Changeling Part 2: WIP

Sep 26th, 2014
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  2. After tussling with raiders, almost getting shot and getting to learn an exciting secret, my body decided I earned a nice sleep. I woke up to the sounds of pans banging against each other as Blossom went about making what I hoped was breakfast.
  4. I watched her for a bit, hearing her hum happily as she did the things that made delicious food, something I never could do. A whiff of something tasty hit my nose, making the choice of whether or not to get up clear. Yawning, I crawled out of my own bag, taking a moment to pack it away.
  6. “Heya, Blossom.”
  7. “Morning to you too, sleepyhead!”
  9. Her bright blue eyes met me, as she trotted closer to me. She still looked like she did last night, but now; all that gunky stuff had been cleared from her chest, making her look even shinier during the day, kind of like a pebble. She even had a cute little tail and little fins on her head!
  10. She slid a bowl of food in front of me, still steaming. I started drooling, it smelled tasty! I dove in muzzle first; eating maybe the best food I had eaten in years, some sort of thick soup.
  12. “So, I never got to thank you for saving me during that fight with the raiders yesterday,” She looked a little put off by my loud smacking. But her food was just too good! “And I thought that the least I could do was make you breakfast.”
  13. “Whaff’un nuffin.”
  14. “Plus, after last night, uh…”
  15. I finished my food, taking a moment to whip my muzzle clean, sitting on my flanks and rubbing my stomach contently.
  16. “Wasn’t the first time Ay’ve had a pony point a gun at me, won’t be the last.”
  18. Blossom needed to stop worrying about all these things. She had pointed a gun at me, so what? We worked it out.
  20. Blossom just shook her head and sighed, looked like she still had something else on her mind. Was she worried about the whole “changeling” thing? That was beyond me, all I knew was that she was pretty and she had my made me a yummy breakfast.
  22. “No, no, I wanted to say, that uh,” Wait, were her wings buzzing? Does she do that when she’s nervous? “I thought a lot about what you said last night, and I know you like me.”
  23. I perked up; was she was going to say she liked me too?
  25. “Especially after last night, I realized I like you too.”
  27. I couldn’t help but grin; I loved the idea of Blossom liking me back. I could barely contain myself, leaping up and dashing my way over to her. She looked surprised, as I wrapped a hoof around her, watching her shy away at first before I pulled her into a big hug.
  28. “OOOF!” Blossom wheezed into my ear. She was so happy, she could hardly breathe! “Can’t! Breathe!”
  29. I know, me too!
  30. “S-seriously! Can’t! Breathe! Let go!”
  31. “Oops, sorry!”
  32. Or I was just hugging her too hard it seems.
  34. I let her go, watching her slump between my forelegs, holding onto her belly and breathing deeply. After a moment, she looked back at me, narrowing her eyes a little.
  35. “But,” Oh, no, there was a but. Buts were never good. “I want to take it slow for now, get to know you and just be myself.”
  36. Well, that wasn’t what I was expecting. But it still meant we were together, right? It looked like it.
  37. “You’re very excitable aren’t you?” I let her go, watching her dust herself off .“But it’s kind of charming, I like that about you.”
  38. I could barely contain how happy I was! She liked me back! Prancing about, I started packing my things, sneaking small looks at Love Blossom as she ate. She was eating fast with a spoon, from a smaller bowl then what she had given me. I guess those big fangs of her made eating hard.
  39. She finished soon, and set about cleaning up her side of the camp. Before I knew it we had the whole camp packed away and everything set aside in bags.
  40. I watched Blossom tuck the final things away, before grabbing her armor in her magic, dropping it over her stuff. Turning around to face my, Blossom gave me a toothy grin and a wink.
  42. “Hey Days, watch this!”
  43. Blossom struck a pose, until suddenly; a bright green fire ate her! But before I had time to start freaking out, the flames left as fast as they came, and Blossom emerged looking like a pony once again. She raised a hoof, poofing her mane up as she tied it back, looking as pretty as ever.
  44. “Tah-dah!”
  45. “Wow, that’s neat!”
  46. “It’s not every day you get to see a changeling use her magic!”
  47. I clapped. It was a really cool trick, even more for somepony who hadn’t seen a lot of magic, like me.
  48. “Ha, I knew you’d like it!”
  50. Love Blossom’s horn lit up, grabbing her leather armor. I swear I tried not to look as she put it on.
  51. And then she bent down.
  52. Lifting one of her back legs, she slid one leg into the armor. Slower then what I think was needed, she slipped the other leg in and then pulled it tight against herself, sighing happily as it fitted well to her butt. I couldn’t look away, her flanks pressed really tight against the suit. Was it really this big yesterday?
  53. I must have passed out or something, because the next thing I saw was Love Blossom smirking at me as she fitted her holster to her leg, her bags already strapped to her. She trotted by me, closing my mouth with a hoof. When did I even open it?
  55. “Tsk, tsk. Typical stallion, thinking with your lower half.”
  57. Was she talking about how I couldn’t look away from her butt? I had been told it was rude to do that, but I swear it hadn’t been on purpose!
  58. “Uh, Ay, uh, was a mistake?”
  59. All she did was raising an eyebrow before turning around, trotting over a hill. I grabbed my things, dashing afterwards as she set out into the wastes.
  60. “Now, we’re off to the great town of Steel!”
  61. ---
  63. Clip clop. Clip clop. The worst part about traveling was the walking. On and on and on. It got boring after a while. Thankfully, I had somepony to travel with me for once!
  65. Still didn’t make the never ending hills any more exciting.
  67. “Seeing as we’ve got at least a day’s traveling to do, I guess now would be a good time to get to know each other.”
  68. “Yup.”
  69. “I guess I’ll start with the obvious question. How did you get your Cutie Mark?”’
  70. She glanced down at my flanks, and I knew a big smiling sun was looking back at her.
  71. I knew it was coming. It was always something ponies asked. And I always loved telling this story. I don’t think I had ever met a pony who didn’t. Except maybe for those poor blank flanks.
  73. “Well, Ay got it when I was just a foal. See, Mama had some friends over, from the town, and we was all having just a great time.” I kicked a rock, watching it slide down a hill before going on. “There was even a colt my age to play with! It was great!”
  74. “Ay was just so happy, that whole day. But then the day started to end, and Mamas friends had to leave, even my new friend!”
  75. I looked over, seeing Love Blossom listening closely as I talked her ear off. Most ponies stopped listening by the time I got this far, so it was really nice to know somepony was listening for once.
  76. “Ay felt kinda sad, Mama could tell. So we just sat out by the lake. Mama was hugging me real close telling me all kinda mom stuff, and then, something really cool happened.”
  77. “Oh, what?”
  79. “Ya know, it’s always gloomy and stuff out here in the wastes. Mama said that’s how it’s always been. But that day, the sky just opened up, and this great big ball of light showed! It shone on everything, and it was really bright and made everything pretty!”
  80. I looked up to the sky, hoping for maybe a second, I might be able to see what I had seen that day again.
  82. “It was the coolest thing I’d ever seen. Mama got all excited, she said it was the sun, and it never came out. I was so happy! I’ve never been so happy before, and I felt this feeling, that I wanted every day to be like this, and me and other ponies to be like this all the time!”
  83. I looked back at my cutie mark, smiling back at it.
  84. “Next thing Ay know, Mama was hollering at me, saying I got my cutie mark. Ay almost passed out from how happy I was! It turns out my special talent is making me and other ponies happy every day!”
  87. Blossom laugh quietly, watching me bounce around a little bit, calming down after a few moments.
  90. “I like that, your talent is honest and nice, just like you. Not enough ponies have happy stories like that to tell, if you ask me.”
  92. I glanced down at her flanks, a small flower with a heart at the end showing on it. Surely she had a good story, right?
  94. “Uh, so what your story, Blossom?”
  95. “Days, I’m a changeling. We don’t have special talents.”
  96. “Oh.”
  98. So if she didn’t have one, why did she pick that one? Surely there had to be a reason?
  100. “But, uh, why did you pick that one if it doesn’t mean something?”
  102. Blossom winced, trotting slightly faster all of a sudden. What had I done? Did I hurt her feelings again?
  104. “Wait, B-blossom! Ay’m sorry, Ay didn’t mean to hurt your feelings!”
  106. Hearing me call out, she slowed down and waited for me to catch up with her before answering me.
  107. “No, no, I’m sorry, it’s not your fault. It’s just a touchy subject with me.”
  108. “Uhm, why?”
  110. She sighed, coming to stop. It looked to me like she was gathering her thoughts, something I could understand.
  112. “Well, it’s kind of embarrassing.” She looked down at the ground as she talked. It looked to me like she felt guilty of what she saying. “Even though I’m a changeling, I always fancied the idea, of, uh…”
  113. “Go on, Ay won’t laugh!”
  114. “…Of bringing more love to the Wasteland.”
  116. Wait that was it? That was a really good goal!
  118. “Ay don’t get it, that’s a really good thing!”
  119. “You just don’t understand, it’s a stupid idea, but it’s close to me.”
  120. “No, Ay understand perfectly. You want to make the Wastes a happier place, just like me!”
  122. It looked like a moment like she was going to answer me, but then she just closed her mouth, and shook her head. After a moment, she looked up, tears in the corners of her eyes. Oh no, I’d really done it now.
  124. “It’s stupid, I don’t have a special talent, I’m just a Changeling. We don’t make the wastes any happier; we just take what we can for ourselves!” She wiped a tear away, before going on. “Sometimes, I wish I was born a pony…”
  126. No, no, this wouldn’t do. Nopony should hate what they are, it just wasn’t right! Reaching a hoof out, I placed it across her back, looking her hard in the eyes.
  128. “Don’t ever say that! My mama said that somepony is what they are and nothing else! Just cause you’re a changeling don’t make you bad! You’re a good pony, Ay’ve seen it!”
  130. I took my leg off of her, before brushing away one of her tears. I kept that hard look on my face though. Blossom needed some tough love. Ain’t nopony need to be ashamed of themselves.
  132. “…I swear Happy Days, it’s like you know what to say every time.” She sniffled, before giving me a smile. “But I guess it is your special talent after all.”
  134. “You know, you talk an awful lot about your mom. Sounded like a smart pony too if she taught you so much. Maybe you can tell me about her?”
  136. “Uh, yeah, sure!” I watched her get up, moving once again over a hill. “She was the best, always nice and kind and happy, and and and, so many thing! She was really pretty too!” I slapped a hoof over my muzzle. Oh no, did I just call my mother prettier than the mare I liked? “Uh, Ay mean, not as pretty as you Blossom!”
  138. That got a laugh out of her, she giggled as I tripped over my words, and then my hooves, landing snout first onto the ground.
  140. “Uhm, a-anyways, she was really clever too. She taught me all these really smart things. Ay know Ay’m not smart, but she always made me feel like I was. She made me feel proud, made me stand on my own, and be mahself, no matter what that pony was.”
  142. “She sounds amazing. So why are you out here with me, and not still living with her?”
  143. “Mama died a few years back.”
  144. “Oh.”
  145. Blossom winced again. I think she thought that I thought that she was being rude. Not her fault though, she couldn’t know.
  146. “Ah, don’t make that face! Mama told me all sorts of smart things, and one of those was that everpony has their time to die. And hers came up. Now she’s living with the Goddesses in paradise. She’s happy now!” I felt a little sad though. I missed Mama a lot; she had been my best friend after all. “Sometimes Ay wish Ay could see her again. But Ay guess Ay’ll just have to wait for my time.”
  148. It felt good talking to another pony for once about everything. It has been a really long time since any pony listened to me at all. Most of them look down on me, and I got angry and just stopped.
  150. “I guess since you’ve opened up to me, it’s only fair if I tell you about my own past.” This was going to be neat, I had been wondering about all sorts of changeling things this whole time. “Ugh, sorry Days, it’s not a really happy story like yours.”
  151. “Ay understand, Ay swear Ay’ll listen close.”
  152. She sighed, taking a deep breath, I think in some sort of effort to calm herself down. I watched her, her shaking stopping as she began to speak.
  154. “My ‘mom’, if you could call her that, was a changeling like me. We usually have a queen who takes care of a lot of us, called a swarm. But something happened to her, if my caretaker was to be believed.”
  155. “See, we hatch from eggs,” What!? Eggs? That was really weird! But I could tell Blossom wasn’t finished, so I kept my mouth closed. “Another changeling like me decided she was to raise me and my sisters. It wasn’t so bad at first. I and my sisters got along great, and our drone mother took good care of us in those early years, always making sure we had food and love to keep us growing. It was only when she got into alcohol some nights that she began to rave wildly about how nothing was fair.”
  157. Wow, she had siblings too? I was green, I always wanted my own little brother or sister, but Mama said that I was always her one and only. It even sounded like Blossom had a good mother, even if it wasn’t her actual mother. So what gave?
  159. “But then she started teaching us how to use our magic, forced us to go out and gather our own love. She taught us we’re supposed to be monsters even if we’re just trying to survive. We need to be to take another ponies place for our own, or failing that, take a ponies heart and use it for ourselves. I tried so hard back then, so many times. But, I was always discovered, and I learned so fast how to kill. So many innocent ponies that just made the mistake of meeting me…”
  161. She looked at me, a very far-off look in her eyes. I could see it, she was scared and hurt. Oh. Oh! Oh Goddesses above! I was the first pony she’d told this to! She needed help, so much help, but she was lucky. She had me here to help her.
  163. “Days, I’ve killed so many innocent ponies. I see them sometime when I close my eyes. How can you say I’m a good pony, despite all that?”
  165. I dashed in front of her, stopping just short of her, and grabbing one of her hooves, wrapping my own tightly around it.
  167. “A good pony does not-good pony things sometimes. But that don’t make them any less of a good pony.”
  168. “And did your Mama teach you that?”
  169. “No. That’s something Ay’ve learned myself. Blossom, you’re a good pony, you prove that cause you feel bad about hurting those others. You know it was wrong, but you didn’t have any other choice, did you?”
  171. “But, there had to be another way, somethin-“
  172. “No buts. You know the answer.”
  173. “…No”
  174. “Then Ay say you’re a good pony. Good ponies care about bad things they’ve done. That’s what makes them good.”
  176. Tears were dropping from her face freely now, as I pulled her into a hug again, making sure to not squish her in my legs. She needed this as much as I did right now.
  178. “You’re something else, you know that Days?” She leaned back, before kissing me on the cheek. I had to work really hard not to squeeze her extra tightly as I held her. “I think you earned that one, big boy.”
  180. After a few minutes, we untangled ourselves. Dusting ourselves off, we kept going. There was a long quiet before she talked again.
  182. “So, after a few times, my so called sisters and caretaker left me for dead, saying I was too much trouble, that I’d get us all killed. They beat me, knocked me out and left me for dead out in the middle of the wastes. When I woke up, I realized I was truly alone for the first time. Since then, it’s been hard for me, running and fighting, lying to ponies and myself about what I am. Until yesterday, when I met you.”
  184. I nodded, as she finished her story. I was happy I could help her, nopony in this world deserves to be alone, and she sounded like she needed somepony else more than any other pony I met. And to be fair, I really needed somepony to. We were perfect for each other!
  186. “Yeah, you’re something else alright. Didn’t even judge me for what I am…”
  187. I hummed to myself as we walked. I don’t think anything really needed to be said after that.
  189. Oh hey, was that a bush? That was new!
  191. ---
  193. We traveled for a long time, chatting back and forth about small things, fun little talks as we passed the time. We stopped shortly after the day ended, setting up another camp for the night.
  194. Blossom had another fire going. This time however, she didn’t cook anything; merely handing hoofing me some canned foods before trotting around to her packs, working her magic around the bindings of her armor. She turned around giving me a look with a raised eyebrow.
  196. “Now, if I change here, can I trust you not to ogle my butt this time, Days?”
  197. I blushed, trying to nod, watching her turn around with a giggle.
  198. “Ay s-swear Ay wasn’t doing it on purpose!”
  199. “That’s what all the stallions say!”
  200. I made extra sure to focus on opening the cans of food she had given me, struggling to open the tabs on top of them as I heard her armor slipping off of her. I was trying so hard that I didn’t even see her change herself, until she pulled one of the cans from my hooves with her magic.
  202. “Heh, it’s kind of cute when you’re embarrassed. I guess it’s only fair I help you with this, hmm?”
  203. I grumbled out something, I wasn’t sure what, but it was enough to make her laugh.
  205. “Oh don’t be like that, I know you didn’t do it on purpose. It’s just fun to tease you!”
  206. Oh thank the Sun, I wasn’t sure if she had been mad about that or not. Plus, I didn’t have to feel guilty for thinking she had nice flanks.
  208. Soon enough, we were eating from the cans, as I watched her eat with a spoon again. I had to wonder though, if she only ate plants and stuff like ponies, why did she have those cute little fangs? I had a feeling she didn’t know either. Changelings sure are weird.
  210. As I finished, I watched Blossom throw her own can into the fire, before she turned to look at me with her eyes, the fire shining in them as she looked at me.
  212. “So, I told you how we feed on emotions, right?”
  213. “Uh, yeah?”
  214. “I, was, uhm,” I threw my own can into the fire and leaned back onto my bedroll, as she seemed to struggle with something. “It’s been a long time since I’ve had a chance to feed and I was wondering if maybe I could…?”
  215. “Could what?”
  216. “…I’m asking if I can feed on your emotions.”
  217. “Oh, well, why didn’t you just say that?”
  218. “I-,” She just shook her head, mumbling something. It sounded like ‘nothing bells’. Nothing bells? What was that? “Yeah, you’re right.”
  220. She got up, moving over to where I was laying on my bedroll, before sitting down next to me.
  221. “It’ll be easier if you hug me. Something about being close to the pony makes it easier to do.”
  222. I almost started clopping my hooves together from happiness. Hugging Blossom was starting to turn into my favorite thing to do. I grabbed her, pulling her close to me. I felt her hooves wrap around me as she snuggled closer.
  223. “I have to warn you, you might feel yourself get tired as I feed, but don’t worry, I won’t hurt you.”
  224. “Ah trust you!”
  226. I watched her horn light up. Then, I felt the same nibbling sensation on my ear that I had felt last night. I sighed happily, it was a nice feeling. Minutes passed, and I felt myself getting more and more tired, until I felt my eyes drooping, before closing, the last thing I saw was a happy smile on Blossom’s face, those cute little fangs of hers poking into me.
  228. I felt myself drifting away slowly, but not before I felt her getting up. I grunted, trying to reach out for her, wrap my legs around her and hold her tight. As sleep pulled at me, I could have sworn I heard Blossom talking to herself.
  230. “…Am I really falling in love with him?”
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