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Jul 21st, 2019
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  1. Buckle down for this. It’s some Luckyy and Buttwipe drama. Everyone (most of us) in this Discord used to be in Apex which is now known as Lucid. Note that I am an asshole and not politically correct. I am not a fan of the reaction culture that’s taken over the internet. I grew up playing Call of Duty calling other people racist, homophobic, sexist, nasty shit because the reactions are hilarious and that’s what made OG Xbox Live fun for literally everyone. I was the 12 year old telling 40 year old men that I banged their moms. This is important to remember about my personality.
  3. Account recovs started consuming Apex/Lucid like a plague. Clan members didn’t want to help each other with activities anymore unless they had a recov lined up. I never did paid recovs for strangers and only helped Tidaly and Nokris out in comp because they are my clan mates and friends. They would do gay PvE stuff on my account in return. I liked PvP and would help the guys doing recovs out even though I had already earned Legend in the corresponding season. Usually the shitters playing on recovs were illStrat, Incubus, Hanzo, and a few others I can’t think of. Those motherfuckers owe me so much money from carrying their recovs, it ain’t even funny. They wouldn’t do FUCKING SHIT in matches while I top frag on my main...and they get paid? That’s cool right?
  5. Anyways, the clan turned into a recov farm. These guys had contacts with other clans that would cut them deals and feed them recovs. Basically subcontracting. Illstrat invited me to their Discord one day. One of these bitches who fed them recovs is named GodG, leader of Akatsuki (some anime obsessed clan that I think disbanded). I learned about a Discord scrim bot that GodG had apparently been selling to people for usage in their servers. It was used to just randomly pick teams of 3 players and list that in a message inside the Discord text channel. I thought “wow, these guys charge people for a one function bot? Actually fucked up”. I messaged GodG about it because I was curious about who made it and how much they were charging people to use it. I asked if Apex/Lucid could get the bot and he said since he’s good friends with the clan, he’ll give it to us for free. Neat. Turns out, he’s a liar who claims he made the bot when he actually has no idea how any kind of Javascript programming works and the bot was actually made by one of his clan mates named Score. GodG just goes around advertising it as his and sells it. Let me remind you, this bot literally has ONE command. ONE function, and they charge people for it? I found out how to generate an invite link for that guy’s bot because he was a moron and never disabled public access to it. The entire time, anyone could have added the bot to their server, free of charge and their bullshit. I generated the link and had Lax add the bot to the Discord server. GodG did not like that I took a shortcut and got the invite link myself even though he should have been angry at his own oversight and negligence. This turned into an argument that ended with illStrat siding with GodG instead of having his clanmate’s back. That irked me and I left the clan. I ended up making my own version of the scrim bot that worked better (btw check it out! and I have it open sourced for anyone to use it and configure however they desire. Only costs $FREE.99. More Lucid members followed Brock and I and left that clan because of various reasons ranging from not liking people there, not active enough in some activities, too many recovs, or just followed their friends who left to keep playing with them. This angered the dickbags named About and illStrat. They could not understand why people left them. Why they were wrong or just how god damn annoying they were.
  7. At some point, GodG left Akatsuki and joined Lucid. Then, he left Lucid and returned to Akatsuki. He fleeced both clans because he’s an indecisive child who somehow thinks leading a Destiny clan is hard. More members continued to leave Lucid for us (Phingerbang Gang). Members who left Lucid would get threatening DMs from About, stating that the person who left Lucid would never be able to re-join. This was particularly hilarious because About was not a moderator, had no authority, and was one of the most disliked members of the clan. About a week or two ago, a little birdie told me that About called me a retard when my name was brought up in the Lucid Discord. I DM’d him stating that I am sorry he is the biggest faggot I’ve ever met online. This hurt him because he started sharing a screenshot of the DM to his friends and had Mellow come into our Discord to berate me for “being a bully” and “calling someone a faggot in this day and age”. I listened to Mellow and told him I wasn’t sorry at all. That was the end of that discussion. About left Lucid and joined Cosmic after he saw the writing on the wall.
  9. Two nights ago, illStrat and About collaborated and spam reported our clan name on Destiny for being inappropriate. It got erased by Bungie. I found out about this after illStrat verbally told another member he thought he trusted who then told me what he said. I confronted illStrat and About over this revelation today which ended up with them saying I brainwashed Lucid members into leaving and joining my clan then blocking me when really, I work full time as a web developer, live with my girlfriend, and have a husky to raise. Too many chores and bills to be paid. I don’t have time to coerce or “brainwash” people into joining my clan. About and illStrat are two single losers with no education and sit on Destiny all day playing scrims with no purpose. The best act of revenge they could do was spam report our clan name and get that erased by Bungie.
  11. That’s the story so far and of course is just my side of it. Some details are missing. Ask them for their side of it. They might even upload their story to YouTube in tears.
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