Rubiks cube SCP

Oct 18th, 2014
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  1. Item #: SCP-2929
  3. Object Class: Euclid
  5. Special Containment Procedures: SCP-2929 is kept in a standard containment chamber measuring four (4) meters by four (4) meters by three (3) meters. Contained within is a simple metal table, a single chair and SCP-2929 itself which remains placed on the centre of the table when not in use. CCTV cameras with horizontal scanning capability are affixed in the top corners of the room, linked by secure feed to an observation room in the connecting corridor for monitoring purposes.
  7. Description:
  9. SCP-2929 has the appearance of a perfectly normal Rubik's Cube, completely standard in material and function, with one important distinction - it appears to be either completely unsolvable or improbably difficult to solve. When taken apart and put back together it's property of unsolvability remains; however attempts by SCP engineers to forcibly de-construct and then reconstruct in a "solved" configuration encounter just as much difficulty as attempting to solve it legitimately.
  11. [REDACTED], one of the world's foremost Rubik's Cube experts (referred to in Rubik's Cube terminology as a "speedcuber") was recruited in an attempt to solve it in the traditional way; however at the twenty (20) hour mark this expert became increasingly frustrated and showed no sign of voluntarily leaving the experiment. Upon being escorted from the room containing SCP-2929 for his own mental and physical well-being (the subject had refrained from partaking of food or drink for the last twelve (12) hours despite numerous offerings by D-class personnel) the subject was witnessed emitting utterances of hatred towards SCP-2929 - audio transcript to follow.
  13. [REDACTED]: "Just one more minute, it's been tricking me but I'm getting the better of it now..."
  14. [REDACTED]: " is this...?"
  15. [REDACTED]: "The slimy little b****r!"
  16. [REDACTED] then threw SCP-2929 against the far wall in what appeared to be an exasperated attempt to destroy it. A Class-D security detail then immediately entered containment area and physicaly removed the subject. Class-B amnesiacs were applied and subject was released after precautionary psychoanalysis did not indicate any lasting psychological damage.
  18. Addendum: No information is yet known as to the potential consequences of solving SCP-2929; however research personnel involved in the case have strongly warned against further attempts - partially due to the apparently unnatural level of obsession and psychological strain provoked in unassuming and ordinarily level-headed enthusiasts, but also due to the somewhat more esoteric hypothesis proposed by some researchers which proposes that the act of solving SCP-2929 may result in some cataclysmic event on a hereto unthinkably cosmic scale.
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