Dec 2nd, 2018
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  1. Name: Aya Hikasa
  2. Age: 26
  3. Class: Laguz (Beast)
  4. Special: Wolf
  5. Character Skill: Wildform
  6. Affinity: Dark
  8. Personal Fault: Reality Also Has Defeats: When under 50% HP, -15 Eva.
  9. Personal Skill: Exulting Passion: If an ally is reduced to 0 HP within 2 spaces of Aya, gain +1 to the Beast Gauge.
  10. Personal Skill: Follow My Way: When initiating attack on other Beast Laguz, +15 Crit.
  11. / Personal Skill: Make My Story: If the opponent has 100% HP, deal +2 damage.
  13. Preferred Stats: Strength, Speed
  14. Transformation Type: Receive +3 Beast Gauge on reducing an enemy to 0 HP.
  16. Level: 16
  17. Total Level: 16
  19. Base Stats:
  20. Transformation Bonuses: +3 STR, +3 SKL, +1 DEF, +3 SPD
  22. HP: 25 (60%)
  23. STR: 7 (60%)
  24. MAG: 0 (0%)
  25. SKL: 3 (50%)
  26. CON: 6
  27. AID: 5
  28. LCK: 1 (15%)
  29. DEF: 4 (50%)
  30. RES: 1 (45%)
  31. SPD: 6 (55%)
  32. MOV: 5
  34. Levels Gained:
  35. Level 2: +1HP, +1STR, +1RES
  36. Level 3: +1STR, +1DEF, +1RES, +1SPD
  37. Level 4: +1STR, +1SPD, +1STR to transformation boost
  38. Level 5: +1HP, +1LUK, +1RES
  39. Level 6: +1HP, +1SKL, +1SPD
  40. Level 7: +1HP, +1STR, +1RES, +1SPD
  41. Level 8: +1STR, +1SKL, +1DEF, +5 crit to weapon, +1SKL to transformation boost
  42. Level 9: +1HP, +1STR, +1SKL, +1RES
  43. Level 10: +1STR, +1RES
  44. Level 11: +1HP, +1DEF, +1RES, +1SPD
  45. Level 12: +1HP, +1STR, +1RES, +1SPD, +1DEF to Transformation boost
  46. Level 13: +1HP, +1STR, +1LUK, +1RES
  47. Level 14: +1HP, +1STR
  48. Level 15: +1HP, +1DEF, +1RES
  49. Level 16: +1HP, +1STR, +1SKL
  51. HP: 41 (60%)
  52. STR: 18 (60%) (T:+4)
  53. MAG: 0 (0%)
  54. SKL: 7 (50%) (T:+4)
  55. CON: 6 (T=12)
  56. AID: 5 (T=11)
  57. LCK: 3 (15%)
  58. DEF: 8 (50%) (T:+2)
  59. RES: 11 (45%)
  60. SPD: 12 (55%) (T:+3)
  61. MOV: 5 (T:+1)
  63. Supports:
  64. Aurelia (B): +2 DAM, +5 Hit, +5 Eva, +20 Crit
  65. Joachim (C): +1 DAM, +2 Hit, +2 Eva, +10 Crit
  68. Inventory:
  69. Name | Type ( ) |Rng|Wt| Mt | Hit | Cr | Ql
  70. Claws | --- | 1 |- | 4 | 80 | 5 | -
  71. Wildflower (3/3)
  72. Vulnerary (3/3)
  73. Guiding Ring
  76. Battle Stats: Base Form
  77. Rng: 1
  78. AT: 18
  79. Hit: 95
  80. Crit: 8
  81. AS: 12
  82. Eva: 27
  83. DG: 3
  85. Wildform:
  86. Rng: 1
  87. AT: 22
  88. Hit: 95
  89. Crit: 8
  90. AS: 12
  91. Eva: 27
  92. DG: 3
  94. Transformed:
  95. Rng: 1
  96. AT: 26
  97. Hit: 103
  98. Crit: 10
  99. AS: 15
  100. Eva: 33
  101. DG: 3
  104. Bio:
  105. There are many great individuals, and great families behind them in the history of the continent; great Laguz whose ancestors participated in the War of the Walkers and won much valor and acclaim, great thinkers who inscribed their names into history not with blood but with words and thoughts, the mind's weapons in the arena of debate where race did not rear its ugly head, great merchants who traveled the seas, bringing stories back from far-off lands and exotic animals and plants that the likes of their neighbors knew naught of, or great rulers, presiding over times of peace, uniting humans and Laguz under the same banner and bringing about untold ages of prosperity. Many of those names, for good or ill, have been carved into the hearts of Laguz and human alike, and many of them will be found in history for years, if not centuries to come.
  107. The Hikasa family was not one of them.
  109. Born in a backwater village in Geumho, Aya knew not much about the world beyond the river that bounded her childhood home. Traders scarcely visited their home village- they were no great craftsmen- and then only to exchange the essentials for grain grown here, which would inevitably be traded off to the humans who had more use for it. Aya's family were farmers, eagerly taking on the livelihood for somewhere stable to stay and friends to count on, having emerged from the Laguz who had yet to embrace settled life. For the most part, day in, day out, Aya's life was much the same; wake up early, check on the harvest, help her parents and older siblings go hunting for today's meals, eat at midday, help out the neighbors or maintain the homestead in the afternoon, rest for a while, meet with the rest of the village and then sleep to repeat it all over again in the morning. Nobody really thought anything of it; their homeland was best, after all, and there was no need to head out even as far as Daeson, let alone abroad, into the great unknown. Aya was no different, at first.
  111. As she grew into her adolescent years, things changed. Her village grew larger, traders passing by more and more often. Her family had fallen upon hard times; their many children, the fact that they made little off selling the grain they grew and the general lack of opportunities at home, left them with very little to supply any of them. Aya took the initiative; approaching one of the traders, she asked them if there was any way she could work for them, if only to earn a little more money to send home to her family. Though her mother and father were sad, they knew, deep down, Aya had done the right thing; this was what needed to happen if their family was to survive the winters. So, Aya went off with the traders as a porter, helping to load and unload grain, and then as a guard for when the caravans carried valuable cargo. The money she earned, she sent much of it back home. This arrangement continued for a while, where Aya travelled the world with these traders, venturing not just to the city of Daeson, but over the border to Dashun and great Pinguo, into Sampia and even into unfriendly Morcia, though only for a while.
  113. At first, Aya grew homesick, as all of her kind did. Indeed, many of her fellow Laguz on the caravan were often homesick on the long months away. However, eventually, Aya grew to love the world around her; the experiences of Laguz who were not from the smallest, most insignificant backwaters, humans (who by halves fascinated her and irritated her), the cultures she saw. She returned the first couple of times to her village, each time regaling her family with constant tales of the world beyond, but eventually, her mother kindly advised her to seek what she truly loved, after one final visit home. Aya had found something that was hers, the great wanderlust, the desire to explore. Setting out with provisions to last her a long while, Aya said one final goodbye, promising to write every so often and maybe, possibly, return one day, to her small corner of Geumho. Setting out to journey on her own this time, Aya often took on weird, odd jobs to support herself; after all, simply because she was a Laguz who could hunt her food did not mean she didn't need wrappings for the coldest tops where even her fur could not protect her, or ropes and supplies to ascend and descend the rockiest walls that even her legs could not carry her up, and the occasional bandage and herbs to heal her wounds, for not all of her travels were peaceful, and Aya had to learn to fight well to survive in some of the rougher corners of the world. And, from time to time, she just wanted something nice from places she'd been. All in all, travel was not cheap, and the lack of a constant job, though not wearing on her idealism, wore on her wallet.
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