Milo, you are full of shit.

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  1. Re: Why The Battle For Medieval Studies Matters To America
  4. Autymn Castleton
  5. Abrahamic fantasist circlejerking and self-congratulatory false historic revisionism. "the Christians were the good guys": this represents the pandèmic populist Papist-Paulist-Pètrist propaganda absent in the source text of these hoax-worshippers' comicobibliolatry. Jèsu said that no one is good. Not that the quote's premised subject is valid (see below), those who claim to be that are the complete opposite of good (bad, not evil, of holy) in the literary, historic, social, and criminal record.
  7. my refutation of the medieval European cultural apologhy:
  9. Michael Rectenwald
  10. August 1 ·
  11. NYU Professor: We’re On the Verge of “Completely Losing Our Culture”
  13. Clare Russell What culture? More culture is being added to and less of it destroyed. Not like in the old days 'the reformation of the monastries' or 'the holy crusades' or empire building. Even in these cases a new culture emerges. WTF does it mean I really want to know. Our culture is there for us if we want to keep it and if we don't We can lose it.
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  17. Clare Russell Michael Rectenwald well I try to read your posts but I don't follow your narrative. I agreed with it at first and then it went down a very narrow dark alley. Plus this very specific statement is simply not true. Cultures change all the time. Things go wrong in cultures all the time. People look for alternatives but our cultures break down and reform. It's what happens if you live long enough.
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  20. Alex St. Germain Okay Clare. A little edification. First, the monastery saved what was left after the fall of Rome. In Ireland, for example, anything from 1,000 back, would have been lost to history. The monastery in that country scribed all the great works for postarity and protected it with their lives. Also the monastery recreated not only libraries, but also universities. Some of the greatest thinkers like Thomas Aquinas, Peter Abelard, Hildagard von Bingen, Teresa of Avila and Gregor Mendel-the father of genetics.
  22. Secondly, scribes created some of the most beautiful written works of artistry imaginable. And music. Music notation was lost, but reinvented by monks. Ever heard of plainsong? From that came Gregorian Chant, then polyphonic and so on. It was also the church and the monastery that created hospitals. I visited some of these ancient sites when walking across Europe.
  24. Oh yes, the horrible Crusades. The great blight the psoudo intellectual just loves to bring up. Well Clare, understand that 631, the Mohamedans were making war accross all of the Middle East. The Europeans did not care until they were stopped from going to the Holy Land. That's what pushed the Christians. And before you criticize your own culture, and history, look up the Ottomans. They were finally stopped at the gates of Vienna in 1683. If they would have taken Vienna, every morning, you would praying Allahu Akbar, living under Sharia Law. I gurantee you would not be happy.
  26. Oh, by the way, did you know that Muslims pushed their way into Europe, into France, just outside of Paris, until they were stopped by Chatles Martel in 732? Arabs were in Spain and controled 3/4s of it until in 1492, they wetr pushed out.
  28. I know that today, it is the fashion to curse your own culture, like-as old Vlad Lenin said: usful idiots. And if you only look for the darkness, that is all you will find. Well, every civilisation has its evil and its grace in some way. Our history is being lost along with our heritage being side-tracked by the PC think tank. So. When ever you talk of the monistery, the Crusades, frankly, any history, show some respect-please study.
  30. Oh by the way, did you ever hear of St.Clare of Assisi? You have a very sacred name. Another educated woman thanks to the monastics. Look her up.
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  35. Autymn Castleton Alex St. Germain (Your name is a red flag.) Abrahamism has set the western world back 2000 years, seen in the loss of knowledge between Hero of Alexandria and Leonardo da Vinci. Compare the aeolipile with the windmill, ballista with onager, Anticýthera orrery with heaps of charts, Eratosttenè with flat-Earth/Earth-centric bishops and imams, Dèmocrito with Giordano Bruno. Civilization and scientific knowledge are thanks to the pagans to the east and south of Rome, not to the lead-poisoned Roman meat-heads or their descendants. Clerics hoarded all the books they didn't destroy; rather than build secular libraries and acadèmies they built sectarian cathedrals and universities. Women and unbelievers could not earn degrees, professorship, publishers, or society membership. Michelangelo produced junk, misrepresentations of Semitic figures with his own Italian build, a god in Roman vellificatio instead of the Zoroastrian-Jewish fire and smoke, naked baby boys putti instead of winged rams, and dyebombed clothes instead of period-appropriate plain and drab.
  37. Sectarian hospitals and their missionaries caused many of the problems that they treat: The authors of the Freakonomics series originated the premise that the abortion court win decreased crime by the 1990s; there's also a chart and discussion of the correlation between religiosity and crime, unhappiness, and pregnant teens in the USA states and other countries.
  39. All of the great thinkers you allege are bogus; I disqualify anyone as intelligent who believes a comic book is real. The New Testament came first, then the villages mentioned in it. Take the Tomb of Lazarus: it was a cemetery, not a village, in the first century. Then like the other conveniently-tiny villages of the fictional NT's savior's ministry, they only sprang up after the NT became known.. likely by merchants who would exploit the foreigners who didn't know any better.
  41. Faketh and its cretins/retards/God-awfuls are the problem. The popes had committed ~50 million deaths; Catholics and Lutherans caused about another 50 million deaths as Nazis; most murders are committed by theists to a hugely disproportionate degree. Not that I disagree with killing, as most of the world deserves to die and killing is progress, but with killing for the wrong reasons especially when the killer needs to be killed.
  43. Michael Rectenwald "You haven’t seen curricula such as the utter extirpation of all white males from the reading lists in philosophy departments for example. Or the insistence that no white males be read in English literature classes." Anecdotes aren't statistics, or ætiologhy.
  45. "He’ll be lucky if they read Shakespeare." Shakespeare was a pretentiose lunatic who wrote in garden-path blather; no one spoke like that, especially runaway teens. English had already died 1000 years ago sith the Norman Conquest; everyone talks in "Einglish" now with loanwords and slang.
  47. Clare Russell Woolf; it's -> its, dolt; won't (like not to) -> shan't (not to happen)
  49. Robert Bigouette your quote is stupid; whether love or one another it's still flesh. There is no wisdom in the Buybull.
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  52. Autymn Castleton Michael Rectenwald "The Supreme Court wisely said: No, the government cannot ban books—nor can it ban movies, or TV ads, or billboards, or other forms of independent communication. No matter who produces them, and no matter when." I'd like a quote for this as it's bullshit. The government can and does ban expression under indecency and security laws.
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  58. Dependent on which image they took of this window, fake-Marjam's face and neck may alternately look beige to tan or both beige.  In any case it does not prove your nonargument of a straw-grasping premise, based on badly-written stupid ancient Hebrew that had no word for brown then embellished and forged into your Latin and Germanic Scriptures.  I don't think anyone would call her face black, not even modern Hebrews who hav sith invented a word for brown.  What this hick art betrays is that the artists not only didn't care what race she was (as if she was of a swarthy race this should not be reflected), they didn't care for accuraty or reality.  Dark Age Europeans could not portray Semites so they drew themselves.  How does a tan-faced blonde Madonna support your claim Europeans aren't Eurocentric?  Or a bunch of shitty portraits of "Black Madonna" relate to what she should look like?  Maybe you think others believe she looks like toast or other stains.
  60. Why Papists would take a song in a completely different and older book to [mis]represent Marjam of a completely different age and role I cannot say.  But they rely on their own fake texts and manuscripts to keep up this faketh that has less to do with the authors' work.  The Trinity was a Catholic fabrication, from the later Comma Johanneum, as was the seven deadly sins, when there were 32 deadly sins in Ro 1 (which the Abrahamic gods and their followers were already mostly guilty of), as was the mother-of-God nonsense, when Jèsu was only the son of man and Emmanuèl the son of the gods logho the father and pneýma the mother, as was the improper capitalization of  "God", when it was only in the lowercase definite "ho theos" for "the god".  (What's wrong with your curly quotes?)
  62. Jn 3:16 was mistranslated; "cosmos" means array, arrangement, how things are, way of life, whereas "oicumenè" in other passages means world.  The NT has nothing to do with you, Brown Sheep, and these flat-Earth gods never knew you nor said anything about you or your culture, time, or continent.
  64. The two testaments are such long mishmash that you could pick passages that claim one thing and its opposite.  Whereas in the NT accommodationists like to quote the neither-Jew-nor-Greek line (which Jèsu never said), they ignore the insult of the Canaanite (which Jèsu did say), and the many racial, national, and tribal insults in the OT (extant in Jews' marriage restrictions) explicated along with the history of plagiarism and failure in these hundreds of pages by exProtestant bastard acadèmic:
  67. a copy of my Medium post (the below)
  68. Kristians don’t exist:
  70. Catholics are Papist (Mt 23:9); Protestants are Paulian (Mt 15:24); breeders are neither (Mt 19:19; Lu 20:35; 2Co 11:2). The goal of the Gospels was to end the family and the world. The Buybull was so poorly written the savior couldn’t keep track of his own words or culture, so he sent himself to hell: Ps 14:1 > Mt 5:22 > Mt 23:17.
  72. None of the Abrahamic gods knew about the believers here nor of America, Australia, Asia orientalis, or Antarctica as they all believed the earth was flat, heaven was a sea or lake where the stars swam above a bowl that held up the rain, hell was simply a grave or later a trash dump that’s no longer on fire (, and earth rode on another lake.
  74. Theists believe in, condone, and promote evil:
  78. Theists are 1000 times likelier to end up in prison:
  82. Theists are unlearned and stupid:
  86. Theists spread suffering, poverty, crime, and disease with their new morals that defy the social and sexual order:
  90. Theists fake their talents:
  94. Theists don’t own the afterlife:
  98. Theists make up their religion:
  103. How gods cannot exist:
  107. (excerpt of long comment at
  110. Back to middle-rages: Another commonly-tossed about expression is "God Almighty" that gets both words wrong; the former is explained above whereas the latter is a worse mistranslation of shaddæ for "hillish", the earth/war/ore god of Abram, related to shedu for some kind of demon. Abrahamic gods (the family tree of gods: were plagiarized from the Zoroastrian (fire and liht worship) and Ugaritic (wind and weather worship) godheads, under deceptive disguises like sons, persons, anghels, heavenly host, heavenly council; Judaism's gods are fire and wind; Kristism's gods are liht and wit; Islam's gods are liht and wind whereas dzhinn are fire. All of which are material and by no means omnipotent. Huge failures were j·hveh to kill all the Canaanites in Jdg 1 and later, to keep Egypt desolate and to bring the endtimes 2400 years ago and prevent another religion/messenger from coming until then, and was Emmanuèl to bring the endtimes 1950 years ago, within a generation (~21 years), the Roman-Jerusalem war and Emperor 666/616 Nero[n]'s death (~40 years), and the witnesses' lifetime (~60 years), or to die in Jerusalem like he said but outside on Golgotha, or to fulfil the OT when he falsified Isa 53 in six terms, or his inability to keep the fig tree, inability to heal without his maghic robe that drains when someone touches it, inability to know who felt his robe, and many liges about nature, health, death, life, etc. even if they are ripped-off proverbs.
  112. Milo, you are full of shit. Everyone with the Abrahamist or other faketh upbringing is at risk of this cavedwelling worldview, even if one later apostasizes/secularizes like your friend Michael Rectenwald, who felt he had to hijack a story about a conservative hoax:
  115. Michael Rectenwald
  116. This clovergender trollery merely underscores the incoherence of the transgender ideology:
  118. 1. In the epistemology of the social justice and transgender communities, the material world does not or should not impose any significant constraints on beliefs about it -- especially those related to gender or "sex." Something material may surely be "there," but whatever it is, this material reality does not necessarily bear any correspondence to the relevant ideas about it, and vice versa. Most importantly, in the social justice/transgender epistemology, subjective statements about the material body, however seemingly divorced from the reality they are meant (I suppose) to represent, are the only sources of knowledge. Nothing else counts. The statements of the transgender activists or transgender persons represent the final truth about gender, period. Got it?
  120. 2. The transgender conception is that gender -- or even, as the story currently goes, "sexual difference" itself -- if the phrase any longer has a social justice license to exist -- is a social construction. Gender identity is determined not at all by genetics, anatomy, or physiology. It is determined solely by beliefs regarding (or in denial of) these sometimes inconveniently non-conforming phenomena. Gender identity is ultimately determined by names and words. That is, social justice and transgender epistemology is a radical social constructivism at base. Social justice and transgender ideology constitute an absolute linguistic relativism, a position that the structure of language is the constitutive stuff of reality. The language of transgender people and activists supersedes all other factors in defining gender -- but only if the language is used by the (transgender!) person whose gender or lack thereof is at issue. The language of others, including specialists and physicians, has no bearing on gender reality, at all. These specialists may as well refer to the sizes of asteroids approaching the Earth from a great distance.
  122. 3. It follows that sexual anatomy -- unless suggested otherwise by the transgender persons -- is deemed utterly meaningless. YET, transgender persons retain the perfect right and prerogative to have surgery either to add, remove, or otherwise modify sexual anatomy! This belief that biology is ultimately meaningless, coupled with the contradictory practices of altering it when desired -- underscores one of the many incoherences of transgenderism/social justice ideology. Material reality both does and does not matter. The status and meaning of material reality depends entirely on the statements of the affected persons. Imagine other forms of medicine practiced under these terms!
  124. Given such notions, if consistency is to be observed, one's gender is whatever they say it is. Likewise, if one says they are really a child trapped in the body of an adult, as the transgender theory has it, they should be regarded as such. That's their belief and nothing else matters!
  126. Yet, transgenderism cannot deal with the absurdity that follows from its claims, because it is utter and complete bullshit. It is a nonsensical ideology foisted on the public by activists who gang-bully society into accepting a clear and obvious absurdity. Then, when others show them their aburdity by extending it to is logical conclusions, they lose it. They don't want anyone to notice how ridiculous their ideas are. And if you dare to challenge this mob, they will brutalize you without mercy. They are really gender thugs who impose their will on others with whatever force they deem necessary. They enforce an utterly religious idea on people and suggest that the empirical world has no meaning, and we have to go along with this, or face their persecution. This is nothing short of relgious fanaticism of the kind practiced in the Middle Ages by the Catholic Church. They are zealots and fanatics. Oppose them at your peril.
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  129. Autymn Castleton
  130. Wrong on all claims, ignorant American halfwit. Gender and sex are different concepts and if you weren't American you'd likely understand the history of the former classification as it usually extended to inanimate objects.
  137. All sexes share the same tissue; sex may arise during broodhood or later during puberty (in humans and other animals).
  142. Pluripotent stem cells, CRISPR, horizontal transfer, and methylation are kinds of genetic means or therapies to moderate, reverse, or modify cellular and organic development. With donated organelles a child can be born of three parents of any sex.
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