MGE Side III Pleasure Street

Sep 5th, 2020 (edited)
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  1. Puhaaa...❤ My head feels all melty~❤
  2. Your semen~, it was so delicious~❤
  3. Nfufu~❤ I love you onii-san~❤ I’ll do my best to show you around❤
  5. This place is called “Pleasure Street”, it’s Dé Ryúa’s main street!
  6. On both sides of the waterway flowing through the center, there are roadways that are easy for humans to walk on, and there are lots of lewd and enjoyable shops like love hotels, brothels, strip theaters, and suspicious pharmacies❤
  7. There’s also casinos and adult bars! There’s a lot of pink colors from all the mana and the, what was it called? Neon Light? Signboards and glittering letters, isn’t it super cute?❤
  9. The song maidens working at the brothels are all, of course, girls without lovers, just waiting for a guest to claim them.
  10. Onii-san has already decided on me, but someone that hasn’t chosen yet can choose a girl they like from these stores❤
  11. Since it’s a brothel, you start with the lewd things and making each other feel good, then you can go on a date in the city~❤
  13. Shops like these offer song maidens different from the pole-dancing ones, there are lots of shops specializing in things like big sister types with big boobs that specialize in squeezing you with their boobs, or ones with just tiny little Sabbath girls, so it’s super easy to find a type of girl to suite your tastes❤
  15. Ah, here comes a boat down the waterway! It looks like a shell, isn’t it cute?❤
  16. There are Sea Bishops and Mermaids riding on it and singing, I wonder if it’s an advertisement for the show happening soon?
  17. Those girls are song maidens too. I said this earlier, but all of the song maidens you see working around the city like this are girls without lovers waiting to be chosen, so if you grab them and do as you please with them, no one will complain, and the girls will be delighted❤ They’re “free to touch”❤
  19. By the way, there are lots of poles around here, and lots of pole dancing Nereids!
  20. These poles weren’t originally made for pole dancing, a long time ago when this city was called the “Prison Island”, there was a big jail around here, and it seems they used them as iron bar walls.
  21. Hey hey, up there, look look! They’re dancing from a super high spot on that pole, and even though we’re not underwater, it looks like they’re swimming~❤
  23. The Nereid in this city can swim through the air like this, I can too of course!
  24. This street is the entrance to the city, and is the first place men come through, so everyone is eager to get chosen. The movement gets intense, it’s really lewd❤
  25. Nfufu~❤ I’ve already been chosen by onii-san though❤ But whenever onii-san wants to see my pole dance, I’ll show it to you❤
  26. Just like this❤ When I rub against your crotch...❤ Onii-san quickly gets an erection huh...❤
  28. My mouth felt really good earlier, didn’t it~❤
  29. Whenever onii-san wants to feel refreshed, you’re free to use it❤
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