Juniper 4

Dec 17th, 2013
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  1. “Once more.”
  3. You groan in exasperation, sounding just as whiny as you wanted to.
  5. “Come on! I’ve done it like 7 times now! My horn’s really starting to hurt!”
  7. “If you don’t strain, your arcane strength won’t grow. Be thankful you’re a grown mare, this would take months if that weren’t the case.”
  9. You’ve been working on your magic for the last 4 hours with the help of a rather uptight unicorn mare named Sapphire Glow. She’s even more serious than Mystic Remedy, but hey, she’s efficient. You’ve already mastered the basics of levitation, and now you were just training your horn or something. It involved some weird little contraption, and all you had to do was focus your magic on it to try and get it to change color. There was no specific spell involved, but the thing was designed to build your strength and was really hard to do. Using magic was a little like flexing a new muscle on your head, and like all muscles it could be strengthened through practice.
  11. You stare at the little green orb, determination painted on your face as you direct your thoughts toward it. Your horn starts to ache again almost immediately. All this strain is catching up to you it seems. Focusing on the orb is like trying to bring two strong magnets together with your hands, except instead of your hands it’s an unfamiliar muscle on your head.
  13. After straining for a good minute you collapse in exhaustion, your horn throbbing painfully. Looking up at the orb confirms your fears of failure. It’s still glowing a dull green color, and you’re sure Sapphire is gonna give you a hard time for it.
  15. “Excellent work, we’re done for today.”
  17. “Wait what?” you ask her incredulously. How is she calling that good? This mare has been nothing less than a bitch for the last 3 days.
  19. “You only managed to complete it three times yesterday, today you accomplished seven. You’re improving much faster than I anticipated.”
  20. “Uhh… Thanks I guess.” You’re really not sure how to react to this sudden praise. The amount of crap you got for failing levitation 12 times in a row prepared you for anything but praise.
  22. “You’re free to go, we’re finished for today. At this rate tomorrow should be our last session. I’ll see you there Miss Juniper.” She says before levitating the practice orb into her saddlebags and standing up to leave.
  24. “Um… Yeah seeya…”
  26. You still have to do a double take every time someone calls you ‘miss’. It’s doesn’t feel bad, just strange. You've been called something else all your life, and now you’re being called miss. You know it -should- feel bad, but the doc did say your gender identity changed along with your body, so there doesn’t seem to be anything you can do about it. You’re doing the best you can to just not think about all the mental changes. There’s not much anyone can do when the whole planet is against them.
  28. Once again you’re left alone in that <God> awful hospital room. At least you’re not bedridden anymore. It turns out walking came pretty naturally once you got the ball rolling. You get to go out enough, but after 4 days you’ve grown to despise the slightly small hospital room. At least you have Orchid to keep you company most of the time, despite the feeling in your chest that you desperately don’t want to acknowledge when he’s around.
  30. You haven’t really been able to… explore much of that area due to the fact that you’ve almost always got company. You’re not even sure that you want to explore that area at all, but there’s really not much chance that you’ll go without pleasuring yourself your entire life. That just sounds like torture.
  32. Your thoughts are interrupted by the sound of the door opening, and before you know it, Orchid’s standing right by your bed with a warm grin, startling you.
  34. “Aah! <Jesus Christ> Orchid Don’t fucking do that!”
  36. “Sorry sorry sorry, I just need to be quick, is Remedy anywhere?” He’s looking around cautiously, making you more confused than you were a moment ago.
  38. “No? Why?” You really can’t think of any reason for Orchid to be secretive.
  40. “Got you something, can’t let the doc see.” With that he reaches into his saddlebags and pulls out a white paper bag. The most incredible smell makes its way to your nose, making your mouth water a bit.
  42. “Holy shit what is that?” You say, closing your eyes and taking in more of the wonderful aroma.
  44. “Hay fries. Quick, eat em’ before Remedy comes back.” He holds the bag out to you and you take it in your magic, levitating it in front of you and pulling one of the golden brown morsels out to inspect. You’re not all that excited about eating hay, but something that smells this good can’t possibly be bad.
  46. “S’alright, he’s not coming by for another hour or two.”
  48. You take one last look at the fry before popping it in your mouth, hoping for the best. Almost immediately your mouth is filled with crispy, greasy goodness. It’s just as good as potato fries, maybe even better. You’re seriously glad for your pony taste buds. In the year you’ve been here you’ve been mostly stuck with vegetables and candy, which are ok, but a bit boring after a while. Being a herbivore now, you’re sure you’ll be enjoying the food available to you much more.
  50. “Good?” Orchid asks you, his ears pointing forward.
  52. “Wow,” Is all you say, levitating out a few more and popping them in your mouth. “These are fucking amazing Orchid. Thanks.”
  54. While you happily munch on your greasy snack, Orchid pulls off his saddlebags and takes a seat by you on the bed. You munch on your fries in silence, neither of you really knowing what to say. You try to make small talk, asking him about his day, and whether he’d seen any of your other friends or not, he asked you about your magic session, and how you were feeling. It’s really menial stuff just to pass the time.
  56. As you finish your last few mouthfuls you catch him staring at you from the corner of your eye. He seems lost in thought, a placid smile on his face. What disturbs you isn’t the way he’s looking at you; it’s the pang of happiness in your chest you experience knowing that he cares about you, and has been caring for you so selflessly for the last few days.
  58. “Uhh… what are you looking at dude?” You ask, breaking him out of his trance. He looks a little flustered before looking straight down at the sheets.
  60. “O-oh, sorry I didn’t mean to stare… I just… oh Celestia…” He seems really distraught about something.
  62. “What is it orchid?” You ask, a little concerned about his behaviour. What brought this on all of a sudden?
  64. “It’s just… I don’t really know how to say this, but… I know I was trying to cheer you up on your first night here, but I really meant it when I said your accent is… attractive… and a lot of other things about you are… well I just wanted to let you know. I don’t want to do anything you’re not comfortable with.”
  66. Butterflies threaten to burst out of your chest as you feel your face heat up, completely taken aback by his words. Did Orchid just… call you hot? Your mind scrambles to arrange the situation as you just stare at him blankly, your face flushed and your mouth slightly agape.
  68. “June? You alright?” He asks after a minute of silence. What the fuck does he think?
  70. You want to hug him.
  72. But you want him to leave.
  74. But you just want to be close to him.
  76. But you need him out, NOW. Sparking up your magic, you start to push him toward the door, ignoring his surprised yelp as he stumbles off the bed. Your magic isn’t all that strong, but it’s powerful enough to shove him semi forcefully.
  78. “What- aah! June what the hay?! C’mon I’m sorry!” he pleads as you continue to push him, walking behind him with the blush still present, “Ow, ok ok I’m going!”
  80. “Sorry, need time to think.” You say, opening the door for him.
  82. “What about my bags? He asks, looking back toward the bed.
  84. “Pick them up tomorrow.”
  86. He’s outside the door now, looking at you pleadingly.
  88. “C’mon June I’m sor-” You slam the door in his face.
  90. You don’t wait to hear anything from behind the door. You rush back over to the bed and thrust your face into the pillow, screaming as loud as you possibly can. You can’t deal with this. You’re not supposed to be attracted to guys, let alone your best friend. And finding out that he reciprocates these feelings? You just don’t know what to do, so you settle for taking it out on the pillow.
  92. You don’t know how long you simply lay there letting out your frustration at your situation. Why couldn’t you just stay human? There were plenty of ponies, nobody needed another. Stupid Equestria… Stupid magic.
  94. Mystic Remedy should be coming in soon for a routine check-up, so you scrunch up the grease stained paper bag and stuff it in the front pocket of Orchid’s saddlebags. You honestly feel bad about kicking him out. He’s been nothing but nice to you, but that’s the part that worries you. You desperately want to fight these alien feelings, but you don’t want to hurt the ones you care about in order to do so. You’re considering just throwing in the towel and accepting all the changes, telling orchid how you really feel. But you just can’t bring yourself to do so.
  96. You lie back down and levitate the book you’ve been using to keep yourself occupied in front of you.
  98. “Let’s just drop it for now.” You mutter to yourself, opening it to the marked chapter and distracting yourself from everything that bothers you. Though you still can’t ignore the strange feeling in your nethers that’s been present since Orchid left…
  100. ---
  102. A quick glance at the clock shows that it’s 10 past 17, A little later than you expected. The doc had left a while ago, letting you continue your reading. You were nearing the end of the book, and the main character was involved in a particularly cliché romantic subplot. It was getting really boring honestly. You’ve been reading this book for 4 days and you were considering just getting some rest. You’d felt progressively worse about kicking Orchid out as the evening progressed, and you really wish you had somepony to keep you company right now.
  104. After 20 minutes of waiting, you’re still wide awake. Your mind is frustratingly distracted by the thoughts that had been plaguing you the entire time you’ve been here.
  106. Fuck it, you’re not going to sleep unless you do this. You’ve had barely any time alone since waking up and there was no point dancing around the issue. You’d never gone this long without masturbating before, and the need was really starting to build up.
  108. You pull the covers off the lower half of your body, turning from your side to your back with your hind legs spread wide open. It’s nowhere near as comfortable as lying on your side but there’s no way around it. Scooting up the bed a bit and craning your neck down, you’re met with a pair of tiny teats and a very horse like vagina, exactly where your pride and joy used to be. You’ve never actually looked at them, and you’re taken aback.
  110. You just look for a little while, observing the small mounds and unassuming slit. Your vagina is not much more than an extrusion with a wrinkled slit down the middle, looking pretty much the same to horses back on earth. You hadn’t taken the time to observe equine anatomy since being here, so this is really the first one you’ve seen up close. It feels a little weird knowing that they’re -yours-, and they will be yours from now on. You bite your lip nervously, reaching a hoof down to poke at the nubs above your crotch, shivering at the unfamiliar sensation. They were very sensitive. Not particularly pleasurable, but definitely sensitive.
  112. Taking a deep breath, you move your hoof further down and prod around the rounded lips of your pussy, feeling strange, but not bad at all. A few days ago you just plunged your hoof down there, and hit some sort of spot that felt really good, but it doesn’t seem to be on the outside. You pull the outer layer to the side, revealing moist pink flesh and letting out a slight gasp. OK you definitely felt that. It seems way more sensitive than your teats. Your marehood is starting to swell a bit, feeling moister around your hoof as you probe a bit more.
  114. Suddenly you feel it, your hoof brushed against something a small ways past your outer lips, causing an intense spike in pleasure. You moan effeminately as your body shivers all over, not even caring how girly you sound. Wow… that was something else. You assume that was your clitoris. It’s a bit weird having it so far inside your pussy, but you guess it’d be more pleasurable when a stallion mounted…
  116. Oh <God>, now you can’t get the images out of your head. Thoughts of muscular stallions standing over you and taking in your scent, pinning you down as they slowly enter your tight cunt. You let out another feminine moan at the thoughts, and realise that you had already started rubbing yourself again almost automatically.
  118. You -were- going to try to think about other things first, but you guess it’s going to be stallions from this point on. Not that you’re complaining at this point, this is fucking hot.
  120. That royal guard stationed near your house, the stocky stallion from that donut shop down the road, Prince Blueblood’s toned flanks lathered in massage oil… Wait, Prince Blueblood? But you hated that guy! Thinking back, you do have to admit he’s kinda hot, But hey, he’s gay anyway… Aww. Now that you’d actually want him to flirt with you, he’s probably not going to do it. That’s a shame. You mentally kick yourself for admitting you’d enjoy the white Princes flirtations. You were supposed to be trying to keep your masculinity, which you’re doing a very shitty job of at this point
  122. You forget about Blueblood for now, thinking about other stallions again while rubbing at that magical nub behind your now soaked lips. Your moans are getting a little too loud, and you bite down on your other hoof to muffle yourself, stroking your clit vigorously.
  124. You’re only able to deny it for so long before you start having thoughts of Orchid. You imagine him in all sorts of compromising positions, all of them involving you being the one compromised. Part of you is disgusted by the fact that you’re touching yourself to thoughts of your best friend mounting you, but the rest of you is completely lost in the prospect of becoming more than just friends.
  126. The pressure that has been building from within you is becoming too much for you to bear, your muffled moans reaching a fever pitch. Your entire body shudders as you reach a new high, starting your first female orgasm. It feels like your entire body is pulsing with pure pleasure starting from your nethers and your hind legs stiffen completely. The whole thing causes you to scream into your hoof, arching your back in sheer ecstasy.
  128. You come down from your orgasm, panting and slumping back into your bed. “Oh my <God>…” That was fucking intense. You can’t tell if it’s because you’re a pony, or because you’re a girl, but you don’t really care which one it is, because it’s <God> damn amazing.
  130. You’re left almost completely exhausted, too much so to notice the huge wet patch that now stained the sheets. You don’t think you’ve ever had an orgasm that strong before, but you’re not complaining. You’re looking forward to having many more in the future. Slowly levitating the covers back over you, you close your eyes and let sleep take you away, smiling contently as thoughts of a certain stallion dance across your mind.
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