Baytown, Louisiana February 12th 2008

Nov 19th, 2013
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  1. Baytown, Louisiana
  2. February 12th 2008 5:30am
  4. Susanna Branch (28)
  7. 8 a.m. Tuesday, Louisiana State Police pulled over a Nissan truck for a moving violation, and the trooper noticed blood on the driver's hands (and clothes)
  9. Louisiana officials said Allen St. Brice told them he cut himself while changing a tire, but tires showed no evidence of being changed. So the trooper called for assistance and when they arrived, St. Brice fled. Police said he threw a gun out of the window along I-10
  11. Troopers laid down a spike strip and stopped the truck, and St. Brice was taken into custody
  13. Allen St. Brice, 31, was arrested in St. Martin Parish on Tuesday, accused of "running from Louisiana state police," Harris County Sgt. Larry Davis said
  15. St. Brice was booked into the Iberville Parish Jail and later released to detectives from Harris County
  17. Deputies said St. Brice broke into the home of 28-year-old Susanna Branch and opened fire around 5:30 am
  19. Branch died at the scene, and her boyfriend died at the hospital
  21. Branch’s two sons, aged 7 and 8, slept through the whole thing
  23. Branch's sons, awakened by the gunfire, were the first to discover the bloody scene. They alerted their grandmother, who called 911, Davis said
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