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  1. Key: Guess_Who_21
  2. What you're apping for: Alien
  3. Character Name: Skally
  4. Character Race: Alien
  5. Character Age:16
  6. RP:
  7. What they are: The Cybrids and Animalia, these aliens are much like animals, some that can imitate can even take a Human-like form. These creatures can vary on rather or not they are friendly, depending on their alliance can determine what they are like. The elders of the race tend to follow the old traditions of Lion chases Dog chases Cat chases Mouse, but the younger generation believes that they can live peaceably with one another if they try. Of course some of the young generations opinions are affected by their parents.
  8. Things they like to do: They love to travel the world and wish to see past the stars, who knows, maybe someday, someone will make that possible. Otherwise, if they are the lazy type, they will just lay down, maybe in the sun, maybe indoors. Some may enjoy sparring with others or training with themselves.
  9. Leadership: One thing is for sure though, for each creature, rather dog, cat, pig, mouse, etc, there is a leader, they must be 16 years of age to lead their species and when they pass, the oldest 16 year old is next, unless if they reach age 70, which is when they would retire from their post. When it comes to battle depending on what their leader says will determine how they battle, when, and why too, but they never fight for land unless if they are defending it. When it comes to family, even before their own species, each one would defend their family.
  10. Looks: They can be a variety of different shapes sizes and colors, but occasionally some will look just like others, when they take on a Cybrid form, they have ears and a tail that match their Animalial form. Occasionally there will be an albino or ebon, for some creature, such as Felines, Canines, and Leoporines, they are the luckiest, but for Reptilia, Amphibia, and fiercer Mamalia, they see them as a disgrace and abandon them.
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