DF Game Club: Spy Fox 2 (part 2 plus devchat)

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  1. (07:03:50) Cheeseness: Hey RussianBlue :)
  2. (07:03:58) Sven_Q45: si senor
  3. (07:04:02) RussianBlue: Hello! :)
  4. (07:04:05) Sven_Q45: hi
  5. (07:04:09) Permafry_42: Hey russianblue just in time =D
  6. (07:04:12) Cheeseness: Glad you could make it!
  7. (07:04:41) RUBICN64 left the room (quit: Quit: AndroidIrc Disconnecting).
  8. (07:04:44) RussianBlue: Yes, no evil paperwork this weekend, hooray!
  9. (07:04:48) Cheeseness: \o/
  10. (07:04:57) Permafry_42: k let me know when the stream is showing
  11. (07:04:59) Cheeseness: So, with Spy Fox 2, you had more of a writing role, right?
  12. (07:05:00) jfrisby [] entered the room.
  13. (07:05:03) Cheeseness: Hey jfrisby
  14. (07:05:11) Cheeseness: It's up Permafry_42
  15. (07:05:14) Syd: Hey RussianBlue!
  16. (07:05:17) Syd: It's live
  17. (07:05:27) jfrisby: Hey :D
  18. (07:05:29) RussianBlue: Hey all!
  19. (07:06:07) Cheeseness: Ah, Syd reminds me that I haven't made introductions. For anybody not aware, RussianBlue is Spy Fox 2 writer Sandy Spangler
  20. (07:06:18) RussianBlue: I did some writing, storyboarding, and chipped in on character design a bit
  21. (07:06:27) Permafry_42: Might as well rewatch the animation before i load the save file
  22. (07:06:42) Sven_Q45: The first time that the stream didn´t start automatically.
  23. (07:06:57) Cheeseness: RussianBlue: Who's your favourite character from Spy Fox 2?
  24. (07:07:30) Permafry_42: Mine is the canadian with an inspector gadget helicopter =D
  25. (07:07:32) Lightkey:
  26. (07:07:44) RussianBlue: Hmmm...
  27. (07:07:52) Cheeseness: One of the characters from the first game was called Russian Blue
  28. (07:08:11) Cheeseness:
  29. (07:08:16) RussianBlue: Yes, I designed her - so she is my fave from Spy Fox 1
  30. (07:08:18) RussianBlue: :)
  31. (07:08:51) RussianBlue: His kitty nemesis with a weakness for the tango
  32. (07:09:07) Lightkey: looks more like gold and white to me
  33. (07:09:12) Lightkey: SCNR :<
  34. (07:10:01) RussianBlue: I think my fave in Spy 2 is the cow chef
  35. (07:10:25) Fhqwhgod [] entered the room.
  36. (07:10:43) Fhqwhgod: This is not quite the discworld I was expecting from the event :)
  37. (07:10:52) RussianBlue: My good friend Tom Verre came up with her - she was inspired by Julia Child
  38. (07:10:56) Cheeseness: Next week, Fhqwhgod
  39. (07:11:04) LeahVerre [] entered the room.
  40. (07:11:11) RussianBlue: LEAH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  41. (07:11:15) LeahVerre: HI~!
  42. (07:11:18) LeahVerre: Tom?
  43. (07:11:19) RussianBlue: WOOT!!!
  44. (07:11:21) LeahVerre: Woot!
  45. (07:11:22) Cheeseness: Hi LeahVerre!
  46. (07:11:34) LeahVerre: Helloooo
  47. (07:11:42) RussianBlue: It's Sandy :)
  48. (07:11:47) LeahVerre: So. What's gwain on?
  49. (07:11:51) LeahVerre: HI SANDY!
  50. (07:12:03) RussianBlue: It has been WAY too long, woman!
  51. (07:12:07) LeahVerre: I KNOW!
  52. (07:12:09) RussianBlue: I miss you!
  53. (07:12:21) LeahVerre: I miss you too. Awwww. Now everyone at doublefine is bored.
  54. (07:12:27) RussianBlue: Hehehe.
  55. (07:12:45) RussianBlue: They asked my fave Spy 2 character, and I had to say the cow chef
  56. (07:12:48) LeahVerre: Brad sent me.
  57. (07:12:51) RussianBlue: Who is yours?
  58. (07:12:55) LeahVerre: Oh my god. Cow chef.
  59. (07:13:02) LeahVerre: My favorite is Bea Bear. Of course.
  60. (07:13:07) Cheeseness: Leah was an artist on Spy Fox 2 IIRC
  61. (07:13:15) RussianBlue: Of course! She is awesome.
  62. (07:13:37) LeahVerre: All the spy foxes. I did clickpoints and misc. art nonsense. But less so for Spy 2.
  63. (07:13:41) RussianBlue: Leah also sings the Spy Fox closing theme. ;)
  64. (07:13:45) LeahVerre: hahah
  65. (07:14:01) LeahVerre: YOU are awesome.
  66. (07:14:06) Cheeseness: :D
  67. (07:14:18) LeahVerre: Who is cheeseness?
  68. (07:14:44) Fhqwhgod: Cheeseness is just cheeseness
  69. (07:14:45) Cheeseness: I'm the Double Fine clingon that runs this shindig :D
  70. (07:14:50) Permafry_42: this part seems to be like the comedy club easter egg in pj sam
  71. (07:14:51) LeahVerre: Nice!!! HI!
  72. (07:14:53) Syd: He did most of the work organizing this whole thing. :)
  73. (07:15:05) Cheeseness: Permafry_42 is handling the stream, and Syd does all the real work behind the scenes
  74. (07:15:12) Lightkey: *klingon
  75. (07:15:27) LeahVerre: Fun fact: Tom Verre recreated Bea's diner in Second Life. He had all kinds of great details incuding a fantastic Bea avatar.
  76. (07:15:27) Sven_Q45: And Cheeseness is someone who says goodbye to late. :P
  77. (07:15:29) Cheeseness: Qapla'
  78. (07:15:34) RussianBlue: Yes Permafry - we put a few of these in various games
  79. (07:15:35) LeahVerre: He had a sign that said "Sorry, we're clopen."
  80. (07:15:51) RussianBlue: it was an outlet where all the animators/artists could contribute whatever they wanted
  81. (07:16:26) LeahVerre: Tom did the first one. Remember, Sandly? Eddie the eal ate Luther.
  82. (07:16:33) LeahVerre: Sandly.
  83. (07:16:37) RussianBlue: Heheh
  84. (07:16:37) LeahVerre: That's your name now.
  85. (07:16:43) RussianBlue: I will answer to it.
  86. (07:16:47) RussianBlue: ;)
  87. (07:16:48) Fhqwhgod: yummy. Lard on a stick
  88. (07:17:09) Fhqwhgod: they have kiwi pork. Yeah!
  89. (07:17:10) RussianBlue: And in Spy 1 it was the chest tattoo
  90. (07:17:15) LeahVerre: HAHAHAH John's animations for Spaghetti on a stick was great. But then I found out that you can actually order this at the MN state fair.
  91. (07:17:39) LeahVerre: Don't think they have egg on a stick yet, tho9.
  92. (07:17:58) RussianBlue: They should.
  93. (07:18:13) Fhqwhgod left the room (quit: Quit: ajax IRC Client).
  94. (07:18:17) LeahVerre: awww
  95. (07:18:24) LeahVerre: we are boring. lol.
  96. (07:18:35) Cheeseness: What kind of response did you get at the time to the Spy Fox games? Was it harder to get an idea of how the games were received by kids than it would be today, do you think?
  97. (07:18:48) LeahVerre: much harder. no social media.
  98. (07:18:52) Cheeseness: Right
  99. (07:19:06) RussianBlue: And no pages and pages of Amazon reviews
  100. (07:19:11) LeahVerre: yeah
  101. (07:19:14) Cheeseness: Did you ever receive much fan mail?
  102. (07:19:20) LeahVerre: yes!
  103. (07:19:25) RussianBlue: But we mainly made games we wanted to play
  104. (07:19:31) Cheeseness: ^_^
  105. (07:19:33) RussianBlue: so maybe we didn't ultimately care ;)
  106. (07:19:39) LeahVerre: kids would write in and send pics of themselves as Humongous characters.
  107. (07:19:43) RussianBlue: totally
  108. (07:19:45) JelDeRebel [Mibbit@39AB8F65.4DD1FC8.2E3B438D.IP] entered the room.
  109. (07:19:50) JelDeRebel: sup bitches
  110. (07:19:53) RussianBlue: PJ Sam was a favorite Halloween costume
  111. (07:19:55) Cheeseness: JelDeRebel: Dude
  112. (07:20:03) Sven_Q45: Hi JelDeRebel.
  113. (07:20:03) Cheeseness: We're doing a kids game. First warning
  114. (07:20:05) LeahVerre: Yeah, sandly... we just did what we wanted, which is why we probably didn't make a lot of dough.
  115. (07:20:12) LeahVerre: AWESOME!!!!!
  116. (07:20:24) JelDeRebel: are there kids around?
  117. (07:20:29) LeahVerre: Is it Adventure Time + Gravity Falls + Spy Fox + Archer???
  118. (07:20:36) Cheeseness: JelDeRebel: At least one :D
  119. (07:20:38) RussianBlue: Yeah, these games took a lot of people power
  120. (07:20:57) LeahVerre: so many inside jokes. omg.
  121. (07:20:59) salty-horse left the room (quit: Quit: Leaving).
  122. (07:21:14) RussianBlue: Dolly = first cloned sheep
  123. (07:21:21) LeahVerre: Ron and Shelley had installed a TV that descended from their bedroom ceiling. So we made a joke about that in the game.
  124. (07:21:25) RussianBlue: Not sure if that info is still in people's midns
  125. (07:21:38) RussianBlue: it was news back then
  126. (07:21:39) Cheeseness: For some reason I was thinking that this would've been made before Dolly was cloned, so I was about to ask if that was a happy coincidence
  127. (07:21:46) LeahVerre: Not to mention the Marion Barry powdered donut.
  128. (07:21:55) RussianBlue: Yes!
  129. (07:21:59) RussianBlue: Forgot about that
  130. (07:22:15) JelDeRebel: soo how come the hour changed?
  131. (07:22:22) JelDeRebel: s it DST over there already?
  132. (07:22:22) Sven_Q45: JelDeRebel Maybe after the stream. ;)
  133. (07:22:33) LeahVerre: some dad wrote in about that and called us on it. Brad responded with "what? Marion berries are totally real. I don't get your concern."
  134. (07:22:40) RussianBlue: DST in the UK starts tonight I think
  135. (07:22:57) RussianBlue: Hah! I didn't know that
  136. (07:22:57) Cheeseness: JelDeRebel: I guess so. It's still at 21:00 UTC, so it hasn't change
  137. (07:22:58) Cheeseness: d
  138. (07:23:09) Syd: DFGC is based of UTC so it doesn't observe DST.
  139. (07:23:18) JelDeRebel: I unno
  140. (07:23:20) Cheeseness: A seamonkey convention sounds awesome
  141. (07:23:36) JelDeRebel: or maybe it's my imagination
  142. (07:23:40) Permafry42 [] entered the room.
  143. (07:23:45) Sven_Q45: dst hasn´t started yet.-
  144. (07:23:49) Cheeseness: This is the problem with daylight savings. Nobody knows what's going on.
  145. (07:24:00) Cheeseness: It's started in some places
  146. (07:24:10) Sven_Q45: Really?
  147. (07:24:12) JelDeRebel: they should stop
  148. (07:24:13) LeahVerre: I work with all russian developers. Last week was a shitshow.
  149. (07:24:14) Syd: DST kicked in last weekend in the US
  150. (07:24:15) Cheeseness: Apparently
  151. (07:24:15) RussianBlue: Just think what it was like before time was standardized!
  152. (07:24:19) LeahVerre: Nobody knew what time it was.
  153. (07:24:20) kisak [] entered the room.
  154. (07:24:30) Cheeseness: Hey kisak
  155. (07:24:32) Sven_Q45: Russia removed DST.
  156. (07:24:36) kisak: hey, I heard all the cool folks were hiding in here
  157. (07:24:38) JelDeRebel: think DST is in a week here
  158. (07:24:48) Cheeseness: kisak: You know I'm in here all the time
  159. (07:24:53) Permafry_42 left the room (quit: Quit: ajax IRC Client).
  160. (07:24:55) JelDeRebel: not to mention that belgium is in the wrong timezone ever since WWII, damn the germans
  161. (07:24:56) The_Mad_Pirate: sorry i am late
  162. (07:24:56) Cheeseness: So, turnstyle power is totally the way of the future, right?
  163. (07:25:03) LeahVerre: Isn't DF in the Bay area?
  164. (07:25:09) kisak: Cheeseness: even while you sleep?
  165. (07:25:14) Cheeseness: kisak: In my heart
  166. (07:25:20) Sven_Q45: JelDeRebel What location are you again?
  167. (07:25:28) RussianBlue: It is Leah, yes
  168. (07:25:31) LeahVerre: hi
  169. (07:25:38) The_Mad_Pirate: Evil granny is planning somethig
  170. (07:25:42) LeahVerre: hahahah
  171. (07:25:50) kisak: who's the fine operator today?
  172. (07:25:54) JelDeRebel: guess, Sven
  173. (07:25:57) LeahVerre: Sandy: Remember worms2 tournies at Humongous?
  174. (07:25:57) Cheeseness: Permafry42 is providing today's stream
  175. (07:25:58) Syd: Permafry42 is streaming.
  176. (07:26:00) Lightkey: I just downloaded a new version of SeaMonkey o.O
  177. (07:26:04) RussianBlue: OMG yes
  178. (07:26:10) LeahVerre: holy cow.
  179. (07:26:12) Lightkey: coincidences
  180. (07:26:14) Cheeseness: Yay, Worms :D
  181. (07:26:16) Syd: I'll be streaming Discworld 2 next weekend. :)
  182. (07:26:26) RussianBlue: You could launch an exploding sheep and here it reverberate around the office through everyone's speakers
  183. (07:26:29) JelDeRebel: needs moar CoD!!!
  184. (07:26:29) LeahVerre: Wait... there's a discworld game series????
  185. (07:26:33) Sven_Q45: JelDeRebel no.
  186. (07:26:40) JelDeRebel: of course not
  187. (07:26:40) Syd: LeahVerre: Yep!
  188. (07:26:41) Cheeseness: There are what, 3 discworld games?
  189. (07:26:43) LeahVerre: NO
  190. (07:26:45) Sven_Q45: LeahVerre Yes.
  191. (07:26:46) Cheeseness: :D
  192. (07:26:46) RussianBlue: (hear, not here)
  193. (07:26:48) LeahVerre: NO!!!
  194. (07:26:49) Syd: Discworld 1, 2 and Noir
  195. (07:26:57) LeahVerre: That is awesome.
  196. (07:27:00) Cheeseness: Noir is my favourite, but nothing will run it these days >_<
  197. (07:27:00) Syd: Noir is really hard to run on a modern PC but the first two work in ScummVM
  198. (07:27:09) LeahVerre: Ok, what are your favorite discworld quotes?
  199. (07:27:36) JelDeRebel: you silly 90's PC PnC adventure people
  200. (07:27:39) Cheeseness: It's been too many years since I last read any Discworld :(
  201. (07:27:43) JelDeRebel: I didn't play pc games till 2006
  202. (07:27:44) Syd: Putting me on the spot, it's hard to come up with a favorite.
  203. (07:27:57) LeahVerre: We just watched the colour of magic last week. After the news.
  204. (07:28:04) JelDeRebel: inever heard of Tim Shafer till Brutal Legend
  205. (07:28:05) LeahVerre: Truth be told, I've only read the first book.
  206. (07:28:07) RussianBlue: I love that book.
  207. (07:28:14) The_Mad_Pirate: Wheeee!!!
  208. (07:28:22) Sven_Q45: JelDRebel Rebel. he
  209. (07:28:25) RussianBlue: Mort is my other fave.
  210. (07:28:27) The_Mad_Pirate: Great way to honor late Terry Pratchet too !
  211. (07:28:31) LeahVerre: YES
  212. (07:28:39) Cheeseness: I started on Guards! Guards!
  213. (07:28:45) LeahVerre: You can stream it off youtube. Nice copy there.
  214. (07:28:48) Cheeseness: Which probably wasn't the best idea since it feels like it's one of the strongest
  215. (07:28:49) Sven_Q45: I only played the game and like them!
  216. (07:28:57) LeahVerre: So. You guys have any questions about spy fox?
  217. (07:29:06) Syd: I just remember that The Colour of Magic was the first time that I saw a word being hypenated because it was cut off at the end of a line being incorporated into a joke. :P
  218. (07:29:07) LeahVerre: Sandy was ALL OVER that game.
  219. (07:29:07) JelDeRebel: nope XD
  220. (07:29:19) RussianBlue: Heh!
  221. (07:29:32) RussianBlue: I loved how into it everyone on the team was
  222. (07:29:40) Cheeseness: There was some question last week about the motivation fro having a UK dub separate from the US voices if either of you have any thoughts on that
  223. (07:30:01) LeahVerre: We were young and enthusiastic and goofy. So every single joke we made ended up in the game.
  224. (07:30:03) RussianBlue: Everyone contributed funny bits that all came together and made it awesome
  225. (07:30:18) LeahVerre: I remember that because we asked what the point of that was as well.
  226. (07:30:27) LeahVerre: It didn't make sense. I never got a good answer.
  227. (07:30:28) RussianBlue: Yes - it seemed weird
  228. (07:30:32) Syd: I figured that the different localizations was because of differences in UK and US english, but it'd be interesting to know the actual reason.
  229. (07:30:47) LeahVerre: our marketing team needed to justify their jobs...?
  230. (07:30:53) RussianBlue: We still have to do UK alts for lines in my current games
  231. (07:31:11) Cheeseness: I speculated that since Spy Fox riffs on popular culture elements, it'd be easier for parents and kids to "get" with some of the localisation changes (Get Smart vs James Bond)
  232. (07:31:40) RussianBlue: It being a kids' game probably has a lot to do with it
  233. (07:31:43) Sven_Q45: Differences between US and UK english ok but for example Dott or Indy 4 has the same voices.
  234. (07:31:47) RussianBlue: you have to make sure they understand it
  235. (07:31:50) LeahVerre: I don't know. It was weird. I do love, however, that the german version of Spy Fox was something like Spy Fuks.
  236. (07:32:03) RussianBlue: o_O
  237. (07:32:03) Syd: Haha
  238. (07:32:04) Cheeseness: >_<
  239. (07:32:19) Lightkey: Fuchs probably?
  240. (07:32:25) LeahVerre: that's it.
  241. (07:32:26) Lightkey: German for Fox
  242. (07:32:26) Sven_Q45: yes
  243. (07:32:40) LeahVerre: no fuchs were given that day/
  244. (07:32:52) JelDeRebel: pft localization, I learned english and was never bothered by the weird foreign stuff. most localized translations are cringeworthy
  245. (07:33:09) LeahVerre: in our games? Or in games in general?
  246. (07:33:17) JelDeRebel: i games and tv
  247. (07:33:26) LeahVerre: I work at Big Fish and they are pretty anal about locs.
  248. (07:33:32) The_Mad_Pirate: Cheeseness: Magicians are good blokes , all they need is a nice fag to relax.
  249. (07:33:38) LeahVerre: lol
  250. (07:33:55) JelDeRebel: like in the big bang theory, someone mentions "craigslist"  the dutch subtitle said "internet" bcause who here knows what craigslist is
  251. (07:33:56) LeahVerre: The perfect quote: "Magic never actually dies. It merely fades away."
  252. (07:34:04) LeahVerre: hahaha
  253. (07:34:06) Lightkey: it's actually one of the few words where ch is not the equivalent of English th but really pronounced as k, though u is read as u, not a :-P
  254. (07:34:26) LeahVerre: Are you in holland? I was just in rotterdam a couple weeks ago. We drove to Bruges.
  255. (07:34:35) Permafry42: always the little things
  256. (07:34:41) JelDeRebel: Belgium
  257. (07:34:46) LeahVerre: NICE. Where?
  258. (07:34:59) JelDeRebel: erm antwep region
  259. (07:35:03) JelDeRebel: antwerp
  260. (07:35:10) LeahVerre: beautiful.
  261. (07:35:22) JelDeRebel: i was in brugge last weekend though, my unt died and we cleaned up her appartment
  262. (07:35:29) LeahVerre: oh I'm sorry.
  263. (07:35:30) Sven_Q45: JelDeRebel Yes German versions of games has German VIP names as reference sometimes.
  264. (07:35:32) Cheeseness:
  265. (07:35:37) LeahVerre: But brugge (bruges) is absolutely beautiful.
  266. (07:36:18) JelDeRebel: antwerp is city is hell tough
  267. (07:36:21) JelDeRebel: and brussels too
  268. (07:36:36) RussianBlue: I think this is the only game ever that has a giant robot with a restaurant in its head
  269. (07:36:36) The_Mad_Pirate: I think Syd is stuck with this part of Spyfox
  270. (07:36:39) Syd: Cheeseness: I don't know where that little bouncy guy is from but he sure is bouncy.
  271. (07:36:45) Syd: Permafry42 is streaming.
  272. (07:36:51) Cheeseness: That's an Antwerp from Quest For Glory 1
  273. (07:36:51) LeahVerre: where is syd stuck?
  274. (07:37:02) The_Mad_Pirate: Syd: lol , sorry girl !
  275. (07:37:03) Sven_Q45: Brussels is good but not the EU thingy... :P
  276. (07:37:03) Syd: I'm just hanging out in chat, I'm not the streamer this time. :)
  277. (07:37:04) LeahVerre: antwerp is a thing?
  278. (07:37:05) Cheeseness: The_Mad_Pirate: Permafry42 is streaming
  279. (07:37:32) The_Mad_Pirate: Syd: both hands free to chat ! I totally recommend that
  280. (07:37:35) Permafry42: the binoculars are supposed to show the breath
  281. (07:38:00) LeahVerre: sandy: Rhonda and Matt and I are going to plan a weekend in Napa/Sonoma soon. Can you join us?
  282. (07:38:01) RussianBlue: Leah are those Tom Witte birds?
  283. (07:38:04) JelDeRebel: soo are there any foxy ladies in spy fox?
  284. (07:38:07) LeahVerre: Which birds?
  285. (07:38:15) RussianBlue: The ones that land on the railing
  286. (07:38:28) LeahVerre: Can't remember. Likely. Or they might be.. mine. :)
  287. (07:38:39) RussianBlue: I am trying to place the art style
  288. (07:38:44) The_Mad_Pirate: Permafry42: all you need is a Bad Guy entering
  289. (07:38:44) RussianBlue: Heh, might be!
  290. (07:38:48) LeahVerre: Do they have big eyeballs?
  291. (07:38:53) LeahVerre: If so --- likely mine.
  292. (07:38:58) RussianBlue: yes and bendy necks
  293. (07:39:06) LeahVerre: Yep. You're welcome.
  294. (07:39:11) Syd: Whatever you're trying to do, Permafry42, I believe in you!
  295. (07:39:22) LeahVerre: and there's a toucan, right?
  296. (07:39:43) RussianBlue: there are all sorts of wacky ones
  297. (07:40:11) LeahVerre: Well, wacky could be you, me, witte or tom v. but I think those are me.:)
  298. (07:40:13) RussianBlue: with silly head feathers
  299. (07:40:19) RussianBlue: :)
  300. (07:40:25) Permafry42: This is bizzare
  301. (07:41:07) Lightkey: Syd: ha
  302. (07:41:25) RussianBlue: HOORAY!!
  303. (07:41:27) Permafry42: all i can guess is that something isn't triggering properly
  304. (07:41:35) RussianBlue: I <3 this cow.
  305. (07:41:44) LeahVerre: You guys -- imagine college, only you're at a game company and they give you free reign to do an adventure game. Come up with a story and characters. And throw in all kinds of inside jokes. That was Humongous.
  306. (07:42:05) LeahVerre: It was fantastic.
  307. (07:42:14) RussianBlue: It was great - so many creative folks in one place.
  308. (07:42:38) LeahVerre: Sandy is a rockstar. You still work at Leapfrog, yeah?
  309. (07:42:44) RussianBlue: I love working with Brad again at LeapFrog, it reminds me of good times.
  310. (07:42:51) RussianBlue: Yes!
  311. (07:42:55) LeahVerre: AWESOME
  312. (07:43:11) LeahVerre: I saw brad and linda last weekend for lunch.
  313. (07:43:17) RussianBlue: And he is so not like a boss it is great. No politics, no BS.
  314. (07:43:23) LeahVerre: Of course now.
  315. (07:43:24) LeahVerre: not.
  316. (07:43:26) LeahVerre: brb
  317. (07:43:27) Cheeseness: In what ways do you think game dev has changed between now and when Spy Fox was made?
  318. (07:43:41) RussianBlue: He told me! You should drop me a line next time you are around. Would be great to see you.
  319. (07:44:05) RussianBlue: Oh man - people are so much tighter with budgets and time now.
  320. (07:44:17) RussianBlue: No one would pay for these games now.
  321. (07:44:28) JelDeRebel: wait what who is this russianblue and leahverre?
  322. (07:44:38) Cheeseness: They're developers who worked on Spy Fox 2
  323. (07:44:39) RussianBlue: We had a ton of hand-animated art, actual background paintings, you name it.
  324. (07:44:46) JelDeRebel: ic
  325. (07:45:03) RussianBlue: Many many hours went into these "kids' games".
  326. (07:45:33) RussianBlue: People don't feel it is worth it now.
  327. (07:45:42) JelDeRebel: gosh you people must be old
  328. (07:45:49) RussianBlue: With a few exceptions - but those are usually indie projects.
  329. (07:45:55) RussianBlue: Yep. ;)
  330. (07:46:19) Cheeseness: Seasoned
  331. (07:46:20) Cheeseness: :D
  332. (07:46:37) Cheeseness: Would you call Humongous "indie"?
  333. (07:46:52) RussianBlue: Totally. I know so much more now, I wouldn't go back unless I could keep that.
  334. (07:47:12) RussianBlue: Indie? Yes, I guess it was, at first at least.
  335. (07:47:17) JelDeRebel: peopel kept telling me i should go into game development. but i hate programmin qnd I have no art skills XD
  336. (07:47:36) RussianBlue: We were small to begin with. I think I was employee #16.
  337. (07:47:36) Cheeseness: Ha ha, isn't it usually the opposite? Everybody I know says "Don't do game dev!"
  338. (07:48:11) RussianBlue: But we managed to keep our values even after we got bigger - until we got bought out.
  339. (07:48:31) JelDeRebel: I have friens who studied at digital arts and entertainment, they get to visit valve, 22cans
  340. (07:48:33) Permafry42: i really don't get it4
  341. (07:48:34) Sven_Q45: JelDeRebel Yeah hehe. I just betatest sometime. :D
  342. (07:48:39) The_Mad_Pirate: Game QA is hard and frustrating as f**k
  343. (07:48:48) JelDeRebel: heck 1 of did iternship at larian
  344. (07:48:50) RussianBlue: Everyone wants their startup to get bought, but it is usually the death knell.
  345. (07:49:05) Permafry42: when i look at things through the binoculars with the glasses, its supposed to trigger the next scene
  346. (07:49:07) Cheeseness: I don't know if QA is that hard - it's just work, and if you're not expectig it to be work, it'll be terrible >_<
  347. (07:49:11) JelDeRebel: well if you're the manager of the studio qd just do it for the money
  348. (07:49:29) JelDeRebel: I once did QA for double fine, voluntarily
  349. (07:49:42) Cheeseness: RussianBlue: Yeah... I think people who want to get bought out probably aren't committed for the long run
  350. (07:49:58) LeahVerre: I give a talk every quarter to a buch of game devs visiting seattle.. and I always enforce two things:
  351. (07:50:10) RussianBlue: Or they think it is a good idea at the time
  352. (07:50:24) JelDeRebel: Stupid stupid French Fry costume bug in Costume Quest. i was the one who discovered it and could repro it XD
  353. (07:50:28) Permafry42: finally!
  354. (07:50:39) Permafry42: thats so weird
  355. (07:50:45) LeahVerre: 1. Never piss anyone off. It's a small world, and the chance of you ending up asking for a job with one of the people you dislike making decisions is high. It's incestuous.
  356. (07:50:47) RussianBlue: Yay!
  357. (07:50:52) Permafry42: when i did it it went off right away
  358. (07:51:14) RussianBlue: LeahVerre Totally! The games industry is this big --> [  ]
  359. (07:51:25) JelDeRebel: my friends visiting valve weren't allowed to ask questions about HL3 XD
  360. (07:51:27) LeahVerre: and 2: You are living in an amazing time with social media. You have a chance to talk about your game and get feedback and distribute your product to more people than we ever had before. Embrace that.
  361. (07:51:34) RussianBlue: "Don't sh*t where you eat"
  362. (07:51:42) LeahVerre: YES
  363. (07:51:46) Cheeseness: :D
  364. (07:52:09) LeahVerre: Half Life 3 is the new Duke Nukem joke, right>
  365. (07:52:11) LeahVerre: ?
  366. (07:52:40) JelDeRebel: meh they should release some artwork or so
  367. (07:52:43) JelDeRebel: woldn't hurt
  368. (07:53:08) Cheeseness: I think it's sad, but I don't blame them
  369. (07:53:20) Cheeseness: Remember that they were hacked and HL2 was copied
  370. (07:53:27) JelDeRebel: ikr
  371. (07:53:32) JelDeRebel: still
  372. (07:53:45) Cheeseness: I think that community management is something that nobody at Valve is motivated to touch
  373. (07:54:27) Cheeseness: And now it's a big festering elephant in the corner of the room >_<
  374. (07:55:03) Syd: Community management can be difficult and thankless. You're a the front lines if an angry internet mob aims its sights at your studio.
  375. (07:55:30) RussianBlue: I wouldn't be a Community Manager for anything.
  376. (07:55:53) RussianBlue: I don't have enough patience.
  377. (07:56:05) JelDeRebel: heh, i was receptionist at this youth detention thing, I hated it
  378. (07:56:17) JelDeRebel: still work here, as night watch
  379. (07:56:34) RussianBlue: Wow, you must meet some interesting folks
  380. (07:57:22) LeahVerre: Are any of you old enough to remember when John Romero (sp?) was promising Dai Katana? He took out an ad in PC Gamer that said "John Ramero is going to make you his bitch?"
  381. (07:57:27) JelDeRebel: meh, mostly nutcases or kids that have a bad family situation
  382. (07:57:27) LeahVerre: BAD idea.
  383. (07:57:32) Sven_Q45: RussianBlue No patience? Me too. :)
  384. (07:57:53) Cheeseness: My gaming platform at the time was still an Amiga, but I remember that
  385. (07:58:17) LeahVerre: He did DOOM and after that, everyone was following him. So he started his own company and promised the world.
  386. (07:58:21) RussianBlue: Sven_Q45 No patience for opinions of people from the Interwebs, at least. ;)
  387. (07:58:26) JelDeRebel: dai katana sounsd familiar
  388. (07:58:42) LeahVerre: What he gave us was a game where you spent the first hour fighting a bunch of flied.
  389. (07:58:44) LeahVerre: flies
  390. (07:59:12) Sven_Q45: I only know katana sword. :D
  391. (07:59:28) JelDeRebel: don't all developers promise a lot of shit?
  392. (07:59:34) Cheeseness: Nah
  393. (07:59:46) Cheeseness: Some are conservative
  394. (07:59:50) JelDeRebel: you're still runnign a business and need to sell your work to make a living
  395. (07:59:58) LeahVerre: We used to play Duke Nukem at Humongous. Sandy hid in a dumpster and when my husband (tom verre) came by, she tossed out a grenade and killed him. It was incredibly hilarious.
  396. (08:00:18) RussianBlue: Hah! I totally remember that.
  397. (08:00:31) RussianBlue: I was up by the ceiling, he didn't see me at all.
  398. (08:00:36) LeahVerre: hahahahahah
  399. (08:00:37) Cheeseness: Some just talk about what their hopes/plans are (but it's normal for things to get refactored/reimagined/re-planned during game dev, so the plan at the beginning of a project rarely maps perfectly against the end result)
  400. (08:00:52) LeahVerre: I think that was when Dave Timoney recreated the Humongous office in Duke.
  401. (08:01:05) RussianBlue: I remember that
  402. (08:01:22) LeahVerre: Oh Dave. He's a special snowflake. I wonder how he's doing.
  403. (08:01:30) RussianBlue: Me too.
  404. (08:01:55) LeahVerre: Oh, I had breakfast with Widrig yesterday. Such a card, that one.
  405. (08:02:38) LeahVerre: Can you come up here on the 28th, Sandy? You can crash at our place. THere's a beer hopping event that day.
  406. (08:02:40) JelDeRebel: Schafer is getting too much hate though, peopel saying he never deliverd on the DFA kickstarter
  407. (08:02:52) JelDeRebel: who's sandy?
  408. (08:02:58) Cheeseness: RussianBlue is Sandy
  409. (08:03:02) RussianBlue: Looks like Timoney is at KingIsle:
  410. (08:03:05) LeahVerre: Awww. I like Schafer. I think he's gotten some undeserved crap.
  411. (08:03:34) Syd: Act 2 of Broken Age is coming out in about a month.
  412. (08:03:36) LeahVerre: Arizona is probably a good place for him.
  413. (08:03:42) RussianBlue: Lemme check Leah
  414. (08:03:52) RussianBlue: about the 28th
  415. (08:03:53) JelDeRebel: of course act 2 is coming out
  416. (08:04:06) LeahVerre: Jason and Ing and Pat Hoynes and Steve and Steve's sisters.
  417. (08:04:09) Cheeseness: I think the problem with the DFA is that the community voted to keep everything secret and backer only. If they were more open, it wouldn't have been a surprise when the dates became clearer.
  418. (08:04:10) Cheeseness: For those of us on the inside, we knew from the beginning that they weren't planning to make the $100k game that was pitched in the Kickstarter campaign
  419. (08:04:18) Cheeseness: Act 2 is super close :)
  420. (08:04:41) Syd: At least things are opening up now. It's great that anyone can watch the documentary.
  421. (08:04:46) LeahVerre: I don't know Schafer at all. I only know Ron (from Humongous). Seems as if Ron left DF?
  422. (08:04:47) JelDeRebel: it seems though that people have o idea that developing a game means budget management and that content gets delayed or cut or a game is never released. happens all the time
  423. (08:04:51) Cheeseness: Yeah, it's a nice step forward
  424. (08:04:52) RussianBlue: Cheeseness You mean they knew they would get more $ than they asked for?
  425. (08:04:56) Syd: Ron's doing his own thing now.
  426. (08:05:04) LeahVerre: cool.
  427. (08:05:14) Cheeseness: RussianBlue: Ah, when I say "From the beginning", I mean as soon as the crowdfunding campaign ended
  428. (08:05:26) Syd: Ron's making a Maniac Mansion-styled adventure game at the moment, if you haven't heard of it. :P
  429. (08:05:29) Cheeseness: Yeah, Ron's working on a Maniac Mansion-alike
  430. (08:05:32) LeahVerre: I'm a Product Manager. So if you guys have any questions about that, just lemme know.
  431. (08:05:34) Syd: Thimbleweed Park
  432. (08:05:39) RussianBlue:
  433. (08:05:53) Cheeseness: LeahVerre: Oh, in that case, want to talk about what a Product Manager does? :D
  434. (08:05:59) RussianBlue: Ah Cheeseness I get it
  435. (08:06:05) LeahVerre: We steer the ship, as it were.
  436. (08:06:12) RussianBlue: Of course they would want to make the best game they could
  437. (08:06:44) JelDeRebel: y'all played a lot of pointnclick adventure games
  438. (08:06:44) Cheeseness: Right - it'd be sad to make something with the scale of the Hostmaster games with the amount of support they had
  439. (08:06:50) JelDeRebel: my first one was machinarium
  440. (08:06:53) RussianBlue: totally
  441. (08:07:02) LeahVerre: There are always a lot of questions about who does what, right? So we direct people to the right resource. And we keep track of dates and budget and talk to management and shield devs from all the bullshit, basically.
  442. (08:07:03) Sven_Q45: I don´t understand it either. Well other kickstarter may work better than DFA but hey I want a finish game not a buggy game. :)
  443. (08:07:32) LeahVerre: A good producer doesn't hinder you. A good producer enables you and fights for the features that are important.
  444. (08:07:35) Cheeseness: There was something Tim said in an early documentary episode that a lot of people seemed to think was petulant, but I think it's a super important insight. He said "Nobody remembers a game for coming in under budget"
  445. (08:07:55) RussianBlue: That's absolutely true
  446. (08:08:04) JelDeRebel: havent played broken age part 1,, waiting on part 2
  447. (08:08:06) Cheeseness: This speaks to the motivation that people have for making games. Studios aren't automated factories, they're creative hubs
  448. (08:08:18) JelDeRebel: neither have  Iseen the documentary
  449. (08:08:31) RussianBlue: I guess folks outside the industry think it's a well oiled process
  450. (08:08:36) LeahVerre: Even if you are indie, it's great to have a producer who can look at the whole picture. They tell you where you are currently and where you need to be by a certain time.
  451. (08:08:38) JelDeRebel: tell that to EA, cheeseness
  452. (08:08:39) Cheeseness: And creative drive is a force that will naturally push against time/resource budgets. If you don't have that, you get bland, boring stuff
  453. (08:08:44) RussianBlue: but any creative process is inherently messy
  454. (08:08:49) Cheeseness: Like what EA generally publish
  455. (08:08:54) Cheeseness: Yes!
  456. (08:09:03) LeahVerre: They will not demand that you adhere to bullshit. They will ask "what can you get me by XX time?" and then massage the message.
  457. (08:09:04) The_Mad_Pirate: Ba spoilers only start after ep 13
  458. (08:09:22) The_Mad_Pirate: and you are rightfully warned about it
  459. (08:09:25) Cheeseness: JelDeRebel: You might want to start Act 1 in a few weeks
  460. (08:09:25) LeahVerre: EA is a nightmare.
  461. (08:09:33) LeahVerre: I will not work for them. Truth be told.
  462. (08:09:45) RussianBlue: EA has spat out many people I have worked with
  463. (08:09:54) LeahVerre: RIGHT???
  464. (08:10:01) Cheeseness: I hear stories :(
  465. (08:10:04) Lightkey: ..massage the message? pictures in my head
  466. (08:10:09) Sven_Q45: I beta played part 1 but didn´t watch the documantary.
  467. (08:10:47) LeahVerre: I am a wordsmith. I am an advocate for the devs. So when I talk to both art and design, I can say "Hey, this is going to be +1 week late. But it's going to be worth it because XXXX?
  468. (08:10:49) Syd: The DFA documentary is amazing, but there's so much of it that it could feel daunting to jump in at this point, lol.
  469. (08:10:51) JelDeRebel: Ubisoft is nearly the same lvl, though i don't buy anything involvin Uplay, they do have a few smaller games like valiant hearts
  470. (08:11:25) LeahVerre: I think a good producer needs to be strong and tenacious. Ass kissers will not be tolerated.
  471. (08:11:43) RussianBlue: LeahVerre YES.
  472. (08:11:43) LeahVerre: You tell THEM what's going to happen.
  473. (08:11:45) JelDeRebel: you have ass kisses everywhere
  474. (08:11:51) Cheeseness: LeahVerre: It goes beyond just coordinating developers though, right? I imagine you also deal with third parties, manufacturers, distribution partners, etc.
  475. (08:12:03) JelDeRebel: thank god I don't have to kiss anyones ass. nor can they fire me XD
  476. (08:12:09) RussianBlue: And please preserve me from the ones that have delicate egos and who want everything to be their idea.
  477. (08:12:33) Permafry42: i like ubisoft more than ea. they also made child o light which was a nice jrpg imo
  478. (08:12:34) LeahVerre: Sure. But you manage all the pieces... and because you're able to see all the pieces, you can manage the whole bit. And then report to your CEO what is going to happen.
  479. (08:12:39) LeahVerre: You don't ask. You tell.
  480. (08:12:45) RussianBlue: Unless the whole team stays focused on making  great game, it is going to suck.
  481. (08:12:50) RussianBlue: a
  482. (08:13:09) LeahVerre: You shield the dev team from the politics. That's nonsense they don't need to worry about.
  483. (08:13:20) RussianBlue: Amen.
  484. (08:13:28) The_Mad_Pirate: I think Ubisoft is more quality oriented than EA
  485. (08:13:33) LeahVerre: I agree.
  486. (08:13:40) JelDeRebel: except for ass creed
  487. (08:13:41) Permafry42: lol i have a hard time with spelling
  488. (08:13:45) RussianBlue: LEahVerre And it will just make them unproductive.
  489. (08:13:46) JelDeRebel: ass creed is pure copy pasta job
  490. (08:13:53) LeahVerre: Spelling in chat is not a problem.
  491. (08:13:54) beansmyname [] entered the room.
  492. (08:14:05) LeahVerre: Creed is a shitty musician.
  493. (08:14:06) Cheeseness: Hey beansmyname
  494. (08:14:09) Syd: Hey beansmyname
  495. (08:14:16) Cheeseness: Eeeeeevil Dogbot
  496. (08:14:22) RussianBlue: Spy Fox games have the best reward-musical-riff ever,
  497. (08:14:22) beansmyname: hey Cheeseness, syd, Permafry42, The_Mad_Pirate :D
  498. (08:14:23) JelDeRebel: not Creed
  499. (08:14:27) JelDeRebel: assassins creed
  500. (08:14:30) LeahVerre: lol
  501. (08:14:33) Cheeseness: heh
  502. (08:14:33) RussianBlue: bah-bah-BAH
  503. (08:14:36) LeahVerre: ok, that's cool then. good game.
  504. (08:14:50) JelDeRebel: you die now
  505. (08:14:58) LeahVerre: lo,
  506. (08:14:59) LeahVerre: l
  507. (08:15:23) RussianBlue: I love this scene
  508. (08:15:26) Permafry42: so i'll show the normal ending first and the secret ending second
  509. (08:15:34) JelDeRebel: firt ac was decent, 2nd as well. but then ubi went full retard on the milking
  510. (08:15:35) Syd: There's insurance for everything
  511. (08:15:44) Cheeseness: I wonder how many kids went through history thinking that Bonaparte was like LaRoache and not the other way round
  512. (08:15:48) LeahVerre: You guys, seriously... when we worked at Humongous, we never had producers and we did fine. So when they suddenly introduced producers, we were extremely offended. As was our right.
  513. (08:16:14) The_Mad_Pirate: beansmyname: YoY
  514. (08:16:28) JelDeRebel: have you ever sent any stories to Tales from the Trenches?
  515. (08:16:28) LeahVerre: But in this day and age, when you have a lot of different people and platforms to juggle... producers are important and helpful. If they are NOT helpful to you, then you need to fire them.
  516. (08:16:33) RussianBlue: I have worked with amazing producers that made my life so much better, and horrible ones who made my life hell.
  517. (08:17:00) LeahVerre: They are an advocate who understand the pipeline and are also invested in the game design. So they fight for the best plan.
  518. (08:17:15) RussianBlue: LEAH - you were singing just there! :D
  519. (08:17:22) LeahVerre: YES! Terrible producers will kil you.
  520. (08:17:28) LeahVerre: what?
  521. (08:17:33) JelDeRebel: LeahVerre, RussianBlue you ever sent any stories to ???
  522. (08:17:48) RussianBlue: He did the first ending and the credits tune startedplaying
  523. (08:17:52) LeahVerre: awwww
  524. (08:18:04) RussianBlue: So awesome.
  525. (08:18:05) Permafry42: there we go
  526. (08:18:39) LeahVerre: I loved singing those themesongs. All credit goes to tom McGurk though, who wrote all the music.
  527. (08:18:41) JelDeRebel: I'm actually not following the twitch stream
  528. (08:19:22) Sven_Q45: JelDeRebel I try to followe it. Cuz I chat here and watching TV. :D
  529. (08:19:25) Cheeseness: I love how dense with interactivity Humongous' games are
  530. (08:19:26) Permafry42: lol at the seattle joke
  531. (08:19:47) JelDeRebel: does spy fox hqve subtitles?
  532. (08:19:53) RussianBlue: I know. It amazes me even now!
  533. (08:19:55) Cheeseness: That's a good question
  534. (08:19:58) LeahVerre: Sandy, I'm in a position at Big Fish where I find myself feeling old. There are young producers who have advantages we never did. So I'm inclined to go "Well back in my day..."
  535. (08:20:03) LeahVerre: And nobody cares!!
  536. (08:20:06) Cheeseness: Aww
  537. (08:20:12) RussianBlue: I know LeahVerre.
  538. (08:20:18) LeahVerre: ugh. We are old.
  539. (08:20:27) JelDeRebel: Leahverre send those stores to talesfromthetrenches!!
  540. (08:20:27) RussianBlue: C'est la guerre.
  541. (08:20:49) JelDeRebel: not stores, tqles
  542. (08:20:52) JelDeRebel: tales
  543. (08:20:55) LeahVerre: My boss is 12 years younger than me.
  544. (08:21:00) JelDeRebel: jezus f i'm tired
  545. (08:21:01) LeahVerre: he's really cool. But still.
  546. (08:21:02) RussianBlue: Hah! No way!!
  547. (08:21:07) RussianBlue: Wow.
  548. (08:21:19) LeahVerre: NOBODY. CARES.
  549. (08:21:31) RussianBlue: LF is good that way - the senior folks are all around our age.
  550. (08:21:36) LeahVerre: You guys care, right? We were there at the beginning!!! Adore us!
  551. (08:21:39) RussianBlue: Or older.
  552. (08:21:59) beansmyname: Some of us were on the other side in the beginning and we still care.
  553. (08:22:00) LeahVerre: Awww, if we decide to move south, we'll let you know.
  554. (08:22:11) The_Mad_Pirate: Seattle : City of Shadow
  555. (08:22:16) LeahVerre: YAY! I hear the luke sywalker voice. "I care!"
  556. (08:22:31) Cheeseness: One of the people working on the game I'm making at the moment was born after the Matrix came out. I just try to not think about it >_<
  557. (08:22:38) beansmyname: Ouch.
  558. (08:22:40) LeahVerre: jesus/
  559. (08:22:45) RussianBlue: Funny - I have interviewed so many people who grew up on Humongous games.
  560. (08:22:47) JelDeRebel: after the matrix o_O
  561. (08:22:57) LeahVerre: Have you guys played Gummy Drop? That's our super hit.
  562. (08:23:02) RussianBlue: Wow Cheese. O_O
  563. (08:23:04) LeahVerre: The producer for that game is 25.
  564. (08:23:09) Lightkey: in the matrix, molded by the matrix
  565. (08:23:11) LeahVerre: GODDAMMIT.
  566. (08:23:37) JelDeRebel: nver played any humongous games
  567. (08:23:41) LeahVerre: wut?
  568. (08:23:47) Sven_Q45: Me too.
  569. (08:23:56) Cheeseness: You can fix that - there are a bunch on Steam now \o/
  570. (08:23:58) LeahVerre: do you guys like adventure games>?
  571. (08:24:16) Lightkey: got lots of them from jumble sales
  572. (08:24:25) Cheeseness: Mostly we do adventure games for Game Club, so it attracts people who're into them
  573. (08:24:25) Sven_Q45: I have so much adventure games I want to play. :D
  574. (08:24:34) Lightkey: (because I buy everything ScummVM supports)
  575. (08:24:38) Cheeseness: (We have some ScummVM and ResidualVM contributors hanging around in here)
  576. (08:24:39) LeahVerre:  yay!
  577. (08:24:42) JelDeRebel: when i was 11 I had a 2n hand SNES, my parents only bought shitty pcs for work, not games
  578. (08:25:07) LeahVerre: did you guys know the animation software we used for our 16 bit art? Was called S
  579. (08:25:10) LeahVerre: SPLAT
  580. (08:25:11) Cheeseness: S?
  581. (08:25:17) Cheeseness: Was that in-house?
  582. (08:25:21) LeahVerre: yea
  583. (08:25:24) The_Mad_Pirate: hahaha a cockroach "down the drain"
  584. (08:25:27) RussianBlue: Based on DPaint Animator
  585. (08:25:33) Cheeseness: Oh, nice
  586. (08:25:36) Sven_Q45: LeahVerre Yes I love them. I only play adventure games - ok I have 4 or 5 exceptions.
  587. (08:25:51) Lightkey: SPLAT fits the general convention of abbreviations :-D
  588. (08:26:00) Permafry42: I love the spy fox theme song =D
  589. (08:26:13) JelDeRebel: double fine did get overrun by pepple who play adventure games since their kickstarter
  590. (08:26:14) RussianBlue: LeahVerre 's voice!
  591. (08:26:14) Lightkey: SCUMM, SPUTM, GrimE
  592. (08:26:15) LeahVerre: CYST was another tool. Sandy, what was that?
  593. (08:26:20) The_Mad_Pirate: and it's a wrap
  594. (08:26:30) RussianBlue: You rocked this song Leah.
  595. (08:26:33) Permafry42: these credits are extremely visually interesting
  596. (08:26:39) JelDeRebel: there's a few people on the DF forums who go like "hey i played an fps and fpses suck"
  597. (08:26:51) LeahVerre: Credits to Tom Verre. :) My husband (at the time)
  598. (08:27:09) LeahVerre: sandy, you're sweet.
  599. (08:27:26) The_Mad_Pirate: Titanfall was pretty popular among DF employees
  600. (08:27:32) RussianBlue: Ade is here listening - he says "Brilliant" ;)
  601. (08:27:41) Cheeseness: :S
  602. (08:27:42) Cheeseness: :D
  603. (08:27:48) The_Mad_Pirate: and JP Lebreton is a Doom Enthutiast
  604. (08:27:56) LeahVerre: Sandy, let's catch up offline and plan a Napa weekend.
  605. (08:27:57) RussianBlue: Was Cyst the ink and paint tool? Trying to recall...
  606. (08:28:02) LeahVerre: YAY! ADE!
  607. (08:28:04) RussianBlue: Yes please!
  608. (08:28:20) Permafry42: Thanks to everyone for joining us!
  609. (08:28:23) JelDeRebel: napa from Dragon ball z?
  610. (08:28:23) LeahVerre: I think it was!!! It was the animation/ink/;paint tool.
  611. (08:28:33) LeahVerre: No, napa as in california and wine.
  612. (08:28:42) beansmyname: Thanks for streaming, Permafry42!
  613. (08:28:43) Cheeseness: lol
  614. (08:28:45) LeahVerre: I'm in seattle.
  615. (08:28:45) RussianBlue: Thanks for playing. Great to see the game again!
  616. (08:28:47) Syd: Thanks RussianBlue and LeahVerre for joining us, and thanks Permafry42 for streaming!
  617. (08:28:47) Cheeseness: Thanks Permafry42
  618. (08:28:50) LeahVerre: YAY!
  619. (08:29:00) Cheeseness: Thank you so much for joining us, RussianBlue and LeahVerre! It's been great to have you along :D
  620. (08:29:02) Syd: Next week we start Discworld 2
  621. (08:29:03) LeahVerre: If you guys ever want to keep in touch, you can just email me
  622. (08:29:11) LeahVerre: OOO!!!!!
  623. (08:29:11) Cheeseness: You're very welcome to hang around and continue chatting if you like
  624. (08:29:14) Sven_Q45: yeah
  625. (08:29:21) RussianBlue: Thanks for the invite, great fun.
  626. (08:29:28) LeahVerre: Thanks, guys. Super fun.
  627. (08:29:49) JelDeRebel: oh god ads
  628. (08:29:53) LeahVerre: have fun playing games!
  629. (08:30:04) Cheeseness: Thanks :D
  630. (08:30:19) Syd: I'm famished, so I'm gonna head out. See you all around!
  631. (08:30:20) Sven_Q45: thx
  632. (08:30:21) Cheeseness: The thread for next week's event
  633. (08:30:28) The_Mad_Pirate: cya Syd
  634. (08:30:32) Syd left the room (quit: Quit: ajax IRC Client).
  635. (08:30:34) Cheeseness: And the Spy Fox 2 thread if anybody wants to share some thoughts
  636. (08:30:44) LeahVerre: hey, ima plug a game that I just released... it's soft launched in scandinavia, canada and Holland. It's called "Heroes Of Havenhill." Please write me if you have thoughts.
  637. (08:30:45) RussianBlue: C ya *wave*
  638. (08:30:49) LeahVerre: bye!
  639. (08:30:53) Cheeseness: Totally, plug your stuff!
  640. (08:31:13) LeahVerre: Tear it apart!!! Give me shitty feedback! All is welcome.
  641. (08:31:16) Permafry42: Gotta go as well; cya next week everyone!
  642. (08:31:34) LeahVerre: bye! Ok, sandly.... let's plan offline.
  643. (08:31:40) RussianBlue: Yes please!
  644. (08:31:43) LeahVerre: kk
  645. (08:31:50) LeahVerre left the room (quit: Quit: ajax IRC Client).
  646. (08:31:56) RussianBlue left the room (quit: Quit: ajax IRC Client).
  647. (08:32:12) Permafry42 left the room (quit: Quit: ajax IRC Client).
  648. (08:32:46) The_Mad_Pirate: bye Perma
  649. (08:33:29) JelDeRebel: "portal turret voice" are you still there?
  650. (08:33:32) Cheeseness: Darn, I can't find anything on Heroes of Havenhill :(
  651. (08:33:49) Cheeseness: Aside from trademark registrations >_<
  652. (08:33:55) JelDeRebel: same
  653. (08:34:12) Cheeseness: I'll ask Leah for a URL and post it in the thread ^_^
  654. (08:34:57) Cheeseness: Alrighty, I'm going to wrap up the chat log there. Thanks everybody for joining us!
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