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  1. thanos_tha_manos joined the table.
  2. Joining game #25281502 on oregon.
  3. gemini6ice: gl! :)
  4. thanos_tha_manos: glhdf
  5. thanos_tha_manos: hf
  6. thanos_tha_manos: ;p
  7. gemini6ice: i understood haha
  8. thanos_tha_manos: ;p
  9. thanos_tha_manos: lol
  10. thanos_tha_manos: I love how u copied me and got luckier shuffles with priince lol
  11. thanos_tha_manos: ;p
  12. thanos_tha_manos: copied me with militia
  13. thanos_tha_manos: copied me hard on pronce
  14. gemini6ice: i was a turn behind on governor + militia thoguh
  15. thanos_tha_manos: Plus You got luckier shuffles lol
  16. thanos_tha_manos: pricne
  17. thanos_tha_manos: prince
  18. gemini6ice: Pricne to militia is probably better than my herbalist
  19. thanos_tha_manos: brutal shuffles for me
  20. thanos_tha_manos: hate getting copied with worse shuffles lol
  21. thanos_tha_manos: lol
  22. thanos_tha_manos: man u copy me so hard
  23. thanos_tha_manos: and get 100% luckier shuffles
  24. thanos_tha_manos: lol
  25. gemini6ice: you're kind of unpleasant to play with
  26. thanos_tha_manos: lame game
  27. thanos_tha_manos: lame game
  28. thanos_tha_manos: im getting hard copied
  29. thanos_tha_manos: and hard shuffle screwed
  30. thanos_tha_manos: lame game
  31. gemini6ice: You must be a joy at parties
  32. thanos_tha_manos: lame game
  33. thanos_tha_manos: u copy me so hard this game
  34. thanos_tha_manos: copied me so hard
  35. thanos_tha_manos: luckier shuffles all game for you
  36. thanos_tha_manos: that combination is lame
  37. thanos_tha_manos: beating me at my own combos from 100% luckier shuffles
  38. thanos_tha_manos: lol and u wonder why im not finding playing vs u fun?
  39. thanos_tha_manos: no skill in 100% luckier shuffles PLUS copies
  40. thanos_tha_manos: lamest types of games possible
  41. thanos_tha_manos: brutal
  42. thanos_tha_manos: no bazzar
  43. thanos_tha_manos: very bottom
  44. thanos_tha_manos: lol
  45. thanos_tha_manos: classic
  46. thanos_tha_manos: copy luck noob
  47. thanos_tha_manos: no skill
  48. thanos_tha_manos: no skill
  49. thanos_tha_manos: 100% u copied me
  50. thanos_tha_manos: 100% perfect luckier shuffles
  51. thanos_tha_manos: all game
  52. thanos_tha_manos: zero skill
  53. thanos_tha_manos: finally
  54. thanos_tha_manos: skill ebats noob copy luck
  55. thanos_tha_manos: took forever
  56. thanos_tha_manos: lol
  57. thanos_tha_manos: gg
  58. thanos_tha_manos: gg noob
  59. thanos_tha_manos left the table.
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