Walnut - Mocha -Scrapped Story-

Feb 20th, 2014
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  1. >He held a unusual interest in you as you sat peacefully on the bench in the park listening to music.
  2. >Looking to your side you couldn't help but notice the male moth pony with green eyes, light red coat, & short blonde mane holding down a price of notebook paper & a pencil in their mouth diligently writing something down.
  3. >Stopping your music you then asked what he was doing. Sitting up & blushing a light pink color. Talking the moth could barely get their words out saying "I..I..m..I''m...I have interest in you."
  4. >Going "Okay" you started to scoot away from Mocha as his face continued to blush pink before you got up out the seat, and took off walking down the park trail.
  5. >Walking slowly in the park & passing two trotting mares you felt an awful feeling overtake you.
  6. >Hearing the two mares you pass talk outloud about what a cute stallion somepony is you glanced behind you to see Mocha standing several feet away from you surrounded by the two mares who started to hit on him.
  7. >Blushing pink once again after you spotted him a very scary thought began to sink into your mind that Mocha was stalking you.
  8. >Turning around you began to walk again this time power walking with you hearing both those mares ask Mocha outloud where he was going.
  9. >Going off the path in the park, and off onto the grass where several trees where you began taking off running.
  10. >Moving as fast as possible you could hear Mocha far behind you telling you wait up because he wasn't the best runner.
  11. >Not hesitating for a moment you kept running until you couldn't hear Mocha's voice telling you slowdown.
  12. >Arriving in front of the Parks entrance out of breathe you put on a smile you were glad however that you escaped from that moth.
  13. >Then starting to walk out of the park you then heard Mocha's voice saying "I was right. I knew you would be here.".
  14. >Freaking out you then looked behind you with no pony around, and turning around to your front to see Mocha running towards you & tackle you down to the ground.
  15. >Not going to give in into whatever that moth pony was going to do you without a fight you.
  16. >Rolling left & right on the ground you were soon able to overpower the stallion, and throw him off you.
  17. >Then taking off running you were then jumped by the stallion once again making you fall face down into the ground with the stallion begging you not to go.
  18. >Turning around & making a desperate attempt you tried to punch the stallion in the nuts, but somehow missed & your hand went down touching the stallions vag.
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