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  8.         1a) STAGE MODE
  9.         1b) FORCED ITEM TUTORIAL
  10.         1c) STAR OF FESTA
  11.         1d) WHAT NOW?
  13.         2a) BASICS
  14.         2b) TYPES OF NOTES
  16.         2d) SCORING
  17.         2e) REWARDS (INCOMPLETE)
  18.         2f) IDOL RANKING
  20.         3a) MEMORY APPEALS
  22.         3c) RIVAL BATTLE
  23.         3d) NAME CARDS
  24.         3e) おまかせ
  25.         3f) FARMING TIPS
  26.         3g) SOF RANKINGS (INCOMPLETE)
  27.         3h) SOF STORY SUMMARY
  28. 4) アイテム - ITEMS
  29.         4a) ITEM CHOICE
  30.         4b) Item Notes
  31.         4c) お守り - CHARMS
  32. 5) BACKSTAGE - Settings Translation
  33. 6) F.A.Q.
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  38.         When you first start up Shiny Festa, the first thing you'll run into is an Auto-save notification screen. The notification asks if you'd like to create a new save file. Press the left choice [はい] to accept and continue. Next, you'll find Kotori and an option to name yourself (First choice) and name your idol group (Second choice). After you fill in the information, you can continue by accepting the changes and choosing the left choice Kotori gives you. You'll automatically unlock a couple of passes, and then the OVA should begin. You can choose to watch the OVA or press start and skip to the actual game.
  40.                                             1a) STAGE MODE
  41.         After the OVA, you'll be at the Start screen. Once at the actual Menu, you can choose to play a song through the STAGE MODE. You'll be able to choose from either Debut or Regular difficulty from the beginning by using the L or R buttons. Harder difficulties will be unlocked once you get an A or Higher grade for a specific song. Refer to 2)GAMEPLAY MECHANICS section to find out how to play the game.
  43.                                          1b) FORCED ITEM TUTORIAL
  44.         Once you've finished your first song, you will unlock a SHOP PASS. Kotori will appear and tell you to purchase  an ITEM from the store, specifically キラメキ☆プラス. She'll prevent you from doing anything until you finish this "forced tutorial," so bear with it for now. Navigate back to the Menu and then enter the SHOP. You'll have 6 Categories to choose from, and the category you'll find キラメキ☆プラス will be in アイテム(ITEMS). The item you'll need to purchase will be 5 ITEMS down the list. After you purchase it, Kotori will tell you to select it as your ACTIVE ITEM. To change the ACTIVE ITEM, go into BACKSTAGE and under the first tab アイテム, select  アイテム変更 (Change Item). Once you've selected it, she'll ask you to play a song using the ITEM. Go into STAGE MODE and choose a song, but before you do, make sure to toggle your ITEM ON by clicking select. After you beat the song, Kotori won't bother you, for now.
  46.                                             1c) STAR OF FESTA
  47.         After playing around with a couple songs, you'll find yourself hitting RANK C. At RANK C, you'll unlock a new mode called STAR OF FESTA(SOF). SOF is different from STAGE MODE in that you'll be responsible for scoring 100,000 FESTA POINTS by the end of 5 Days. Each day consists of 3 songs played consecutively, with the third song being against another idol. In these songs, you'll be aiming to net as much FESTA POINTS as you can, through Memory Appeals which can be triggered by maxing out your Kirameki Gauge and consistent combos and perfects. Generally, you'll want to at least get 6500 FESTA POINTS for each song you finish to make your goal to win SOF. For the third song at the end of each day, you'll be able to choose the Rival Idol you compete against. Note the rank of the Idol, and don't choose above your skill level, as the rank of the idol reflects how high they score. Refer to 2d) SCORING for more details. If you lose to the Rival, you'll lose a percentage of your FESTA POINTS for that song and make your Idols sad. If you win, you'll gain a percentage of your FESTA POINTS for that song and also unlock a card for the Rival that you beat. Once you've completed the 5 days and successfully reached the goal of 100,000 FESTA POINTS, the credits will roll and you unlock HARD Difficulty for SOF (If you have unlocked Pro Difficulty for all the songs available). Refer to the SOF STRATEGY for more information and tips.
  49.                                              1d) WHAT NOW?
  50.         That's essentially the core of the game. You have STAGE MODE, and then you have STAR OF FESTA. You can mess around with THEATER MODE to enjoy the MUSIC CLIPS (MC) of the songs without the distraction of the gameplay. This should be enough to get you started to becoming the Star of Shiny Festa. Enjoy the Game!
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  55. The game play can be summarized as a 2-button rhythm game. However, there's much more to it then that.
  57.                                             2a) BASICS
  58.         To start off, you have what I like to call a Beat Track. The Beat Track represents the path the notes will take as they head towards the Track Center. The Track Center resides in the middle of the Beat Track, and represents the end of the Beat Track. The Track Center splits the Track into two sides: a Blue side and a Pink side. Notes will appear either on the left or right outer edge of the Beat Tracks, and follow the track towards the center. Depending on which side of the Track these notes are coming from, a button must be pressed. For the Blue Notes coming from the left side of the track (Blue side), any button on the left side of the PSP must be pressed once the note reaches the Track Center. For the Pink Notes coming from the right side of the track (Pink side), any button on the right side of the PSP must be pressed once the note reaches the Track Center. Occasionally, a Green Note will appear, coming from both directions of the Track. To hit this Green Note, both sides of the PSP must be simultaneously pressed in order to hit the note. These Notes will be timed to the music, and thus, a Rhythm game is formed.
  60.                                          2b) TYPES OF NOTES
  61.         There are 2 types of notes. A Short Note, and a Long Note. A Short Note is a single Note that only needs to be pressed once. A Long Note on the other hand looks similar to a Short Note, but instead has a trail following behind it. These Long Notes needs to be pressed and then held down until the trail ends in order to be scored successfully.
  63.                                          2c) KIRAMEKI METER (INCOMPLETE)
  64.         One of the many things that appears on the screen is the Kirameki Meter. This Meter is filled by consistently hitting notes without missing. The rate at which it increases depends on the timing you hit the Notes and the item you have in use. Once the Kirameki Meter is filled, a SHINY STAR should replace a note on the track and once hit, you'll enter MC MODE, and all points earned are multiplied by 2.  If you miss too many notes, you'll revert back to NORMAL MODE. キラメキ☆プラス increases the rate at which it goes up by 33%.
  66. In DEBUT, it takes 33 Perfects to MAX the meter without キラメキ☆プラス.
  67. In REGULAR, it takes 50 PERFECTs, or 78 NORMALs to MAX the meter without キラメキ☆プラス.
  68. In PRO, it takes 100 Perfects to MAX the meter without キラメキ☆プラス, 66 with キラメキ☆プラス.
  69. In MASTER, it takes 125 Perfects to MAX the meter without キラメキ☆プラス.
  70. This must mean PERFECT increases the meter by 3 % in DEBUT, 2% in REGULAR, 1% in PRO, and 0.8% in MASTER.
  72.                                             2d) SCORING
  73.         There are 4 different hits you can get. Each one effects your score, combo, and Kirameki Meter.
  74.                     -BAD : You completely miss the note. Your combo ends and you receive 0 points.
  75.                            If you fail to complete the hold of a Long Note, you also receive a BAD.
  76.                  -NORMAL : You hit the note too early or late, or pressed the wrong button on time.
  77.                            NORMALs are worth 300 points(base)
  78.                    -GOOD : You hit your note very close to the Center, but not close enough.
  79.                            GOODs are worth 600 points(base)
  80.                 -PERFECT : You hit the note flawlessly.
  81.                            PERFECTs are worth 1000 points(base)
  83. The Score Equation goes something like this:
  84.         [BASE + Bonus(Combo# x 10)](x2 if KIRAMEKI Active) ≤ 4000
  86. The Combo Points are rounded down to the nearest hundreds. If you were to have a 27 Combo, you'd still only receive a bonus 200 points for hitting the note. There is a 4000 Point limit for each Note. This means once you reach 100 Combos and have Kirameki activated, you won't gain any more bonus points past 4000 for PERFECTS.
  88. As far as Grade Rankings:
  89.                 SSS: 100% - 98%
  90.                  SS:  97% - 95%
  91.                   S:  94% - 90%
  92.                   A:  89% - 80%
  93.                   B:  79% - 70%
  94.                   C:  69% - 60%
  95.                   D:  59% -  0%
  97. Percentage is scored based off of a "PERFECT + GOOD + NORMAL NOTES:TOTAL NOTES ratio." Hitting all notes as PERFECT will score a 100%, while getting BAD on all notes scores 0%. A calculation of the specific percentile each score counts for is dependent on the amount of notes are in the song. As of now, there's no calculation for this, however, I believe one day it'll appear. For now, only speculations can be made.
  99.                                             2e) REWARDS (INCOMPLETE)
  100.         Once you complete a song, you'll receive rewards depending on how well you did. For now, I don't have accurate awards chart, so this part of the guide will be INCOMPLETE for now.
  102.                    MONEY: N/A
  104.                 FAN GAIN: N/A
  106.                 MEMORIES: Without items, each time you complete a song with a C or Higher, your idol(s) gain 3 Memories. If there are more than 1 Idol performing, the Memories will be divided between them.
  107.                         SOLO: 3.0x Memories Gained Per Idol
  108.                          DUO: 1.5x Memories Gained Per Idol
  109.                         TRIO: 1.0x Memories Gained Per Idol
  110.                      QUARTET: 0.7x Memories Gained Per Idol
  111.                      QUINTET: 0.7x Memories Gained Per Idol
  113. As you can see, QUINTET actually gives a bit more Memory. As such, a good Memory Farming technique is to do a QUINTET song with a Memory Gain Booster in STAGE MODE. Unfortunately, QUARTETs is an inefficient way of farming up Memories, and in most cases, you're better off playing either SOLO, DUO, or TRIO.
  116.                                              2f) IDOL RANKING (INCOMPLETE)
  117.         As you complete songs, you'll notice a Pyramid Chart showing your Idol's Ranking and the amount of fans you received for completing that song. This chart shows you how many fans you need until the next Rank up. The ranks as follows:
  118.                 SSS:  500k FANS
  119.                  SS:  200k FANS
  120.                   S:  100k FANS
  121.                   A:   50k FANS
  122.                   B:   15k FANS
  123.                   C:    5k FANS
  124.                   D:    1k FANS
  126. You unlock stuff for purchase in the SHOP as you rank up higher: N/A
  128. ---------------------------------------------------------------
  129. 3) SOF STRATEGY
  130. ---------------------------------------------------------------
  131.                                          3a) MEMORY APPEALS
  132.         Always make sure you're going into a Day of Star of Festa with enough Memories. I can't stress how crucial these Memories are to winning SOF. For each song, you'll be able to hit 5 Memories, and if you hit them, they'll net you 500 FESTA POINTS. That's 2,500 FESTA POINTS in a song if you hit 5 of them. A major portion of your FESTA POINTS will be coming from these. If you need to, do a couple of STAGE MODE songs to gain more Memories.
  134.                                          3b) FESTA POINTS CHART (INCOMPLETE)
  136. **BASE VALUES
  138.                                           -REGULAR DFFICULTY-
  139.                                                ★(1) SONGS - N/A
  140.                                              ★★(2) SONGS - N/A  
  141.                                            ★★★(3) SONGS - 5000 FESTA POINTS
  142.                                          ★★★★(4) SONGS - 5000 FESTA POINTS
  143.                                        ★★★★★(5) SONGS - 5500 FESTA POINTS
  144.                                      ★★★★★★(6) SONGS - 5600 FESTA POINTS
  146.                                            -HARD DFFICULTY-
  147.                                               ★(1) SONGS - N/A
  148.                                             ★★(2) SONGS - N/A  
  149.                                           ★★★(3) SONGS - N/A FESTA POINTS
  150.                                         ★★★★(4) SONGS - N/A FESTA POINTS
  151.                                       ★★★★★(5) SONGS - N/A FESTA POINTS
  152.                                     ★★★★★★(6) SONGS - 4600 FESTA POINTS
  153.                                   ★★★★★★★(7) SONGS - 4600 FESTA POINTS
  154.                                 ★★★★★★★★(8) SONGS - 5100 FESTA POINTS
  155.                               ★★★★★★★★★(9) SONGS - 5200 FESTA POINTS
  157.                                          -EXPERT DFFICULTY-
  158.                                                ★(1) SONGS - 1300 FESTA POINTS
  159.                                              ★★(2) SONGS - 1300 FESTA POINTS  
  160.                                            ★★★(3) SONGS - 2300 FESTA POINTS
  161.                                          ★★★★(4) SONGS - 2300 FESTA POINTS
  162.                                        ★★★★★(5) SONGS - 2800 FESTA POINTS
  163.                                      ★★★★★★(6) SONGS - 2800 FESTA POINTS
  164.                                    ★★★★★★★(7) SONGS - 3400 FESTA POINTS
  165.                                  ★★★★★★★★(8) SONGS - 3400 FESTA POINTS
  166.                                ★★★★★★★★★(9) SONGS - 3900 FESTA POINTS
  167.                             ★★★★★★★★★★(10) SONGS - N/A
  169.         These are the maximum amount of FESTA POINTS you can get for each song, categorized by Song Rating and SOF DIFFICULTY. This does not take MEMORIES into effect, which if done successfully, will add 2500 FESTA POINTS to the total.
  170.         Essentially, aim to complete higher rated songs. Lower rated songs, while considered easier, do not have as much FESTA POINT potential that higher rated songs provide. The trade off is that the songs are obviously considered harder in certain cases. Personally, the ratings don't mean anything, and I find some songs are rated higher/lower than they belong. However, to increase your chances of winning, you're better off choosing the songs with the higher rating. For the third song, I recommend choosing a song you know you can get a Perfect FC/SSS on. Even if it's a lower ranked song, you're more likely to benefit more from winning the Rival Battle since you gain an extra % of your FESTA POINTs for that song.
  172.                                            3c) RIVAL BATTLE
  173.         Choose your opponent wisely. If they're out of your league, you'll be wishing you hadn't chosen to fight them and end up walking out of the song with a crippling blow to your FESTA POINTS. An easy way to gauge how well the other opponent will is based off of their rank. Expect an S rank Rival to score around a 90% - 94% for the song. If you have gotten a higher rank on your song than their ranking, you should be able to beat them. The higher the rank of the Rival, the higher percentage you'll receive towards your FESTA POINT POOL.
  175.                 SSS RIVAL:  20% - 15% BONUS FESTA POINTS
  176.                  SS RIVAL:  16% - ??% BONUS FESTA POINTS
  177.                   S RIVAL:  14% - 10% BONUS FESTA POINTS
  178.                   A RIVAL:  12% -  8% BONUS FESTA POINTS
  179.                   B RIVAL:    9 -  5%  BONUS FESTA POINTS
  180.                   C RIVAL:         4% BONUS FESTA POINTS
  181.                   D RIVAL:         2% BONUS FESTA POINTS
  183.                                            3d) NAME CARDS
  184.         NAME CARDS are the cards of the Rival Idols you receive after beating a Rival. Each card has points associated with them, and these all accumulate to add onto your final FESTA POINTS POOL per DAY. The higher rank the Rival is, the more points their NAME CARD is worth.
  186. Idols won't appear as a Rival in their own game. This means that the cards for the Idols in the game you are currently playing cannot be won. As an example, a Yukiho card is not obtainable in Groovy Tune, so you will need to play one of the other two versions of Shiny Festa to get all 50 cards.
  188. The total points of ALL NAME CARDS is 2,500. This accumulates to 12,500 FESTA POINTS each SOF Playthrough. Not something to take light of, so if you find yourself having trouble winning, try to farm NAME CARDS before taking on the harder difficulties.
  190.                                            3e) おまかせ (RANDOM)
  191.         おまかせ is a charm you can purchase from the store once you reach Rank A that allows you to skip a song from SOF. However, the results are random, and you won't have any control over how well your idols perform. Most of the time, you'll gain more points by just choosing to play a song, but sometimes you get a decent amount of points from it.
  192. Here is some results of testing:
  195. 1# : 7542 (SS) & 7776 (SSS) = 15318
  196. 2# : 7010 (S)  & 6897 (S) = 13907
  197. 3# : 7070 (S)  & 7140 (S) = 14150
  198. 4# : 7285 (SS) & 6947 (S) = 14232
  199. 5# : 7400 (SS) & 6830 (S) = 14230
  200. 6# : 7511 (SS) & 7422 (SSS) = 14933
  201. 7# : 6973 (S)  & 7555 (SSS) = 14528
  202. 8# : 7355 (SS) & 7467 (SS) = 14822
  203. 9# : 7586 (SS) & 8028 (SSS) = 15614
  204. 10#: 7065 (S)  & 7692 (SSS) = 14757
  205. 11#: 7315 (SS) & 6960 (S) = 14275
  206. 12#: 7616 (SSS)& 6841 (S) = 14457
  207. 13#: 7035 (S)  & 7263 (SS) = 14298
  208. 14#: 7074 (S)  & 7266 (SS) = 14340
  209. 15#: 7706 (SSS)& 7435 (SS) = 15141
  213. 1# : 6022(S) & 6422(SS) = 12444
  214. 2# : 5941(A) & 5975(S)  = 11916
  215. 3# : 6174 (S) & 6111(S) = 12285
  216. 4# : 5913 (A) & 5696 (A) = 11609
  217. 5# : 6252 (S) & 5948 (A) = 12200
  218. 6# : 6081 (S) & 5868 (A) = 11941
  219. 7# : 6177 (S) & 6252(S) = 12426
  223. 1# : 4572 (B) & 5119 (S) =  9691
  224. 2# : 5017 (A) & 4866 (A) =  9883
  225. 3# : 4964 (A) & 5023 (A) =  9987
  226. 4# : 5197 (S) & 4932 (A) = 10129
  227. 5# : 4869 (A) & 5229 (S) = 10098
  228. 6# : 4559 (B) & 4901 (A) =  9460
  229. 7# : 4752 (A) & 4610 (B) =  9362
  230. 8# : 4186 (C) & 4583 (A) =  8769
  231. 9# : 4537 (B) & 4117 (C) =  8654
  232. 10#: 4365 (B) & 4583 (B) =  8948
  233. 11#: 4400 (B) & 4459 (B) =  8859
  234. 12#: 4666 (A) & 4635 (A) =  9301
  235. 13#: 4381 (B) & 4795 (A) =  9176
  239.                                            3f) FARMING TIPS
  240.                                   Farming methods for different stuff.
  241.         1. REPEAT THEATER MODE
  242. Go into THEATER MODE and choose a song. If you're farming for MEMORY, choose a song with all the Idols. If you're farming for FANS, choose any song. When the MC starts, pause by pressing START and change     リピート(REPEAT) to ON. This will cause the MC to loop until stopped. Once you feel like playing the actual game, you can pause the MC and choose the 4th option to exit out. For EACH time the video looped, you'll receive about 1/3 of the Memory Gain you'd normally get for completing the song, ~300 FANS, and occasionally Money. This trick is pretty broken since you can just leave the PSP running, and I recommend it only for those who just want to RANK up or farm MEMORY without doing anything.
  245.         2. NAME CARD FARMING
  246. A way to farm NAME CARDS is to reach RANK A and purchase the おまかせ Charm. This allows you to skip past SONGS 1 and 2 of SOF, allowing you to go straight into the RIVAL BATTLE. Of course, you still need to beat them, but you can simplify this by choosing a song in DEBUT difficulty. Don't choose anyone for Memory Appeals, as you only need those if you're planning on winning SOF. Remember, you can choose to reset your SOF progress back to Day 1 through the BACKSTAGE - DATA TAB 6 Settings before you complete the 5th Day if you want to avoid a loss.
  248.                                         3g) SOF RANKINGS (INCOMPLETE)
  249. The rankings are as follows: (speculations, as I haven't done enough testing for conclusions)
  251.                                              -REGULAR-
  252.                 SSS:  120k+ FESTA POINTS - REWARD: 40k BONUS MONEY, 15k FANS
  253.                  SS:  110k+ FESTA POINTS - REWARD: 30k BONUS MONEY, 10k FANS
  254.                   S:  100k+ FESTA POINTS - REWARD: 20k BONUS MONEY, 7.5k FANS
  255.                   A:   90k+ FESTA POINTS - REWARD: N/A
  256.                   B:   80k+ FESTA POINTS - REWARD: N/A
  257.                   C:   70k+ FESTA POINTS - REWARD: N/A
  258.                   D:   60k+ FESTA POINTS - REWARD: N/A
  260.                                               -HARD-
  261.                 SSS:  120k+ FESTA POINTS - REWARD: 60k BONUS MONEY, 25k FANS
  262.                  SS:  110k+ FESTA POINTS - REWARD: 40k BONUS MONEY, 20k FANS
  263.                   S:  100k+ FESTA POINTS - REWARD: 30k BONUS MONEY, 15k FANS
  264.                   A:   90k+ FESTA POINTS - REWARD: 20k BONUS MONEY. 10k FANS
  265.                   B:   80k+ FESTA POINTS - REWARD: N/A
  266.                   C:   70k+ FESTA POINTS - REWARD: N/A
  267.                   D:   60k+ FESTA POINTS - REWARD: N/A
  269.                                              -EXPERT-
  270.                 SSS:  105k+ FESTA POINTS - REWARD: 80k BONUS MONEY, 35k FANS
  271.                  SS:  100k+ FESTA POINTS - REWARD: 60k BONUS MONEY, 25k FANS
  272.                   S:   97k? FESTA POINTS - REWARD: N/A
  273.                   A:   90k+ FESTA POINTS - REWARD: 30k BONUS MONEY, 15k FANS
  274.                   B:   70k+ FESTA POINTS - REWARD: 20k BONUS MONEY, 10k FANS
  275.                   C:   60k+ FESTA POINTS - REWARD: N/A
  276.                   D:   50k+ FESTA POINTS - REWARD: N/A
  279. If possible, please provide feedback and results of your SOF Rankings to add to the data.
  282.                                         3h) SOF STORY SUMMARY
  283. Story in Festa (ending depends on your final ranking)
  285.                                         - Groovy Tune -
  286. They meet a mysterious boy who asks them to come and sing for his friends, but disappears after leading them to the forest. It turns out he lost them as well so he apologizes. After they win the competition, they receive a mail from the boy and then go find him but couldn't. Takane realizes that the name of his friend he mentioned is a white flower, and that he claimed to be living here before, which is strange because it is a deserted island. So, Yukiho says "perhaps he is not a human ?"
  288.                                         - Honey Sound -
  289. The girls talk about mermaid's folklore, in which whoever gets to listen to a mermaid's song will become popular (or something similar, not sure). Producer goes to the beach and hears a singing voice, and the next day the girls keep calling him on. As we all could expect, they play a prank on him, and the voice he heard was Chihaya's (that scene when Chihaya says "Producer, I have something to confess ..."). The twist is before they came to tell that, he actually talked to them (about protecting things that are precious to him) so he thinks the ones he talked to could be mermaids.
  291.                                         - Funky Note -
  292. nothing happens ... really ... they find a treasure map on the street and spend the first four days to search for it. Eventually, Producer tells them the treasure of this island is a constellation (which I don't know) and that their fans are their precious stars. Happy ending ...
  295. ---------------------------------------------------------------
  296. 4) アイテム - ITEMS
  297. ---------------------------------------------------------------
  298.                                           4a) ITEM CHOICE
  299.         This game provides some very helpful items, ranging from insanely cheap (アイコンサポーター and ターゲットサボーター) to not as useful (キラメキ☆ガード). The best part is ITEMS don't have any drawbacks. There is no reason not to use them. The question is, what item should I use? Here's my opinions on each item and their usefulness.
  301. - ターゲットサボーター : Increases the window of hitting a beat.
  302.         This is my favorite item to use. It extends the timing of the beats so that you'll have a better chance of hitting a note. It really does help, and I'm basically always using this item when aiming for Full Combo. It essentially turns close hits that would have been a GOOD into PERFECT, and so on. It works for all notes, whether they be long or short, and is never a waste. A must use for songs with a high BPM. Definitely the first item to invest in.
  304. - アイコンサポーター : Long Notes are automatically held down.
  305.         This item is very helpful. Simplifies Long notes to the extent that I feel like I'm cheating. The great thing about this item is it essentially turns Long Notes into Short Notes. The bad thing about it is it makes you very lazy, and once you switch back to another item or turn it off, you'll find yourself missing Long Notes again. I highly recommend only using this item for songs with a lot of Long Notes, otherwise it's a waste. ターゲットサボーター constantly provides benefits, while this only simplifies Long Notes and creates lazy players.
  307. - キラメキ☆プラス : Increase Kirameki meter rate
  308.         This item is useful for squeezing out as many points as you can out of a song. It'll give you an increased rate at which you gain Kirameki, which in turns increases your point gain earlier in the song. Outside of that, I don't see much more potential from this item.
  310. - キラメキ☆ガード : Kirameki meter will only drop slightly if you miss combo
  311.         I never used this item myself, and from the description, it's not the best item. There are better items to use. The only viable use this item can provide would be in SOF if you want to get the 5 Memories before losing your Kirameki boost.
  314. - ファンプラス : Increase number of Fans gained by x1.5
  315.         For Fan Farming purposes. Only works in STAGE MODE.
  317. - ちょーフャンプラス : Increase Fan Gain by x2 (Unlocks at Rank S)
  318.         For better Fan Farming purposes. Only works in STAGE MODE
  320. - 思いでプラス : Increase amount of Memories gained by x1.5
  321.         For Memory Farming purposes. Only works in STAGE MODE
  323. - ちょー 思いでプラス : Increase Memory Gain by x2 (Unlocks at Rank S)
  324.         For better Memory Farming purposes. Only works in STAGE MODE
  326. - シンプルライン : Change all lines to flat lines
  327.         This is great for songs that tend to look messy on the higher difficulties (Visionary, Next Life, Smoky Thrill are a couple that come to mind).
  329. 4b) Item Notes:
  330. -ファンプラス and 思いでプラス cannot be used in SOF
  331. -Items with a Z suffix have an unlimited amount of uses, and are not consumable.
  332. -You can only use one item at a time, and x1 is consumed after a song is completed unless it's a Z variation.
  333. -To use an item for a song, press select while choosing songs to toggle it on/off.
  334. -To change the item, go into BACKSTAGE and under the first tab アイテム, select  アイテム変更 (Change Item).
  337. 4c) お守り - CHARMS
  338. - おまかせ - You can skip songs 1 and/or 2 in SOF mode by choosing "おまかせ" in song selection (you will get random points though)
  339. - プチ思い出UP : Increase Memory limit to 10
  340. - 思い出UP: Increase Memory limit to to 30
  341. - ちょー思い出UP: Increase Memory limit to to 50
  342. - すごい思い出UP: Increase Memory limit to to 99
  343. - MCのお守り - Adds more Music Clip settings in BACKSTAGE
  345. ---------------------------------------------------------------
  346. 5) BACKSTAGE - Settings Translation
  347. ---------------------------------------------------------------
  348. First Tab - Item
  349. = Set Item
  350. = See charms (automatic use, so nothing to set here)
  351. = Go to shop
  353. Second Tab - customize
  354. = Left icon, target, right icon
  355. = Line
  356. = Handclap
  357. = Reset
  359. Third Tab - Play Support
  360. = MC setting (you will see this only if you have MC Charm) instead of having two clips in one song, you can choose to play only either of them in Stage/SOF mode
  361. = Speed
  362. = Mirror
  363. = Auto Handclap (you will hear the handclaps at the perfect timing)
  364. = Position of Combo & Timing
  365. = Reset
  367. Fourth Tab - Playback Setting
  368. = Play All Music Clips
  369. = Repeat MC on Set List
  370. = Shuffle set list
  371. = Lyrics (on/off)
  372. = Song title (on/off)
  373. = Reset
  375. Fifth Tab - Sound Setting
  376. = BGM
  377. = Sound Effects
  378. = MC/Anime
  379. = Voice
  380. = Reset
  382. Sixth Tab - Data
  383. = Autosave
  384. = Save
  385. = Data install
  386. = Reset SOF to day 1
  387. = Reset setting
  389. ---------------------------------------------------------------
  390. 6) F.A.Q.
  391. ---------------------------------------------------------------
  393. Q. Where can I get the game(s)?
  394. A.
  396. Q. Is the game emulatable?
  397. A. Yes. PPSPP is fairly compatible with it, and I hear JPCSP has been updated as well.
  399. Q. How do Saves work between games?
  400. A. Money, item unlocks and cards are shared between games. Pretty much all the backstage.
  401. Each game has its own unit name, fan count and other statistics.
  403. Q. How do I use the meter?
  404. A. The activation of Kirameki is streamlined into the gameplay so that the player won't have to worry about activating it once they have filled it
  406. Q. How come Kotori won't leave me alone?
  407. A. See Section FORCED ITEM TUTORIAL
  409. Q. How do I turn off the sound effects of the Notes?
  410. A. The best results I've had of getting the sound effects of Notes to as close to silent was buying ぽつ Sound from the SHOP and then turning down SE in the Sound Settings of BACKSTAGE to 0.
  412. Q. How do I get higher difficulties?
  413. A. To get a higher difficulty for a song, you have to beat that song and receive a grade of A or higher. To unlock a higher dificulty of SOF, you'll need to unlock the corresponding difficulties for all of the songs.
  415. Q. What should I do with my money?
  416. A. I'd say first buy the Z variations of the best items: ターゲットサボーター and アイコンサポーター.
  417. Then I'd invest in higher Memory counts so you can do more STAGE MODE songs without hitting the limit so early on. After that, do whatever you want with your money. Those are really the two things that you need to succeed.
  419. Q. Which Idols are in each games?
  420. A.  Funky Note: Hibiki Ganaha, Iori Minase, Yayoi Takatsuki, Mami and Ami Futami.
  421.    Groovy Tune: Takane Shijou, Miki Hoshii, Makoto Kikuchi, and Yukiho Hagiwara
  422.    Honey Sound: Haruka Amami, Chihaya Kisaragi, Azusa Miura, and Ritsuko Akizuki
  424. Q. What new songs are there?
  425. A. MUSIC♪, Visionary (Funky Note), edeN (Groovy Tune), and Vault That Borderline (Honey Sound)
  427. Q. Can you play songs from Groovy Tunes in the other games, and vice versa?
  428. No, you are restricted to the songs on one game. However they share 6 songs across all games.
  430. Q. What songs are available for each game?
  431. ALL GAMES:
  432. MUSIC♪
  433. The iDOLM@STER
  434. READY!!
  435. CHANGE!!!!
  436. Watashi-tachi wa Zutto... Deshou?
  437. Jibun Rest@rt
  439. DLC:
  440. The World is All One
  442. Honey Sound:
  443. Vault that Borderline
  444. Otome yo Taishi wo Idake!!
  445. I Want
  446. Yakusoku
  447. Me Ga Au Toki
  448. Tonari ni...
  449. Lovely
  450. Ippai Ippai
  451. Mahou wo Kakete
  452. Shiny Smile
  453. Shalala
  454. GO MY WAY!!
  455. Kami Summer!!
  456. Watashi wa Idol
  458. Groovy Tune:
  459. edeN
  460. Heart of the Marionette
  461. Furufuru Future☆
  462. ALRIGHT
  463. Kosmos,Cosmos
  464. Jitensha
  465. Meisou Mind
  466. Kazahana
  467. Overmster
  468. Kimi wa Melody
  469. relations
  470. Little Match Girl
  471. Agent Yoru wo Yuku
  472. Massugu
  474. Funky Note:
  475. Visionary
  476. Kiramekirari
  477. Ohayou!! Asagohan
  478. Start→Star→
  479. Positive
  480. Next Life
  481. Brand New Day
  482. Futari no Kioku
  483. Nana Iro Button
  484. Do-dai
  485. Kyun! Vampire Girl
  486. Honey Heartbeat
  487. Smoky Thrill
  488. L.O.B.M
  490. Q: How do I get The World is All One DLC?
  491. A: Download and move it into the PSP/Game folder.
  492. Only works if you have the proper DLC Plugins.
  494. Q. Why did you bother making a guide? This game is EZMODO!
  495. A. Some people just can't grasp the concepts of the game as easily as others. This guide is meant to explain the game in detail for people to understand. While the preface of the game is simplistic, the mechanics and the content are complex. Nobody will understand everything about the game the instant they start playing. This will help those new players enjoy the game, while hopefully teaching avid players something new.
  497. Q. I want to contribute/make changes to the Guide! What's the best way to contact you?
  498. A. You can either post on /@/ or email me the contribution/changes at .
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