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  1. [G-PDA] Alyseste Mottgar: "Mottgar Munitions are open for a short while, under Eclipse."
  2. [G-PDA] Donovin Mongalla: "Mongalla Arms Industries are open all hours, avaliable via the convienience of your PDA."
  4. [PDA] Alyseste Mottgar: I'd advise against starting a marketing war.
  5. [PDA] Donovin Mongalla: You're right, that'd be unfair against you. Instead, i'll let you take all of my business..
  7. [PDA] Alyseste Mottgar: It'd be unfair against you to fall into an early grave, Mongalla. Know your place.
  8. [PDA] Donovin Mongalla: If you fear competition that much that you're willing to kill someone over a marketing war, maybe you should reconsider owning a business..
  9. [PDA] Alyseste Mottgar: Fearing competition is not the same as cornering the market.
  10. [PDA] Donovin Mongalla: Nah, that's the same thing..
  11. [PDA] Alyseste Mottgar: If I wanted to beat you in a marketing war, I have already won. I've been here for weeks, and the gear I have access to supplies the Empire.
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