CPS2 Old Changelogs

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  1. 2017-10-7BASE: Added Mountainmanjed'sStreetFighter Alpha 2 "Glasses DLC" Color Hack. Thanks,Jed!
  2. 2017-8-5BOTH: Moved sfz2aldl to the main pack – Thanks shingouki2!
  3. 2017-6-2BASE: Added Mountainmanjed'sVapireSavior Rival Stages Hack – Thanks MMJ & Darksoft!
  4. -Game List Spreadsheet now included in download folder
  5. 2017-4-11Free Play Patched Set updated with ringestdl & ddtodudm. ThanksDogP!
  6. 2017-3-26Both sets renamed. Minimalist Pack is now "Base" and theFull Pack's duplicates are all optional downloads via an Add-On
  7. 2017-3-24"Free Play Patched Set" Launched. Huge thanks to DogP!
  8. v2.7– ADD-ON: Fixed Rockman – Thanks kioku25 and Darksoft.
  9. v2.6– BOTH: AddedStreetFighter Alpha 3 All Secret Codes Entered Hack (US 980904).Thanks to everyone involved: kuze, Mayor_of_Astro_City, l_oliveira ,mountainmanjed, Darksoft, Aurich, wigsplitta, fluxcore, Malenko.
  10. v2.5– BASE: Removed duplicate ecofghtrudl folder, which had broken EcoFighters – Thanks aha2940
  11. v2.4– ADD-ON: Reverted Eco Fighters to the working Hex-edited versions.Thanks to the testers: brentradio, ekorz, jassin000, jepjepjep,Malenko, remvel, wigsplitta, wolfsoft
  12. BOTH:Added fixed Rockman: The Power Battle – Thanks Darksoft
  13. v2.3– Thanks l_oliveira and Darksoft
  14. ADD-ON:Added: Dungeons and Dragons: Tower of Doom (JAPAN 940113)
  15. Dungeonsand Dragons: Tower of Doom (JAPAN 940125)
  16. Dungeonsand Dragons: Tower of Doom (JAPAN 940412)
  17. Cyberbots(JAPAN 950420) (proper)
  18. v2.2– Big update thanks to l_oliveira and Darksoft
  19. ADD-ON:Added: 19XX (BRAZIL 951218)
  20. 19XX(HISPANIC 951218)
  21. ECOFIGHTERS (all known regional variations 931203 revison)
  22. ECOFIGHTERS (USA 940215)
  23. Marvelvs Capcom (USA 971222)
  24. Marvelvs Capcom (JAPAN 980112)
  25. Marvelvs Capcom (JAPAN 980123)
  26. Marvelvs Capcom (EURO 980123)
  27. Marvelvs Capcom (HISPANIC 980123)
  28. Marvelvs Capcom (BRAZIL 980123)
  29. StreetFighter Alpha (EURO 950718))
  30. StreetFighter Zero (BRAZIL 950727)
  31. StreetFighter Zero (BRAZIL 951109)
  32. StreetFighter Zero (JAPAN 950627)
  33. StreetFighter Zero (ASIA 950627)
  34. StreetFighter Zero (JAPAN 950727)
  36. BASE- Added: ECO FIGHTERS (USA 940215)
  37. Removed:hex edited Eco Fighters roms
  38. v2.1- BASE: Removed duplicate Super Puzzle Fighter (J)
  39. BOTH:Added missing .04 rom to spf2tdl
  40. BOTH:Removed systest
  41. v2.0- BOTH: Revised the minimalist pack: Now when two English roms exist,favor is not simply given to US but instead to the latest/mostbug-fixed rom revision.
  42. ADD-ON:Added Vampire Hunter 2: Darkstalkers' Revenge 950307 (J) – Thanksl_oliveira
  43. ADD-ON:Added Vampire Hunter 2: Darkstalkers' Revenge 950316 (J) – Thanksl_oliveira
  44. BOTH:Changed many name files so that the newest revision is the parent andolder versions are 'ALT's. I had this messed up for several gamesbefore.
  45. MINIMAL:Removed duplicate Eco Fighters (Ultimate Ecology)
  46. v1.61- BOTH: Fixed SF2X Random Stage Hack – Thanks mountainmanjed andDarksoft
  47. v1.6- BOTH: Fixed Rockman, Rockman 2/Mega Man 2 (All Regions) – Thanksl_oliveira
  48. Removedduplicate Rockman 2 (J) from US pack.
  49. v1.55- ADD-ON: Added Hyper Street Fighter 2 (JAPAN 031222) – Thanksl_oliveira
  50. v1.54- ADD-ON: Fixed D&D SOM (EU) – Thanks l_oliveira and Darksoft
  51. v1.53- BOTH: Fixed D&D SOM (US & J) – Thanks l_oliveira andDarksoft
  52. AddedVampire Night Warriors (J) & Vampire NW ALT (J) – Thanksl_oliveira and Darksoft
  53. AddedSuper Street Fighter II X Random Stage Hack – Thanks mountainmanjedand Darksoft
  54. v1.52- ADD-ON: Fixed Vampire Hunter (J) – Thanks l_oliveira
  55. v1.51- ADD-ON: Fixed Choko & Quiz Dreams – Thanks Shoutime,l_oliveira, and Darksoft
  56. Iwill now issue incremental updates for small changes betweenversions.
  57. v1.5- BOTH: Standardized all NAME files to be exactly 16 characters(except Progear Red Label) with the region letter to the far right ofthe LCD. Finally we have clean-reading, organized display names withno scrolling.
  58. Fixedthe v1.42 US Darkstalkers release – Thanks l_oliveira
  59. Removedfrom US pack: Janpai Puzzle Choko, Quiz Nanairo, and duplicate D&D.
  60. v1.42- Added: dstlkur1dlDarkstalkers:The Night Warriors (USA 940705) – Thanks l_oliveira &Darksoft
  61. v1.41- Fixed several NAME files – Thanks kioku25
  62. v1.4-FixedSuper Muscle Bomber (EU) – Thanks l_oliveira
  63. FixedHyper Street Fighter II (US) – Thank you Darksoft
  64. Fixedssf2xjdiTRAIN – Thanks fruityloops
  65. Standardized72 more NAME files
  66. Removedduplicate D&D SOM (EU)
  67. Removedmore duplicates from the US-Centric pack
  68. v1.31- AddedSuperStreet Fighter II X Free-Play Hack – Thanks fruityloops
  69. FixedMarvel Super Heroes (US) – Thanks Mitsurugi-w
  70. Removedduplicate SSFIIX trainer – Thanks Mitsurugi-w
  71. v1.3- AddedSuperStreet Fighter II X Trainer by mountainmanjed
  72. v1.2- NAME file updates for Eco Fighters to denote hex-edited regionchanges.
  73. v1.1- Added: Super Muscle Bomber (JAPAN 940831 – smbombdl)
  74. SuperMuscle Bomber (JAPAN 940808 – smbombr1dl)
  75. Ringof Destruction: Slammasters II (Euro 940902 – ringdestdl)
  76. Ringof Destruction: Slammasters II (Asia 940831 – ringdestadl)
  77. Ringof Destruction: Slammasters II (Asia 940831 – ringdestadm)
  78. 1944:The Loop Master (USA 000620)
  79. 1944:The Loop Master (JAPAN 000620)
  80. 19xx:The War Against Destiny (JAPAN 960104)
  81. Dungeons& Dragons: Shadow Over Mystara (EURO 960619)
  82. MarvelVs. Capcom (JAPAN 980123)
  83. X-Men:Children Of The Atom (JAPAN 950105)
  84. X-Men:Children Of The Atom (JAPAN 950331)
  85. HyperStreet Fighter 2 (JAPAN 040202)
  86. StreetFighter Zero (JAPAN 950727)
  87. StandardizedNAME files
  88. v1.0- AddedEcoFighters
  89. Beta1 - Initial release
  91. FileNaming Conventions
  93. Therewill always be a d for a decrypted set followed by the initialof the decrypter at the end of the clean rom name. Some games havemultiple versions of the same rom because they were decrypted bydifferent people, sometimes using different methods.
  95. L= decrypted by Leo AKA l_oliveira:
  96. Example:ringdestadl = Ring of Destruction (Asia) decrypted by Leo
  98. M= decrypted by Mott AKA Mottzilla:
  99. Example:ringdestadm = Ring of Destruction (Asia) decrypted by Mott
  101. I= decrypted by IDC AKA Team Avalaunch:
  102. Example:hsf2di = Hyper Street Fighter 2 (USA) decrypted by IDC
  104. ALT= Older rom revision
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