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  1. "Dragon Ball Online" image of the official website of the total number of visitors exceeded a million test countdown VIP elite
  2. Exciting games the first to launch an open coded the sending of VIP opening of Code
  4. Red Pepper's 2011 most anticipated MMORPG masterpiece "Dragon Ball Online", has officially announced the image of the Chinese name and open official website on-line, and immediately invested in Taiwan's online game market shocker, not only has attracted extensive attention, the image the official line just a week online, the total number of visitors that exceeded a million! In addition to thank the players warm red pepper support, also said it would pre-empt the recently launched "Dragon Ball Online" VIP elite test, please wait for all players! In addition, the red peppers in particular an open game of race, occupation, and other rich content features ... and overweight launched the "Come out! Dragon" activities, not only to make the player feel the diversity of the game ahead of the fun, players will have the opportunity to test the opening of the first to receive VIP Code limited number of invited players to grasp the golden opportunity!
  6. Inherited the original "Dragon Ball Online", funny, cute characters with a new game story, since the image of the official website since its launch, the popularity soared, the players rise to the major professional gaming site heated debate, in which players Assam, said: "" Seven Dragonball "is accompanied with the growth of animation since childhood, and now," Dragon Ball Online "will soon launch in Taiwan, I am really looking forward to, hoping to experience the fun games!"; while the other players Moye said: "I very looking forward to "Dragon Ball Online", from the know "Dragon Ball Online" has been very concerned about the development, and imagine a world they can find in the game launched dragon adventure, and to participate in Budokai with all the players under a high! "
  8. Red Pepper said: "The players are very grateful for the" Dragon Ball Online "support and love," Dragon Ball Online "is a famous Japanese comic artist Toriyama himself as a producer of the latest giant, red pepper is the most watched annual 2011 rang out, from the 13 announced the Chinese name and open the image of the official website, the public discussion of noise everywhere, the story of the official website structure with comic picture of the game background story, the super suction eye! on the line week that over a million people a point of access to browse, adds to the daily customer inquiry calls into 2! and all the players to meet the ardent desire for the game, Red Pepper will be the first to be held in the recent "Dragon Ball Online" VIP elite test, and this (22) at the opening VIP launch overweight code to send event, is excited to adventure together, deeply touched the "Dragon Ball Online" players, be sure Do not miss it! Please pay close attention to the official website! "
  9. "Dragon Ball Online" Game Content Features Behind the Scenes
  10. ● three major ethnic
  12. "Dragon Ball Online" game to the Chinese Communists into the human, and that the U.S. nemesis as well as the three main ethnic magic for players to choose!
  13. ● changing the six vocational and skills
  15. "Dragon Ball Online" game, a total of three races, each race has two career choice, the game set in the continuation of the original comics, have the professional skills are quite classic, for example, if players choose the human race, "martial home "professional to use Leping's boxing』 『Spike air damper, and select the" Qigong Master, "you can use chopped Brooklyn』 『gas yen and other famous moves; In addition, it may choose a similar U.S. nemesis than the original comic book g "Warrior", or with Dandan close to the "Dragon"; magic fun loving people choose family, individual close to the kind Puu "big magic man", or the origin of evil, qigong has the strongest attack on the planet "meaning Devil!"
  16. ● character creation and the character growth system
  18. Provide a rich game allows players to choose the role of appearance, players can choose any combination of the role of face, hair and other personal settings ...! The most outstanding feature is different from other types of online role-playing game, the player characters will grow as the level, the start into the game characters are created by a teenager, and with the level in the game world through the transfer system role will grow up!
  19. ● Budokai will
  21. The classic comic book, most people's blood boiling the most celebrated martial arts community, "Budokai Council", will also be held in the grand game, "the first Budokai" more is divided into individual competition, team competition event, such as diversification mode, the game will be the elimination of the way, adding excitement and fun game!
  22. ● Pearl System
  24. "Dragon Ball Online" and the original cartoon, players can gather to realize their aspirations Pearl! The player will be able to get through the task Dragonball, Dragonball immediately after collecting seven Dragon Call, Dragon will give players the game after coming out of the precious items or super strong skills!
  25. ● Time Machine task
  27. In "Dragon Ball Online" in which players can be as Putnam Fox, playing the future of human space shuttle, a time machine back through the history of the original, Dragon Ball comic books in the classic original in the war and events assist in fighting with the protagonists at the time and practice, allowing the player to re-experience the memories and the story of Dragon Ball!
  28. ● weapons and equipment
  30. Weapons in the game can be divided into glove and wand, which is Dragon Staff weapon, and the rest of the employment is to glove as a weapon! In addition, armor and equipment, the "Dragon Ball Online" are faithful to the original spirit of the design of a wide range of armor, allowing the player between offense and defense adds to the challenges in the fun!
  31. "Dragon Ball Online" VIP coded activities open to the public
  32. ● out! Dragon
  34. From 22 to 15 May, players participate in "out of it! Dragon" activities, fill in the content of their own wishes, and simultaneously posted on Facebook graffiti on the wall, there is limited access to "VIP test the activation code!"
  36. "Dragon Ball Online" image of the official website
  38. "Dragon Ball Online" Facebook fan group
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