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  1. Picking a single adjective to describe Oliver Queen’s voice would be nearly impossible. At times, it can be absolutely silken. When he’s speaking to someone he trusts—or the beautiful gal on the stool next to him—it rolls right off his silver tongue. There’s an amiable lilt to his tone; it puts you at ease and makes you feel as though he’s known you for years. This single ability has often made him perfect in his position as Queen Industries’ CEO. On the other hand, his ability to command through a single matter-of-fact tone has made him potentially cut-throat in the eyes of those seeking to negotiate with the man. Regardless of the situation there’s always a gruff, if not husky, undertone that comes off as mildly sensual depending on the person he’s speaking to. He bears no recognizable accent having grown up in the United States, though some have sworn the slightest hint of British could be forced out if his irritation is high enough. This is actually a misnomer, however, given the fact that Robert Queen possessed a Welsh accent that Ollie has done his best to ignore.
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