Slow and Steady - Resilience; Special

Feb 2nd, 2015
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  1. Slow and Steady
  2. (Resilience; Special)
  3. This Devotion modifies other Devotions. It allows your character to take extra long to accomplish a task, in order to make sure it's done right. The vampire focuses the blood, and makes it act in the purest, most efficient way possible.
  4. Cost: 1 Vitae
  5. Dice Pool: None
  6. Action: Reflexive
  7. When purchasing this Devotion, assign it to another Devotion or Discipline power which requires an Instant Action to use. For example, your character may have BFFs, modified with this Devotion. Slow and Steady requires Resilience equal to the Experience cost of the Devotion in question, or the dot rating of the Discipline power. This influences its Experience cost. The Storyteller is encouraged to review individual purchases of Slow and Steady for appropriateness.
  8. When activating the Devotion, you may choose to activate Slow and Steady for an additional Vitae. Instead of taking an Instant Action (requiring about three seconds), the Devotion requires a half an hour of preparation. This typically takes the part of meditation, or focusing the blood. If the Discipline has a specific target, the target must be present for the entire preparation. In the case of Dominate or Majesty, this does not mean attention or eye contact, just reasonable proximity in the same scene.
  9. Once the half hour is passed, activate the Discipline or Devotion as normal. Except, instead of rolling Attribute + Skill + Discipline, simply roll Skill + Discipline. The Attribute dots are considered automatic successes on the activation. Calculate Resisted and Contested rolls as normal from the modified dice pool.
  10. This Devotion costs 1 Experience if it requires Resilience • or ••, 2 Experiences if it requires Resilience ••• or ••••, and costs 3 Experiences if it requires Resilience •••••. Slow and Steady cannot modify a Devotion normally costing 6 Experiences or more. If modifying a Discipline power, consider the dot rating of the power to be the Experience cost, as if it were a Devotion.
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