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  1. Hello hi haven't done this in awhile
  3. So I got back into speedrunning recently and streaming been streaming SaGa Frontier Emelia story which those of you who aren't familiar with SaGa Frontier it's a very complex and wacky JRPG with about 7 different playable characters(Was supposed to be 8 but Fuse's story was cut) and they have very different stories and their own unique party members(but some can be in other stories) so far it's been a blast honestly and I might even consider eventually learning all stories and do a run at least 1 or 2 times. For future plans I want to do Mega Man X Command Mission as well as Live-A-Live and Octopath so look forward to that.
  5. There will be some casual streams like I'm definitely streaming Fire Emblem three houses on release either on Hard or whatever the hardest difficulty is aaanddddddd YE just an update for now my twitch name is MitoAngelo btw :( Uhhh me and Twitch got into it and I lost my name so yeah if you wanna watch me
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